Get Ready for the 40th Anniversary Re-Issue of RUSH's '2112!'

December 16th is the release date for the Prog-Rock Classic!

December 6, 2016

Carolyn Franks

There are few albums in the RUSH catalog of recordings over their 40 years together that inspire the awe and reverence afforded to the band's 1976 Progressive Rock Classic, '2112.'  The eagerly anticipated 40th anniversary of the album is coming up and RUSH fans will certainly enjoy the re-issue and all of the many features!

The 'standard' set will be 2 CD's & DVD's, and there will be other variations of the release, including a 3 LP Vinyl offering, and a 'Super Deluxe' set of 2112. Included in all of the different versions, RUSH is making available for the 1st time a complete performance from 1976, recorded at the Capitol Theater in New Jersey!

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