April Fools! Playlist

April 1, 2016
My girlfriend, Natalee, is *BIG* on playlists. I'm not kidding; I think she has a playlist for everything. We're looking at buying a house; She has a "house hunting" playlist. So, it's no wonder that when April Fool's Day rolls around, my mind starts thinking of songs I'd put on a "playlist." There's a lot of different ways you could go with this - just plain "Fools" songs, and I could only think of one other song that DIDN'T have "Fool" in the title.

Here's my list (in no particular order) - what other songs would you add?

"Fool in the Rain" - Led Zeppelin

"Won't Get Fooled Again" - The Who

"What a Fool Believes" - Doobie Brothers

"Foolin'" Def Leppard

"The Joker" Steve Miller Band

"Foolin' Yourself (The Angry Young Man)" Styx

"Ship of Fools" Robert Plant

I know there are songs I'm leaving off - what would you add? Or take away?