The Break Room

Spend weekday mornings with Tommy, Duffy & Kimmy

The Break Room with Tommy, Duffy and Kimmy is...well, what can you say about
this show? This is the show Rochester turns to when it wants to laugh, to
look at the real world situations going on all around us and get a real
perspective. How they get away with some of the things they say and do is
something the FCC is still looking into, and a reason why their boss has gone
prematurely grey.

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Society & Culture


The "I Don't Know Your Name" Name

When you aren't sure of an acquaintance’s name, you usually use the simple “what’s up, man?” or “How’s it going, dude?”… It seems easy enough, but there is one...

The Dreaded Couples Vacation

You would THINK that a vacation with your best friend sounds like a good time? Duffy and Tommy want you to know that it’s actually a nightmare waiting to...

Break Room Hate Mail - Just Shake His Hand

Under what circumstances would you turn down a handshake from another person? What would they have to do to you for you to not be willing to shake hands when...

Duffy's Uncomfortable Situation

Have you ever had to turn down a sexual advance from a woman? If so, how do you approach the situation in a polite way?