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The Break Room with Tommy, Duffy and Kimmy is...well, what can you say about this show? This is the show Rochester turns to when it wants to laugh, to look at the real world situations going on all around us and get a real perspective. How they get away with some of the things they say and do is something the FCC is still looking into, and a reason why their boss has gone prematurely grey.

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Competing with your Son at Work

Friday, June 15th
If you're someone who has had the chance to work with your kid, is it better to show them up or let them have the spotlight?

Maybe Not The Best Name for your Kid

Friday, June 15th
Your name is important. It’s something you’ll have your entire life!.. One of the guys in the room met someone who named their child something that would make...

Cancel Father's Day

Thursday, June 14th
Duffy wants all the dads out there to unite and be done with Father's Day for good.. But is it really as bad as he says it is??

Being Cool VS Being Responsible

Thursday, June 14th
Let the kid stay, or bring her home early - when is it okay to be the 'cool parent'? Sounds like Duffy is about to get played by a 7-year old.

Pornography Ruined My Marriage

Wednesday, June 13th
There's a study that says pornography can lead to divorce.. But if you really take a look at the numbers, it doesn't seem to line up!