Your Wife VS Your Mother -The Front Seat Scandal

Tuesday, September 11th

Who knew something as simple as calling shotgun could put a man in a tough spot with his wife and mother?

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I'm guessing the majority of men if you're married when not blanket on future mother doing this to your wife that's it's a little. But it was such a big deal to this man's wife here that he is now and how we gentle radio station for help which is ever good assess what we do appreciate all of your letters and FaceBook messages and emails and things but you have to realize when you got to a point where the break remit your best option for tonight's you've got issue district umbrage yeah. The great garage to class act and six but did you see a map so if FaceBook message from me gentleman yesterday. And after he says that he was going any road trip over the weekend to see his brother in Albany's says and I quote it's me myself and my wife. I left myself. I like that we are taking my mother with us and we the car. And my mother gets in the front seat. My wife in the back and we take off for the drive parent my wife isn't saying a word the whole time I can tell something is wrong but I'm not gonna fight with my wife in a car with my mother for for our team and long story short. I find out after we get there. The my wife was upset with my mother. Because my mother assumed she got the front seat for the trip to whole whole bowl and all I did not tell my mother to move for my white very and guys as I've been married for just over two and a half years and this is the first time something like this is come up. She got really heated. And when I defended myself she called me a mama's boy and said I need to stand up for myself. Even though she would point out any other instance where my mother came before I'm not even close to a mama's boy I never thought about it but white what are my mother at the front seat. I would dig taking the front seat away from her father if he was driving us usually the older folk get the front seat. Or who you care about. Man. But widget kind of let your wife offered up. Said just assuming I would assume my mug it's fancy tomato and addictive just based on age Vicki you know. Behavior I engaged your wife she's young she gets real old folks struggled getting another car and I couldn't imagine my wife having a sloppy let's drive the bets on saying that would cut pro woman noticed in that my wife would offered up anyways for us. I kind of leaves about your hands. But I I would have no compulsion say the old folk at the currency never thought about it but maybe there's something going on our wives had this area in particular is complicated because the front seat is more than just like the thrown its worst. It's a pecking order your pocket result there are responsible for keeping you want tracking handing you snacks that you need very important case I think. I think this guy made the right moves well has the time your grade. And she knees and showed up that would practice. I'd be pissed at my white might become between my family. Is she would want it the other way. Like you said. And one of her older. Family members they get the front seat as she beat us up by didn't offered up first actually to imagine guys out there you're living get out of the car but got the front seat in. A front and Ian is long gone she would go to. Tommy got a Francies. Limit fathers had to. Close there and go the next Tuesday they appreciate your service in World War II a backseat grandpa yeah it's. Well that's why I'm thinking especially in this case. She must constantly field this respected by this woman. Because I think if you have a good relationship with dear mother in law and and you cut pavlik is mutual respect for each other you're not seeing it as a slight that she's sitting in the front seat but there's some tension there before hand. You might think well this woman is doing the sub purchased put me in my place. But I Burris about women. Even the ones they get along still look for things to be pissed off about. But it would that woman you're right like you know this is a microcosm this story written but there's something bigger here earlier beat mother error. And wife rivalry your mom. Your wife. He's quiet animosity from our old ladies directed at our mothers and breaks his leg. Because I think it's always going to be my son my son my son rate and vice hate hearing now. Because that's my a husband. I don't you like doesn't look at you as a child of a figure has grown as menace was for it makes it was like a baby race so I invite you. Well my son should have this my son should have that I've seen I've seen mother laws do this. It's a bad move. But they do they all do not all of them are some cultures that this is a bigger deal Italians being dead that's the wars or you can. The Italians have songs. Is dedicated to mothers. They couldn't get a it's almost creepy how Italian man and mothers. Deal with the each other you are telling I know but it's creepy you gotta admit but here's the thing. Right up negates a pretty good stranglehold in the Italian and I tell you girls are smarter than it trying come between a son and his mother meets someone from outside the Italian community that always makes that mistake surely if you are Italian woman and you know your husband and mother you'd stay out there you can't touch it but if you cup which we got to tell you monitor Italian sun you can abort your relationship. But that's a ton in the black community to just being with my wife is honest I have that mom is number one overall and nothing comes between a mother a nurse. Oh you think about it being your I would like because when you watch any of those sports stories. Where they additionally come and how hard it weighs. It's always the mother of these kids so worked three jobs to make sure the decades stayed in school and got a scholarship to get to the NFL worries going. And if you go to the doctor's office you see an all black women are you go to the grocery store there's always her son bring it around take a shop and take the grocery store writers elect. Why is he woman you would want to broach that topic I do not understand could you just causing problems in you're probably not gonna wind. Our energy you have no leg to stand. Did you do 6000 and that family and you never will you march 1 you merry. Directs us I'm not FaceBook goes on a road trip with his mother and his wife's mom jump to the front seat didn't think anything not at his wife four hours after the trip. It's really upset with them how dare you not let me have the French seem give it your mother Dixon the breaker Muncie and ask away dec. Hey. You guys standing. What ever happened upon it and that's the universal law I call it. Shotgun yeah I did I don't think I've women do that today. More of that management it was. Days because Dick every resident I know I originally. Saws they had stick outta my grandmother did to my mother or dad had a heart attack cream. So there in the hospital. And my mother's there you know agreement and all eyes of some my grandmother started late. Push him my money right away. Who am I do want from my dad and made my day is August 1 hard that he was like 55 apologies all these first one it was noted there is many he that month. So my grandmothers of mine might. My mother sister is something and my grandmother comment shoes or away or she tells my month she goes you know. I only have one son you can get another husband. I mean that's is it likely the most cold lol yeah well I think you're kind of a bitch if you don't stand up for your wife in that. Well isolated that would arts I don't know it's going unease. He's he's out policy it was a huge puts it we millions conscious yet he wouldn't play it safe to pretend to be in a coma argued dead just an ideal. Did talk about this a secret relationship secret animosity between your mother and your wife. What it comes to your right women are terrible with these relationship is the worst and told positive is there isn't this kind of animosity with your father in law right here Mary guy. There's kind of understanding of respect there and like it's going back to for the example again with the front seat. What guy would date it's a good idea. To tell their wife I am now important that your father great dad do you deal man's gonna get the currency just know I would ever do that I think it comes down to. Being able to see into the future and make as eight men. When my girls grow up and they get married a real faux I would like that respect from. My child right you don't reveal mad at her whoever she marries whatever so as they want peace. Why would you not give your mother the benefit knowing that as you get older you also get their benefit it's like they want it now and they also want when they get older. You don't work our very selfish. But guys women. In one at all that you should they wanted alone. They do though. He should be aware you should be able to see if if if she gets this now I would eventually get that as well and we took a step aside is you get older for your Childs. Weis now your child's husband and I are in that seat yes. I do feel like Khatami be the government when it comes to equal transfer of power being the man of the house that men father in law's father in law are much better handing it over. That mother's art to their daughter. Oh yeah because women have that whole nurturing thing a lot of guys again of gone done with that yes Ted pleased to have a die either kill myself to college helped a lot of women like. Blake bow to your point like right now we're coming up to the high holy. Holiday for women it's Thanksgiving and I do Thanksgiving great night for a woman to give up Thanksgiving and handed out to the younger set. It's tough yes. Is it Turkey ain't gonna be right to stop and Iraq I always opposed everybody always comes here beginning again all he can't do it Hillary. That's a tough one for America's that's a woman super poll. It right you never see women are you glad you're full mom. Skills on display. But something as simple is even letting her cook and movies that you know go in my house it's my meal we're doing Earth's. Not to get to 6000 it is different for everybody. Did things were full trapeze on C a map away Dan. I'm great how about you guys at its. My Macs are not a total toolbox. I mean an owner or his ex wife is that it's in that boat as well plus as you get a couple headaches and happens. Now America's that my ex girlfriend hurt other ones too global total whack job. I did not noticing a pattern here and everyone's you have to take a step back and say MIE the problem. Now everybody is strong and I like to believe that I'm fairly level had. Decelerated. Quite my father in law was still on is the only one that ever climbed anything in his entire life. You know Gaza this comes down day handyman skills. Aid it's like Matt that you Potomac are down that's a few thousand parts. Just on our R&R twelve years all. I think part of his dad at this and I am I'm like you would like you to tell me what to do I got an editor but I think part of that is a love of I just wanna make sure you can do this for my child when you show me that you can't I'm backing off. You might not ever be good enough in his eyes naturally not true but I think that's a right there. Play that's exactly the problem. You're never going to be good enough you're never you're just got to turn that wall on the arches and help but on the face up up up EEE. I meet. To extend ever gets it to Dan's point they'll file skinny to give that to their own sons and let them on Ers their son in laws which you know a guy who has that'll Sicilian father in law. But just comes over to surge is doing things run house unannounced yet but he just updated exit this is my little boats out yet you're right it does even ash from mission might all the sudden dollar Baylor we got a new washer dryer yes. Now I guess. That's so but we'd bottomed out but I would have to get to that point almost. For that relationship dissolved bureau I don't think could be a fight over the I don't think I'll fight over the front seat would break up that relationship but man we had to do recently like bad. Yeah I guess there. I'm seniors are two sets of rules there are everybody else's rules and rules for Italians when it comes to Family Guy is just like they have this silly and I think you're right I didn't think about now that they give all my Italian friends yes like guys that I know Mary tell you women they're father in law's just walking houses are doing this life. In my daughter's house I don't want might go to littlest steps that are like this I want these fixed all right so I guess the moral of the story is. Do not marry an Italian yes they were from times bestseller. If you're gonna start dating child I laid down through Henrietta update to its third Victor fair Pakistan daily negates agree I associate no fly zone took affect.