Your Sibling VS Your Wife

Thursday, February 16th

Is blood thicker than water? What do you do when your younger sibling puts you in a situation where you're forced to play parent, and your wife ‘ain’t havin' it!


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When your life. And a member of your family aren't so good thank you are real life of head it's tough especially when you feel like you obligated to take care of your face legal trouble. The reason they're troubles and your volt. And can break its efforts under threat I. He is in his early thirty's and Europe and he as a kid brother kids I think 1718 years so the kid brother is down and it's both of these guys parents past wake up leaders took it with another simply can't end he's had a really hard time because the parents to death of so my body feels like he has an obligation to Betty up so these kid. Does not have a driver's license. Sudden. With ET it's partly settlers permanent license that he wanted to take his world he meant. Know whom to rat on a body this was to do when wanted to cut his little brother program let him his. Now pulling back. After a meeting with this woman. His little brother. His home and hit one of those it was beaten rocks in the caretakers tolerable and how slippery origins of that is data can hang on it'll we'll. They hit us don't it was I usually. Using those are like in the middle to drive with their like often the yard in landscaping. And see like at the bottom of the driveway like it ought to know exactly where she expected that that hosts he slid as the mice dying fast 2000 dollar total damage the car. The kid has no insurance honestly as a driver's license. Very my buddy's wife tees furious and she should be grow what are the kid the collar red nine on nice night to can't drive well but to be president Chinese woman he doesn't have the money you're paid for no kidding Eddie has offered because he knows this program. My body is upset as you what was was sizzle brother. Was taking care of this when I let the car it's my little brother he's had enough problems on eight for this. And his wife is saying if you paid for this it's a relationship game changer. Little brother you feel like you have to do you have any money you know you have to fix the kid has no bank he had seventy. The kid should pay whatever costs mean. Diet maybe that'll open once obviously but we can't let this occasion skeet. As he hit our rock and talk to my buddy about it useless you execute the stay completely SEC on everything his kid is gold shall grant an uphill battle ahead of them grow up everybody has an uphill battle ahead. So enough with the people who with the pirates gun. I mean it has nothing to do it affected this kid in Iraq. Nothing. This likely to step between each ship of an older brother I really need to get this guy doesn't let the kid off completely and hang hang them for the two grand. Pace on the bag even if it doesn't pay all the Yankees you know your payment plan by at least make an effort for Christ's sakes this is ridiculous Q does that make an effort ease it's just like frequent suggesting that. Would have dat tape yeah she's right he may be in the same women are right but this hasn't she already told his brother don't worry about it a lunatic hey you know lines and back beings change yen. So ties the game changes you promise of an engine that you know they added there's no guarantee that's the guarantee electorate no guarantee other problem. It is let's say he does this spurs younger brother there could have been other times when he's also saved does that guarantee way ads or in the future often so wed have got to cut it off somewhere old girl over and up. Listen to relating to did you 6000 there's there's recently I have different opinions office. Listen batch to batch over blunt you are that being me you batch that's the one you're gonna side with you the baby of the family and nobody looked. No but he loved everybody your Brothers would not do this for you you believe not to carry this. Shouldn't. They wouldn't. See they shouldn't because they wouldn't and that's your way of coping with what he sees the issue right so I learned from the get go that don't think. The money is gonna rain down on immigration parents died I am the oldest and both forcibly and recent. And I feel that need to take care of the younger ones when things go bat. I understand when things go bad but letting the kid off from any responsibility. Is baloney. Too little brother later this wife as old as well I yeah I don't. This bloody edit the relationship of two Brothers don't business and yes she's finances to yet. Best of boiling and it's the family car and his family finances and she's absolutely and generates two did you 6000 poke holes accommodated little clarity adopt this Kelis got laid little brother vs wife and why it's gonna win bro you cannot touch your face tweet your white sisters drama she cannot but her face into my fight it and if it affects our finances and our transportation going down the step in and just like to grammar are. Terry WA double bind him to our blog. I am going to have his say that's. The plot well you could feel anywhere you want in my stall I gotta keep their brother Luke so large is already gone and out there are adequate. What did that lottery is my brother my brother and longer brother dry little tiny jerseys on weasel. I hope they have been churned sent me and you go to the site but I mean insurance and have a little brother has the lip. Here's a thanks so I did bring us up to him he is afraid that somebody saw what happened that if he makes a claim they investigated the gonna noble little brother without a license and insurance was driving the car. Well. And I'd voted church a library. And I'll go all but the boat you're gonna do that figure were brighter glow lights and that there are people upload target. Oh pony up somebody to indicate should anger and they're not cured cured but it but I just you know that's the argument here though and he does what they can't pay it as a secure the walk any pace that you you are double I got to develop ordered but all that's over time. I. Compromised. Nickel project he she does highlight is compromised you wrecked my car UN Iraq. I got a copper and he's an adult he is fine there's a compromise despite the despite his car you have stop. So good to be with a deal they'll don't wrecked my car pop sound all right let's let's go to deal it would cut a deal my good deal of bias my body did not anticipate taking any money from his younger brother was not even thought eating which had ridiculous until the lights pumpkin you do not stepped it. Two Brothers because she's due to mother's father just part of a marriage. It's good bad thank you acted you can do is pick and choose like you can't say we're in this partnership together. Analysts overhearing my stuff just set a partnership a partnership you're in a 100% you're not. New government. A partnership you're either in on is so you're not focused and don't tell me OK let's say it. Let's reverse itself might wipes sister wrecks car and run a hook for two g.s. And for some reason she don't wanna have to pay. And I'll said we have to pay now silly you say all fighting its should be discussed both husband like fish bowl big decision yeah so. How much. Discussion did you have with your first slightly agency prostitutes. Give those were. The beginning some alternatives out. The bush did she worked a prostitution and the family budget mr. Duke got screwed. While technically sure it's helping pay for them. I mean she. SEI I guess in a way she was help to two to 6000. Your wife has no right stepping in between each family a little I can run that prostitute and all rock and our front yard. But there's a dead prostitute looked over rock and a front yard. I got a problem just recap. Our good buddy I've got a younger kid brother he got buddies in his thirties kid brother Dicky seventy no driver's license no insurance both their parents died because it lives with another sibling they'll take care of the younger kid he really hard time with a buddy delegates bad idea let's get borrowers car. Cozy girl kid comes home one night ice seat in the driveway it's one of those boulders in the front she you have a I'm not forgiving 2000 dollars worth of damage to my body was to make his brother before at all was taken about a seeing white this passage you make him pay or this is a relationship GG moment. She's been a bit I didn't do not know OK she sees the future and there's borrow this in the future based pussy foot around at this kid Tyler sought to bill hey Billie boy about it. Bad dog. Eric. That got your Barton parachute. Make it'll Brothers are so popular player is absolutely. And our pay a little bit. I don't do you have siblings. Are you know you're the oldest youngest got a Korea I am so until I. Find it surprising that the old OK but it all young is the are are here are your surprised that some on the siblings would not want to try to take care of everything cheese is an arrow next to him. But you on the CIA out of this all right your body was. And my younger assembly chat I got her job. They're being more pro mighty. Well my reputation idol I would my employer and and she Tehran has stirred me yeah. So let a few first. I mean I'd Jarrett you know light sibling out we're about. Five years. Eventually eight I don't know but I had a murder well are bought. I built cynical but it really appreciate it simply a few first the diskette as a captain this post really big talked about rock. That he had I had any wisest repaired the famine for pain and you let us know your what is right stepped in between the relationship you your parents who uses their hands. If it comes and be in its in around our family business and you have actually ranked. To step in and have a cynic to each comedic history to show at the BCF break from. At James TFT that's not Tommy went to help the Dr. Phil during the break. I'm assuming up to the prostitute. First of all prostitution has nothing to do with the family. With about myself these two it is ruined his family by the way are you don't know I know. Most people don't have an extra G just laying around for the stupidest president McCain's vehicle when do that for their kids they're bright. This year in June and without them paying it back viewing Kidman your get a job or a second job to pay for them bumper junior Nat yeah responsibility you have put that in a quarter panel right here had to go worldly young America everybody. Should be responsible. You play. On tennis do the right thing. For somebody else what's else is able to pick would you. And fatigue five day. Right up may. Actually gift for whom it differently to surgery. Went. You say you know why not them at a high you know average respecting your wishes I said he want anything to but he W. Under the bus you part let's talk to Dave hey Dave a lawyer brother. But the bad definitely questioned him become. So like in the totally public art when you without a date and then at all. Night the damage. Is giving occasions and so now we're not at that age and it's now very honorable that it is all the rhetoric I would project. Shot bit ago I got to cover that you saw it and any hits on us. All it added that might get older. I BUOK guys listen that's possible I don't I didn't think about it that incompetent feel. Yeah. Well I'm. What would let that it is at the ball at a. OK I guess how can we visit the different conspiracy theories they could be your day dates for the call I appreciate. The relationship knowing that this guy feels like he needs to take care was younger brother. The guy do what he wants to the it's not the whites business Mr. Bush could have reviewed and. And yes you won't be in a marriage you don't. What are you doing any brownie really wanna be in a committed relationship was about where it's all on the table. Is that's what it's all about it's all on the table lol are you sitting across from the right now. Two as I say that I. Comfortable what you gotta be the adultery and sometime and Cameron now.