Your Irrational Adult Fear

Monday, August 20th

Kimmy's boyfriend made the mistake of revealing his biggest fear. She's fine with it, but of course Tommy and Duffy had something to say.

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The year yeah. You're scared of some Arab world sort Tony about. You have to keep that fear hidden away tighten men letting folks know what we're scared of makes this week so simple and it's in fact the reason beach boys and Susan. And as a man. And who were about to speak. He's gonna take a beating for a fear that were all going to laugh at even though it's actually one of the most common fears for adult American men. This shows that. Your relationship caddie is going to work. Yet but again I don't think this is something you get Heidi and acute in even if you want you actually have to be every man listening has eight the year. That his wife does not know about because he's afraid of what it's gonna make out like in Tommy's right there are ways to maneuver out there today make excuses you have a break much is classic practically 65 did you see MF now I do Greg's but we've been sinking he's boyfriend over and over again I just got a tweet at Justin be even. Jimmy's fiance not boyfriend ran it right it's hard and it can't gives what is different maker. Today's free Satan. Is scared of the dark Rucker Aaron how are you know that. Like even like a darker listening sprints to the other southern finally it's what it's like you just. Or is ranked dark area taking drugs or he's a big burly kid is your right. We just I think that the beer the end Oden got a thing but yeah well it's a frightening but he has something even if he was due to distance runner you would've tipped you off. And he likes to keep those like plug in night lights around in the hallways of like our apartment. Not on his honeymoon a he does then it's off. So what Eddie's gonna love the dark is that honeymoon. Jimmy's fiance has a nightly multiple nine months it's like a little kids when my gays is well what's a Bieber got out. Also and so we needed. We needed one for this one area that's like pitch black during the night. And and so if I was stopping it like it's like a smaller stores that it really have a big selection for kids. And that the problem at this particular store. The only public children's theme that I my little pony so like they give us like Clifford the big red dawn like that Carter's characters so OK you know and I. Ahead but yeah Fred how is dictated by what. And labored made me going to the store to get it. And they had they'd at this particular place they only had like a very limited selection so I had to order them but there's ways it. Getting around and say OK so like I don't like costs very different sides. Soul my life there on vacation. And chula and he would've terrorists are wanna go up in this thing was against Howard there right some lake. You know maybe have done it. Too many times dove into it and I'm good I've you know we've walked in too much today like you go up and look I don't I don't but I was on a road group. Over inflation and later I was it was underwent a dispute with event. As you can well. All my god you can see this as any gang gang EA EA of a you know you see don't want you see but not quite something you were afraid to share with you what's right. You know Greg Hill sister what do you fight is a very common thing that men are ashamed of doing we have a let's say there's a problem that I had to go out there and get it out okay. Yeah champion here job okay put. Let the idea hair puzzle and knowledge is statistically fear of the darkened fear of heights exactly the same for American men both admitted while it's equal operate. Not quite as except it be the dark absolutely is now all seen it more like I kids' thing. Yes I am very surprised to be your fee unseat shared this with you because most men wouldn't I'm not telling my wife I'm afraid of the dark I'm gonna muscle through it because like you said. You're supposed to be big tough guy writes that you like Marie foreign you have kids eventually an. He's gonna have to go to Buick that we can't raise. Thank you to pay nothing of beer. Yeah. Gonna targeted Don Knotts if there's a bus tonight he's the woman asked to take care of it fear but what he did do that and this is a lately in there. It's above a light done right. Yes. Most men would worry what your lady with pink. It would be a deal breaker I about a girl on my apartment GS white you have all these lights along the wall. Alone. Seven Mattel voters see your vagina. You know I we go scared of the dark over that America does that we haven't embarrassing fears that early eighties don't know about what happened to so that makes you want comfortable that you never share because you don't wanna be Joseph blow ladies thank you get is Hume. I mean it's built into their. How they are Eric. I didn't mention it's different now for women like you don't wanna be seen is this damsel in distress anymore you wanna be seen as strong as an independent. We already strong and independent until there's a stink bug in the bathroom it. I'd I know a woman that like she. Was really weird about sharing her appeared that she was afraid of swings like a swing set to terrorism Kidman and probably but she'd like to tell anybody about it to just keep away. Is it but there's certainly if there's I just know you're gonna have to deal rate diseases that's how women are a pitcher John expect legged guy to be afraid of stink bug in about eight. I got a buddy of mine he used big did. Preach about treatment also snakes now he lives in Florida thinks they country that way right now the stakes are pretty ambitious thank you moved from. Upstate New York to Florida give a fear of snakes not a good move yet you write your soul he was a guitar act or stayed and used it. Or acute form. So. He was a guitar act onstage and I used to always go on stage with the Qatar in the case opened up the case under the name mingled and insert planet. So we put Roberts makers. In the biscuit what he could. You talk he's jumping it was so funny like when you get some bears who just walked on stage. Those little fears that we have done mckinny's up fiancee he is afraid of the dark and had to go buy him a night light and couldn't do it because they only had cartoon character it's 'cause it's from. Children's also freighter he fears groups also are. Do you have good. Little bears played the spiders and snakes and heighten things like that but it's the dip or universal ones that really explain why but we probably we are white women really believe that all men are the same and there was second. Really affect the relationship for the people we care about. The most common fear among American men. Being seen as a coward. Okay well yes because it stays with you or seen it either try to put yourself in a situation that would make you look like a hero to show that you're not a coward are you gonna white. Did you wager that you could expose the fact that you are Howard it's back to the whole lot not going up and there are sleeping with you right. Being scared of the dark might make you look like a coward dare for again your boyfriend I'm shocked he shared this with you the other big one for man number two fear of intimacy. Daria I don't wanna get close don't trust anybody so what do we do we pack our life's full of stuff so we don't to be at home we work overtime we play exports we join civil war reenactment troops are. What I have to look like the face and tell her I am afraid you're going to leave me. Because there what to do with that. There's a luminous and I know there are women who is done you were late for more money. Being open and honest would you like makes things more understanding. I don't know tradition wanna hear all the stats the problems I don't think there wanna hear there are women who don't want to years yet there are called women now that's not true simply don't Wyatt. With a monitor all pray where they want everything right everything unit rate sensitive time of does that. It's like that they want on demand might respect revision rate I don't watch it straight out what should be like Derek down RA they were to be funny when Elin should be funny yeah I. Don't work that way. I know I can imagine the way it got really disappointed when she saw you with eyes and realized you were tough stupid statement is that our cable was out. I did it is 6000 Doug besides the of that they don't eat away money. When I was a little kid adding get beat but I got a clot. Replied OK so last week and Prius or last week and I go down to Virginia for my nephews wedding. And all right we're sisters and I were together and went to this place called Lu ray K ever. Burns you know it's where to get this leg might send us Blake tight at all it. Yeah it was significant. Lockett in the air and man I would spooked it was kooky the girls were hit play and everybody was informed I'd start credit like maybe man I hit the bail. We legitimacy Hellenic cave. Yeah are you actually get our end Lockett so that you. I did bill I'm well I went I went back. I did the people that you're with no we had this fear. I told them before I went and I that I not go like that the average sisters. Now he's in they would not. I think nobody that was like an ordinary start to beat themselves like Italy but I. Priest article Ryan I. Remind you all I go and experience through our money is simply doesn't notice it's like. Maybe there was like a decade it was terror. I hated this Robin this young it was an apology I thought OK just tell. You guys I thought I didn't I thought you might have public that. Doug I love you go to don't have a tutor as. We discussed or but it reservists into the I'd cry that we don't tackle. Passes but you know I had a silly I would think claustrophobia yet and it's a big one yeah. And they've I think people break out. I think people that don't even have a will get it it's certain times in her life community realize what's funny you bring up there are Kosovo might be one of those fears that you have that you don't know about right you're too late on pushed yeah Peters on CM I think PD a anybody. Eight bit or remodeling and I don't really do much exterior work they get up my body. That you mattered we and I you know I'll pop it in a break I eat out at that putt putt. You don't know what you got out. Today for May so what did you do you dislike stay they're total went home. I ask you quickly. Also I quickly put it back and update just. It took equally inept at Atlanta being a homer late. Ned Beatty days we called on average you know which with the claustrophobia my eats it's just comes on the Italy like ray yeah. And nine days selling my wife as claustrophobia. I have from high pizza though they are you offsetting generate. Yeah the plague we're going nuts over a vacation. And it was it is old building and I wondered go look at something and you had to go up these stairs to direct super super narrow. And we paid the money to go up to staying. And she went up enemies is a new news to the she's back demanding your money back for this all the ladies. She did do I want up but it was tight but again anything like that she can't do. So it's a kitchen anyway series you know problem but it in my life sellout to be afraid she's a woman. You Huey I would accept that and a woman whatever fear I understand like if there's a bug in the house and she seize up and a rat shouldn't freak out. Well look double portable budgeted to 6000 men and I'll feel that they can share this stuff with us in the end that good JP got the last word and CM Natalie. A net to bad guys doing today. Well one out younger I want to went camping camping my aunt and uncles look at Egypt and seeing orange an. As Jen learn how to water ski well. It didn't work out you get what you thought disposal able to tow rope while I didn't play so well after the same award I had a bad night at night bad nightmare. I was about eight or nine that time when I woke up there in the morning to the nightmare. The big spiders. Opt regional ball my nose angling looking at me and I story. To this day. It's light years later I turned and go the other way. Biden's house. If you. Do well the landlord could. Legs achilles' buccaneer Romney Huckabee. But it might like does remain. My wife did that my leg was it your silly you're stupid it is okay it's just opened. It you know apple act. And OB RJP. I would what's weird is like I get despite everything but how do you Wear her panties around all day I'll be comfortable. What we do is put it this would have been divorced for twenty years. And I think that was. A damn bit. I would be Internet through cancer that's coming. IAEA guys battery near that don't like you know what his usual well that's a great advice and recently. Of them.