Your Future or Mine, Kid? (PART 2)

Thursday, August 16th

You want your kid to be successful, but do you want the future THEY envision, or the one you set up for them?

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Matt anxiety of these fathers or FaceBook messaging hasn't tweeting us in the guys on I see there I steal he. But there comes a time we just have to let go candidates took Kushner. What do you mean to coral disclosure is that I would make the argument that this is like the craziest time and Reese are rich history much breeze through demeanor yet another problem daddy's house rods it's a classic cracked many 65 to BC enough for talked about a father named Mike wrote this email received as a whole will get to his za. Always obesity now my son just graduated from high school in June told me last week he's decided not to attend colleges ball so right before college guards he's out. Mike goes on it b.s and c.s the plane was two years that he sees it might treachery to a bigger school when he nailed down what he wanted to deal. He came to meet demand he told me that he doesn't think college is best for him right now because he's clueless as to what he wants his future to be any rather figure it out before you spend money Mike says I respect that but I'm scared rosary king Condit is amazing equipment. But he is very hard demand that he's Nancy yes artist kid scored before even gets into the starting by just get dirty water to quit before you start Roy he's article written. This can figure that out. And the debate has become at what point can you stop telling your kid this is what's best for you he's a man he's an eighteen year old human rights as any to send them overseas for rape. C average guy what do average unit. Was different but that the great system as different as a way used it yet okay yet to earn an F spec and that's. You definitely are those does everyone guard Devin I ran a table up as a father having to take your hands off the steering wheel liquor and let your. The knowledge imparted abut your child that's dangerous and scary. Andre Smith is tweeting at us up my son will be seeing you this year. And heavy it's my life conversation with Pennington his plan is a Marine Corps and boot camp all right next summer rather than the cross. On Collison put across. As I planned I'm scared now he wants to deploy it but I raced in to make his own choice that's a great decision by the way. I'll take my hands are the real guy and yet you take your hands off in my wallet you're taking a hands off the wheel here because somebody else is putting their hands on the wheel in the Marine Corps. You don't say okay it. I but that's the case decision just like get it that's why when many. It's a little bit different 'cause it will be structure for that can break you know you're right but this little kid needs a big decision on your kids' part sure are noted that annual world. Yeah god damn Bayard yeah error. I hurt Jeremiah I get nervous parent company that's excellent acoustics are wild animals did you. Do you ever stop having dreams for your kids. Do you ever stop thinking you know what's best and telling them you know what's best as a father you wanted to be successful if you are your fifties and sixties us indeed the show do you tell your sons or daughters this is what I think you should do in their twenties and thirties and accurate your 20s30s and forties. Do your parents still come do you look at you would say you're not living up to your potential this is what I believe you should do if you're forty you ain't it Don I mean ever washed up average life expectancies in the eighties and had to say what do you think guys something going on at a time reporters the list treacherous around. You're using its post which could be making a living and it potentially do something else and will go out than what you were telling jokes reload the page were making a living. And afoot that your father and in his 50s60s and send at least still told you. To stop yeah. I had to just just what you should race. The united most well why not because I want to do this okay but you're sitting here telling me these kids listen to their parents can do is they say they have way to spear. OK. If you don't wanna listen that's five of my father was a gonna support me in my thirties to a standup comedy and it was a get it going you know. These award got you can come home and figured out I and you know and and rightfully so I didn't see a thirty year old guy Lebanon couch I. And there's a disconnect here because like what you're saying I don't want my thirty year old in my home I'm talking about a guy that's making it easy making ends meet. But dad wants better wants better I know what's better you were making ends meet manner. Let your dad thought there was better eat you for some reason we got to be going into radio was ridiculous why agree with them. Well. And oddly they got a couple awards and all know what you're analyst on again it was still constitutional I don't know I. Men and sat me down a goes toward the lead up to your potential you should do this unless it in his face. But I Shirley has that feeling yeah I think everybody listen shall speaker at the I didn't hit it 6000. Eds about old for fifteen minutes every ad has good advice boys got four kids he's got a dollar here that's going out rather. Okay. Personal. In my own case. I went into the navy ordered before or at Quantico so that's one reason that this helped me make that decision because. I'll be what is normally publishers there were really able. Optical. And my kids certainly they're reading make it right there it is in the morning wanted to do there about the great. And as they probably what they wanted to do I would. Only my daughter won a beauty gradually illegally could be a teacher and get a college educated and so that was you know and believe. Believe that it should be achievement teacher a good teacher you retired. My school and that he's diesel says he wanted to be unity. There and you need countered it and I didn't have any problems selling this thing. It'll Danielle what they let literally they're going and it is known that it won't be in a convicted of illegal the effort. Say no you don't I wouldn't be in north and deeply helper. At tribunal the building you know later equivalent. You. Do books personal and that people were killed then and he he's very particular. And mind blowing. Daughter wannabe. Schoolteacher. Tablet technology we have a couple of kids and he hasn't. Well open you know. You see an extraordinary about it in a little problem. But I did to what Ireland did his sixth grade. Help guide that I I don't ideally they dole I wanted John I want to be an architect adults listen to what you twelve yes well. It was sort of an about my penis. At a joint you wanna enjoy appease you got to Politico. Reflects upon how we can't can't be play with its up you don't know constitution. So. I wouldn't it weren't able to pick it didn't wanna go to school and I think going into the utterances are great because their level make up their mind other than it is to. Did technologies virtual. I carry and it takes your calls thank you for the comment I appreciate any and he's he's not wrong but at least it's based advice. I. Alec if you wanted to do there's got to go to crowd it's easy to look just six greater say you should do this on her father you can guide the talk NET nine great hours at the routed to go intuitive please just because that's the powers did you get as you grow older not Russell has two kids of my brother your NC a maps. Ada and I have two daughters went ballots are great raid on a gallery here I haven't done beat him beat. Might school and why it Toyota factory and got that down her two year and that that's what you want to do. Our mom equipment operator my wife has her masters I mean what if you make Gundy and they'd at the you know I mean you. Let you do that I don't expect an ambulance or I mean it's an and we came in that situation here where we call for loans for college like any other prayer. But now on Michael diaper carper Mikey adapter your doing great. You know you get older daughter comebacks they'd like to go piper MO eco IPO more than sheer. So I mean. It you gotta look at the whole thing word yet you may illiterate and escalator on eleven working in the hospital I'm going to do that and Pamela I don't. I that it happened you want to come home where here or. While you eat your moment thirteen hundred miles away a week after high school that's a scary. It is a good father talking on this do you ever had backed the war and we don't want to say all this Walt. Steele later my nominated. The our widgets. You turned out sonic. Now you know you year old a diet eat get Ramallah orgy and you are right to it that great I don't think it fixed rate you you know you look and you get what they want a deal by. When you when you hit the ninth tenth and eleventh there when you if you want to acknowledge that when they are looking at eight. I rest takes a nobody ever they preach that god sakes man have a precedent all right the other real quick there's not a part of this email that Mike writes as well have a discussion about you know -- Mike's son he writes this email was gonna go easy to seek his bottom out areas started last week the kids it's his father down as and it says I don't wanna do I know I'm not going he's giving out okay and the father says he respects is somebody scared and another part of the email our all and I'll read here is a quote I know you don't need a college degree to be successful but you can't argue that it helps I work as an account this is Mike talking all of his older siblings his mom have white collar jobs he doesn't know blue collar world I'm afraid he won't be able to survive I respect. Guys that work with their hands and I wanna know what they're really is a way to make it in this world where not a college education we are not living paycheck to pay queries get it checked. Country club bears soft on Ailes. I respect Mike for no way you think it can't these he's a candy its commitment from advocates candy. I think we forget. Who rookie he didn't do you live in Pittsburgh in your wife's house. Amen I'm transitioning am in between their draft a year immediately of popular waves rules and your other what's rules this. But I I can respect the fact that this father knows is some well enough to be worried but it's not a good thing. I guess you know I know he can't handle a shovel what he says he does it's up that he does it notes that he's never despite. I obviously worrying it's okay to be worried if he's ever seen inside the country I'd never had to do. At least get four. Okay yeah so in general it's a while sweat a little you can also fail how can we can all fail. More likely most people don't get to live their dreams yes thank you get delivered reality okay. So this dream job this kid thinks she's gonna score by sitting on his as sort catch probably is going to be a long cold at that point his kids reality is a victim black voters but this kid's reality in living wherever he lives white collar parents is different than the reality I had when I was security has for me becoming a doctor was never reality kicked my reality was going to be working with my hands for the rest of my life it's locked into this job right leg. If you grew up any college educated white caller Sam laden. It's hard to understand is is that something you want your son to commit to eight physical job for the next forty or fifty years because we've all seen excited sixties and swinging. Hammer with a grimace on his face and you watch and wonder how does that guy get out of bed every morning. It's a lot but it's a good look at this you're right it's honorable job in and it's got great job security you've got to. How hard is it to get that job and how hard is to have that job for the rest of your life. That's every gate and by the way disk as you think his dream job is gonna be Aussie my friend that dream job yours sucks right out your. I dig a problem when you when I started doing stand up comedy. When we want to went to a comedy club how we thought it was gonna be like walk around of the Tonight Show and everybody loved it and it's good complete opposite here and yeah you're right the right. Yes I'm looks forward to this as. Sort yes daughters leave him. It's sad when I sat they get married have kids gotten all we raise the 1930 slopes I think it. How would you know I mean you. He gig you kind of going to a for a little while they knew a dead it's Debbie have kids then. You take care to children how many women you know that don't work. And there are out there none and you living gets hurt him but think having egg. Canada is a lady job. You know to help. Supplement a little bit there which is great neighbor ready gals who don't remember when I said the world that you live in Ireland had a house atomic lives and yeah. That house that you know has earned on a supplement to how. Long would knuckle that if you I would stay here. I think he's.