Your Future or Mine, Kid? (PART 1)

Thursday, August 16th

You want your kid to be successful, but do you want the future THEY envision, or the one you set up for them?

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Chances are right now. That you don't like someone else told you live. He went to college because someone said you had what you gotta give the kid direction or to discuss her skirt stress disorder junior or you have betrayed your father or mother or brother getting his company you know apply yourself you became what someone else wanted you to there's nothing wrong yeah. You're gonna check your group tomorrow when a kid you are responsible for tells you and I want the light he wants for me. Be villager bracket. And there's a father who was in desperate need of reassurance. That there is any reassurance to give that. So probably the breaker boxes classic rock at 65 BC and have we get any government that it might. Who's out of 5% issues right now. And I'd like to regional apart aren't so Mike says and I quote my son who just graduated from high school and you. Last week he's decided he's not attending colleges news. He a city has Beason c.s had b.s and c.s and the plant was due to years and MCC to save money then transferred to a bigger school when he nailed down what he wanted to do. He came to me is a man. Am am I told me he doesn't think that college is the best for him right now because as he's clueless as to what he wants his future to beat Eddie rather figure it out before he spent money Aaron and the father was on Mike. I can respect that. But I'm scared. I know you don't need a college degree to be successful but you cannot argue that it helps I work as an accountant. And all of his older siblings and his mother have white collar jobs he doesn't know blue collar world and I'm afraid he won't be able to survive. Mike continues. On news it is. I respected guys that work with their hands and I want to know if there really is a way to make it in this world without a college education myriad ways where you're not living paycheck to paycheck. And if letting my son walk away from school will be. OK Fella to is okay so. He's actually go to school right now yeah what's his plan DW is planning and nick is akin ain't got to play you know his plan is what's his couch in his refrigerator. Is your plan and eighteen I had a job you know I am. They had to buy a violent but the oil man I would go by myself I'll be over here every now Heathrow react he threw me out with a job. But this came gig go get a job that doesn't mean it's going to be like a life plan and I hear it like it's not only thing you would eighteen like this future laid out for you look at me do this it's and is to be successful you had a job yes but I don't I don't I don't aggression busy harassment on meet at. Well I mean let's I did I had no other opportunity that was going to be my job that you bust you would you bust his balls in what he has righty I'll play any edit job he walked out of high school duke clearly thought he'd have to rest of his life I started when as a kid wanna get at this point it's. My interest in the disconnect between the white collar guy in the blue collar folks here like he does we know that world these concerns which in Korea on any any actually tees because his kings got a college degrees I can live paycheck to paycheck biggest party people we know chair with college degrees. Day eight. Dad are blow water immediately say look at the second this was bigger than it's a habit of. It's about letting your key to make their own decision now this kid he's eighteen years old it's his life he's going to have to Littman. What I ate as a father does Michael any dad or mom listening to the show how do we insist on what he does with his future. Are you regular year Durham but you gotta get something don't honor KOR but here's that there would your idea of just get a job get out of my house to get an apartment from. Could actually be detrimental to the kid because once you start down that patent this is my delightful and they'll show up. And you are now rely always reality but now I don't have time to go to college I don't have time to better myself and find a better job so. I mean letting your kids stately figure that out also is a terrible idea stay in every read a bomb. I also think too it could be not necessarily that this dad's pushing college honest kid that maybe he doesn't want it to did not do what he's afraid. Like if it's kid is afraid that he's gonna fail I don't want agent because you're afraid you're gonna Fella want to do it gives this is what you actually wanna do but I. But I think fear is natural here I think these kids fear is actually helping them make the right decision. I have never understood and why it eighteen years old we look at these kids who the date before them were high school kids that couldn't do any good on their own. And we go you need shoes right now what you're gonna do terrestrial. You've got 45 years ahead of you where you're gonna work and at eighteen years old you need to spend 1020304050000. Dollars to decide which are gonna. Here's the thing more likely your ideal job that your dream John. Probably isn't there for you canker is their dream job histories and yet and you probably have some fantasy about what you're job it you can obtain. We all led to have her dream job let somebody also has to take out the trash make sure the water gets to my house the electricity you're sorry at the world needs ditch diggers to everybody you need all types traits so most people have jobs because he just needed job jerk so for him it's sit there and think on the eighteen and go have figured out. Well you gotta do set that violate. You could still be finding yourself and MCC. You've still got time to be look around the clock is running on cash to manage your spending money when maybe you should at least I mean tall so how are already there on his chances of finding him silly to go back packed around the country. Did you ask anybody tried to go back to school while working full time and the kites probably one of the hardest things favored it and how many folks listening to the show right now way to MCC spent a little bit of money got an associate degree and have four year degree in using the degree all because they were put his position that's what you get it showed decade out all right ask you this 2226000. To all of you parents out there. Do you have a right. With 181920. Year old kid to tell them this is what you should do. Right because I don't know if that's such a great idea. They're they're adults now all right so if you're an adult OK okay okay big your big boy and Aaron guy or so what's wrong with shoving him out the door that. Figured out I'd because if you go figure out like I spent a lot of it was so what's your fear let's get a job in a box spectrum can. Box factories find job an eighteen year old kid despite beat box factory. Well he gets edged out of the box factory and now we as rent to patent and he wants back to school eventually lead to better himself he can't because he needs the money from the box factory there so that keeps him in that pass the rest of his life Kish. Did you want a better now than juniors did you leave you didn't try hard enough OK maybe gonna have to burn the candle Opel and son. If you want a bed up again mats struggle for. Ever when you it's the comedy club vineyard and and everybody were you jerks where. I can do which is sort of what happened grow it how to judge you follow in your face a lot you know every time but. But you ready go up there apply yourself and nobody year old male what did you go to school sure you wanted to go do this thing and you struggled and struggled and struggling continues. The distasteful why the struggle between Arabs say. Nobody don't go Joseph Torre had to go up the united drag your wrist out of that club. It sounds easy but tried sometimes get a been and to entertain people okay. Yet have figured out all right that being said you I shouldn't be here right now I know we got very lucky and legal comedy club fifty going on the road it's going to college was stupid to do but it worked out greatly you have to try get a pick re okay but here's the Iraqi he developed enacted drinking problem. Social disorder is dysfunctional family hatred among her peers. Here's the thing that I try what it is is very Giguere to get out they itself son's future I heart or else you'll succeed yes that's not true. Did you get an idea that hole in the U going down he he he you get an idea yeah and I'm giving you going garage near develop that idea. And then separate you make a million dollars and that's the American dream. There are lots of people that tried bust their ass dedicate their lives is something that it fail so has won it then. As a father may be indeed maybe this was your best work as a father and I completely understand the anxiety of this guy I get him wanted to control the situation but I think that if you are parrot that looks at their kids as an adult goes you need to do this you're making a mistake because the other things that happened that you're not thinking about. There's a ton of things I don't think about budget it is 6000 Tim's I'd see an athlete any college buddy. Well. They I don't. Hey we ought to pick this guy has got it in the worried about you know this kid don't wanna go to college usually just. Personally jobs and all that but I don't outcome of course and it go to college. And you know I want to hurt them out there and I have well it has no interest. Tim he's out there and there's some messages repeat themselves to. Still. Holding you buddy. Want okay you're cared what you do for a living right now. Okay it's a good job mutilated bodies when they can't go way they cancel that job of the snubs the winds are well. Obama still play your wallet. Set separate votes. It's eight while you apparently legitimate college for. Bay. Not that it particularly edgy moment ago well a lot of technical people worse. But if you guys were more let's go up what did you go for him. Or are okay business and it okay. It's just takes the tall body of legitimacy to that can't get semester and a half scores office of president couldn't let's pick up Rick at six. You don't need comprehension no you don't you don't comprehend. I don't know if you get beat up pretty daddy of a bottle Bob was on your side he's on C enough what's up well. Today not spot. Out. Outlook that it be. At that good how much bigger challenge now the sport not a lawyer. Could it really hasn't been an up and don't. As a flat. Accurate job and pay rent. You know while the base auditors that Iran is building help and that is sure about but you're out the door. I liked. What you do that and are. With and without college degree. Now I head to your degree I want. Got my we're gonna dictate that Boeing got graduate degree it's that. This is Bobby always noted on. He's a loss to educate the bucks. Item so I prepared himself I don't disagree. Is a good news went into that a garage and created an idea and now he's gonna be a millionaire while the million ID. I've got four kids at all like hit two years would he seat after that. You know figured out a lot of what you want all or like in the queue up all my kid that got us they want it bad not like obvious that you want it. I don't know and what about that fourth flood level. You are right she stole it two to two years at. BC. But thanks to god that I really rigid. Right so we also have this problem here and IC is a key goal would discuss the whole other part of its pilot but we have just like it worked for me means we're free. Why did have a moratorium of issues they share the experience to lay on a kid it's different everybody's different Writely you still pushing it whatever your and it worked for me on your kid. Yes it's also Bob can I bust my ass I did isn't it but it. Things certainly don't from a view different opportunities you get the other kids can make every bowler but he Jerry's different. Everybody holds it tight I know this icu fathers conceived could steal the eggs IE of the dads on us going through this exact same situation it's too is a wanna talk about one is that. Timing like as a father were you don't still have dreams for your shot on talk 20304050. If you are that age than parents father sits down and say I think this would be a good idea for you had an arsenal is secure fashion and we if you asked how many times you're dead that to you when you were doing jokes that I released suggestions. More. Criticism. That was with you right it took his advice. But he was and he it was different also Whitney's email this guy white collar families afraid for his son to have a blue collar job he's. A legitimate concern. They are about I don't care if you're retarded job training is that is is much someone make fun as I'm assuming you some. Reduced. He does appoint and I think he's very self or I'd like this. You as is Kansas says he was just as a rib issue comic and it's it's wearing a sport coat. It's got to do and we'll get a 182 double anyway next the great let's have.