You Know You've Given Up When....

Friday, January 26th

He claims to be "fashion forward" but the move he pulled last week implies that he has given up on that lifestyle!


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It's the end of the road for you but perhaps that it's over the tournament you will be cool youth that your hip and with it he's done a dress like the kids know you know. Once these two urge show on the new wardrobe this goes for all men it's warning that it is killing Tom. Itself I don't consider this that thing you your generation turn this into thank you get out the break much to class Rodney six I've wc and apps was on the show yesterday and it's unease where it is cool guys seekers or. I don't normally wears sneakers it's forty sneakers. His athletic sneakers. Now what they're just regular sneakers and a colleague ride and you're on the excellent class I think Y where I go they can have a business casual issue which is funny if you dividend business. Ever so in two casual. And Tommy sneakers there are put sneakers there's sir Fred regular arrests well here their silver with peach there was a kid that walked in here and that Tommy had women's teachers and because there's like a hint of like up. Neon peachy color and share songs where's the W real time. Ever he's got speakers on its not. Enough to be or you said I must have clean them. Jessica so whatever you haven't sneakers and were easily vestige clears clears them until now by district. You didn't consider news and still is excited about the box but moment but news later you bought another pair of deceit sneaker. Yeah I it's this thinker I like about another pair of this difference it's the sneaker and dress if it's comfortable. It's good. Just wears sneakers and a better rap band and and I'm like what are you would be a bit of what year. City bros can't get it goes sneaker around. Here is the lesson for all human you know we doing this more as a warning don't want to be comfortable. If you have bought the same exact pair of sneakers. A second time when it's over for life. Because you know longer a rush well you know. Tell the anti spyware it was an Angel and calm there was swelling there have also about to bear market so this is so I had to I had those I had to note it was sensible. That's what you do what's the okay what do you blame anybody knew it. We're goading his sneakers once outside you debate couldn't go to were used to be is at a basketball corner of the track. Once the it's comfort. And sensibility. And tear it works pillows larger vocabulary. It's done you've crossed over. Fashion it hit. Too old guy. Is it a comfortable it's possible to save that. Ball. Lands captured. It's you out man and I totally KGB's Dior. Sort of a. You don't want to help won't. Think Sarah here's killing me now a TV's well you know we here's the thing for a guy you. That mocks everything we where everything we do is read and it took its dirty year are you and you'll be the first to comment on what somebody else's. Somebody else is wearing yes. What this segment we say something about you being comfortable and sensible just bugging your mean about it and you jerking me around me causes every time you say it by the I Joe's ranked them because it was comfortably Billick. You've given up. Like it to be present so. You can add up. Just because women are supposed to Wear comfortable things that this was we're uncomfortable things that are six of the term and you you know the deal you would knock a guy for wearing something for comfort. Pat is a pretty new market awareness what you made fun when I walked into what I do know that how that thing is on there old dirty bastards would technically. And something else well. I don't even know when paying news okay what you are shoes that you are not sneakers the most comfortable shoes that T three just patient. Regular asked buckle Hsu posted lookup uncle issues. Shoes on if they're not speak to buckle black business and you pick the most old guy shoot where there were 30 guy issues and ready for this the white Nike air monarchs. The new Bentley and swiped twenty somethings and and ease it DS looks like running shoes but not really running shoes as the guest who. Other casual shoes early enemy at the cult era in Tampa Florida flight. I just the pledge meant Florida today. The indicated earlier that neon and the speaker David C via paint. There's nothing while yes there is causing issues pointing out air mailing kissed my I want you to your sensible and you're comfortable that's financial. This sticker on it should be just your general didn't turn it be you know each side there were wrapped guys so you LL cool. Where in his sneaker deal all wannabe cool. And you know you wanna be you is if you wanna be get to five you're just given it to be the gang you going to be this steadily gets here on CNN. Do you one day thinking that you all think your rap stars did you Wear a US. Anywhere those. You spent hundreds of dollars and shoes. That are Frick and sneakers like what's so when you got that did to Jordan again so what are you can't lace for summaries old ritual lemons you buy it but it will lose its its kind of Jordan's but you word George Hsu yeah that you can all eyes places you don't lacy. Could you wanna look cool yes would you look ridiculous that we used to call somebody might that you walked around in tie issues a moron. And a view by flooded Irish speakers. With places you know lays. You're a moron factor is this sets of factory effect is this Jamaican Michael Jordan averaged and make it mr. Davis a comfortable living Nazi by the though because it was an idol document you're telling me and Mayo looked out of Q does look up right now I two digit sixty leads to make that those who Gestapo boot the fact of the better it is. Shoes. Status symbol status as lower Toms in the break mansi a map top. It. Hey I don't post on linens and HTT. He's a damn learned they keep his whole life. The sheer. It's yeah. I tried updates about what you have to present that to some ligaments but it's not antibodies against Dickey and placement as their governor Eddie can always get us at the BC about. The breaker FaceBook page I almost made the same mistake Tommy has debate. My son saved me I have wonders because I think a very comfortable but. My son noticed that I got them over again he'd be out about issues that look cool but I still comfortable they're not too cool for Niger or Iraq ports behind me. But. I'm not a comparable detente I got here yeah inside your feet. I don't you get older via the back everywhere you fancy sneakers grandpa beat up like. What's a little latest deal. You should artist and a symbol you are. Weird ass fancy shoes all the times that proves that shoes or stay visible and tell us that's issue. I seeker is just for basic utility to begin work at the yard you exercise when they don't. You gonna walk in the guys I don't care of its leader gets dirty but you do because you know you've got the replacement Soledad sneaker and when you dirty they get dusty. It's a corporate sneakers with suits people who do yes. Like anything that you look ridiculous you don't look comfortable until it's president of it's like somebody else I know you know delivers every did that was David Letterman. You look David Letterman yep but he did it to be funny. 2226 students sneak in Jesus Christ make up your mind you work in Iran and Tommy crossed over to deal to little bit move when he bought the same pair of debt sneakers again. Yeah I got a great buyer so light up by the second pair for half price of our bye have a blessed and 35 dollars and one here. I get the other pair for last but it did that. But I like Attila the same. I'm gonna walk on the canal you think economic up fashion statement like a cut so I kind of do a little rant or cut my new rap album your son get out Smart sensible and that's why did nothing wrong with these Willis Ali smalls mound and reps small these would only solves. So I came up what did she teach it richter C. Tell anybody. They can I mean again I ask you question yeah. It can't say he goes around he walks around with hike up that are on site yes. You know how forty years ago that once a week all the morons. Well even that means like it you. Session there I don't know where he came built blast but whatever mom. Dad. Yes he watched ESPN Amman. Although all open now to ideologically committed at that that does do a new style is issues at stake out messiah. They got a caller soul we get to different colors are real bright color and like Ike not just air tight it's you know the boat like a monkey monkey or. It's a Pete just be clear the guy that reference Bill Blass is gonna explain to me what's called. She finally won at Yves saint Laura honor and Christian Dior would you words he has. Until later. Having difficulty have a uterus today. I by the late to be fine that he is not teachers they were German play it does. Doesn't really say that they're tied to the Nazi I believe the so it says like it there was one guy who was kind of involved with the Nazi sympathizer but see you back he wasn't. But that was everybody bag yeah okay and that's why I never saw him. Letter walked around a comfortable running shoes he always had on a big boo. You can tell a lot about people based on issues in fact it's sneaker got to shoot idling or if you meet you glad five guys and she'll be the issues that everyday I can tell what town they're from and what they do for a the sneaker whispered to put a great talent that have Forrest Gump was right you can tell you don't pay less about people Alicia people like you can't. I missed it doesn't matter yet George figured out on pledges not to pay 200 by experts have to turn scrap the same somebody of that payless when. You just said you bought your stickers of people that. I gotta let the issue ducking the issue deep. Oh. Victor rounds down there does Pedro and shade on Palin's handlers at Ireland's only. Choose torque in a minute I got a bit to shoot buffalo it's these sumo. And estimates his quality generic like it's twenty. Those debt houses they fight here on our once great for the laundry list because David used before and once strictly for the some pub overflow really got to have your basement sneaks. Mikey get the last brother Abdullah. I'm all about the sneakers and the suit. I know what do you do when you go to would governor and you all Wear sneakers and a suit your governor. Or can't you're not gonna get hired mistake it was a Japanese Nike. All a big difference or. And he's got their man I get a gap me at all. Us digital sneakers and Joba and my point is this the there's probably very few places to his point that you're allowed to Wear a suit in sneakers because it doesn't look business people don't don't don't worm in front atomic she'll tell you are so you like your getting in my money annually nearly you'll get more feet. Surely or foot sold. Anywhere sneakers you're implying that your whole if you're a woman and you're wearing sneakers in the united goals so every time you sneakers here huh. Is what you're saying that I carried just choose to use the same rules for the movie hoosiers. For speakers today it was a bit the vast global behavior I don't Harris all stars rose. One. Of the basketball are asked to put up it tests all we used to have class and style and all about the when would your generation I know locker any god in pajamas and guide in some bloodiest sneakers.