You Can Stand Under My Tombrella

Tuesday, April 17th

Tommy is upset with Duffy and Kimmy for giving him bad advice that could cost him a couple hundred dollars!


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Because they show you a couple big but time and Hewlett. TV's speaks my Newton doesn't care what you have to say contradict too late faults. Fault. Which is shocking. Because you'll keep me and I get T this is the second time you pulled this move you ahead. To what he's put to Edmonton's. Get to you and your blaming us for some the Greek debt and you guys it's obvious to see here. It's boa yeah sink spent like around since the beginning a prime my statement just steer you in the right direction and yet it's abuse that you had the disease you're young and you know what I did I didn't I you know why I shouldn't listen please. You know breaker box glass rack but it's expired to be seen enough rain last couple days no it was a soaker yesterday this Joker it's not what happened soaked. I got soaked that I had to go do some yard connected to show ID to pick up and stuff to weather's gonna break on a B and top my yard game. Some that the giant and I'll wait around on a guys get me so and I am getting soaked. Back in the car. My foam. BWAY. Fraudulent you know it's helped elect my s.'s so to the bone in my phone is soaked to borrow money putting your man purse. How. To solve that she even take you man purse for you yard. Yeah Q did you read on the purse. Cell I forgot I had the phone on me an idea I guess so being used to have an anti new releases existing all look like you remember. So I'm loving god damn thing he Warrick and right now it's on the blank and I got to take it back to the apple shop. And have him take a look at what this does not working to solve this problem to something I don't use anymore PG two Sid don't body uses you look ridiculous was sent an umbrella. Well we said don't music you literally have like 810 foot locker from the door. Two year car to the garage not. You told me indeed now use its use said. I look legacy is seen. They didn't look like a man and I look like Mary popping do I need to Europe called they all ended those things quote me you vote that they ran out of Miami. So I didn't have a god damn thing you shame EU relish games days. By the way I think it's just the best part of watching that news this morning. There's an umbrella and on TV right now. There is a deal where it holds up the getaway so it is and drop when you go on a house just can't goes both ways while you know like the people and frequent but does that really could be used bullets is the. I like god damn minute sell umbrellas right now to Bieber shows like guys. Use it umbrellas and stuff. Slightly cell shaded at a rate up phone is not working right now to its way to work about it more Droid did OK so you're blaming Kenny guy. I'm not breaking as we shoot June death row right. Put up a couple first ball June oh you look we critic guy using the number 'cause I beat those guys to use girls based on many different to what they do yeah. Mullah you'll Butler. If you drive an exit for the president of the United States because it is as umbrella is appropriate I don't wanna be soak a nice call you don't have a blink to. Now I'd ever had a wreck because he's so good they were they know what it. And they don't. Think he's gonna appreciate it appears. A little. Parents to vote you. Understand is you'll tell us which to put all the time you are just going to each jet. Jewish soul. What hurt by us making funny unit for the number that you bailed on every time I brought an entity to him mad so I get ready there and we need to ask. You put a kid and I I just we balanced a lot of woods we hear it. That you were so insecure about the drought that you decided to abandon it because of Boston ball pass the Klesse I don't know this slump flawed like every other human being also wet and I got note crept out phone. Guys will bless each other's balls for all sorts made shirts you Wear shoes you have to have your home. At what point 2226000 do you decide they wind up getting rid X there's a tired are you running Immelt told. Zip up puts every day where he key player in the media representatives and a guy like to get rid of these like you know. A totally aware wanna get rid of them is this still about the current bush urges to sour button. Mrs. guide him that you maybe get rid of them NIC there all of a mall I see young guys where. Yeah where are sort of a popular yes they are sure to dead short which is right but I don't much care about York. Should stay here and step. You should have an umbrella you should Wear cargo shorts to try to look at the adrenaline kept would you want to kiss my as white Catholic waterproof jacket you squarely put loader some things like I think most guy his own a waterproof jacket. Was it has that would match with little what are. Yes. And what he's dead by clause is soaked head. If somebody says you're lucky cat kick it wet all operators such mega weapons that day one I don't wanna be where. A. Roy be damp ball today OK I got it mushroomed in all honesty. The reason we buster bowl game is I think she her. Cheaper sites like you man enough to take it at all to what you do and if you need us to stop clean as a reporter pat you know maybe should think about that. What they teach you nick Christian Catholic school being mean to people if you need to make you funny because it barbecue weekend. Mean that's what you need a leader Burgos to show. Like those tens of new listeners we have I am legitimately shocked we got to. That we bothered you that much that you stop to it is it's now called yet now. It's not like we were around you at that time like you could use an umbrella we would never count he privacy yeah artistic. No but I basically but I let that I haven't in the Congo and America. Too late. I sequence in which you use the men's seed this recently. Do you put your umbrella union pro bag when you go to the store. You have to unit drivel all over this little bit more which summer's blockbuster last year such obvious megabyte which has a right there you throw the the umbrella of the bag authority a card. And they united drip all over mr. wade triple over to store your shoe shaped like a shake it out on the floor at your way is somebody's gonna it's always gut buster rats. You carry out those grainy gives you two god damn lazy to bag of your brow did you do 6000 Tommy gut is this phone's not working and could you have his umbrella could you can't imagine a vascular Grossman is broke you got that apple stores and all apple shipped euros made his judgment own shop is that what you do you look at the money from us I got my own money to Rory about it. Done in the break moment CM FIL you buddy. Martin as the storm seriously don't quite get it. Now wouldn't you yeah. While you're at a prep count at camp Serbian director at second understand Oak Beach right best under an exploit that that the baby impart it would be more urgent topic. To. Sure which has. Isn't known to dot edu and our rule that you don't really chair well you can't say keep the travel under the yeah. I actually angry and the yeah yeah. Yeah umbrella. Well. Regular soap and drowned rat and a little silly to Israel to launch. I think it's difficult but I appreciate it all right you're excluded this poll we just put up 70% of men say AP an adult means having an embryo. So that's interesting but it's fairly. And I think you you. He had more advice and pat I'm more advice on your phone we would've given you advice to up by the insurance so he wouldn't even I don't know I have insurance you know guys it managers it's wise this and. Whatever it any other advice she got too late. Maybe should ask more questions let's give trying to force you to go to the cancer ward today in straight those people. Hey you know what do you what do lit up that signature would now that all it in neck. Advice from Jimmy. To did you 6000 Tommy's phones not work because stood in the rain yesterday got soaked in baseball got wet and now it's on the blank he's claiming kitty and I because we she did not abusing his umbrella even though we thought Tommy was confident enough man to keep using I am but I you know enough so that's torture in this room drugs is on CMF aid trucks like other. Good morning senator Coburn. Thank you chunks. Yeah error than I can carry an umbrella Tommy where I won't hear. You know when you win and drugs. Exactly. And and I got caught you are done that job. Cargo shorts he's scared they're not style anymore. If there's a case why is every cable and restore blind would. Hundreds of cargo shortly. Should be JC just got a whole semi load cargo shorts and for spurring a and Roma and round on all Arab OK you should you close at eight giant. Where why and I toward in my genes are cheap if you don't get a packet money for five bucks she's. What you want. I hit my name's Jerry John knowing about a 1299 per red shirt jeans. Man up tablets to go to the Stevie Sissy boys star has been a hundred dollars on its CDs. I. And Jimmy Roberts one of our most popular things. You don't go to Margarita Ville fine. Ellis wants to defend drugs what should just to run away here Alice is taken on bro is does the Alice has a back up Obama. You know hiking and can't eat happy note that right time ago I. Imminent all your right about the airport in the umbrella in the bag it. Get back to improve Artest can't chills really because of the ceiling packers' annual teen people's slipped him a water. 'cause I I really don't like defending down we really don't because he'd just respectable but it now be actually right about that. Tell us how many Ambrose do you own. 11 umbrella OK to you Tommy are these save umbrella level at the moment Alice I know you're not married your husband when you were Mary did he have an umbrella. Now. You know how he would just walk in the rain. You have guys like being wet soggy. You know squeaky when the lockdown not Paul. Ellis thank you for the call everything it does that. There's a time I'm sorry at a number for governor who's written. Right now on Italy and in the cold you got DJ demand for using an umbrella 70% of people saying no that's crushing get. If you can't ask a question at your younger earlier out of town the U Tommy would began at camp. The guy asked you out and you're meeting took place. It's raining outside and you see him walking into the window using an umbrella is that a negative Cheney's old millionaire. I can take a vacation. To Hawaii. It's picking you up in his limousine to take you to Hawaii Europe fabulous Hawaiian vacation. Only fees bringing that umbrella over to help meet my car or something you know that's like that's a cool move but urges an amber and you'd be used in and out of down and it. And you know really need them and. So you don't think it's a masculine. It would be deal breaker but I yeah I had been if I don't have if I don't feel the need for an umbrella Lee should mean that. Horn here what's gonna happen to your hair keep you why I. But it hurt or not make up get a. I do but I've no idea where it is I don't Cuban in my car activities is that you. Outside but don't really know I know. I you don't care but don't know because you wrecks shortly this morning he's can't make fun of people on FaceBook YouTube excellent Cuba I do. The would you need money I'll give and I am my own money. And they think pop will be my brother saying go to the apple Shia and useless gift card you can have I'm. I might help. You fitted perfectly with your umbrella that rule. Oh they were brought bags there I was there yeah they do work at this backlash join this class jointly. Well the minute look relic Darryl is a graduate college does what he goes and does is marketing.