Xmas decor still up

Wednesday, February 21st

Is Tommy right? If they aren't down by the end of the holidays, are you... West-side trash?


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This is something that makes neighbors you don't have to speak this thing angry and Garrett and it makes neighbors who do participate in the state even. More angry if you're not doing the right place and who sells out so buddy is on the run. After committing the crime Graham Democrat and chronicle and it involves something that is still up. That probably shouldn't be yeah yeah the breaker ruts it's classic rock and 65 WC IMF and I don't. I don't have a lot of details about the story Erica it should but the police blotter on the Democrat and chronicle and two putts. So one. Putt Christmas light wires any residential area. Atlanta in part it right. Which means we are now in the third week of February yes somebody still had a Christmas lights up you get taken down OK you know as you get the neighbors as you know. Basically it's a martial law on the lights college. How are you OK with someone imaging someone else's Christmas because you very damaged everything believing you'd waitress lights up all year. Okay I'm mileage are still getting you know what you is way way way west side man no I haven't read and I know you listen to you our west side through and through likes and you know tour. Where saturates who here is the trial even hammered with snow ever since Christmas you know we have now we had. No and I and it stayed very very well thank you and Ted you're like Italy stay outside for more than two minutes at a time we had some more must we had no snow and I got home highlights them a Tony did. We felt like a trophy but you public key light but maybe some candles in the on deck to join out Mandela veggies right front and back. Sees that I didn't have lights. Reviewing nobody put a and I went out but could you give me crap might not to my two kids that actually got this you root for the little one piece went out and bought a late. It's like. A lamp with like South Pole sign one way. Cute and candy caves that dot the walkway and it laid out Syria and I just haven't taken them out how to take that step out he pop amount and then I can't is on the grounds for us once you must only got a warm up come in this week OK so ultimate stumbling around at stuff elapsed girl who gives a crap and it's a huge marketing diva it's mighty house sells a lot about your marriage. It was a setup my marriage million and a semantic game. It's easily to bother you so much when it's now your house ones that say something. Am I gonna see some that I wanna get up fast and it must somebody that much. I don't get punched. So but if somebody's book some of the cut that out now on the tape balls that's the end of bitch about it yet she's right. How were into balls he pitched real man walk up to take it but it isn't rated general Chris Kringle. You need help taking those things down I can help you out now an accident and a piece of which are going to images like we have we have a better name right now we will issue so. And it's been going on for two years. It is something that is been in his yard it is not removed and it's dangerous. And he has little one. Our kids I don't know if you deputy should. Actually danger analysts say exit Norah I don't appoint the guy had a case this always happen to mr. Taft eight. I everytime I drive by. MI wired we pointed out to each other over yet since they every single time ago we get a look at yeah I see it till I can't believe. I think she would Jewish day. And now you homes are now just what. Stephen is on. Community been so I sorting out of I had the balls I would grab the stuff and throw it in my trash can just get room to do he can't it's illegal so does that sound check and do illegal activity but if somebody up is somebody else takes care of that business that I hate. And I've icy deck I don't I'm not saying anything he improved the neighborhood. Talk about this two crime happened out right. At somebody caught. The lawyers to Christmas lights residence on lady parts that it is good looking for the person you find this person so it is appropriate what you have to have your lights down by then I'll meet him and holidays as soon as you get a thought get out there and take the stuff then what if I'm still haven't got their Valentine's daylight that -- yeah I don't get people that director house bound that's his creepy. I've seen it for Halloween to you Halloween a enlisting gives you the trick coaches etc. so and I think relate I've also seen it for saint patty's day yeah that's now lawyers Alex Taylor alcohol excessive. But you're really saying right. Like what I need to stick that lights up for different holidays let the body that Kabul it's too late guy. Aren't what we need to Christmas due to the decorations out brawling nets sit well what does Halloween Dana colleagues is that you play puts a pumpkin value but a couple lights in the trees whatever that's fine. Seagram the pumpkins I realized what you do you not have pumpkin this note nautical weeks ago collapse yet they were there collects alcohol. I applaud that to mock this though just to cover it didn't stop the puck management there also. My ticket does things up immediately determine what sort of squirrels. I don't have woods and squirrels man I residential Hebert came Manny interest gained two men my trees also to bring him mature measles action have you doable still these guys are always got on our house. It was close to tell you got Halloween pick Christmas code on a trip gets that chip out I absolutely of those and they eastern down apparel Easter. Canadian knee surgery we do yes we traditionally it's hard for us together tree downs that were also busy at the oddest of cola. So yet we will start decorated tree for different holidays is kind of a joke we have people over so we get Easter tree. But what you're made all the Italy Jew before we finally touch the face of Wendy do you ever take it down that plays letting go to such a pain in the ass man. Such a pain the F exhibit yet eventually you have to do is so. Says the law law. If it's inside his house like the tree it's it's it's a fire has it's not it's a state jury is still it's blocking the user didn't really checker asked my way still turns the tree lights on at night why it. I think and I light as Cilic when I leave the house everybody to go to work micro is just relates her odd edits to Egypt. I would dreading not. Is it just like a rose the neighborhood. Are trying to have a cool neighborhood any get leg as sloppy Joseph overs no part of it is I think it's your fault you know he publish certain guys in the neighborhood but I hate you so much Tommy. Don't blame me premiere Slava and behavior I reject jam you on them and it's this off it would issue also keep to. I just like things buttoned up I don't like cluttering crap all over the place so I can't I get such a satisfaction knowing things are way. I consider pockets downstairs its in its proper place. That's where knees debate the nation's eyes relax and told that that makes recycle recycle it's got to be better organized American citizen. There be something about your yard right now that drives on your neighbor can be able tonight to relay it to be up. That that street Tommy is it trimmed that tree in forever let me tell you something dear I don't like Tommy citing Erica teary. The case of the missing what you're gonna get married and potential yet and there are certain moms that keep their yard clean and put all the decorations away. That does among. It's everything out. These are you among you and the clean moms with everything like Lima. You are meekly mum are to be home Zoho mom and everything later rounds you know relays around her legs IQ. It's different manner I can't I saw and decorated until April or plays. So the day those grandkids show operate only going to be. Illegal little kids like yourself that Satan in the middle of your front yard and your you can move it it's of the elf is gonna take its place in your front yard. Showing up on the hook she's totally right for Mike is on the hook it ain't gonna let us time. Guess what buster brown you're going up on that note to unit threatened to hang your kid on you're not Q you are trying to get up by as buster browns were also realize that sure landscaping. He's gonna be destroyed and you were saying we it is well there's going to be ruled brother well. Fighter all. Atlanta you know outside is what it's not a privilege it's it's it is appropriate. In my in my day we didn't have outside. It was inside so you be outside you don't touch. Talking about the immunity they dividend which addressed I've started leading maker which can't outside of the house is that in the garage my what do people do that in places like LA film progressed public garbage can now I spread my can't. I don't was what. So somebody give me a bottle polo. Years ago well a big bottle Apolo agree on I don't like yours too strong. So I squirted in the Canon about it for years David who sports an elastic two months ago which gives us again to tell you I guess. Wish you could be and it's time. With that. Listen you've got to wash out you can't I don't watch I can't it's it's a good addition you had a pressure to camp I would love for you do wanted to tell me I got a little kiosk had a akin freshening kiosk in the French. Aren't you worried plagued by leaving it outside and you're gonna open it and I reckon he'll get what's on the we go through the top the kitchen through it. Old unified family members in there and they're gonna have squatters rates are it's a fight if you're not committed crimes give the Christmas lights like somebody data and flight apparently what is vigilante. Word be your eyes in the neighborhood where you would risk getting in trouble to fix. I suppose that that's an eyesore history I Cecily correcting somebody's eyesore I wouldn't say a word which you would do which yourself. No Ahmadinejad calls at night and I don't be available I don't do criminal activity okay. And I wouldn't report criminal activity that's actually. Adding to my property by. It's okay fine well makes perfect sense that may isn't perfect it's so you treasure your house hits me as a neighbor in the wallet that's what chaps my own party movement. No I mean closing did you read about probably die to hold its. It's hard to reach into Europe and bumble property you you might go to a rose to fifty you have a while ago I wish. I would go to what if you did you leave I would stick. I'm leaving at that. On a jet plane.