Would You Do THIS for $100

Tuesday, May 22nd

You know what Tommy always says, "Never leave money on the table"

Well he changed his tune after hearing about this offer.

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This is a whole hell of a lot of money it's probably more money that you make an AD job over let's get to do about it you'd need to do literally nothing and the majority a guy does is listening to dish doubles they know it's legit and has some money OPEC I got the break much to glass rack and a 65 to BC a map so this is set to beat by eight listener over the weekend. It is eight legitimate. Posting on Craigslist. Male body model want to. Premium body. A male body not a model model wanted to pose nude. Must be 829 athletic looking not overweight now I think Kate cares thing is this not shy about your body is he will be exposed must have own transportation bubble bubble blah. For our purposes it doesn't say hey you know Julia RR rated. It doesn't actually say what it pays. I've hundred dollars an hour to stand their room them Perez yet do a hundred dollars. What you're telling me that you would take you reduce to streamline data did some do you monitor what's like shuttle main duty to do is to do know let's say it's an art class no it's just it's not it's single guy at all and I felt like I did have a guy that's that somebody's gonna get yet. If their porches have you bent over a hundred dollar girls in big island support your body and what he's just an honest US a look at a new dude. That's of October that. A briefer there are guys he sculpting something days sculpted UN. Up by the way I would think its scope the foreign I would keep on we told me yesterday about this opportunity without telling you what it was and this is what he had to say when he came to money. Situation which result but the money he's beaten guys take the Delmon. My Marcus. The topics at Dell we have to okay she's a decision would take the money with some general horrors when it comes down to we ought to go to work to make dollar role but just to try to get the for a couple hundred easy dollars unit is there. Oh. Brought to take place until he had this sub creepy artist working and is in Motorola's the I. That doing that but the job changes years nude modeling saved innings. You see what is it doing he sketchy sculpting you guys. Sketches guys man we actually do we actually got it OK to your what is it said today dizzy and it says the F exit they make. Why you gotta be athletic line maybe he's that kind of thing yeah. Did you sixty outlay Levy had a lot of missile body right here body I would worry about it a nice little body. Did you 6000 as a man Yasser el hundred dollars and hours to keep his disguise this week in Africa as well it will go out from there yes of gonna go up and out a year or it's good to go up nights of the reasons you would say no one people with a Q did you get a rotary years people would speak again if they've -- we do this but who earnings gays morally don't weird fetish guy. OK so you're not worried about all of a certain. Straight dudes who pose nude for modeling all the time I'm sure all. The head of my buddies do gas soul if you would just feel comfortable that's the concern. Yeah because this is that Diana Roman OK too scared. What's gone on a series. And Beckett I don't a lot of men would admit that they were right situation I did with Dick I can handle this is something went wrong but would you part as the reasonable when it first of all. Let's say I'm naked and something does go horribly wrong OK I got to the fighting government on new two year old yet now. President of the protect me their rigs flop around him make your closer stumpel. Now that I don't call that total more you know you can't be bring a friend. What bloody. It's gonna go to wait near their deal would do if your query about the dangerous aspect of it. I gotta go it gave nude shot don't go Laura usage or watch revealed neck it. Talking about the comparable night as the past homophobia and which conversation and another and all your completely naked in east area. He's got his clothes on those on your naked having a conversation on a development doctor neatly rebut what he does have it's a meteor shower Uranus on your work now you're the perfect situation as a professional he's doing this usually lasts a male or talk but even that's uncomfortable account yeah man it's professional. Most I don't pay neck and it touch me having the uncomfortable in action between a closed UB naked would be tough ITT unsafe is the concern that you never admit to its legitimate concern. You. Leak naked. Hands on his this is too weird you know. It's an against the holy father intact it's to meet phases in the guys or his version shame. Why a man paints him tries at a men used to use what you Michelangelo. Let's back in the day but it did have an update things a paint but does a million things he has a lot of things to pick those a million things get paid you know need to be Peyton penises all that's wrong which you with all of these risks. Hundred dollars a lot of money I'll tell me I've been at points in my life where did you do this yes or your company here. The certificate you have grow its. Authorities and near dated. Think of the job he's hundred dollars an hour Hogan and straighten lawyers maybe well I mean an educated lady yeah. Lawyer when I make two bills easier to be at that. The doctor and these high got a via high hander edges in the breaker but see that rather. And that goes more than. I can all as a partner can be about you know I twist in Orangeburg. United reconstruction hours of money but. Mean that they're not agree on production are. Hundred bucks. Enjoy giving you a hundred dollars or nearly as bad as I'd. I didn't think we and I ability to play. College he's not that are brought to our. And they get out the problem goodness. I answered yes it is so let's say you would do us with yeah I take a hundred dollars too much it turned down. Would you tell your buddies you did this. I think it after the first. When they called out sooner or whatever everything that while you're bright man shot without. So here the bar hey. W buddies who also turn to tell anybody OK Aaron. And then I'll let that happen. No look at look at the two guys working potential independent production out of it yet. And I Dalian hi buddy tells me that I'm let him at that guy he really just African firm yes. Now a lot of personal. And it'll might we can't just write you another election and the threat that was good. I don't know. Flag and I've got to get out and Austria of herb money. You be bowled over nebula and I am going to bleed to connect oracle trying to my house a little. Not a job Rochester the blue moon about it and I imagine. Okay you don't want to be the do the Debian and a dead did they stick all the average yeah I didn't disguise some kind of like silence of the lambs for indexing and all my drugged and in his basement it's legit concerns but it's a hundred dollars an hour. I might take that risk their being stopped at a strong. It took two big trunk you know you carry your throat is very bad idea to governor Haley street is that a BC met break we're talking about legit ad on Craigslist looking bring nude male model hundred dollars and how he got to be viewed it actually doesn't mention anything about art. Buttons yeah clutter boxes a hundred bucks would be alone make it up and tells him staring you chew I would assume that the wind knocked at all I. Under this Matsui to get it is it is it to be cement breaker I like Tommy's concern over fighting a guy naked somehow I don't think clothes would help Tommy in a flight book couldn't hurt. And Kate. Have to put my nudity against the man. I explain and actually. It's the homophobic partly cash yes that's a reason I'm phobic OK I would have put a nude body and hundred do what you're not get a right now it's a weird I can't and Alice have been up by it was somebody cut off completely Perez they gave a rolled around discussed is that we had a disagreement radio station rate. I'm about how you did indeed Cho here with other guys. Ashley is the highest I don't sit on Billy's done Glavine to edit activities shelling has had a reader desolate back you. We're at susceptible to getting punched in the face at any point during that show is very pleasant that big picture of me and for. Contacting get paid. That vote. Tonight to make computers. So that's disturbing. What's the difference well within Asia. OK it's not a big deal demise getting. It's creepy and he's not towing a bulb or what's going on he just when you knew him room to sounded. Sounds like some gonna happen you're always says you should be ashamed of your body and I realize it's so if but I don't quite heel touching it or doing things to it. But we don't have permission to say that they're touching you what do you think he's gonna do. And I he's a grown man he may get genius aren't as manly little sketch that they just wait days to sketch out there airplanes trees bosses don't mind he was a look at my dawn when it he just wanted to dig picture. For what. To keep people away from his home. That's what that's what at do you guys get that WC a map or the break of FaceBook page. Gregory rates are well as a college idea you'd male model anatomically sports so it was a pretty good shape and that was it man and we did I do full classes for the college files it did private one on one sessions a key agreement without the school's permission he actually just like in rooms nation. Horse's body on people it was never weird after you got over the embarrassment of an up front I mean a lot of really good money I recommend it to anybody else is long as the situation is above yeah part of it was like a sanction art class and they said Tommy went to commit to close up weren't into body. Okay that's except I an art crap again OK but how would you know what sanctioned what he belongs to the international I. Association of section nude models necessary you do it for us that it's an art class Addis. Cool and I go to like was news. In saint John Fisher. An avid art class and a semi training camp big day of that little new guys there. I doubt could be okay because it is schoolers to do is all cut of people there owning this diesels to this thing he did private appointments one on one that would be weird for money man. First of all a nut and freedom in this world buddy boy. Max the last word on CMF puts up big demand our. Yeah how would you do it now goes. They're a little too rotund. Go to most proud and Billy boat. Is that then be a Big Brother was he said he wanted to athletics EC would do this match. Oh absolutely dude I would dude loosen back in the day I was so broke our complete attention that I was. Whatever man I'll do anything grip a matter of fact I'd I am actually afraid to think of opinion are wouldn't do. Huh. Let's go out there as far as Tommy would go hole make it then you learn that. If you got a point there are bush. You know it might actually help him to be addressed because it would be laughing so hard to close my W I. And again I think nobody in old Tommy ruffled shirt might do it the way of swinging and I don't know deployment and evidently other. Academic they've let it takes the column. You noted do their go to develop portrait by. Album where one or two before for Matt Bobby zero. Yeah odds it's pathetic public to murder somebody or it can happen and how. He's already itself. Kinda he's made it very vague add. Up when it's vague it means. Getting it vague. Humans in Vegas so regional firms you always you give vague and you know right where. The ad there right years yet you're gonna get it you're gonna get things right in your head. To break up there your head up.