The Workplace Weatherman

Tuesday, January 16th

There are a bunch of different people at work who will annoy you, but we didn't know THIS guy was voted "most annoying"


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Whole bunch of different people where you work. Kinds of people. The look at the picture of my kids to eat the meat like glory days. Idea that the guide it can be and I have been beaten easily bought food gap. For years. Was also super going to lose to be listening. This person. Resides. In these very drew you're not gonna happen. So. Happy as she stopped hiding information is again like hanging out the prisoner re ready to beat us took. But yet. A separate group rutz classic rock any 65 to reduce the about so weak and have exit when it started has brought out this guy you were jogging in the old news you'll you and me taking out the bombing and need this don't need him. Actually the guy HR job. Each year meteorologist. I gotta tell you all about the weather this week tell you why do whether to expect the top. But all related things that you should be doing to prepare for the weather that he just tell Cuba and tell you how to dress for it yes. Satan is amateur meteorologist. He's six year in tells us what's happened. Is this day and age there are currently. It follows place is that our hobby I get this for literature that tomb being piled in like I am I do the research and it's that you guys don't like about giving information. Just listen to me and trust me. Does that mean that it be on the TV we are all watching it during commercial break then and you decide to take it upon yourself to explain what we are. All seen on television. Self explanatory not to mention the guy on TV or in my app or the Internet. Is a scientist. Who went to school for years to epic you are as well and stuff like you are you aware but I try. And two because I'm listening today guys don't and a dynamic and clubs orbit what the information to tell you children c.s to be saying be on adamant. You buys espouse gender no snow bank. Aviation showed up. You know oust him he gets angry youth you know the weather before him. I know what day I was sitting in here you're outside smoking and and Tommy realized on TV that we are supposed to get like 28 inches of snow. Safer except may just. Ike and they're both there covering this together. And then you up back in the room and he explains do you his surprise that we're getting 28 inches need a liar he knew that was. I didn't know where he what he needed he didn't know that he regimes that give it to you need to know who aren't you dig and he didn't surprise when he told Lou this don't. Got to say I didn't. I thought I was alone cannot were alone in this points but it turns out that amateur meteorologist work it is every. On the list of top five mostly coworkers a study done by the. Jobs charisma is Maria what sex story. But I can kick that a growth that we had a guy at the old station. That had some pretty amazing sex stories error. He was almost like the town crier like he would bang these chicks. And they would be so they would agree to the stories meant. That we had illicit. But there are gross story guide to how it goes too deep into what he did to his old lady let's raise some sex story guys the most work to his amateur meteorologist to build your two bags. I tore my late last night guy and you wait and equities magazine the how lightly this place better guys also very Obama Bob Priscilla I would put that guy to pop. Think he can run everything again everybody left that to me is the worst guy and all I hate on the guy I mean listen to this is what I do that Bruce shoots of course you did it's the weather stupid. And usually weather guys also just breaking news guy in general. Chiefs match like if there's something that happened overnight to give to be the first went tells you know we all read the story and everybody pays attention to who's ever. Art. We have to do here no yeah yeah he's watched the center to get some good nuggets and elegance and install. 222 to 6082. Most annoying guy he's got toward job according to study is. Amateur meteorologist that man as Tommy knew I had sex I mean yeah. And Dan no it all guy thinks he runs the place you got. Actually pity you because there was a time where this was necessary to do that insect but it sounds like a marks on your side they bite the breaker has don't. Mark over our own or what about you are always saying how people get their information from that a lot of people just get their operational from listened to you guys. So the same god. That they have an international. War comes in yeah. You know I didn't died at home that are new and historic you know YouTube dumb millennial look at showed up in Oakland Cleveland and you might learn something from their genius sitting there. There's a lot of listen to your terrible point your that. Not me never talks about whether on the air he gives anybody information whether he only tells QB I commercial break about whether. How what are you look at all of it or lose I don't. Fifth hand news. That those people outside your area seek new product on cruel treatment. If the weather channel. Like it did it but it. Was that your rally. A dinosaur of a bygone. Cisco rights at that we just got to go to home. Explain to me over the radio museum what do you think about it amateur weather guy at work was necessity 203040 years ago right tackle the problem involved. I'd be to check if I didn't do it. Look at the paper I was out of luck for the forecast amateur meteorologist thirty years ago with seat valued ally work. Those days are long gone. Despite that. The work weather guy has gone away his profile for the work where the guy should fit perfectly well. He's over fifty. To market debt amid mentally to believe that he doesn't do much work. At work. Doubt. Any of them I just slowing down below the national weather channel and he just really had any other hobbies that he'd I got a hobby. Snow removal. Things of that nature when monitored and I was related to weather related things tomorrow. Gutters clean and say that you watch the weather channel from outside. Sometimes. While Charlotte and other. So I guess the weather channel is here this weekend had been Byron I see stones. My wife who's read the paper that today. And this is. Says she does aided due to the weather channel is here and it's again it was a gym can Torre the other guy Mike's bill again I knew that to get my eyes. On the what did you laugh. You know also find funny. When there's multiple other guys in the office mail hate each other coal and you'd never beat two other guys topic here each other's troop now Vegas at the one guy has little. Slightly. Different information you can't. Reveal whether break leases each showboat man. Seriously. I don't like some showboat weather per. Thank god I got to show motor they don't see yourself connect that's the problem it's because like there are two guys in the building it. Street Scottsdale or in a moment to show it Steve policy to mark. Our good buddies and never seem to about the weather and I am you don't like is there also weather guy Tommy doesn't want to Crosby weather information with these two other what are nice but yeah. Oh what they are now. Rebuttal to. It would be a weather mild you Scott's is analyst Steve announcement on the same page and you'll dress certainly. You're all the same when their guy pretty cool guys like around the tool. It's super Coke but about it you have. Manager whether that your job he's over 58 he doesn't do much Eddie does it any other hobbies he talks about other than the way and he also knows all the weather people in town and who's the best and who stinks. Like it all looks this enemy don't get to yes like yeah it was Clay Johnson is great joke there Glenn Jones and us got pets go and they'll bring their kids that make it to look through skittish for me. But it's a role giving the information that the door of say Asia it's safe. It's forecast is pretty sick jets. Fortunate images nicer figured then Glen Johnson my point is what is England let himself go. From. The weather person at all this coming elect a personality came regularly electing Q weather girl right because she's Q. I was so tight I will agree with Stacy pensions weather forecast issues cute little cutie and an end. Except bald guy AP says some I don't like Stacy said it was going to be nice and I got a dressing. Guys he he got to have a little bit of a connection with people aren't that's fine on August is asking you please. Stop. Stop being an amateur. Can you adjust to meet your accident. QL I it's not a compliment what is the man. How much did you wanna go see these guys from the weather channel stated it's every was there I would I would go to their watch him he's a good news of the TV star I don't hate celebrities do you about how you walked. Hillary clip you showed up which she joked to teach critical hangout is of Communist. But because the weather channel pedantic I mean this is an American. Staunch as a US is. That impresses you dude I saw him stand in a medalist no lightning is we do. Oh no lightning to. Thank you gotta get your reaction first time they had snow Leger shot on here and everybody flipped out like much. I thought so yes. Are you know the name. It's good policy lecture to the correct name of telling moment was Kuhn and you will be corrected me 2226000. The second. Sit elated and happier I. Sent us I hate your job temperature weather guy rappers in the breaker Muncie about wrap up. Higher than that audio all wrong doing most ardent Hillary guy. Or anywhere is or. Don't know everything about every stat vitality is artwork that due to all day all I got. And now does it take a day off. Boris no I don't record your local boards all the all the remarks to hockey. To route lower exports which. And Eric. Is it what you say anything incorrect. If you ask any question they deem unworthy they won many. You. It's just. It's. Yeah if you'll let them know there are latched. That's why god your darned if I know what panic I carrier you don't want that there aren't I don't ever. How about amateur hockey guy irate he plays never dearly. He'll come in the next day M breakdown he'll stand up and reenact plays that he made with his hockey east I do sticky air to New York why in the oh material up yet on every oh. Clubs. And he's got a clutch is person. But it isn't it but you want that guy jarrah thousands of man. Leave it to Ranariddh a breakthrough to actually know who the worst guy in the opposite you let let you sports guy French Open your little pathetic. Basically. And that he went I don't know and Eric if I don't know something that you're talking about you instantly get mad. Kind of the same things no money it's I know she's you know when I talk to you who would be to topple Playboy. If you got mad at me when I could remember Jim Kelly's number purity it. Should Kelly's twenty site now well ailment retiring those old number 59 and I. Sports got heavily she stood out because she's a sports chair just a lot of sports guys work there's only one. Amateur guy that's because it's so typical. And it takes years and years and years of study to get to knowing whether guys Dodi on years of of research I've put in. We will have to have you deal weather forecast for us. Oh and we get up there don't know why did you see I was judicial watch Tom and others say expert huge cold front a little below light crude.