Working OT vs Spending Time with Family

Thursday, November 30th

Tommy says it's a "blessing in disguise," but that's coming from someone who never had to work a holiday...


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What a terrible mistake by a major company who makes a ton of money and needs to be ready to go on this day for the country to survive creator and grace is an interesting question what benefits of the holidays if you are married and brightness stressed that goes into it backbreaking work a lot of money but you do get to ease off with a great to get to sleep in for a little while it's Christmas and New Year's Day whatever. And if you were offered extra money to go in that day. I'm not talking UB OK but it is the most and it's at Celtic win. I'm talking but still eat your all league. Tyrant and a band yeah but the memories to kids. You can make the memories of the legally the money you pay a break relaxes classic rock and 65 to BC and that's the story does is follows there is a glitch. In any computer system with US Airways urge you the American at them and because of this glitch. All of the pilots who sit try to take off Christmas in. Got it off where you're not out there right now fifteen should the congress to write a 151000 flight on Christmas they don't have anyone to fly them figures but I give us for an auto pilot expects. There it's acute problem the you to get a guys that were fortunate you it's not backing down there say give the guy decent guy off what every time now. You gotta pay men. Yeah American Airlines is now offering time perhaps any pilot pilot at school lot hold out for double time yet. They had do you that they have no other option than double about triple quadruple that it plays we had common. The ERC these guys like when you stick it to here's a deck right now everybody's usually off on Christmas Arabs are with these guys off the time and a half than it sounds great. And put if you've already gone home your wife who has children and said honey. I got the day off. Haven't hypothetical worked maybe we're gonna keep my job because the good the company could go under and nobody got. But this is the greatest thing ever to happen to meant. And you would not be able to pull it off no man would the amount of money would take 2226000. What is the money that your wife would let you go back to work and this Christmas for. Perhaps they broke you just how many got a hold out it's a big negative for you to go fly a plane. Right now so let's say I get double time of Saddam got it to you telling me and now your life has stepchildren and they are flying they're gonna be here when his client got married name now present pilots are governed as she has plans and you guys were planning did you Chris. So if you told her honey I have two to eight hours the radio station to the dvd double time Peru she would no argument Seko. Got to do my job. It now get out of I'm big daddy radio guy in the state daddy radio get actual what would happen to you what you have to know. Abetted by the way your wife can't sit in a way of your career. Because when we talk about memories and yet you know you know it memories need to money. His memories all come down to the things I've bought the make things nice so adamantly think you have to get at a Christmas and a gift every Christmas for the rest of your life you'll be reminded that time you missed opening presents with the versatile the kids. Ripped through the president is they don't appreciate crap episodes broken at the end of the day look at everybody's fight and in your birth the rose. One of my medicine. Yet you have kids get feeling dads take pride in and those gifts for a little bit right yeah you buddy adjudicated tubes and heavy some smartest thirteen year old. The only cares about is a new iPhone and entries really crack. On wheels up it was I think most men and at least that's partly that's airport's. Air boy. In the nobody's ever called anybody flex play at air boy it's on the flight Roy's time. From the flamboyant. Wheels you could choose to air bed of being told to avoid maybe a beat Tulsa new rethink about. I didn't mentally for double time tie up would go to work away your company over the sexy stewardesses and Freddie tiny light around it cigarettes will be slightly to 96 1000000000 minutes and am pretty sure my dad did this once or twice with holidays in your mom and she I mean she was like how did you turn that money dining Riley benefits everybody I don't share a problem that the broke this time of the year is what you yet completely tapped out and the bill's gonna come in January. Now I now recovered and by the way. OK so. Over the Christmas gets saved to give from what I get bank will open up those let me get your. Everything like I guess like set in stone dead everything has to happen on this day he's all that guy wasn't Jesus was even actually born on this day. All of this talk is coming from a man who put up. Christmas decorations two weeks early because his wife told him to. Tomorrow there will be tens this is not a it was terrible and you could see your ideal skip all laid big daddy daddy makes the rules but the fact of the matter is this where your wife says jump. You say how high supreme being the face and say I would go to work for tied app or double time on holiday and it's each would've probably that you would listen to work your Democrat. We you know I'd say as that you really wanna celebrate jesus' birth that. But it November 22 that's what actually happened. Google the territory's second look at history. That's when it happens it should work would seize an argument I'm totally work vision Merry Christmas Merry Christmas and I'm also means scandalous to what he says also not go to Columbus for logs for future. Friends if you've got an out take it there is out to out do you see you're a quitter. Your corner man yeah. Are digging it man I'm digging in my heels goma big daddy says this is where we gotta do it this is a kid it's sad to say you're down as a couple he couldn't go. Yet everybody has stopped rape getting killed and everybody for a couple of the gonna go celebrate when my fat. Ungrateful children. That's what I need is he did he make concessions a look at that the second American Airlines and their scheduling software screwed up big gave be given everybody US the day off on Christmas off they have 151000 flight on Christmas Day that don't have pilots are offered time and a half now that's gonna go up for guys to work but what is the amount of money your -- religion go Shawn in the break room on CM FA shot a white brother. Eight at. Yet so lie on the company that I worked for an elite Julie Christie Schott foundation and counseling the week and you know whatever they. The thing is this year were so far behind. And actually decided to open that. That we got end stage. Anybody going to work on meet regularly days it's eye and I happen to take it. Here's the kicker if you're willing to work Christmas Eve or Christmas Day much. They're given a double time I sign up. Eight hours if they're given as plus eight hours of vacation each day. Added that's OK I John let me ask you something I divorced my way to move on do you have kids on. I had three kids how old. 83. And too much I appreciate any easier to do for I try to fight this at all. She was a little apprehensive at first our daughters Ers Christmas and. I'll wait first Christmas season if she's wet the bed still got pictures papal Photoshop day he would later. Action could well see I think she doesn't even know it's their first residency will it's your first Christmas is when your four on what you remember. Spare. To be buried a little easier for me because I worked surge yet so I get out at 7 o'clock in the more. It's. Got no money yeah everybody. Regulate bro bowl game and get a good. And not shot they now have because it takes of the 08 yeah it is a couple times he says he's deadly vacation on top of that its eggs striking goals. A copy worked on almost every Christmas has just hit but lucked out because my dad was a cop in the same town that we live. And sell for like 3045 minutes every Christmas morning he would find someone they just come home because you know. That would presents are being open crimes are happening everyone's opening presents so he would still be there for the gift opening it and the rest of the day he would become working he would never miss the president cut and I think that's the biggest part is this. But it don't work out well for everybody. This Ted emotionally and confidence to epidemic Betty we'd be better of me to be just dropped by that a series. I. Who doesn't work says he'd love to work a Christmas. And that mr. Griffin never had dead do you mean you're never forced it to do it does that he's never done a job. I have a regular job like you know we're progression does it work so he said advocacy proof figures. Take us. These are pictures of you got a bit actually there is really who would exceed those picks Iowa over the web. Young sprite Tommy cut me man who sits at leather chair yeah. An. Hour or what he does but I can break it for one day for a double pound it's a coveted American Airlines schedule league's upper screwed up gave. You Lester Christmas all the pilots off 151000 flights don't have to fly the tweets a comedy history is at the BC that breaker from. Chairman Terry 36 I've got shot by this news this the same airline that inexplicably let Kevin McCallister for the wrong played in 1982. Overload. I don't think that. 22 6000 bales in the breaker Muncie and I think about it. More guys they'd do that it happened Christmas well what happened. When I was shot but the country club. C I was going to get married and they knew what I was going to be on my honeymoon. May accidentally poked party. And they told me literally you need to come home four days early you're already. And I'm like odd lot almighty new light attitude you're go to our. And she made it feel that she's like you want my new look in the moment Ortiz Ehrlich from any. Water or extra day because I want money. Everybody. Or. It was tough negotiators and money don't you wanna I want out money. Or review order. At least we deal that. You manually into Dundee go back to work honeymoons honeymoon is there a day too long anyway it to go more than a day with us. We all our might guy. The same woman like that nag at this. Does tell us over his ultra sexy bright did nagged about that about twenty minutes to tell me how much paired a sex. It's always wait wait wait you think you were Perry doesn't go out and got a beautiful place second guessing most of the work that led wealth. Viewers soul. You know realize that a nag you want that's the prospects and you are on vacation can clinch now because you're there. Do their bit that the beat it to death he did get to do you rate that tip about Diana that the that the. All groups that more than the Clinton dealerships all the view bed at say huddle look at Christmas here. Your health Ella Dutch lady see what happens you might go and I'm telling you go goes home at seven for presence and Chris let's brother as a go. Well money is meant nothing and I'm a little edge since I can work Christmas and make extra money for my family but I don't need to look at and I got a doctor willing. In a moment. I'd Democrats were screaming I will say this even if might look we thought. But doubly anybody. Anybody that's got a real job to get paid hourly pretty much. They're going to working and making double time on Christmas just like Tommy said you you are ready and credit card debt from buying JavaScript regular period. Everything you're saying just logically right listen Chris if I had the opportunity I'll go and not tell you I'll tell. You bet if you keep your wife let you go. You'll get the financial gain from it you will be pay the fiddler with you like BP is to you for Chris Lawrence is. They didn't think you made the wrong girl. There always it is always someone please I got fat and I have on my part of the finally got a got a wife. I mean there can be set to where she would have to go in with an emergency that's true as they like she can be got for twelve hours 44 hours she could be a caucus of disaster happened in you could look at it it's ridiculous to just get to go to your god. Right now know if you wanna make economies make yourself over the about a great that Chris thanks to tell but it isn't it. Tactic is by the way I've been moisturizer. Your mom's very moist hole. September oh dear now that's funny to Zuma joke but I actually believe he's the boisterous a little bit boisterous eskimo.