This Woman Took The Wrong Advice

Friday, August 17th

Her husband's new boss was a guy she slept with years ago when she was single & the question became should she tell her husband that she’s been with his new boss?

We discussed this situation last week after an email we got from a listener.

Well, we found out what she did. It turns out there’s now an even bigger problem after she followed through with the solution she got from listeners.

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If you are listening to the show exactly one week ago today to this man. You heard mr. David a woman who emailed us looking for advice and we call her Stacy and she told us something that may every man listening cringe. Her husband's boss her past they'll put they'll get together to put a very bad spot and a question became should she opened her mouth yeah. Stacy made a decision. Area like all women. And they all do the same thing maybe after what happened she'd have been better off keep demolish or taking a loser winner and we. Not all about money or not you it was a lone voice of reason. Room. And listen to the oldest you have the breaker much spice rack but it's it's not BC MS repeated here originally here's what went down what many Stacy writes as an email I regional peace and she says. My husband found out he's getting new boss. We looked up on FaceBook to my shop in war he's a guy went on a few dates with enmity of slept with the UK have. I didn't say anything to my husband and I haven't said dad I'm trying to figure out if and when I should say something it was over ten years ago but I'm not sure how my husband would handle it. I don't think I'd like working under a woman my husband had sex with so we go around the room we talk about the complications Europe how she really did nothing wrong this is just a random chance that happen. You know and and you thought about this how much would bothering Caracol well. But the other hand if she didn't tell him and he eventually found out which was probably likely how would her husband handle it then what was she trying to hide it was all very very tough. By the way most of the listeners advice. And her. All advice. So. We got really interest in the us and we kept in touch at this moment. And she would she decided instead as long as again we keep her name on the listener we update as to what happened nor happen. Odds he's action against qureshi did you let a sleeping dog lie. So Stacy writes and I quote after listening to all the callers thank you for your eyes and think about it for a few days. I decided to tell my husband everything. I did it over the weekend. As the guys on hey Heidi we say about that might sex details from my past. Miguel was a crack open a beer but is he to listen to that he did it over the weekend broke it again rule and now we get on top and educate to Minnesota. Monday and to my surprise when I told him he was very understanding when said he would have had the same problem telling me if he were in that spot. So I thought we were a okay. He then came home on Tuesday you told me that he putting these two weeks notice now. Ago being around his boss now that he knew who was going to be too hard for gas so it was it okay that he didn't like the guy and he wasn't sure if it was because of his attitude. Or the fact that he knew we had been together I was shocked and afraid to say anything because this all might be my fault it is just say can't you can't say Arnold I. Just you know we got a dial threaten dire financial straits in his line of work to be able to find a job pretty quickly at his brother. There owns and the business where he'll be working to leave finds a job in his field again it goes and I think everybody can replaceable re screaming about it obviously if he if you tell him on the weekend and Tuesday he is quick. You caused this you can't go well maybe not know due to its cause and effect men. I think yeah yeah. We sat here and basically said. At some point this guy's gonna find out about it so it's either I'm a Clinton a job now so I can't handle it Herman equipment job later can we can't handle it. That would get ahead I would prefer to get ahead of it we do I control the information got ahead of a you know you're at now the unemployment like you definitely just what kind of it was gonna end up that way we don't know I can't handle and. All of that you said multiple times we can go to he allegedly fight got you. Here's a quote there is a zero point 20% chance he doesn't find out about this eventually this disorder the I would say. It because if I keep my amount shut. You're here prolonging your luck indeed did explosion. OK I'm fine with that. Mom. Because the exposure may not happen there is a possibility. That I sneak one by now there's bus bills or boards of isn't it. No I'm telling you just a couple wild what I wanna lake break you through them now because now rule and I'm not for cruel. But the problem is. That if you find out later from the boss or somebody at work. Not only is he gonna be upset that about the information but he's gonna be pissed that you lied about the by the way I can say he's crazy and ever so. Our good luck you can actually live because you don't know. Violent head of a brief relation how Disney Channel original trail right and how does he know you are not as you know itself. I think I now yeah. For some I don't think. The boss. He's gonna look at that woman and go our way Charlie Moroni banker. You. Happy hour so we got major leagues and it will get out that he said that what you are doing it gets herself for seven days ago because you wanna be angry with this woman waited yeah opponent that they were waiting reality. It's this guy we should be looking. So he's out there and he doesn't get mad it is like Pittsburgh and move on his part very big get magazine quit when he was met initially. And it was an anger is displaced anger but it's a Smart level headed dude for him not to freak out because I don't that was a man who we said this last week is my wife told me if I'd be able to keep call. Any quit his job which is now the Smart level headed. I mean I understand vitally. Every got to quit his job and I get a job any time it ever got to walks. Always acts like yamana I don't need displays this guy at that this fighting so let me ask you quickly asked of us like we'd be tough stand and fight and so let me ask a question. How could go after this woman who did nothing wrong you're not judging this guy for being a little bitch. I agree he is the right now my attention is on his woman but yes the guy is wrong and nobody could get angry at some really angle at this moment if you look at somebody there is blowing up at these are disagreeing. She's sort of caused all this is just want the work he didn't she think she's. Ten years ago did that and like what does it safe to have multiple attempted to enter chorus. When she was single Majerus signal a decade ago she got boss matched. In the boss at the time she wreaks of buster so's. What does it say about this guy. Who quits because dominated idiot play it and you can't let this guy who is now you're out of the job and he still has a history with your. Girlfriend Jessie white have to get F twice. I really diving on that collision he overreacted and a way overreacted but this is what guys do. I was out on us. It's more on her and had a relationship with a. This decade ago that it is for him quitting his job viciously been around since she Shaq and upper guys he's not a went right. On any other guys you pull this move with but it fit the roles were reversed and she quit her job because you had slept with her boss at some point. Like you would call you to say that woman stupid. Extra hours while I usually am and I was playing a feel Baghdad maybe two to do 6000 Victor is on CNN hey Victor other. A guy is a no win situation really it. Well what she did what probably the bat. The worse that she could have done let's say I think you're. Not you can't not they've not been to get it beat I'd now like you said there's no way. Not all up yeah. You know he's now the event is I don't aren't. Guy. But my problem would be now I'm I've been called off. Now he's already at your light and now he looks that you would be a little bit wedding bell I'd be more that would that but you can't believe that and I think it probably went there. So Barry lets put the pole at the exhibit brings a Victor you're saying. Great job you we're ready to go we elected up until the point if I had to bust beg to what you are also punching out. I'm out I'll read tomorrow. Our Ali you know what that something you picked up on the road like Ali idea that I have examine like I can't work but he did I let that quite impossible to. Right that's right there's they're both all the animosity that I will always out onto a guy like burst of that you can't live like it don't work. Victor dates are appreciated and thank you I say this about the guy get recapping the story talked about last week woman's husband's Boston did not know. Yeah ten years ago they were together she let us know that she tell them. And he quit his job there and immediately. Tumbled Tuesday we don't gig Tuesday it's easy to do this known person that's crap or I can get another job like it. I blew it you obviously didn't listen because in a region quote from the email op. His brother owns he apparently business and he'll be working until he finds there but that could be a funky job they did this entry level job when you have a great job over here would benefit so are you blew all that up. Be a bottom feeders someplace such you're a moron which raises another question that wanna get to a second my point is that rust. We this guy. Brighten his wife tells them he doesn't flip. He don't want him to the work situation blows up as a lawyer and realizes this would be too hard for me to handle on a daily basis right leg. This is what you want about money if you can't live on a daily basis point wrote. Sometimes you gotta suck it up like your way it did ten years ago probably Q all right to stand notice. Yeah and I've got to knuckle of sometimes you gotta do which got demand lifestyle all yeah yeah yeah idiots do what you gotta deal. People that you run out of this building I only like to go ahead and get Hackett Maine is what it is it gives it tough on them. Barber's axiomatic Barbour a brother. Our guys are a bit a bit late for the company picnic and a couple of reducing. Then interaction through a series. But I can imagine that if you buy adult would say a couple of on the road that bet his ball. Was ending up getting a transfer to a different city or location or would move onto another Japanese public within a few weeks. And quit their job and it would Dominican stock and upper putrid about to leave him anyway. Yeah yeah but what if he doesn't mean what this guy 120 years he's on her for twenty years. All of this what we're gonna put 28 minutes so in different. Barbara takes the call volume leader and I feel so bad that is I had to know. I can't feel badly done but sometimes you know sometimes it's tough minutes or Asia curve ball. And you gotta think he got to think of the big pitcher just can't walk offered jobs in this economy is tough. Everything and all the way lake. Being tough figured job security the go upstairs because your ex wife that there but you avoid her even though we have to interact with her for things. But it's usually pat her I did do it because like yours so much and it's about. Hey I did six years of duty readers your turn I mean it's valid point two billion here but she's rightly you'll Voyager. Plates all costs why don't that's reader supports they put an X on it so you know where it is still work quite critical right now what it expired but sucked up. Thirty did it didn't work out so. You can't chastise this man for why would it directly I do know is that it's actually I gave doubled the best years of my life. Candidates say good bye I thought I had it. Well it's your right eye of waiter like the play again just what he can't like when you're in a situation where I've been in and I play ninth. I played ninth okay did you ever see into an argument work now mr. vinik as you lead at ten hand them. College our team partner explore Peters at CNN BP. Hey I think the guy overreacted a little bit I received the okay. But she let people like her and let you know acted that we thought was in working forget what it. He's writing gets up and getting coveted talk about on brick. Peter really at discussion a bit last week and a lot of guys callebs I'm friends with X is of my life. It's different when that guy has how were overdue because like a lot of guys Peter will go to work as an escape from their family and what about your family life is here and the guided inserted himself literally and figuratively into my family life. Now can tell me what to do. But he got hurt and I don't it would particulate and he and it is our late president. I think it is likely look like that much and I think it's just that complete overreaction is that jock he'd cops. What else. I would make the opposite argument I think that what he did shows he loves his white very much to put them in financial jeopardy but no he directed a bag what about the relationship if he knows he can't handle this he walks a father and I think it was that he loves us now and are there any island is so much of this told the carts that mr. payments. It appears basically talk but I really appreciated. The history.