Winter Office Rules

Thursday, December 14th

Cold at work? Don't let a guy like Tommy or Duffy see you shiver..


They claim there are RULES to how to warm up at work, and none of them involve a sweater, jacket or space heater...


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Bitter cold is here it's attack with this bitter cold comes a test for all us men at work or draft the office people outside. Might Nicole. Being cold will make you miserable and that we set as men are do's and don'ts when it comes to making yourself warm on the job. Because the last thing you want to be. Is known as little bitch got hold. Ass bitch around the office and get up to navigate better and there are do's and don'ts prematurely Tommy did yesterday deal. And breaker Gretzky classic rock. Activities it's got to BC yesterday we added issue of the studio so the temperature down to the world sixties and yet it was sixty degree yet in the room it was that all of the studios yesterday we have five other stations buildings so. Yesterday and Tommy finds out. That eight man who works year brought any space heater. So he went cold but during the ads all the time like easily his soul for Peter and started they could follow yet 'cause that's what girls do and the only kid yes key all of them yeah anybody's guess a couple of tells but that's ago. And hobby is making fun of this man for having a space heater wild wary of his co either side glad. Got a little chilly tucked away you gotta be complete dealt with the going to be cold you got a cold you don't put a code on what are ya moron at the question. Did you wait until I put my coat on first before you put on your light nation had your coat on I guess dissect it I'd certainly like an idea yet and here well I saw the moonlight. This is a standard as main coach O'Keefe for which I was. This seekers wait at least the political analysts it's yet your portable little girl heater would be able see it may make you a little troop coach and it's kind of let me explain some OK explain okay there's out here's how life works. Milan. If I have a sweater that I keep in here he kisses my a it's too cold and your sweater. Or I have a blanket from my legs or I have a space heater. That makes you Wilbert chill. But I've I'm sitting here called I got cold sitting elbow to throat on real quick but if I kept the code here year round. As I get cold that makes you Graham don't you have to can ram a move our space heaters blankets and sweaters or Graham is. We all into this massive argument after the show QB Tommy enough and it occurred was that men are making all the mistakes on the job when it comes to keeping warm so we want to and do we let's keep making those mistake yeah do's and don'ts. Of keeping more as he dude. Worked first rule you can never say it's cult. The second. You say it's cold your low pitch it was call him or Euro virtually all. Cold I say I'm called that millions of your beer baby let's say David say am cold whip. They call hears that they like it turn the heat up. Matt. Through. Here's a sprinkler is citizen gets hot. You turning to may yet these are just yet the apps can sit him moan about sled and animal hot. And I hate this and what is it gonna get cooler hated I hate outside you sit on the couch ago. That old lady watching television in front of an air conditioner here those same person different scenes it is okay you're suburb that it's okay it's hot still sort of pitch in essence of fans. Nervously at Obama that day. I. Matters most hotly bloodshed I run I know you don't really know what those electric car short look at it. What topic brought up to you aware of what you warming yourself with when it comes easier but other things the blanket your anti Blake and work from yeah that's what. You haven't liked or no. Yeah here's what here's a manly thing to keep you warm while Lewinsky became a little shot. If you have a little stead he shot to keep the warned the demanding that it take your coat prostitution and it was Hewitt who bitch and apparently it's a commitment by Mo was. There are different kinds of blanket I get to your saying you get asked no I agree with you space blanket the silver foil and ones you look like. It data bacon. No. The city to work its co host this you've got to be outside in the sun heat that thing out I do you share cast that's why it's. Still William moron by the office sweater I am. Pro office now yes. Thank you even had used to carry like different kind of issues and here it's tainted too in head it'd be you know which is seekers to get smudged W. So you would have your winter boots still wearing those big yet. Herman Munster clot hoppers you walk out of us. And just we don't change issues at work these girls is it whether Snooki reveals it at any put their heels on inserts her feet. Pulse. You have put that you have cautious. Now. While I thought you like watches are used to review and ominous style again room demand. Heavy appeared to just keep your boots on the you don't want to change like girls change their shoes I get that their girl's. There's nothing wrong demand sweater. You experiences. And I've had Saturday or go to the other two but this is part of an outfit she. Lance splitter percent. It's work sweater better than blanket I'll give you that I like Kelsey about your whole generation is. You all where winter hats inside what's like like those over the head decks skull caps and stuff united Jewish take your hat off when you come inside that. The place you all where has like it's cold so that's the biggest codes like it to hip look at how does that rappers to get a line. As he keeps getting cut off in her house and got to put a hat off to wrap 1% more TDs liked Utley nobody wears a hat seaside it's a registers that you radiate it's vague I it's a little Sissy boy in my ears are cold this is the biggest debate we got it yesterday because it is perfectly appropriate to winter hat inside a side job I guess I know here instead if you're out of the swing and a hammering getting your rig you're outside but if you inside. Sit on your bad adds I don't know that it's surely needs disrespect almighty to get up indicated that go to dinner or something Nina public. If you're just you know. Sit around like hanging out. Think you've you've part of the problem here's boyfriend wears has got a winner has some addicts Yeltsin shaves his head so it com. What kind of Neanderthal or you pocono where even if you don't shave your head here's probably had. A whole face huge keep that hat. If I read that sound. Rudy is hell tour title and a miss by a. And a hat can edit you gotta bring like your hair gel and deer hair after you got flooded rocks that might guide your bigoted sellers that make your call Amir US this morning I think guys are haired gelatin winner and hats and a couple of the high spots was walking around here with the Harold matched up saying you make fun of me all the time. Let's get with the headphones did that and you comb your hair. George also you have a businessman I wanna conduct myself properly and of the system by amateur falls award winning journalist you have a comb your man part of Russia. The girl that could grow by shutting called a comical that tragic approached you and is out of us and I got to. It. I. Many ways of keeping warm work every topic does don't do it makes fun of sweaters while wearing a sweater you put it aside like bitch you wanna be a Manning your stay warm and a wintertime in this state to secretary's room together again about jobs the breaker let's see about patriotic alloy body. Eight saw a shot whatever doesn't cut it. Say you want as they wanna work like it may get a manly job or aspect it called it an accident machines by ago. I did. You covered spark. It brought the I can't be making you know don't let children working acting anymore. I was what do you man. I think nobody other tribal player really screwed up to the it's got the break let's see that he's got eight polite but he. About bad guys are equally. If you want a jetliner like if you heard there all the little. Treatments you listen to your and then they would like Khalid. You're at well where are prepared or. So we are a bit out of it all like sure. Are so you got a heck and a back in a truck in this weather all hope that the immense how did Beckett like start to. Oh. Each year these are okay allegedly took skeptics public computers. Like he's gonna man child out of a bad have a main job. So. Look like you can click it Warrick here locally. And by the way you do yes and your grooming crabby little batch adamant. Gonna. If you go one on one with the boss up to two to 6000. Hockey yes it puts his coat side. Is cold studio had to take up space eater that's a that's way. Only slip an article you have played around as finding a space heater isn't. It's a real commitment to war same thing. To say exactly now it's a bottle whiskey that's that a man warming thing just funny partly due to cold here because you're committed to dress like through. Now it's called businesses Tyrod looked at like. I'm gonna go coach you know youth hockey you'd be thermal shirt but he obviously got a thermal shirt sleeved shirt. We have little undeserving keep your link them to the Rampage rusher all sure that I've let. Is he or malls we do have players. It's called the shark yet so layers of yielding to be here. Bearcats and just get it on a manly this thing you know about big man who has no please don't do that. Is how we end but it's holding cells like those panels different outdoorsman and it's snapper in door. Everybody's got him Mal. Men to. It's cool drug law judge that I didn't have long Johns and I think you did I don't I want socks on the go to McAfee Alex. Thank you won't bother you got played hockey and the regular dress are your zip but boots on. Will you address the address boots. For her outfit you have to sit the bush police is that it's it was at the site delicious serve no purpose. Are they doing so cue from him. Important budget to do six doesn't see you guys call I appreciate the calls you're really stick up on the hat to you bolt let pat. They had the beard Jesus craze permit the breaker to get the last word brother house ago. But saw listed the only people who could pull ahead hop vibe inside is QQ girls yes few checks there. Living inside guys are so busy iBook and the supposed to be a matter of Illinois I don't think. One minute six degrees in there. Either they didn't pay the bill that would of course caught up with the knew he said. The power of running essentially a vote of delegates I'll maybe returning veteran of this size I don't open any you know. I tickets Tommy produces so much hot air I didn't think they'd agree. To explain to the rest of the Dayton. Some try to help you covered you don't need any help you do who I just just fine I get a lot of compliments on my attire and his Youkilis to. Is it just don't associate it a giver noticed voila. The concept here's what are rolled up because you are due to. Know it's a standard look the pinhead. Not a lot of. This is also what are they may. It's a small slaughter but it's that small enough with the arms by fiat and adds a bagel bet they don't do. I sit there going on. With the two general. I have a wings fan like a goddamn terrorist act like. And you see it you're quote isn't this always smarter than we have. It's a small but their arms are too want to he had to check women's. You should try to women's. Pig we should just shut it appears your hurt. Regular ass man. Commuters in.