Who's More Likely To Fall for a Financial Scam?

Wednesday, November 1st

When it comes to falling for one of those "get rich quick" pyramid schemes, is a man or woman more likely to dive in?


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I would think that. We saw it came to pyramid schemes strictly. So there's a lady scanned there's a billion dollar billion dollar ladies in lawsuit being faced right now by this company Moody's when you're saying they were tricked into participating in a pyramid scheme by another broad I'll lobbied by the company and it's the first time I can I've ever seen in my life I didn't say we got scanned closest Campbell I. Breaker boxes class racked and a 65 to BC MF you know. Right giving her ruler yeah whatever it is it has yet so and Lula room. Lou the other stripper guru no outdoor downtown Jimmy he's quite limitless into the show Lou the rue is it's basically like you sign up. UConn had. Do your own business they give you like stock in the clothing seem like a bunch of inventory and you kind of hold these little many parties to sell it to maybe like girlfriend and her friend a close. Yeah at close yet clothing yet leggings things like get. These two women that are suing. Guru a row Lugar wrote whatever them for a billion dollars. Said that the company tricked it into participating appear it's DB its budget jargon bubble but I. Shock us the story because again never have I ever seen a woman in my life on the news that became part of a pyramid ski beat. What would like those candle party said the sex toy partly a purse party I mean they're so I would. You saying you don't see it with women that my whole like FaceBook. Feed everything is. All. Mike for hens in their friends try to sell me step there are lots of things and women like to sell Alpine candle party's most party -- towards a brother but none of them are sure its key is just too busy getting into it if it works for you great if not no I mean appear Penske bodies like they're trying to get -- also release parties for other people but that's not investing money it's just a party for me and then there's Cynthia I'll give you something for it but it's kind of what that is right no I hear it's a Lulu definition appear it's TVs equipped people to work under re right and that's what these women guys you get your most of those. I they don't make you do that they encourage it I think. And a lot of those border along the lines of yes you have to get people to work on you for you'd make money which ones really can't because guess Bob sold not bought. I don't know about candles but a lot of those jewelry companies especially like that jeweler party's women have that's what they push is like. Not so much this sales but getting other people in on it did not beat Tommy the periods keeps from. The back of the day the vehicle is it was Amway act ion and India and Herbalife okay. Yet get on the nothing down thing out real stingray real estate thing or you get your friends ago when you pay 500 dollars in. You don't give your packet how to do it and you could dig you can hold one of these tell these people had to. By real estate with nothing down all right yeah so those are the big was back in the day. The long distance once who were huge in the ANC got gassed my dad was born I estimated that but of all the people approach me with all of the Stockton was always a guy like this woman ever approach now the sales opportunity now us. And the and you think about it. They can get a good look at wanted he gave it should do is that the way better than some dude sure yet there's an attractive chick on alias which are long distance solar does yes what does it take like these pyramid scheme is and you all you do is to get rich enough record that was traditionally a guy eighteen dollar injury but just I wanna beat provider I'm pretty sure everybody took this opportunity it's I kind of situation and the interesting thing. White dudes are more likely to fall for these pyramid schemes. If it comes with a ninety minute we will break it down to depend. Right in and out teller a stupid it is letter she's been foolish again this was a good idea. That we not presented with the same opportunity before our wives. It's fast became Sharon Iowa wanna get ready for the other guy gets in whites tell us that would be stupid at least get a item Kansas right. The better target let it make you written. Deaths which at least all of this which again I'm so surprised by this new ruler who grew. And there's rightly says Lincoln's right says were rock they rightly polite. I'm person throughout. It's a multi level marketing scheme they're Mary Kay or Avon proper we associate we liked the brewers evil. Huh. I'm aware started art and popular marketing team orders for hades and right now. Yeah well that's not the only good and yeah yeah I turning out and then. That wanna work independently get a way to learn how to get away from their kids I mean my aunt just got suckered into quitting your job Shell Oil acts. One but is it to include product imagine being product. I don't think I think there is some confusion here he's multi level marketing. Like there. Are okay no I don't I don't know what I'm saying it doesn't. People also assume like cut though. And Kirby vacuum cleaners this late date it's not. Because it could sell everybody and you make money it's a back glee does not have anybody ready and make money helps but it's forced upon you the women in the saloon the row I sit right. Rightly. They seem to be forced to Denton okay the only way to make money with people. Right as you've got to get is yet the bubbles underneath you would feed every keep pushing the money in the top. On Larry King as well actually the worst. I've only been married she's been around forever. I gave primary feeling this one and two. Yeah they orbit during and our current or your cat. But again our great pace of the call and noticing convertible I think the difference here is like. Holding a dream over somebody's head to get re melt this could foresee people find the people work for them are two very different things right near a religious. Something illicit against gambit they never really went out hustled. I've seen those guys too late literally doing things and again they bottle is probably gonna just sits there basement but they've never really did the thing I guess it year old man is Erica. Ohio and actually government puzzles well. When I was a kid that these parties at the finger I'd love these parties to this is for this on this is thought it was AC group that embassy in the forums it's even but all his friends over Europe and he would give these presentations but the best part. It was Q my little chocolate donuts. Pizza rolls frozen it whirls prominent and lick. Dozens of these things collection of people come over in the you know they start peeling on a subdued event and I would be left people with Doug. Table or on them just how did this and it rules that would probably more budget on disaster and it. Just dives to a full details. Chocolate city or make any money on hole you saw host group. I know my next. It. Anybody beat money off stubble I ailing LB was there again. There resisting and it was in Florida for years ago. Was called black skiing so wax key ways you would go to somebody's house and war and whacks her car is before exuded a change a car washes us up. So was it a pop for you but the wax and you go to the place of business they would pay you to blacks are color red but they would say all the product in the machinery and and I can in his back in the day it was like 14100. Dollars for this pact trade. But then like you got somebody you didn't do you that somebody else is doing an inning you get three other people to do as he does but the price and needs in these guys out. I do one guy that bought it. And I don't think he ever used it accepted his own caller is that it was getting a lot of places on the South Florida waxed cars. For like five bucks a car. I mean you ask is there anybody successful but does it and the thing is they'll parade like one or two yells let's make a lot of money and it's like. It is easy as this and you are. Darted down don't know that I know may port 5000 dollars dollars a miles is there a millionaire. And you get to the the person and they make it sound like it was simple as ever ever this kinda my mom did the jewelry thing for a little while and the girl that was above her the plot paid for my wedding with this money novel blood she was very successful but. You know she kind of made it work whereas they did majority of the people we gave buy into it can't. It's a BS yemenite did you do 6000 Lou roe fake Q brightly so it's ladies clothing line yes I two women it's there's a billion dollar loss because Laura I don't know how legitimate this is just thought it interest in there and you wouldn't say they were. Part of appear to ski which way to proceed abort but I would call a say district up there excuse. The plane kind of. Gunnery today. So they're date direct. Where. Five. And I used to work for them not as a representative in the corporate office and what you're saying the exact nature girl like. Maybe 151000 active represented in the company but we had twenty that reached the top level that men women all different. You know ethnic background everything and we created them like crazy because once they hit that top level we can't ban. Those. Currently we always I deliberately let Steve sign up now men. Thank. Per just the mere hundred dollars and if you become. I. It's weird Ebert a bobbled I don't too high and have been very successful doing what you talk. You can't you can be very. Mayors that they like so like I used to work at the grocery business trip. And they were privately owned company by these Brothers train yet so they used it but they did the same thing just in regular business they would only showing like this the guy that walked in artistry was. Was a Prodi's clerk that is now that regional executive for this company like they would do the same thing like odds of me. Being ahead. By its have been barely got on a high school saying. Hey you know if you keep stacking estimated k's went that you're going to be vice president and his company like all you don't sell yourself short bodies at that time. Now if I think about five if you looked this up is that the company agreed at all because the three cobra. I have an indicted by the federal government takes us through seven and eleven million. IDC that story couple. Let cash out and it acts yeah. Makes the golf appreciated you I hate it is an accusation by the way utilities is editing a silly that the that the five Brothers and own Winn-Dixie attending the Davis boys and so they and they daily every store has like all the Davis boys pitchers in Erik. They go to you know Davis ones. They got themselves via. Hot at themselves yet they get to refrigerators. One for regular food once Gormley. So they can attack tellingly when day. You keyboard and are you might get judicial BO to perjury and actually each for pregnant they would sell you like so if you're a seventeen year old can't go. On Yahoo! to return her and that's normal refrigerated civil about a mom it's stupid and it doesn't float here that you. So I guess I mean I don't play it. I don't would've put these companies out there is regular companies didn't seem jive thing to you but it keeps our legal right. But they used to come around his of these succumb run heels storm and try to get you to buy stock in her company. At least resulted would you give each unit bargain. You know one. We see her ring your paycheck when he has seen it well. So I would know guys that would like by you know like you can make Auburn do. I wanna do ten shares of month ray and shares a month in isolated compound interest to do that at and they get their first page or go put the book does. Are you able to totally share your eight year. I'd everybody let's doesn't it it's given your is he's got to deliver a break and received calls.