What Women Want Men to Wear

Friday, February 23rd

Is this really how women want men to look?



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Mumbai in India this is what I'm reading here. Drawer 'cause it'll most men not you because you think most men dressed forward. Most men dressed so there wives find him sexy. And we will look sharp. So it's kind of study of what you woman once you're aware until we can you describe this can't be legitimate and we need can be done here is that she says any true denied by Brian because it says. That women want people to dress like Tommy bugler punahou. Chart yeah dialer. It is classic rock many 65 WCM. Apps so they have a whole bunch of different areas right in lake up what you would be wary to sleep. What you should weigh on your feet these of that nature and it struck me in the we knew that this was complete crap. Women say they find many scarves. Sexy. Sophisticated dashing educated if it's a good looking guy behind that scarf we've legit though. But you want a guy in a scarf as I always thought describes in masculine. They think they're Sissy man scarves no they don't listen to know. Were what do you what do you get when that she'll be just can't score. I get regular as scar just because it's got dots on you can't put a scarf on basket away outside student to do to get a rapper and neck in Neanderthal yeah. Should be. Buehrle don't have a caveman nick like you they'll make a start picking at the Goran your thick headed neck would you want your voice and it's dark. So here's a thing. Usually when your when a guy's wearing a scarf usually kind of dressed up bring so maybe that's why a treat myself clear nice what I pictured guy and it's carpet picture Michael put together dressed up is that they get nice opens the stature. It's been doing big girl clothes they also said they asked that what material clothing material would you prefer most and a man cat. Patent patent. Nobody number one response. Kashmir. As expensive yes it is who's gonna buy that but Amanda only. There a year and a better. I don't view. A guy that's like expensive threats manner of its column is suited to do it can't be IRA JP. Which you leather which all's not buying as a dirty or some but it's 22. I don't know any dude it's really a couple of let don't let that no validity to put on would be a leather jacket or he has a leather chaps he's proving that interested in you. There have been other shirts coming back out again and really magazines are again that is that we use that can move unless you're in a rodeo. Or a country band I don't think you can Wear a leather shirt is funny you bring that up maybe that's the country maps your day with because all the d.s country easily. McGinley I have to like put it you have to pull it off like it you're gonna do the leather shirt that you can't be where my dad jeans with a who have their shared you know. David Beasley asked list yeah. You gotta have I wake up yeah that'll that'll get older man here's a light note these studies salute president. The shoot at women want men to Wear mine this. And leather loafers and a supplies. Editor yet I broke my grapple worn leather loafers. Broad daylight I have my issues are slip on treasures donuts is that there. Bofors it says that's a low a male lovers also focused they also breakdown in two weeks to address issues. Dress boots I don't know anybody you know winners wing tips anymore that's like old school I think I have wing tips. When you Wear them. Leo yeah regulate and zone in particular are coming back to Google the old school wing tip was like all main issue I think I think in 1940s. Tell leaked to us that you would prevent them live their loan errors. Jim my issues are nice withdrawal. Some of them were thrown this year I got on right that's an issue. Is that elevenths for my issues that. At least it pretty standard olives. Worry at top box over strong us about it that's a leather boot camp where okay so ladies be differentiated and talk about the way I look at I do apparently did shoes don't those major issues only go to work in the 1940 Jabil said well look who's talking me like there is a room like an eagle pass is still don't fool hyped it's a understand where they're getting these women like styled now but they're like I culture at any style let's proceed style I guess it. Actually you because you earth though law politely she looks at the beauty magazines that are shows. All those guys are dressed public all the shows mental as where Apple's all the guys are dressed up. That's I think that's the thing with this yes all of those things or say are attractive on a dude but it's also. Has to be a well put together guy words like. IE naturally up nice and all my colors flow correctly US such chipped. You are such huge holes like colors what they do like what's yours is it right there upon which you season fall for sure. There's earth tones and blues are grew shot up and you've just stood. It's worth there's nothing wrong with a cell that is all standard where pressure sweater jeans winter boots. Look throne that was not winter but it's Arnold there are around the war per day have a he'll. I think that you have Hugh where yields I got to see but BC Gene Simmons. Are you British rockers who addressed if I cannot. These can beat. With your boyfriend if you could address your boyfriend optical out what do you have image for over should piece of scaffolding. Big donors travel. It's travels. It's tough because. He sets like oh. A sweaty curse and I think my god I don't. I know he'd be super uncomfortable but put a lot of layers on and even though I think it looks dead but like he would be so comfortable guy would you Valenti that to a. On WO the appeasement he brought the good liken who is there shooter and some other parents. Can we want to take Cashmere jacket that would explode I tried to get and see you diet like more like it tapered jeans. We're going to be done. I'd hate for us now he's a couple of the guys at least know what it tapered jeans it's if your skinny Jean but it's more excellent fit in the Vietnamese and a slim duties a big man it looked at it look good on them are animal on a brave. But he's a big list for the vast open kitchen and it sets like a cuss about it in line in like say they're not stretchy enough of those we now forget it as we're averaging didn't hit a wanna be uncomfortable. Like he's got me into the ski Eugene thing is it was cold tapered jeans yes they're all excellent discipline fit GB Dwight Genesee apple are learned slippage items that you're not since I am are you that you may see it would you think those are slim fit there are some label. He's a huge Arenas again and I. Read and studied did you have a Men's Health Magazine what you'll woman preferred issue where you get its full. So you win at first leather loafers Cashmere sweater which you must realize it'll look like you're gonna take a run do something nice for not like you're gonna go couple wanted to read it would take orders of the nicely too huge tool orchard would you leave the music editors Scott. Oh. Guys who shows up toll gets sports bar wearing that stuff looks like an instinctive because topic does that Tommy does. That he ought to sports book if you guys to let still call. What's the big kid is this football competition. If you're over dressed everywhere you go than I wouldn't one adjustment like for like that. Where nobody does that. Edie other choices. What she wants you look like the most of your first date of the casual chic that's a meaty like Georgia was to get it it's a first they gotta put your best. Going got a first that you had your best up on your trying to lead you know dirty sneakers or yeah like you've got to look wisely Elvis guy donut in Neitzel lit you know load. Exhibit reported men well enjoy your lonely electronic with a two to tell you what did you what one Judy changer style. She's bought do you think she's tried by usage to Jeannette to Wear a neck going backwards man so you're actually doing the opposite of the advice you'd give. Albums style should not usually doesn't think so I stop these sneakers on and you'll week shoes do. And where the John. Oh I choose. Maybe. And it. It's about a product and I am like if you wanted to make life happy stylish stop wearing put you wind. Despite her and I like on where lark. But if you look up I'm. Every guy like so it it at this but I'm doing it right out of the game you whites as you might. He's wrong okay we Q would you take look at tip from her if she. Like said well maybe you should pay that was something else it depends. Thank Libby if he's getting his hair going to be at dryer over his head at the salon babies listens to no girls ago the other choices which were in a first date. Although it reported that ended June she has to place ever what you should Wear in the first eight casual chic they say nice jeans. He Crist T shirt and a pleaser over the. Teacher all you have your Miami Vice you doing standup comedy in the eighties and we were you wait a jacket and laser or I will quote so I sport coat and a T shirt has got out of style like twenty years ago thank you structured laser T shirt Chris G is what these are the only guys is still look where that looked out and think Billick heard. Our 156 year old Italian men thank you. Anyway that the teacher it's way too tight yet. And a way to any shape yet so they covered up with the sport coat and jeans and I'm taking it. Richard Ellis today. There are certain places around here Reggie younger people trying to pull off that look and it always looks like oh my god I Slorc an idol is clay got it's trying too hard okay united beat Blake. That he wants you think he's has an important job or something that I that I read that it's probably a case but that's just what he looks like to me if I see that but it got the job out of a. Up shirt on they'd have a tie right for its gas that is a treasured bike big budget that's the key piece of advice a jerk Peggy onto your belly be that you. She's completely but you know when you look like Michelob. You got to know. Yeah you look around you see guy looks good you over there with. Earning hang around at them for its rate there's a difference like I can get dressed up to my wife and I don't do it every day league you'd do it every day in a school had a standard. OK then you have a standard that I like to be comfortable in my job it is this is comfortable I learned Cumberland comparable. UCK if you're good those heels. Girl you livid at what Hollywood walk of Miley you issues complete it's as though he does.