What Makes you Rich?

Friday, February 23rd

Does money really change people?


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I know that there is a disconnect between the wealthy and the not wealth and Radio One has pockets full cash. It's even when we get closer to each other salaries that these meet each state to scratch my head when they figured out how much money you need to make a year to make you happy now all of a number that's just it didn't we don't play. I mean this is a good salary aren't but it can't see how somebody makes this goes I'm happy. At the break much less activities expired to do you see a map all right Tom how much money do you think an American needs to make. To be happy. But it does not that easy pretty good guess a lot of money I would figures six figures you're happy about the that's always the dream right in your millionaire yeah I know. 60000 dollars a year apparently makes you happy are darker. Good sixty Grammy nominated for your happy I'm happy. That the so let's just yours like if you're married that's just your salary I'm combined that's that's when. That's where the question becomes if that second but what the world 60000 dollars enough lets you level white two kids a mortgage car. For most would you do that but that's standard meant at its middle class America lower middle class America is a car a mortgage to kits that are living in the suburbs where. Can you have a life would you like that making 60000 dollars a year without struggling on a weekly basis. You know what though pat money isn't the everything that's thrown worldly possessions maybe so says they have an inner peace. They got religion. Okay but that would say in the article would say religion makes you happy and with 60000 dollars say that though Jesus was sixty grand equals happiness OK as a man. Event yes by the way I did just stick with the recent polls just. Opportunity gives me huge grin always smelled like to ankle. Right I mean the president you're asking yeah yeah that dynastic kid eighteen years old that's just coming up. Was six grand sounds like you know so far away I meant I meant 6000 dollars then edit view cars or girlfriend. But I think the opposite I wanted to keep it doesn't understand how the world works with a sixty grand is less money less than I think it can't predict half a billion dollars and I'm I'm happy. I don't know desirable like what I thought was a lot of money when I was kid. And it's not. The united in item and if I remain this amount of money is out east side. 52000. Dollars a year is a lot of money expensive thousand dollars a week. So like when I was a kid like I gunmen have I have can make a thousand dollars a week. And we'll do it ever I go anywhere like to any they'll let. Does that thank the case for. Yeah I mean you're you're a 100% rocket may be rated advocates think it can you do bring up something drastic they also tell you how much money to treat you feel successful. We'll get to that in a second let's get him mordant sixty K volume will be more. But can you rightly so what don't go to the level of big Shaq would be to alleges that in. I wonder how much a factor in your spouse's gallery event like 60000 dollars for just like. Average single person. Ike Ike could be content with right but yeah become closer when he becomes your well yeah I have. A new one of the regular Uganda by U ahead TARP that Fort Hood. Yeah at home. Jack has dubbed I mean it's a total game changer if you're married with kids and that's your only N com or if you're combining to 60000 dollar in yeah I hear over six organizer that again. Even though I mean that data. You're right I didn't factor affect this single I just assumed it was family and our Emmy gold plated Cadillac. They do have the money that you have to make year to field successful out there though of the old demining what's what's that number grow money Mo money to be baby number while I. Six Arizona say a 100000 dollar that closed 95000 dollars a year makes people feel I sort of success. You close yeah I know you've got a hundred grant was happy and granted that designated for many packed house and we would choose successful before you felt happy. Yeah I would think like success leads to happiness. Not happiness leads to success exactly am I would think it as sixty would make me feel successful. All 180 feel happy scarface rhetoric. Or she could but now. And you get the money and you could do women. So works happiness. Successful that the peg Coke now looking at right. After his way to start after 95000 dollars a year or did you start to feel bad about yourself. Why bad case of a say so badly and make him more as megabits a 150000 dollar limit that you'll. In some results to study claims that people who made more than 95000 dollars a year stated view themselves in the higher social circle higher money. Wracked by zero picture just what those big shots have more money that you guys running around the league is comparing yourself to those peep right right here dreaded. A ten cent million Irish echo they found that people that need between 12850000. Dollars a year held themselves in their mind on par with the million Seneca which beat depressed when they Cellini is somebody part that kinda depression in my mailbox. Multiple let me beat I won't buy ads to be so depressed. It makes perfect sense mollify got a daughter didn't go as well said. My money worries are gone I would that there likes what they're not they're not now. What are your upping your game with everything into this and how one might run and more. Richer circles with people so you feel like you have to compete with them because well they just got this new car so common and. But other than Jose gave you did you did you work like it yes. Yes it makes a lot of money Ares currency broke yet he is it typical keeping up with the joneses. If you don't do you DRI who doesn't do that. You live in Pittsburgh. Pulled does he do or Israel do I send it but that's up on leveled a big head I mean. Amid the country covered trip to die in the future. Eat a big fat steak and a lot server to wanna how to Prescott you pay your surrounded by everybody US more than new. In most cases and I think it's easier to blow when you know and it freedom our roots man remember coming up tough. New boat yet attendant you that tops they had an outboard motor bro OK at its hilly yourself you'd. I didn't even have a staff on that boat. I would seek. It it would be easier to blow your money than you had a because stuffed it's we would do and lies to your next level LaBroque stuff like did I students' health quickly would. How quickly you would be the goal is sixty grand write 504030. Grand a year you know how to budget stretcher well can't hang yourself. Yes lake if I'm spending the money that I think I should be spending if I meet 150000 dollars a year well that. Six dollar hamburger becomes a twelve dollar hamburger thanks he's going vicious it's going out faster. Under you don't have sixty playing higher stakes poker hands yes your run of the sea and some cooler stuff of your rich guy while you cool rich stuff but. I that your average though. Given night and go and Oak Hill poke around old oak immigrants and stuff could be investing more money to which is risky. Yeah when he was that investments people just a soil excuse me Wall Street the assembled a like a Agile property is a bit. But on nobly walls just no doubt bolstered right all of them. But you know most people don't say we breed party. Yet such a cigar got more money at a party with would be fun and neglected to ever do some fun stuff maybe take a trip. So apparently 60000 dollars a year is what makes you happy to meet that you job gonna have few miserable if yet he makes 95000 did you feel successful at over 95000 dollars they found beat people more depressed and this is for its roof. Here's the key to happy now what's Kia you may start let's say if you're fortunate enough to me daughter that thousand dollars. Just surround yourself with palms. You know we went to the guided the debt also started as a pro Tibet now users. I'm an adult site but this is absolute truth indisputable. That money changes people what he does and it showed. I got it pisses me over the ago I won a lottery didn't didn't change what to work the next or go. How much you drink you ridge go have fun with the money busy doing something you're not realizing you're doing and add to that a lot. Obviously million dollar to trade some good. Guess what's shocking about Davis he's the little amount of money it takes to change some yet because the grand scheme of things like that kid just one what 580 million dollars. Yeah billion dollars right Ed he's gonna change do we expect that to happen but compared to 580 billion dollars between sixty and a 150000. Dollars to 90000 dollars. Just 90000 dollars changes how you look at people and and how you look at just a lot of K okay yes. What we even saw the risks of the sixty to 100000 dollars yes forty grand a lot of multi year I understand that it should that change you view of their people. Burrow our veteran somebody now because you make 40000 dollars. But we do idea is that if you buy a new car rate say you do you're fortunate by new car we're Chattanooga it's a pretty good about yourself okay USA above somebody will winner Peter. You automatically think you're better than that then it would be even though your complete illegal gauge your cars shiny in his day basis how Americans roll. I wouldn't say you're necessarily think you're better than people to send a year. Influenced by different things now too because you can live a different lifestyle what the shiny new thing at this country's based on I guess what I'm saying is that the proof is in this anywhere people 850000 dollars subconsciously viewed themselves on the sea levels millions right. So you're not a millionaire Eric Karros getting closer which I ever were your your just over 10% of the million larger than 810 on his temper senator millionaire remember senator the wrong time percent the heights. Those people believe certain that there. I'm Paul. With folks that are doing way better a cool things looked down upon the people that make less of it and winning reality the people there actually billionaires donut you'll probably make a 150. Everything in the Tom goes out has guided tour and the two foot boat was that everybody saw onto his weight cutting gasoline awards like the fish if you know the big fish so little there's. Got to fish raw fish against the and teller will Hastert's and we all star offered is I got holes secular one that half a billion that ninety yankees barely any at nineteen if you maybe a half a billion dollars. The sick things that would bring through my mind. Ray yes and no. I'm gonna get my girlfriend at third boob she got three booze eventually alien again doesn't your waist have a third boob when she goes out with you for dinner. It's not as much on. Boo.