What Makes A Celebrity?

Thursday, March 1st

Creep cap – think of the one thing you could never imagine tommy mule doing – turns out his wife is making him do it- and if your wife finds out about it – you’re going to have to do it to -


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I too did you 6000 what you tell me right now what makes a celebrity pro. Different definitions of celebrity is and if your definition is different than mine he can be really embarrassing but there's levels of solar Eric there's high and low. Cool. Like you know guys in hockey better celebrity's but I never sure sure I do think that there are people lumped together people on the local news along movie stars at TPC level of celebrity justice excite and that's where. It comes down to lead this to a restaurant I need late last week. The breaker match to classic rock many 65 WC maps get gift card and it's pop journal. Balance it out of but I call this place to make sure they had gift certificate and they go out and I know where did you get celebrities featured. Erica. Rochester and world struggle when you're on the world class celebrity news we'll all of celebrities Saturday and yes it cools it would think bridled joy I kind of got excited Kelly in my search and like it. To be that big politicians Barack Obama's been a year regular weekly is big here George W. Bush has been here will like this Erica. So I go to this restaurant. And again he doesn't on the got a cult and he says again a lot of celebrities. Really eighty points be over to this keep brings me over to he's right about his. Eighty showing me pictures and it's a lot of late local news people out there okay. You press earlier Donald. This is deep peace to resist all day and yes. Michael Jordan no it's no difference and help those people big bet you before I had no deal. Each non Claude van dam. Yeah actors let's karate guy hits and unique I'm gonna do that I don't he's been here. I guess there's a picture of him where he has made it we get it on it looks like he was in stride and he'd have passed it looks like he was standing in the restaurant with these guys to prepare but does like. Oh. Yeah I would put him high in my list is a game though yeah. Big name it matter who it is. That's what if I was at an airport and and Jon Claude van dams at that next to me I don't think I'd ask you for a picture. No I don't I'd think I'd say you're Jeanne Claude and but I would tell people I said so really is you can't be any news at I sat next on lebed and you know I take. Tamara my big claim to fame. I sat. On and it I was on a plane and I got to Sodexo Lenny Dykstra of it smells. Wilson many in the and that's c'mon. I bring you see to me that was a big deal she is. You know I Webber watched and the whole World Series and how amazing he was he hit that home run. Yes I Melanie dykstra so let's say Lenny Dykstra was up there okay sending many dice served to outlaw. Same. Yeah I would. I would say the jump on it embassy bigger celebrity than the nearly cynic as I sat next of unleaded extra guy got a team from the 86 Mets great baseball player I like the World Series champ what I like because a misfortune of my. Okay here's my big celebrity. You do 2226000. It's my mother knows them yet here there are a big deal because what are my mother is on plot parents who are probably the same thing so I don't think my mother knows that he Dexter is I'm not sure my mother would know Jeanne Claude van dam she would know the name remember I don't know I don't think so. Which got my mom right now it's it's a shot but they have his click this. I would've been impressed. If I had walked into this restaurant and I saw a picture a club made up some would have had to tell leak that Jon Claude van dam but it would have been impressed with the bank. I think he's got sold it so hard medium like complete loser and I know John I settings nobody there didn't. Decrepit gift certificate no I did feel dreams could I let me ask him yet be ahead what makes a celebrity. So like somebody at Bieber like really impressed by that they were there I think also not only has to do with how many people know them and mother your mom knows I'm not how long they've been around for old like if it's a new worst celebrity. Cool but you don't elf like that person's gonna flame out some point and nobody's gonna care but if it's somebody who had this long. Courier and you can point to a bunch different things that they did and that's what would impress. Plus if you're if you're. If your name is just a name now like he's out of form lame candidates either say Stallone. And one ranked yeah you know exactly what you can rattle up all his movies like that's a celebrity. I would be really impressed by pictures of us shall flick speed up rocky easy and then. Last week group 200 host of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon was at a bar here in Pollyanna AM to his body on to him right. People like leaving word to go meet Jimmy felt a big name yeah sega's kind of liked over. Do you employ can't say he has a national talk show where. I can also named five other guys who have that let it like it might cyclical but I would leave to go meet Jimmy fell I would like he was around a corner bar I would go outlook. I think he's one of those people too were allotted to all generations know who Jimmy Fallon and the other thing is that we don't want. He's funny he's comics he actually get something out of it. John Goodman Demi descent would probably just yesterday systemic to be felt like tell it Joseph twosome funny you might see some typical maverick I think what he was that. Contrary he was Java behind a bar a NASA would people be attacked its outer shell what does Joseph Joseph glad they didn't Kiki and had I don't see that you're at. John Glenn John blood was kicking your head on main street I would go through pay a thousand now thousand dollars a ticket to see what they just before the phones. The rules you follow. When it comes to celebrity you need an eight picture with so that's my parents were really bad at this to cause any time limited South Florida saw a celebrity around. My mother would have to take a picture of the man they had some lasted as Lois liberties that we knew came to house. Eighties same thing they were showing you that's it's embarrassing ten to the break on C asked Ted what makes a celebrity. Well I don't know if you guys beat me it would G. If you make your million dollars an episode. And and if you make up what goes seven million dollars. That would mean my belt being my personal money anyway Q. Okay are attached like ABC cement famous and in an airport do you Google how much money did make a picture before US or picture with the. Absolutely not I mean I didn't group who were they make. Upload the blogger billion dollars just they're just regular people that's got to meet that I mean apple. Who is the most famous person you have a picture. The seismic. Nobody nobody you know they don't have nothing to add to it's difficult for each cell in the editing is if they transcend whatever they have their bigger than whatever they do like a Michael Jordan like a Tiger Woods today. So my parents had two of the though is busted ass. Some liberties you have in your house my mother had a pitcher. And the lead to Reno golfer I. Owed is better. Frank. Sinatra. That's June oh OK. Okay. So that actually standing with him. She's standing in the photo with the my father Tony banks that your junior came to the Auburn country club okay my parents would see them and see him there. And she was standing out to decide to have my mother silhouette with Frank Sinatra junior. But going to your parents pointing these saddest person in the world. Is the person tick somebody who's not actually celebrity is a celebrity is you've seen as a social media or lap and I witnessed it happened to my grammar. I'm always in white somebody alert and ready to catch man like Ella. Well see them get thirteen winds right around the corner in my leg and out talk and have a chat what do you guys omitted detail upon our. Any woman came up. To get a picture. With Kat N Bravo and all I could think was our citizens or just you think might have a lot of is a celebrity. The seas are intelligent change the channel thirteen has the biggest ratings in town yes and I love. Mike and basically the truth and don't give it to figures to give her real news love Mikey did do these very talent to beat us. Who cares that you might cattle on the edge Ginny to death it's my father show you picture her rigidity cry I laugh at my mother's face and set it high hit but they are present but that does those people remainder in your living room every night okay. There's a jealous is newscast well I'm not Belgium they ought to understand it 'cause it looked down. On radio people stretch it's not what it is that's kind and now it's just like every eight people like Judy Bryan is hopping in a private jet to go to Fiji wedding and I'm pretty sure. You Camelot might kill does not taking his mega yacht. Do South Africa for a hunt to get GB interest and it is kind of a money thing with YouTube and I guess it is yeah. Azteca and knows them makes them less. Of a celebrity TO gets could be because you play you think you're in the same level as cattle on as a local celebrity. And what's you're not even called Hollywood's at war. And now it's now which we want people wanted to pictures with us. Well I always figured there have like some brain disorders. I did happen it's about to take a picture sure why him why he wanted to do that order Pritchard now. I kept it to be in my house down litter box return I did did you 6000. How do you define a celebrity I went into a mom and pop restaurant to get a gift card for somebody and they were showing off their picture of John Claude van dam bragging about it really get the restaurant. Cool. But I think you oversold the celebrity jurors in the breaker Muncie about take journal but buddy. Very stop beard has met and there'll be executed no you larger picture. Or. I'd be well that's a habit Andre call us and our. Brandon is a you don't Dickie are good Tommy you to that makes a bigger celebrity you're dogs who agreement on how. I would want a picture where I'm at my thumb anywhere I expect all of our or else I'll. Although I don't it for a store. Underwater. Yesterday huddled up pornographer and luckily you can put your calendar it would take up much basis for two days ago but he isn't it I'm. The only team more sad and deadbeat people who think local folks are celebrities here are the local folks who actually think there's other people. Maybe see it when you're out burger you go to restaurant. And you see that person that succeed in TV and heard on the radio and start to get a little upset because they have to wait for a table. I'll look at that data that you're gonna have to pay for their meal resume over the wings. Mugs of us. Just a couple of times it's witness I had dinner with a there's a list and the companies has buddies. It just hang out with him who they think their actual celebrity insane. Catalyst to get it I just appear that he thinks he's a celebrity has bodies they'll go on so and so you and Angela idea. I'm always his body they think they're celebrities tying in now would rethink its though. That's the sad guys on city simpler means by that I never go to my went to Paris whose body. And one of these guys Louise Louise satellite this blocks and then we know each other but we don't say anything because you know it's of little comfort break point. Zero cell. The guy throws down 100 dollar bill gangs or Wheaties incessantly as he's just ordered drinks but he says his name is on the block. And he throws when I was a blah right. So. Eagles keep its apple but he leaves the hundred on the ball picture. So the a millionaire got on and he goes to cash out and the girl was take the underdog those all pay cash for that he'd pull up a couple of twenties it's serious and blessed a hundred. Bag but that's his buddies. Did today's example they won't vote for a move on Tim. What makes a celebrity brother. I'm. How are a lot where it's yeah he had heard about we have eternally be in the city you're she came down and she gave a solid architecture. And the guys are that would need that I didn't get flows autograph from you know the one that. To progress. Slows progress by the way ahead and likely years. Take both mellowed out taken holes I would be impressed by Heather Locklear probably the man depressed by flow so late so Heather why they're rented a car from here. So the seat and fortunately none of this city and you know he's a currency. Edge yet I me what you know our. Great. Nora Rocha looked great but shouldn't you sides here and I and everything are based spot here aren't you since she was always carried out yeah. OK governor Sarah called abacus that.