Welcome, Family Fighting Season

Monday, November 27th

A man wrote the Break Room to try to get people to side with him over a family fight...

...but can you side with a man who calls himself "Ricky"?


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I mean here to compete this vacation of these it's all over the wouldn't. Don't be bitch about it yeah play the game and it does a FaceBook message on Friday say the exact same argument. Deadly physical fight between he and his brother in law at Thanksgiving. The situation is interest because we talked. Potential fights and political argument for social issues we missed could be the most volatile part of Thanksgiving. And it all comes down to good old fashioned test us too aren't so we get this message from Ricky. Don't wanna see some of the quick wit and any grown man who calls himself Ricky thinks he's probably. To a grand parents did that saves and if your aunt your forties. You call yourself Ricky. Probably do. That. Rights FaceBook is there. Wrote this criticism Friday for the past ten years we've had family Turkey bowl my wife's parents' house of ours is a touch football game and a bag here TC touch but. President tackler I exit pressure as a man so he says the Brothers and cousins take their kids we split into teams based on the family. It's always a bad idea it never or accelerated an app Italian like tradition in mostly somebody's gonna get hurt somebody's gonna get there has been issued. Arguments and Rickie goes on it's it's pretty competitive the adults but to take it pretty seriously this year the oath of the bush avocation of America showed up at our Thanksgiving. My wife's brother has three sons there'll teenagers the on this one massive growth spurt last year aren't big boy you must grow a foot and he's been working out. Teams for the game unfair and myself along with a few other guys suggested that my nephew. On the other team. To balance out competitiveness. And quality matters a bit of a damn day. This geeky it's worse precedent and this didn't happen in your house leader that is. A good day everybody your houses Billick a linebacker progressives. So he's going to give into like your fame voter and my dad sports fan and I bet that's pretty competitive and Rickie goes on with celebrities from now my picture of a brother in law refused to have a nephew switched to have a sense way to get the upper parent do you want to play this like he always pass with just don't he'd just wanted to win and not this is six foot two child and again what can you blame them I mean you've got to play this game now why would. Became became a blow out towards the my brother like hit me in the face with an elbow a move that was all about him being pissed me for suggesting he skated chief Steve I was gonna take it so what's punch back and all hell broke loose I don't even before dinner my wife I spoke to be 240 this is not frightened and but if my brother in my head and such was just let things. Even on the field none of this would have happened. He somehow has shouldered none of the blame for this and it's typical of this generation's quote make excuses for the losers that don't want to lose mentality I hear you guys talk all the time but that's the case of America it's the perfect example. If it. And look at the pacification etiquette he wanted the upper great thanks great thank you. A dressing like you're the 11 even the team yeah instead of just accepting defeat it and you get your team just had better link is not a team got better your team still sucks what is the question that a father who is traditionally played with his songs every Thanksgiving like to continue to play decisively to your kid's game didn't Connecticut really little way and show our. Why would personal why would I do that. Take out of it I don't that's actually what happens right you play with your kid. And a citation I think if I get the upper hand of I get the advantage now. As you know he's not telling you the history of this game rate so maybe years ago his side. The veteran to letter Healy said the bigger kids straight now his keys in it maybe you know older and fatter slower on the outlets are coming up on the other side I mean. I can't say you know the pendulum swings both ways at least to the game. But Ricky who went to his face a president is putting blame on his brother LaMont and started a fist fight over the strength of teams a family Turkey football. Tell you why. Is all these gains everybody was a player gives it whether it's a card game. Or this or that it never ends well it just doesn't because everybody's been drinking. Everybody wants to win the most cricket NL and then things get said. They got any type somebody I tell you I hate games since against scum I Don dime to the party's over for me I shut down. Are going at a Ramallah secrete via Skype him Thanksgiving Day a night show there is considerably cars to people ages eight. Mya and my dad and his siblings are so competitive the and that my grandfather actually banned board games from Michael and Lehman love your granddaughter. Band and I think that was possible yeah plus everybody in their family hagee Ricky ray guy US's face the message whether it's the full capabilities and Clark gave the port games or video games or whatever it gets together big ticket. Too seriously accused of cheating but it's always of those so like we've its own. My step daughter brought over bingo game for Thanksgiving and you think that's like the least competitive. Game right because they get all chants Maya right so she breaks at the. They go staying. And we each get a border trade and I don't wanna play and I can't tilted in the plane and I saw I got to get a Arctic has come Morris at well you know it's a really easy to shake playing. I know basilica to footage of things I don't wanna be I would do this right so I have a plan. Who's been at thank. Well I've you input of little marker to respect. I don't want to. Hello hi how we shall listen now I go especially energy baby maybe you don't know make you she was certain to get mad at me that would put by a little. Chip on the frees space up go to are you kidding me. Sit well are you doing good you know made an opponent on a bed officially state but all of that I've already drawn a line in the sand. And here's a jet flying all over the free stays out of Diego Atlanta think. I don't wanna play you know you kind of forced to play. So when I sit them play my away any right now I get did you play your way I don't aces free space Irina was free and in a market. You beat Ricky. Now I don't know why. Subtext to this or else every bit I know you are beat Ricky. You mean give to people in the room made the mistake of in fighting vehicles. Forcing it a plague that would apply also need another person to play you can't just like go along with its three bingo. OK most guys your age jointly. Own relatives old ladies old Italian ladies they play bingo yup. They start double is used to today and now we start playing bingo addict now the anybody usually dig and it cellular. Will speed up the game let's at least get to board took two weeks. Yeah I can just try I. Probably just put that their way. So like if the flight that can happen over a bingo board yeah when it's like physical like a Turkey bowl yeah I'm saying it just gets ridiculous here's the issue that IC does call into 226000 fuel and jumping and getting Ricky Wright is based on message long story short got a fist fight over his wit his brother in law. Beat Turkey bowl pre Thanksgiving because his brother Assad who Whitner growth spurt. He didn't want to see him while switch teams in there hasn't. Talk and that hasn't spoken to his wife as of Friday 24 hours here's a bit about. Read these or Tommy's or all of the people that make these games ms. yeah right you can't tell the new relaxed is that as the opposite effect. You can't tell that they can't play because you have to include everyone. He stuck in this terrible awkward situation where these guys making you miserable which can't walk away you wanna route tradition. So what's an outward to a victory with uncle John taking his recent divorce out argue in as us. And it's not what you re enact hi Tom. Yes I know OK but I bet I'd be here I'm not that guy. Because I don't want to do it like I always get and so this is that regulate the play and the use your cell phone. It's like passwords well the flip it on your head. And you've got to make me against what the word is some poll and up overhead a microphone in your pacify all around it's is that fair to everybody plan you. Did you force it is so big to do we give your part two of Europe's fired at it. I too shall we drop feel that a comedy club and look for help. Emergency well what life. I like Brasilia all of that it's a dessert you can't see the word yet try to give you clues that they can't see it or it's a password it so. If you don't know the relate to people start getting so pissed off leave because it's got a shot clock. Of like Tony seconds ticking here ticket operate head I hated because in the end if you don't know the word. It's a whole bunch of people looking at you and screamed yeah. They're say the same thing but just louder. Over and over delicate thing getting big banks not help the minivan. It's like that was frustrating game like this game is horrible it's gonna it's a real heart attack too did his. We dug. The fight to get out of politics of social issues over coming out and engagement we completely forgot about face competition and Thanksgiving and Ricky writes us this message he's been a problem because he's not alone mikes in the break room. On CM FA Mikey boy buddy. I bet article that. And he got a perfect game spoons. What's more it's like a card game but like you Natalie. Kind of almost like musical chairs dash car coal boom spoke would love is so remote. What it has as if you have ten people around the table there's nine spoon on the table and you pass cards around and want to sir sir you guys are gonna have to grab. Everybody has to grab a small and you don't get this bone and you're out. So what ends up happening is that people learn how to speak the spoons up the table and all the sudden it's it gets. Absolutely it did apps but may elect to get the rest of the stones especially circuit down towards yeah. Well he's had we had some pretty good injuries plans loans and let people grab you spoon. Yet no cable collapsing. How should stand around rustling collapsed or. Rudolph had. Tilly they bends towards your alma villagers say it might. Yeah we had to transpose it and it got pretty ugly because she happens to the adults get her on the table or not there's little kids that I'm sorry you know I had to go over my niece one they announce fourth hit. Do you apply. Like you have to do. It as needed to order a child. But that's out. Spa is. Pleased. Owners didn't okay. His that a guy like Hayes thanks buddy I appreciate get a guy at the bar and it can be a woman to. Poker didn't know little poker dec. So I guess I gonna play poker they bring gets it to be as thick that the chips and a whole thing and and I think the run and casino Eric. They go putts light okayed new rules in an eternity like fancy dealer. Yeah I don't need to spend. This is that the el Largo just as speedy chip in Munich RD shot up a play in my own game. Cards are a little easier opt out of Somalia says that I had played that nobody feels like actually teach large fusion chip on his gun at all and seed and it's a problem with the how about this. Is probably Italian families can't use that I don't know the rules because when your bored I'm pretty sure that you are born with the now Utley every arguments. Yeah right. I dated a girl for years ago it was the target is never heard of before I ever played Gigi Pedroia had a make things up to go on. Did you think of the guy but it. I ask does gave screen grainy yeah. So by parish used to like to play this game called piles it you know it is so it's like I tell you spell words a brand. So my mother always solid play piles say mothers not all that break. It's like duck argument is it well his diehard and that was a corporate lawyer and a snotty. New York pitch of awards kicking and she would likely Joshi was a Grammer police to etiquette police say she would literally schooled my mother. On her grammar. And say the reason needed got to spell esque as you knew you were born on farm. Here I'm I want to Hunter College in this city but they would get. Nasty stance places you would like mock her education. Yet it. Oh are ugly and it usually you can't take those things back millions area. And yes this and it on Weiner let's have a few drinks and play games like this in my hands that's the new game. This my hand exit by by my former brokers haven't hasn't played at the ideologies that his plan would.