Week 9: Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Highlights

Friday, November 3rd

Tough loss for the Buffalo Bills to the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. Tough as it was, there were some highlights... especially if you're a Jets' fan!


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There's a big plate including Biden new York at the buffalo ten yard line Forte back in the jets' offensive backfield. Second snap count looks he was right graphic that way pressure rolls left. Upside everybody covered up on the right. But now it's awfully wide open. Third rushing touchdown this season. Yeah and it gives heroin to attend the extra point the 33 yard kick. Strike first bills ready to go personality or 45 in the into the backfield and kitty white left side three receivers on the field the snake. To no one's own troubled darted around the clock it kind of might not quite that far at the 33. Forward for a first down is Jordan Matthews we wind up. Right thanks to. Now that the 49 yard line of thirteen. Are run by LeSean McCoy doesn't look for anybody who works part did look pretty good it is intended to walk inside they had golf well enough second thirteen buffalo. At its own 35. The forty yard line by Jake Joan. Tyrod Taylor is scrambling. For a buffalo birthday. Is right down at the eleven yard line it's a twelve yard game. The buffalo first down there probably ten free one out. Early second quarter. Shotgun formation type projects. What's looking left Wednesday. It is not the way it is not it is good in the game it's time. There want to stick to. It's his part. And it felt touched down at ten yard catch. From Tyrod to the game is tied up seven apiece with 1452 lepers that this is Buffalo Bills football they line up fourteen out of emotion into the backfield. Awful left shoulder of judgment now. I'm gonna throw. Pressure coming plan to street fight but we'll take. Brian Davis and Ramona Oliver team up on that tackle and a big hit there we're gonna call that ended the game. Chandler can zero in due to the field goal in the city 45 yard drive. It was down FitzGerald is not a ways. It is good and the jets get it back again with ten minutes and 26 seconds left to play in this first that New York Egypt now lives weren't. And the 72 by buffalo and so 41 yard line stand. But when downfield receiver went down sick jokes. Please music joke that he's close at 43 yard line of the jets there's a flag on the play as well he drove it. Tangled up with posters who you know there it went down right away whatever it is seven from the jets' 37 this. My short caught. Jordan their future. Recovery. I can't get a first down yardage and the ball popped out he hit the ground. The ground balls bubble but Justin Burris gave up for the for the jets. The play clock. The mountaineers tonight. Down about a little here's here's the point from Chandler and zero. On the way news good. Well and go well the start of the second half for Buffalo Bills now trailing seventeen to seven with nine minutes fifty seconds left. That's up the middle breaking tackles across the field and run. Headline. First and goal deficit to ten I formation of and that Jeffs now finally. He birdied ten from you know 36 the other shot. Here compressors straight up the middle pirates get it down quite it looked like people there any thought that up. But yeah. For more. Jamal. The five. It's now 3047. Jets on top of the spills happen. It's 46 yard line. What it looks to the end zone looking for time to get some separation down in the chickens ducks down Todd Taylor point six yards you can't pay taxes for the second a couple of touchdowns for the how's U rated the fiftieth. The second attempt at an outside recovery you would to into the ears of Jerry Jenkins bottles at the phils do whatever they have a couple as it. DiMarco Thomas comes up with a three minutes left you fifty exactly vertical fourteen jets on. Right those positive. O'Leary and time to do the right side through receivers to. And players on the middle name is Bob Jordan Matthews in the end zone touchdown buffalo would do 55 of the play. Tyrod spread everybody out by Jordan found Jordan Matthews in the end zone with a great catch in the touchdown. Haven't looked lately who's leaving it down by the content it had happened on this decade old. What am. My parents who worked under center with. The slide into the right down his. Touchdown. Right down the jets and bills. It is 34 to 41 of those great. 965 WC MM.