Week 8: Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills Highlights

Sunday, October 29th

The Buffalo Bills improve to 5-2 for the season with this week's win over the Oakland Raiders at home. Here's all the highlights from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network.


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It was left up right where. Touchdown. Mobile wallet and your veteran from north Texas with a one yard touchdown run here's the left footed kicker George your defect he'll win dead on the at this point. 81 yard scoring drive to open this game for the raiders. It was down today he is getting is on the way. The raiders taken. To throw it downfield. Might seek to. The 37. A 22 yard pickup Dexter McDonald on the stop but the raiders Dave Jones. He checked negotiating point. Inside the one yard line TJ Kerry makes the stop a fifteen yard. At first eighty. Hardline tenure at the Gupta. Kerry coverage that's. Second and goal from the. Looks. And that's game as time it is evident that he's the builder. Next let burn fat fifty Buffalo Bills football. And every. And spent a spectacular month and they rated. Right now the one you. Weigh in the first down wanna break month much. 328101. Left in the sand bonfires and look up. The relevant at the 32 yard line first down Reuters that. 34 feet Smith comfortable. It's. Yeah. The victims of the way it is not. Gold traded the month. High into the air it would Rashard field that is thirteen. Outside the numbers right side slipped walls surrounded by hills of crown by the flight of the ball comes down this wall around the fifteen yard line. Still say they happen if I'm up over on the plus side blinded to defeat those signals for the official. Buffalo Bill. No recover. At the open fourteen yard line. Community of 35 yard drive from. Sports they talk outside of Newark field. This game is on the way it is not. The bills get three points out of the stick away early in the second. Flyers down the middle and we want DiMarco when. The middle. Justin Ellis makes a stop. That's about a seven yards six yard pickup for shady McCoy I Corp. Boy. He got run for the drama going. The stuff twelve carries 55 yards receiving. This time he's got to look at it stopped after one yard gain Ellis on the stuff with the rate of 44 yard pupil. We'll talk outside of Newark field right cash. Rain has stopped the south point. Want to seven now the bills would open within eight minutes eighteen seconds left the way third quarter this is Buffalo Bills local executive one time it takes the snap. That drove quite some time. Looks downfield. It took a little part down Taylor looks downfield. Fox's arm players out there. Yeah. Like Jack my. Buffalo. Go for your hard. And I happen. That's particularly on the home court. They don't violent here we go fourth and goal from six. Second and third quarter. McCoy in the back. Time right. Under center. I'm mark get out of here. TV off into the field first wave fourth quarter. Up by thirteen. On a quick snippets he dragged it down right over the top with a smile. And the bills now it's not quite twenty points 27 to seven. With three seconds gone in the fourth quarter and really punitive Mike and I feel like you're thinking he's a big blue negated in this area. They're hard. Why are short I want. Touchdown hole. 27. The Oakland Raiders. Negotiating. Good guys across the thirtieth brought down the thirty yard line seven yard pick up for the job report 11 carries 99 yards. Want to repeat stuff. Here comes Richard. My racquet it's up near midfield could become sort of the first and pretty good all over here actually. Colbert driving forward. As the first down right now. Milk and presented. The board time to kill 7 o'clock and the way I've formation over the homer got its. Forward gets inside the open 45 right now on the field and 43. Six yards were Mike Tolbert pulled committed upon it is 27 to fourteen to building the raiders would just over. When it gets kicked way under pressure and it bounces it wanted to restart let it bounce around them they're the ones yeah. Without it at the one yard line. Articulate them. Players now feel. Like tonight's top of that tonight. He never picked up in Oakland first down and is in complete. Series right tip in and deeply miss good thing. Rick the bottom. Her DiMarco it. Want to drive or. Leaders of the buffalo when he sits empty backfield where there are. Looks down the middle. Finally some of the that'll do the countdown. The team rushed down court we feel the Buffalo Bills. But raiders back in the bills. Have a quick turn around with a game Thursday against the jets but buffalo comes out spotting the raiders seven points at the start of this game mark. And then scoring 27 unanswered points clock winds down to three seconds exactly 12 and in the ring. In the global orchard park New York the Buffalo Bills scored impressive 34 to fourteen win over the Oakland Raiders and. Broadcasters home for the vote. Yeah 965 WC MM.