Week 4: Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons Highlights

Sunday, October 1st

Sweet highlight reel from the Buffalo Bills upset over the Atlanta Falcons! 


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Stanford comes pressure right. Sit down you'll talk quite some new. So down there about today is why. At the ten yard line brigade is white with a spectacular tackle. And I want to get into a field goal drive for Atlanta met Bryant 42 years today he's out there to attempt a 48 yard field goal from the right hash mark towards the south and Sony or Mercedes and stadium. Smith is down Bryant kicked into the way it is not it is good news yet in this this year and the falcons get a chance with the first. Points of the game up on the scoreboard Atlanta leads it. Three to nothing would 1031 left the first half midway through the second quarter it was built for nothing Smith from the 47 play action fake. Tyrod sit up PP record as the bailout broke people never trailed going into the flooded let's look back. It's rejected the there's been go for the big. 89 yard line kind of understand their case lately looked into the end zone takes another look now quietly in the hands of the dark that you've got. That's down pat down and talk about the fact you. And a touchdown pass from Thailand. Taylor was there why not run throwing out he did not want to let that go initially that he said I am gonna roll that night that he just lay. There because it sort of bad these pit crews have dug through but it looked at exactly where you need to his receiver like they did not done buffalo that was kind of. Massive drive what I drive for the bill 77 yards. Here comes the extra point brought you back that would help. Get more mercy hospital award winning here it's close to home house get ready to try to 33 yards reported to have this bill's take the at that point it is on the way up there. Literati go 32 from the 51. Receiver. Outside in the outfield and now let's take going to be direct snap. Went up to the left side. But it takes its name has blockage in front of him but the bills rap about. The first touchdown they probably the one that's an upward Atlanta first down. 22 seconds left first half builds on top seven to three. Matt Ryan brings a lot of about a. The touchdown. Let's now buffalo at the 45 yard line and improvement use my left side and other quickly killed that. He deployed in the back. Reid came into the game. Too sexy just got another one there on third down here as the bill went three and out and their perspectives in the and trying to keep their first possession of the second at only 39. After a 47. And Ryan it's the shotgun snap here comes pressure right up the middle Ryan unloads it is it complete they'd let us know it's it's. But not the whistle don't work so there. At the end zone the flag on the play. Then what really complete the flag was really looking simply to be somebody grabbed his hand but I couldn't tell they've opted out. With their bids or if he actually had a rolling motion go on board I thought he did act quite personal well. Touchdown buffalo. Downfield he did downfield looking up to a particular Gabriel Joseph. And a jump ball might come tonight. As for Taylor Gabriel and another tick away with a buffalo. Yeah just beautifully played by a nice guy goes down just. The thirty guidelines they wrote but expected the thirty I'd say Joseph. We'll come back better by the day and it's a nineteen yard pickup. Anyway they scored yet it is this is a statement drive right here they're just pounded the ball up inside. You really do any good job of the plot. Well for them now. She carried it forward. The report comes out. In the eleven yard line looks like we'll recover now at 39. He yard line tyrant in the shotgun takes its left a couple of receivers there have pulled the trigger fires right down the middle. At the nine yard line it looks like that's enough for a first down but by Andrei home. So we have vigil for the bills. Are set up first and all of the nine yard line bills on top of the falcons were keeping table in the first minute of play in the and goal at the nine yard line Taylor of the senate up that information to the left side and sick kitty looked right at first now the market in front. Lot of affinity for two person. And dies according gets down with a three yard line. And I run five point six yards mountains at the football they are missing some of the top weapons. Mohamed to new and Julio Jones at the start this drive at their 45 yard line. Kevin Coleman looks at Bryant is. Plus get back to. The third time. The way Jim Matthews jumped on the ball and it was a big run over the left side by Devin Coleman. It finally ruled down at the buffalo 47 yard lines of that is that when you are right now he's ready to go first and goal from the one. It into the lives dies and it's great to get to carry the film gonna stop them. Three yard line gang tackling in there and it stopped a bunch of them including injuries right it is second and goal from three yards. Look to throw. The line of scrimmage it was. We got it back down into bleak since its control players. Touchdown and a extra point tied up at 654 left to play in this tie ballgame bills that all three the time out. Drugs are for buffalo. You have to continue to be aggressive like they were the previous series and I think. New couple right sets up quietly deep whatever Charles right look at some separation any. A 45 yard line involved. At the falcons' 41 at that morning and Rebecca Gould hit from the field goal attempt to break this time receiving house. And it's going to be at 55. And that six yarder. One last week 55 yards. The time and it is down the kids on the way and the kick. It breaks the tie. At one minute and 44 seconds left to play in the game 56 yard field goal ports even after the break the tie. That's right and they. At the buffalo forty. Good point Bob we'll leave for 35 left ma'am I am ready to go in the shotgun. Since then we'll toss over the divisive Freeman can't find any room right now it reverses. Field and he's finally back down like I'd write them down. At the 49 yard line that's a seven yard loss to reach right helping out as well. As soon as he reverses field to build net himself in the position we're not gonna let him escape to the outside my guy. That's right bring him down to make that play for take off big losses. Arranged things now Brian takes. In the pocket players none of that. Intercepted picked up by the bill. Michael pipe running the football now across the territory at the forty and it happened at the falcons 35 yard line my god I read that tip dance. Right down finding the we treat another take a wait for the ball. Ready to go read Ferguson was never holds it's may. The right hand. The North End here. Even announced its net as good as his stick on the way it looks like an out it is and it. Can't get. And again. Pots of money Stephen yeah I'm 55 under. And the bills now leading by 623. To seventy Brian lines that would. I've got information. Heaters to the left side. The play on fourth down play more than 431. Matt Ryan pocket collapsing Fox's arm butterfly design and it is fun or is it what's been. A catch by Nick Williams up with a forty yard line 39. Fires in short it is not like we've been. Lawyer. The first down at the Meg Ryan Smith who. Forman right right into the into the end zone and it is incomplete way. Next up which reads rights in the end zone box out with 58 seconds left behind ready to go and bring them to the left side and Bryan Cox's arm pressured now fires in a way. At the end zone and complete. As intended particular Gabriel well covered by threes right now this fourth down again in the game is hanging on display march 4 and one from the ten yard line that you get that first down was 49 that he didn't seem like it turned. Here we go forward in water fountains at the buffalo ten yard line I've formation play action fake Bryan Myers right side. And up up up around. You CNN's. Greatest music ever recorded. 965 WC MF.