Week 3: Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo Bills Highlights

Sunday, September 24th

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Denver from their 24 yard line city and try to make itself heard. The crowd is roaring nobody's taken CP. Now expects up to take his shotgun snap. Takes it blitz coming into the operators have wrapped up in Rockport choir there to stop them. Along with Preston brown no update on the play. I breaks down by the buffalo defense on this third down Broncos don't spread it out the S and the tonight and derby AJ derby wide left side second and seven from the 13 empty backfield. Sitting in takes built rush port city and content right sided it's fun. It was stated he would knocked out of bounds. After a gain of four Lorenzo Alexander just east that it worked to make that they're the first down Broncos in the buffalo territory to build support. This Anderson gets the call wrapped up by Lorenzo Alexander and finally broke one yard loss. Alexander burns through there is slow them down anyway that was straight impressive round game at the finish tomorrow when your thoughts on the way McKenzie goes emotions left to right to stand for a short. Screen backed up by the I've been stopped. Preston brown there and then make another tackle mark Preston brown over here in the first quarter so it Brandon McManus right now at 38. Eight yard field goal from the management in its just. One of three units Google him this year definitely. It was one yard snapped was down the industry is on the way up. And good and the Broncos take an early lead here in the first quarter third down here for the bills really treated them the first place second quarter was about three wideout. 36 from thirty yards. It was not deceive people. Back to throw wires to the little. Excuse. Knocked out of fights Stewart the safety. Jordan Matthews often over the middle of them and about pick up their first person game at 28 yard completion this. In back to throw the right steps up. If he throws down. That way. Brandon Marshall brought him down first down bills at the Denver twelve double tight ends. Now the Taylor fires right side it's one of the decades trying to play. And he goes down ankle tackle down there by Stewart the safety at the six yard line to gain of about six. You'll get a trying to what you did here was running Breuer and eligible receiver second and goal from the two. Question I formation. O'Leary we'll keep the right side time understanding this. Gonna throw it looks what's what. Incomplete to Mike Tolbert. Now it's third and goal at the two. It takes. Quietly at the end of the bad. Let's get. The 33 yard extra point attempt. Chances down the game is on the way up. Second sentence. Into the off Jamaal Charles Franklin middle points it will still bring it. By sumo channel ten year veteran out of Texas. Good tough run of the middle. Extra point here is on the way it is up and it is good news drove it through so Denver and will be back again in the backfield we're Tyrod Taylor. It's this network security plan to JD makes the team that was brought security but took a first. At thirty. Well pick up Walt made the stuff that was real McCoy all fail on their part to distribute it won't hurt them. But it does it gives it to the told those are my two big pull up the middle worsening across the forties revival of the 47 yard line. Tonight yard gain for the bulldozer. Quality filed some areas that have success in the running game they just got it and that are based in the op and it how to build rated ago won't work force to do. The Broncos force. Yard drive projects up and he. Back to receivers right side one to the left in Denmark Ghana across flag goes down. Now there. You can't receivers like a bright side there and fight from the ten yard line crowd ruined city. The shotgun snap back to brokers who was right. Looks downfield went down field Sanders wide open makes the exit the forty quietly go to the buffalo dirt during the bill. I'll say it's incomplete but his crack down at the buffalo 43 yard line previous white arguing it was a complete. The market down at the buffalo 4547. Yard completion. After. After all. It is good the ball was down host its fifth. The first step how to get drilled for. On a 49 yard field goal so big gamble pays off court John McDermott Martin Campbell. He declined. Good deal with the city of port got the penalty critical penalty on the first point in the got a good right guard him. We want to do is at 35 yard attempt for Brandon McManus towards the tunnel and fewer field. It is down again it puts is put into it when he blog about it is good in the front goes definitely back again with 42 seconds left in this first half. They needed their team to team and they go and help you. I looked at what will be a long one here. Anyway they can hurt this here boy got to be very happy at night waiting XP that. August he'll go he's ever made 58 yards. Three years ago this one is going to be 55 yards ailing dad then on the field looks like for me. 55 yards from the left its mark. Stamp is down how is this kid is on the way. It looks walk. And yard line the line of scrimmage that he takes. Like they looked at the end zone players into the hands of picnic games quick so they. Good for the very. Yet beautifully defended by you take games. They left side Kyra what's now you'll talk to tell you what people are. Great catch behind me. A big way for the bills 31 yards to either and it's time players that you know you've got. Yeah. First down a little don't have any inside the ten yard line all the way down the sixth. I expect not expect its grip to. Why he had. That you want what did book take this to build its ability to manipulate the extra point attempt. It is good kicking on the way is that it is good. And the bills have a four point lead over the Denver Broncos would six minutes and twenty seconds left to play in the third quarter. It sets up the program. Players don't feel. Bills get the stuff they need defensively now let's he would bring to take can do with this rightly Dixon went. It's. Anderson's stop hiking. The able people they are celebrating its special. We hear an Orchard Park 2316 with a lemon 03 of the blade. It's a handoff and general Richard Myers. After threatening tape that we. Why wouldn't you. We'll spread it out with three wives. Taylor takes a shot guns and it looks down the middle stated in the pocket fire took a little clock quite like the forty. And he worked his way up to the 42 yard line had to gain a chance to tackle like Todd Davis and metabolic here's the season to run out of the shotgun takes a look that was left. Getting away from fractures to. It's got its first down out of bounds at that 47 yeah. Line Taylor looks to his right why does that weigh it is typical line of scrimmage gaining complete heavy pressure from Von Miller actually build time right. It gives me. I guess it's important like I did not put the we'll look at bills have been the recipient. There's so that it can be as suspect as you want but you don't want. He deserved it if he's gonna do something like that he would go to stamp my third consecutive pro. That's completely McCord at the 27. Yeah second and seven due to break the bottle ready to go from seventy yard line. And Colbert slicing up the middle worked his way down to that twelve yard line to pick up a fight but be third to governor. And shotgun. Takes the snap plus we looked at what point points. With the market he might have and it just inside the ten yard line. It's a buffalo first down on third and do what you call it that Saddam. And it's Stephen how to get out there in the 53 yarder. He's five yard and made a 49 yarder this'll look easy perhaps yes but he knows the situation. He can make that two score game. It'll be 27 yard attempt from the let Nash. Towards the scoreboards side of Newark via the Google tip brought to McCoy didn't weigh in after the good how are still waiting. Waiting waiting for the snapple's. That was their thinking. And the Buffalo Bills take seven. But it dropped the clock and go up by ten points with three minutes and fourteen seconds left to play then what's a bigger view. We'll 42. Live tonight. Analyst Dan rivers Jimmy looks to his left. League's players down the middle it is. Presented broken up by EJ game. Rocco with a one last chance here fourth down coming up. Simien stepped up its away from pressure. Looks downfield players over the middle and it's. Left on the clock that will do it for the Buffalo Bills. Why did that that image in his defense had been. All afternoon what a great day in Orchard Park. What an amazing win for the bills got a great defense marked as buffalo defense has allowed to count them two touchdowns in the first three games of the protesters home for the book. This 965 WC MM.