Week 17: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins Highlights

Sunday, December 31st

The Buffalo Bills defeat the Miami Dolphins in the regular season finale in Miami.

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Tyrod waiting for the shotgun snap. Makes it looks downfield. Players now feel in this one but by JD runs the court. Get to cross the 35 putts that was left across the forty yard line towards the Miami being kidneys went out of bounds at the dolphins' 46 navy and our. Makes the tackle but that's a first down for the bills. All the way up to the 46 yard line and eighteen yards gave parakeets and Shaq and say it looks downfield this time fires over the middle. And it is caught by the not to Thompson at the dolphins' forty yard line that it's a first down fourteen yard pickup. On Thursday night through nice deck tyra play action now lofted into the Pentagon. It's not. A good. Up and two point yet. He's up and it is yeah. Tyra bank withdrawal plans over the middle it is probably put my child's play he's got the first down additional out of bounds at the 34 yard line. That's a gain of fifteen yards on third and sixth in snap right gonna throw. Seated in the pocket now what's he was left no plan short view it's well. In knocked out of bounds at the 48 yard line is the entity Thomson first down at the 483 wide outs this day neither went to strike down the middle but might play. Dragged down at the Miami 35 yard line. Tackle by TJ McDonald a seventeen yard pickup Joel's play is never an afternoon themselves the snap on first down and get it to market Murphy quite normal. It's not Murphy gets inside that. Outlined in his book down at the well and a flag a late flag on the play at the at number twenty. The practice my dismissed Tuesday tyra gives it to shady looks for blocks right side it's bank deputies can be proud. Lawrence Timmons they're the stop him all the way back to the eleven yard line exit six yard line buffalo widow for four in the red zone last week in this when doesn't help the unit to settle for a 23 yard fuel to tip from house yet snippets down he. It is automatically kick is good. And the bills are not not now by a score of ten to nothing with 1446. That the lakers snapped this is Buffalo Bills football this. And fails pressured its way from. At the nineteen yard line. And Butler shot through there and brought down David dale Murphy circles around goes back to the beauty is only 59. It's at the tyrants when mr. Murphy a couple of blocks in front of him. Across the twenty and he showed the heart out of bounds by Lawrence Timmons. 25 yard line. Lawrence Timmons with a big collegiate there tyra takes its. Who would stated it's a public retirement gonna rumbled up with a thirty after the 35 keeping track the ball comes out. Looks like dolphins might have been at the buffalo 41 yard line. I'm trying to cut through traffic TJ McDonald. May have jumped on that was while they're fighting for now at the forty want to we've also got a flag on the play part of my. Iceman am not an. Dolphins are nine penalties. Cameron Wake with a basement gonna break for the bills bills need to convert here 36. At the dolphins 32 yard line. They point out the Murphy wide web site listening to right in the throat but deep down the far sideline right side. The flag on the play in the end zone. He threw the flag at the end zone. Authority. And our. House you just off target level but they bring it down excuse me it's the clutch outs money. Stephen Garcia makes it thirteen and at the bills now. And seventy that third quarter this is Buffalo Bills football first and goal from the one time. It. The attacks but it. Burden but yeah. Two points it is Marcus Murphy not totally into the global offensive backfield now but two point conversion to tie. Under center. Snack gives it to Murphy trying to sift through traffic he will not get there at the dolphins bottled up and stop them an opportunity. 33 yard attempt warehouse. Towards the east end zone here at heart Rex Beatty. Which is cleared out considerably now. There's good times he's kicked what do you think its report today. Stephen Holmes yeah. Out of money again and now it's at 22 to three lead the bill's lead in the Miami Dolphins with a 1141. Let the play of the game now this net sales miners left side but quiet finally. Practice practice. Yeah. That's because. Afternoon on the bill. Phillies game. The man really isn't. And then. At Florida. First and goal from the one and intrigue goes emotion right side fields and pick each other because we're link return to fight his way into the hands of easy touchdown mind. It. Weren't even though it was a big spending and the ten yard gain entry into the one of the people we'll keep fingers and play to play in all over the place John McDermott who still think it's John McDermott and try to separate publicly and camps. Now Detroit's goaltending. This it will compete WW. Yeah. London England mobile phone. Meets but let's leave the clown and that's fairly rapid. Buffalo. Number. Parts of my. Miami unnecessary risk. Number ten and number 3010. And number twenty. The crowd might number fourteen. And number 64. And in the fund basic and again. I'll nuggets won five. Earned this respect thing. Miami second and goal from the one. Sooners buried in the backfield and they'll keep to himself when he walked into the end zone and. You gotta keep playing. Filled in with a 156. A couple of second night at the local 48 yard line snapped the field looks down the middle public display fires are right. Yeah quite Jordan buyer according to guidelines that should do. Here court rejected that you're an employer it's a huge interception for the bills and he showed. The bills fans down there along the sidelines.