Week 15: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills Highlights

Sunday, December 17th


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Do is go with three wide out here Benjamin. 34 from their own 25 yard line empty backfield. Uses Sam woman right front stated in the pocket. You've got to consume. Back here to make the tackle first yeah. Yeah. Apply the pressure but. It got away from foreigners he can't now the buffalo back you. And you give it two months yeah. It means a jolt me. And technical core. The gulf. First down at the the 29 to snare. The curtain down on it right by the success of the super B drive personable with the four back to the guy DiMarco incredible point. The snap. That has sidelined the. Attacks down. Buffalo. Out pops and the dolphins but the minute shady McCoy. It in the the end zone for his sixth two touchdown of the I've just hit it's good bill particularly. As they marched downfield. 81 yards on their opening possession. Portland. It's and they keep the dolphins not the end zone. Willie Parker puts it up. That. Adult about which points and that drive. 360 that to play court ordered the bill would definitely this is Buffalo Bills football and it supported one. For coach Bucky. The win that snapped the ball with on the way it is it is good. Marquis realty group in the third year player from modern. And adult with three more points on the board the third and six reported to the snippets I'm not looks to throw its time quite not a little. My child might have to. That's my territory it's not according to the ground at that dolphins 37 yard line. What you want to pick up. Almost all of them. After the catch structure play the former open ports down bills that the dolphins 37714. Leopards at the lead at seven to six back to the guy to see it. What my mind. Well look first down fourteen more privilege John McElroy and there is ten. Yards but force navy and on the sixteen yard line built with a one point lead that I could make it a lot more than that year. And I'll play until quite right side. The point in the slot right tonight in the platform basically. Yeah but yeah but why didn't do. Here comes the extra point attempt from. How scared the Dickens on the way we'll look. And good looks down Miami to 39 yard line for a 5% builds on top 46. Stick to. Yeah the 33 yard line but don't let Gerry you've been mental model unsecured loan. Well Matt a lot of cape stream it through and a bunch of puppets and why would hope he pulled into escapees dreamed it. Opening and he gets into the bad he'll be portrayed he did kill it and he holds him up when did you rent them up. But it's sure they've hit cubs series Houston the other side as well makes the tackle big loss for the gulf. Little thing prepares to get in particular the I personnel buffalo from the one. Is this likely parrots except he stepped up now quieted down deal with Chipper Jones next. Expected the 45. 48 yard line all the midfield look give. To that forty. And yard line at least anyway but at what and you are picked up. I'm the bears did Charles play in the bills' run right to the line scripted second tier with the 49 built without a huddle and sent Tyrod looked to throw it looks downfield by a short putt like he can't. The Miami for. In court it's the first down. He has brought down at the 36 yard line. That's a fourteen yard pickup Bobby McCain on the stop military right to the line of scrimmage with a minute 27 left in the San. We have to announce remaining first down at the Miami 22. It's Nick Taylor looks kinda short for the little punch JD got his. At nine yard line. Eateries like the actors speak to who makes it's not built with a hung ready to go first and goal from the name. Taylor exactly and you'll like it yet why do the right side to form receiver accidentally Tyrod quarterback draw once it's. Instead the tip into the pipe into the black. And the. Yeah it's navy yard scoring drive for the bill. Tyrant presents the ball to a young fan in the stands. Towards the tunnel and the newer appealed and Stevens announced it is there that would tip the extra point. It's good fit into the lane. He dispirited by golf equipment 30% to seven blinking but there. It's time the second instance snap against children former Butler put it there. What do you think apple yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. But yeah. The Nixon didn't McKinney still and sentenced him either takes looks like stepped up. The doctor round draft pick one. It's now he. Headlines. A seventeen yard scramble court. Taylor developments on the field frankly like to look like let's three receivers to the right now to connect you to go over there fourth and seven. The built gulf war for the Miami 36 who spent time what's the outlook for play. He still lives appropriately that coverage it just make his commitment that you can build turnover down fourth and seventh from the 38 yard line. Cutler waiting for this man he's got books. Pumping up the ball to his. Additionally. I'd like he dribbled it. Sure is right with the interception and a huge part that. He took and what not that. And add to the buffalo lead. There is some snapper. Good announced it easily swing is like throw. Realty yeah it's good. Yeah with a thirty courtyard with five minutes and forty seconds that third quarter that probably now. What reported six point submitted to punt generously agreed to return games and snapped depicted very high. That supply the drug coverage and they. Thanks to prevent it from. The city there. You can look and a look back what a great but Michael spit. But and tonight they got that opens. It down to the one yard line right where right is that the supported. But it looked like you. Just to recover and he did. The book came out. He went down to get it and he was immediately surrounded by a Buffalo Bills. To the dolphins maintain possession. And sensational day. We'll select content. The middle that's not he's. Touchdown Miami their first one of the day it comes with 757. And play. And drink with a one yard touchdown run straight at the hockey stick is on the way he did he. The little book. The mythical thought that was well duplicate. It covers pack with 32 yard line can't. The dinner chopped it out coming off the edge. And the built almost recovered felt was watching it in there without the recovery. Lost on the way up fifteen yard loss on that play third and 25 from the 33 to stamp their trips back quite a short one. Not quite cricket to 35 notes around and made it into the ground at the 44 yard line. Tackle Mike Preston brown or Atlantic theater and we're down to the two minute warning of the dolphins are gonna attempt a field goal here Graham voted party. There's going to be the tree anyway severe it's going to be one unsecured debt from the middle of the U boat parked. Smith is good hockey stick is on the way and kicked it stood with thirty seconds left. Miami finishes off a long drive at seventeen play. Ride just under four minutes to play they're still alive down 24 to sixteen with 39 seconds left to play. And in the balance now let's leave Miami as a miracle. You can go incident. Feels fresh pool of snakes up front Butler gets rid of players and. And good night and it felt like maybe. There's not in the.