Week 13: New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

Sunday, December 3rd


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McCoy along the back you can see it it's a toss sweep that's not sitting on the run across the 45. Through its territory inside the fortified instilled into the ground at the New England 46 yard line where he could equipment that might say Jones. Is nestled down into the ground by Stephon Gilmore at the 32 yard line at to pick up at seven or more now they toss it right side with JD look. Look for a black exit. Patriots 27 yard line five more yards second and ten from the patriots when he seven. Shotgun formations and the first down stick. And about the twenty yard line where they gonna market the market at the seventeenth. And then ends up buffalo first down. Reports straight up the middle he's got the first down. But down at the fly by Alan Branch. Now buffalo this right stays alive judgments now Taylor I'm personnel from the sixth as well. Intercepted those. It is Eric the move on the culpable practice squad a couple of weeks ago. No doubt on the goal line patriots and buffalo territory now with a first down at the bills' 31 yard line notes were real fight the first quarter. And a double most emotion from left to right shotgun snap Brady looks downfield. Now is under little pressure stepped up finds some room. Still the ball break. And about a thirty yard line Jack Boston in there I don't know they'll get credit for sacked. But the same effect anyway as they stopped number eighty right the linesmen says steps even gets county through fifty yarder he is three for three from fifty yards or more this man. The Wallace down the tickets on the way down. Good that's healthy. What's the patriots on the scoreboard with a fifty yard field goal it comes with a minute thirty left first quarter it is three to nothing New England on top. I'm lines about the Jackman to get in the backfield and since there. Neither wants to throw. Looks downfield bounce them the ball to defeat them for the tuck it and run cannot right side he sits down approximately five feet. Well we've gotten. And there sixth with him out of bounds. On the parts of the field and picked up the first down with a nice run up to the 38 yard line patriots on top three zip. And he picked you wouldn't think to say look find the outfield but yeah. It never met a lot of the birds and knocked the ball away third and goal from the five. Missing. Reading books that's right talk to advance. Second at the fifty yard line and limited to a field goal try at 31 yarder for a Stephen got scouts he. Smith is down that's got these pictures on the way and he drilled through the up rights. More than three point wildcat formation Joseph Webb will take the snap Tyrod Taylor like took to the right side. Let probably Smith now meantime we're ready for the. A press reported a plus forty foot putt there. At 47 yard line at 22 yard run straight at the back. What jobs wet junior we'll call the 49 yards were out in a little bit at its back from the witness. If he towards the front side new earth you would begin on the board in the first. Yeah but the bills on the board with a 49 yard field goal and with three minutes five seconds left to play. The bill through that now by a score of six to three seconds definitely ready to go on instruments culpable fourteen. But anyway. First touchdown. Come with I don't geographically reportedly at the point is up. And he is good so the patriots at the end zone they'd lead it now sixteen to three with 902 left third quarter with the pressure from Brady's left. We talked design for America. Excitement we thought that makes the catch it goes down in buffalo territory at the 33 yard line rock. It's an incredible catch he got past Micah Hyde orchard it is quite rather. Rob Gronkowski now field for thirty yards on that yet redeemable in the backfield. Motorsports creating. It is it's not a. Micah Hyde with a huge hit there and pretty good coverage by the buffalo safety. It's now. One expert yeah. His second of the game. Right now actually seventy yards and took. About one half minutes off the clock here to point is up and good. Now the bills are up against it with 108 left to play third quarter bills first down it's. Yeah it's another personality has struck down at the ninety. Flowers on the stuff. That builds are on the move down by twenty with 1019 left to play in the game second. I'm a first down he'd brought down at the seven yard line another twelve yard jump. You distract them. Rolls out of bounds and about fifty yard line. Jones in the bills. One yard line. Do like goes down at the forty yard you may be banged up a little bit. He stepped in front of that pass intended for Rob Gronkowski flags flying all over the place over the far outside my previous white. Maybe personal wealth and Oakland protest in that shirt. Open to. Our team room and it's it's. And visited Jackson attributed decadent image filled with in the middle of the field these helmet came off and it looked like he was done up like. I believe that there was any thing let and it still ahead phenomenon but pentagon manic pixie like the Yankees and shaken up there and he's not the government's feet. And tucked into the Bill Anderson yeah. We abnormal event and I know the it's. And the struggling buffalo offense that very few answers today mark again the 66 yard drive. Off the opening kickoff and all looked good in that interception down on the goal line by Eric Lee. I was really opened the door was shot after bad for the bills.