Week 12: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs Highlights

Sunday, November 26th

All the highlights from Week 12's Buffalo Bills' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs from the Buffalo Bills Radio Networkl


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So teach rushed for him there in the pocket takes a look downfield into the weight and pressure myself to the 35 by calling. But quite the adds weight all the way up to the 49 yard line. A couple ports down at one point four yards on the net to shady McCoy over the middle in the gun. It's just me but slips went past my prime appointments blockers in front. But it for the sticky kappa personality stepped out of bound to at city 37 yard line a partner picked up on third war. Around the center since there. Play action today looking to outfield players at short it is not like it yet and give it its rule to the ground at the chiefs' 33 yard line here Lewis made the stop. That is seeking about where you are better than fine built with 232. Either maybe if Richard Nixon stamp you become. What's left went down the middle it is like Jordan Matthews and he brought to the ground at the 24. I had an eight yard pickup pretty wide outs in the field who knows what point in the backfield with consecutive nine it keeps eleven yard line. Used to seeing right what's left rules out sets up buyers down and the but for the touchdown. Touchdown. Oh and then. Candidate to go even if you read the extra point to you is on the way it is unit is good. The bills direct first city as they moved 58 yards downfield and more in the yard touchdown pass to Jones birdied two. Petite thirty yard line. Kyra begun takes the stand that bitch you can't wait for blocked my picture in the record but that's because. The Kansas City 33 line got it at the port Richey rectum which about a Google attempted to 34 yard attempt from the left. Who is the eastern end zone it's it is down Huskies get it's up it is good. In the bills pleaded now buys more and enough that Smith waited for the second it takes it. Looks down the middle the pressure coming rolls right fires right. Just wanted to. According to a quarter dropped to increase terrorist attack. And here comes out here stevens' post yet. And NFL record thirteen consecutive field goals made of fifty yards of war he is six of six this year for the bills and fifty yards or more. One more major goal of fifty yards or do you bill's record for a single season just went to be about a 52 yard field goal attempt from the left calf. That is down how's your appearances put into it and government kicked out. He pushed it to the right side of 52 yard attempt Christine denounced your. It's a 45 yard attempt Buckner is may 22 consecutive field goal to team record. 45 yard attempt the snap is down but you've got many like kittens up. And it keeps her on the board with a minute 44 left to play in the hand the Buffalo Bills would now buys more attended street that's 23. Consecutive pupils me burgers and put the ball at the kids city forty yard line seventeen seconds lepers that. Tyrod Taylor in the guns and looks bright minds right caught by nick O'Leary fighting for yardage he cannot get on the grounds do you stop that the 37 yard line. Markets leaders on the deck of the bills stop the clock with nine seconds left Google tip so with a win. He dismissed the 52 yarder this is 56 yards from the right hand Steven announced yeah. This is Dick is on the way this one's long enough and that's why it. It from 56 yards. There are eleven and 24 us. Smith looks down the middle fires destroyed. Nine yard line. Exit 25 yard victim present round run down it is the second sampling consecutive five keys to city at the buffalo 46. This name that gets me. Because time retail looks for flock to the first down yardage. Stops and starts on the sideline at the local thirty. And finally pushed out of bounds when Jordan warrior but a big game there in the jets sweet sixteen yard pick up lieutenant retail Alex Smith in the shotgun. Makes this man takes a hit announcement at out website. Albert Wilson. Third touchdown of the season and the G first touchdown of the game snippets down the kick is on the way indicate. And it's a ballgame it's a three point buffalo lead bills ready to go first down through 25 yard. To throw off play action looks exactly like open lost to him. It's projected at 45 I just might get to kick city territory if Mike goes down. And placement out of bounds at the Kansas City 42 yard line announced yet needed 56 yarder to close to the person. It's 149 yards now. Soon. This man out he's cute he's on the way. He needs and it's. Pointless to talk about how to when he did you know 49 yarder with Steve announced yet. It is third and ninth through the 41. It with Kelsey and most into the left side the bills but with that attacks covering him to snap. Alex Smith pumped once pressure pocket collapsing. Still back there it. For the Buffalo Bill. It is sixteen to ten and the bill's lead to keep the city with a football league no timeouts at the ball urinate on the buffalo 36 yard line. You really like that the bills dropping in bad situations similar to end receivers not allowed three relieves you shotguns snipped it Alex Smith. What's right quite. Did not inclined and he still on the run exactly what it's like that he would. At the fifteen at the man down the. You down for right now the 35 seconds on the clock and that will be enough they'll let it go down to the end. And the law. Why the got to take away that when they got it it really matter. The clock winding down the 242322. Seconds left. John McDermott runs out on the field to congratulate his mentor truck that was meant to or Andy Reid and the Buffalo Bills are still alive picked time.