Week 12: Buffalo Bills Post-game (part 2)

Sunday, November 26th

The official Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show following the Bills' 16-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.


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And shotguns and it did Alex Smith. Looks right quite. It thirty fine. And he's still on the run inside the 25. It was right at the fifteen at the check is done that not. Well it wasn't a pretty game for the bills but it was enough to get a sixteen to ten win over the chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium now they're sitting at six and five in the standings and remain in the playoff picture in the AFC. Tyrod Taylor goes nineteen of 29 for a 183 yards and a touchdown passes they Jones on today. While the bills defense that a nice job shutting down the chiefs' offense only allowing Alex Smith to go 2336. For a 199 yards and a touchdown only allowing 236. Yards. Of total offense. The bills what now await the New England Patriots is they come to town next week at Muirfield. Kick off next Sunday's at 1 o'clock but Merck Kelso and sound the call right here along the Buffalo Bills radio network asked for the patriots. They down the dolphins in Foxboro today 3517 and six comfortably. Atop the AFC east standings at 92. Elsewhere around the NFL the jets lose at home to the Panthers 3527. Appalled four and seven on the season the Eagles remain the NFL's best team attendant wanna state law the bears' 313. Julio Jones goes up today for twelve catches for 253 yards. And two touchdowns as the falcons down the bucks thirty or ten and the bronze they remain winless on the season they think all the angles thirty. The sixteen currently in action right now no score at Oakland between the Broncos and the raiders but some nasty stuff in this game. The three players rejected as a fight broke out along the sidelines and among those objected. Michael Crabtree and keep. To leave. Elsewhere the scenes they're trailing the rams ten to seven in Los Angeles although Alvin tomorrow just put up a huge run for a touchdown. The cardinals lead the jaguars three to nothing with twelve way to go in the second quarter. And that's and also the Seahawks for the seven nothing me over the 49ers out one with ten minutes ago. In the second this update is brought by north town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree at north town automotive. I'm very Wilson for the Buffalo Bills radio network. This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. Welcome back Phil's fans hopes we. Reignited. Fight today is sixteenths and upset win over Kansas city Kansas City went off at about. As about a nine point favorite today. And loses its fifth out of six at home to buffalo. This portion of the bill's post game show along the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to you by independent health. From your every day it's your ex unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help. I'm Mike show bull dog is out today phone lines open for you at 8030551888550. To 550. First playoffs go. The bills for the moment in the six seed. Baltimore which had been ahead of them on ties. Is playing tomorrow night at home against Houston. The chance to get back in front and six and five the chiefs are now six and five bills hold Kansas city's first round draft pick. Next year in Kansas city's play off. Prospects let alone it's division prospects. Look very shaky at this point. The only chargers to five and six and they're looking great dole saw them last week may roughed up Dallas on Thanksgiving. Baltimore five in five years there remaining schedule. Home to Houston tomorrow hold on to Detroit. Next week it's a non conference game but that could end up being of a pivotal game. In the bill's chances at the bill say get to nine wins and need to beat Baltimore. With that same record I might even need Baltimore to get that. To faulty Nate so it's Houston tomorrow which would be big amend Detroit. Then two road games for the ravens at Pittsburgh and at Cleveland. You'd might you might expect one in one there. And then home to Indianapolis and Cincinnati. To end the season Cincinnati. Not dead either. At five and six and they have a win over the bills the raiders are hoping to get to five and six they are four and six hosting Denver today. And that game is scoreless after one he's heard the update. That's the only. AFC team vs AFC team late game. You have Pittsburgh playing tonight in the game tomorrow that I mentioned Jacksonville is on the road Arizona trailing three nothing and it's possible. That Jacksonville or Tennessee or fall apart on the stretch those teams have better records and easier schedules so what's the not. Likely. Let's go to the phones again here's Joseph next sideshow. Hey I don't yeah and giving me an hour and Bill Clinton. I'm I'm I'm I'm not going to win out. Toshiba's side and the bad poll or anything like difficult I don't V return. Correct or. It needs that kind of little Latin that they get sore whatever ones you make him beat quarterback that we are going to be. You know in the pocket op holding a ball or getting rid of all when he should ask. And you know I hope it won't take it back. And I'm just wondering why not talk about Tyrod Taylor you know doing your job today compared to losing a shot lead. I I don't know I've taken I think media the most for calls. Before yours so it's it shouldn't be considered a trend by itself. You know fans. Don't. Lore like most fans don't really want Tyrod Taylor to be their quarterback next year. And I think it's been a right to think that the bills don't either that goes back to the offseason because even back to last year if you want. And certainly goes back to last week even today like even today Sean McDermott stopped short of endorsing. Taylor given much credit I mean if it to any extent fans take their lead from the coach. McDermott even today did not give you when he. Sort of you know confidence in Taylor any sort of credit that way it's that matters. At least in my years. So that might have something to do that. Taylor today did not get to order yards passing. But what he did today that's good. Number one on the list is what he does almost every game it's good and is number one on the list those games and that is that he did not. Have bad plays. That is what Taylor's number one. Character positive characteristic is as a player. He does not make bad plays that cost teams games last games last week's game did not even they did not have a chance. Because of the many bad place early. Provided by me and Peter and Doug Flutie was like this Taylor is a lot like Doug Flutie I think in a lot of ways his style. His on his overall value what Taylor raised is really a lot like what Flutie Wallace. And if if this bills team had a defense like floating east teams they would have the records that. Flurries teams that that team had very good defense. This team has averaged a slightly below average in terms of rankings over the course of two and a half for plus years. And so that is to me like enough of the difference to make it up a fair point. Yeah so. I think those the answers you know I think like. He he did the thing today that he's best at which is not kill you. Before you have a chance to do anything they're up ten nothing in this game can't said he never catch up. There are good plays early in this game the Tyrod Taylor made that Al Smith didn't. And you won so. That. The return to Peter men. Will go down in bills history if they don't make it. Or. You know especially if they fall just short. That it will go down in infamy for this team there is no all other. We. To describe it van it was terrible. And the coach can try and any media or fans can try it was eight terrible decision. The only thing. It was really a ball he really needed to be about last week was. Would Nathan Peerman do better for the bill's been Tyrod Taylor normally does he did not come close. And McDermott will have that on his record forever. If they win anyway. Then it won't be as meaningful people but he will half that on his record forever and you may. At a party or read today on the show listening to Phil Simms talk you may just buying the explanations. For it that are at that they're all meaningless are all wrong. What mattered was UN a team with a chance the playoffs. And its coach and this is what the coach said he was doing to. There's no shelter future we said he was doing was. I am. Doing this to make our team better. Edit neither team a lot worse. Period. Now they're back in a spot or you can talk about the playoffs again I want to. Don't think there's any other. Way to look at this if this season ends short of the playoffs and you get to the off season nine but. That was not about Taylor vs college quarterbacks it was not about Taylor vs quarterbacks from the past it was only about Taylor vs. Peterman a fifth round pick this year. And the went terribly. Today. This week McDermott had almost no choice but to go back to tailor and he did anyone in your career. Talker is next night talker. Paid my debt and predict Michael Mann. I I respectfully disagree a year that meant be a long game and short game of the Peerman decision a couple of reasons. The first reason is this slide that was taking place. And what I mean by that specifically is you go when he does some people like starter rookie. The message that said you're seeing the striped it this is not correct. Any continue to place our standard I will go ahead and start my rookie to rest of the year and we all this. Now it becomes then. You really think that's the message that was the point absolutely absolutely. Probably serve peas and little kids. And or Eric Wood and all the sudden you are eager men arrested here what you why why bother right well below the sea cannot were doing this so called and. But what happened. Was exactly what we needed it was a wake up all important not there was but all of this. From there it was players especially has better. Look if you if you wanted you you might be like this stalker you're a fan. You know you're at your name on this like I do if you're all commit goal is to no matter what happens. Make sure you give the coach credit this is are you would do it cured intelligent person. That went into. A situation involving the bills and decided I just know that at the end of this. I am going to give the coach credit because I like the coach and the team this is how. I think you would do it. Objectively you would never say this there is no defense there's no point here about sending messages. The whole point is what McDermott says this what players say this what everybody including incest your job is to win games this nothing more to it. If you wanna start Nathan Peter been in pre season games and me and say there's been maybe there's a chance you're right. There is nothing else more or not starting Pete remain in LA with a with a eye toward winning in Kansas City. I've been against the war what happened in those games what you are back what they. It was everybody else that doesn't make this right Taylor Taylor. This is all circumstantial. And does not make your point right why they are sending messages. To try to win games down the road. And he's ever played it quite different now. He collected 200 yards he under threw the ball you know I agree and my uncle position fine so here we are might. Here we are we're where we are we are. I don't fight club is going downhill quick. I'm gonna do something so drastic. That everybody's gonna know it and I'm a part of kid who could. It's a nice story or it's all it is is a nice story. Walk out of that Kamal went and might Wear a big debate what. Really mean this July 8 have a problem with few if I don't agree that why they won today had to do with what happened in LA won every game is an independent event. They played it seemed today that can't score and guess what happened. Out. My theory writer credit. How all my theory everything how you played Kansas City like the giant stated. You read the same success that a giants' teams lose and everybody else had Biden's case the theory no air no chance at all no chance. Armor are these you know we go around and are no chance no chance you just played a team that can't do anything right. I get beyond that you can quote quote dictate whether it will work was right there are no problem. No we want there is no changing it if there was any question I don't believe in fairy tales like you. I don't believe in fairy tales like you I am not wait until the season is over to decide whether it was right it was wrong in the path now after that game kicked off their might. Like we're going to the ball this year. Probably not are you really asking me to tell you that were not my are we gonna win a playoff game at it and I don't know. There's no other answer that that's authors write I don't know might not might not. I am like no other answer this right I am being honest I don't know do you know here we can do save me a lot of time. We are gonna end up 889 that it could be good you're dispersed here. He's that stepping everything up it. That's all great what I said first is still correct if you wanna write an essay that ends with McDermott is cool all. You would do this about that move. Hi eight don't I care about the truth I'm not etched in fairy tales are not gonna wait. Until the season is over and then tell you what happened in LA was right or wrong that. It was wrong immediately after that game started. That it will for ever be wrong. It was Tyrod vs Peter men it was wrong. Wow people toting in five minutes ago thing I am on crack or something because like this is just about last week through or not. I just think you should be honest with ourselves and look at what it is. For what it is and not decide before you shark who might all of the bills so I guess McDermott has to be right out of Weyrich that. That's what I would do. I would I would avoid doing that the Buick. What was that move they could make it anyway. They could mesh anyway and certainly not. Deciding. What happened in LA on the basis of whether or not they were a playoff game is if you're really are supposed to know that right now which you couldn't possibly know. So there. Here's Kevin acts like Kevin. I'll blog on your dad died wage much. What in the heck can you think. Or did you know why important playoff lives. All right you've got the you've got that experienced quarterback. Ain't gonna show you what the yanks but you don't amended to get it sort of like that it. I would argue. Around second there I mean not all that I won't go away it's a little. Bit. Oh man I wouldn't doubt that we can. Here. But that did that. Hey while they want today. And any body. Going into these two games would've loved one of them. Right any bills fan and going into can you be honest about that and use the bills fan listening he got us about that. At LA at Kansas City would you loved one of them who would do would've said no I really want one vote c'mon. This team is not great so you would love one then you've got one of them you're live here that's good. Thank you Kevin Lucas is next time Lucas. Badly god. I don't you think McDermott like whole like idea but party Peter read it just didn't Taliban Israeli army batter without quarterback. And I got a thought that they're particular about a minute haven't I write it but I got obviously not true but. I know if you aren't saying what we do everything I've. I think Al that you behind it and yet he tried it and good luck and he'll get a map to start again we don't know one in the bank. It's been had a lot to do it Biederman art. I do too I YouTube but not everything. Thanks locus here's Jeanne and excite Gina. I might. Get much strategic like like I'm that there are in color I did it 80 I want part of it and I agree with every. I Bennett are built and and Kelly. I've been tried and ordered them get I do not agree with Peter and well last week I'm a real rep. I go indicating. Oh cry out I think he had a great keeping considering. Yell all they knew it and we have been keenly got a new coach. I agree it was it. And I'll. And like a court. That was great you know great interception. Yes you know it's a good Gina it was a good moment for him because distributes weight. Through six or seven weeks was a pretty cool story and there and really those like the team as a whole. Had cut slipped and I ever watch in the pro football focus ratings the rookie ratings. For the first six to eight weeks the season he was at or near the top right on Marshall led a more all rookies. And then numb but today I saw topped our list of rookies he wasn't he was he wasn't on the list. So it was a big moment for him it was a great play. Here's mark next hour mark. You don't think to take more culture while my agreement with the Tyrod Taylor Benson that should never happen I think what we've sort of officially. Which we have put up a few we do look down below the road. But Tyrod we know he wasn't given away the game is more work. Do anything extra keys don't keep it forever or get a couple more a grind book Tyrod saluted millions of their quarterback. He's efficient when it comes to not giving up all fumbles or interceptions. And you wanna be competitive you gotta keep the best. Arts American power without that option. For the season being that this is a new coaching staff. And still have the weapons that we have on the yet and also third in out. About how delicate is with the play calling in the scheme he's using to hit the player but I don't think he's written. Fitting risking with the players that think he's just trying to get the player who adapted his game. Well you know I thank you mark this game was a lot like the game in Atlanta where. You just did an off and your defense held on Atlanta. Go ahead of bettered a statistically offense leaving Kansas City did today but it felt like that like where your offense get a little bit. And get older games been like this to bug you just needed to hang on and that's a good bit. Here's rob next I rob. Yeah you know people don't get Indiana don't get paid. So with the wind they paid like. Okay you get a contract. You go you clear it will it's it's I want to be walking. On third down. They get pure desire to play units will be. You know opened battery doesn't matter how much get paid doesn't matter what you don't pay you don't get a bigger paycheck because you'll wind. They're all on a second I'm sorry rob you could probably go on all day but what is the point. The point is. When they benched Tyrod and brought in Peter and then they you know white now go wild play show me your desire shortly. Wanna Beasley were not motivated or as motivated until that happened and they were more hope motivated after. This is the one click an arm or dealt. What about first down early more motivated on third down than they are on second down rob. Absolutely really is that right they are more motivated on second column and on first down. You have to deal what what can us to get the call would you deal at bat. If you get a first down and they met you deal with that right sure it's all very important we don't win has a lot to cure what happened. Our every single thank you for this important lesson and what does it mean to me that without did tiger and the widow. The champions. Did what they will show anybody else throwing up we appreciate it. And what does this have to do again with the bills Robin knows all very important it's gonna chalk board here writing it down with you. What does it mean. It's Detroit didn't want kind of walk. To retire or does it. Mean do you mean you've got a million more noble what does it mean again. What it means that we're not playoff spot and we got a shot I know who you are not saying because they tried hard. Then the chiefs. Are you Connecticut go make you get older older and they can still collect the paycheck we hit the ground you Rick we seek help. Add to the bills try harder than the browns. Do the bill stronger less hard than Tennessee are wary please don't wiggle away I'd I'd I'd wait all week for you. To the bills to the bills trying less hard than Tennessee. Does Tennessee try less hard than Philadelphia. This Philadelphia try harder than Minnesota their half game ahead. Q what does Minnesota try harder than met the New Orleans. Absolutely really quick here in a situation where you feel you're gonna win and. You go out there and maybe you don't keep your heart the rams try harder than Seattle. No I don't think they do there's a difference there's we found and we found a loophole rob. I don't believe so because you when you when you're in a situation where you're used to winning when you're used. Yeah. How dare I don't New England is used to winning dozen New England try harder than Miami. I don't believe so no I don't but they're so used to winning as a matters of Pittsburgh doesn't really try hard the Kansas City there's more used to winning the atom you got a measurement for all this. Absolutely you do and it sent it to me so I can no c'mon at work here or even know this stuff rob. Agrees. Seattle field when they're in this situation where they're busting bill pot. To get our yard. Torrey guards who are why didn't you aren't alone whoever whoever is there. Buffalo leads this game sixteen attend they lost three games in a row it's the pits three minutes ago they have a chance to win for the first time in a month. They get stopped three plays a role in trying. OK let it wanted to go to don't know what is it what is the answer please what is it they didn't try and those plays. Can't let them I got it I think I know Kansas City tried harder on the good plays that they had. And not when it was I eight minutes and thirty. Second lap to the all star bills hiking the ball at 192. Clip on the play clock I'll tell everybody what the hell would go and aren't. What will. What do we know how does that have to do with will. Because there is big. I'm retired I got a. How does that have to do with well he's been spent in five minutes telling our audience about well. Now it's that they they base that the. Surely or the offense was doing what they needed to do however they would've killed some more time off the clock. We would've been to a situation even Puerto intersection. Where there was only sixty seconds on the clock OK so great at forty got on the. Thank you rob did you enjoy this I enjoyed this oh. Where did you enjoy this I enjoy this I hope you enjoyed this really upset if you didn't. Are we OK. Okay in Europe. There. Everything that happens in football is about effort don't you know. Nothing else. Sixteen time bills I might show this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. City a 55 of the standings heading into Sunday's action the Buffalo Bills could abuse the big win over the Kansas City Chiefs. It would be easy playing at Arrowhead Stadium however the bills they did get that win limiting the chiefs to 236 yards total offense in a sixteen to ten Victor. Well we just focus on our process we do you heard me say before this recent trend moving allied different directions in in one season alone and and you can stay focused and stay together the longest that's what that's what happens through injuries through adversity you know we just to try to focus on that process and hanging together and that's who got to do move forward as well. That's Phil's head coach Sean McDermott well the bills' defense did their job limiting Alex Smith to 199 yards here a touchdown in a pick. The bills offense did their job putting up 268 yards of total offenses Tyrod Taylor goes nineteen and 29 for 83 yards. And a touchdown pass. To see Jones the bills now return home and away the New England Patriots February field kick off next Sunday's at 1 o'clock with her Kelso and sell on the call right here along the Buffalo Bills. Radio network asked for the patriots they get a 3517 win over the dolphins moved to nine into. And remain atop the AFC east standings elsewhere around the league Eagles blow up the bears' 313 to remain as yet l.'s best team pac ten and one. Julio Jones goes off today twelve receptions 253 yards and two touchdowns as the falcons they down the Buccaneers thirty or twenty. The titans get past the colts when he was sixteen and the browns they remain when was the staple the Bengals thirty. Sixteen currently an action right now around the NFL the Seahawks the lead the 49ers 73 San Francisco that we're about to had half time. The raiders holding a seven nothing lead over the Broncos think Samari Cooper nine yard touchdown. The rams. At the two minute warning leaving the seats seventeen to seven while the cardinals are thirteen nothing. On the jaguars got on about three minutes left to go in the second quarter this update is brought to buy north town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree that's north town automotive. I Briton Wilson for the Buffalo Bills radio network. I. We're focused on what we do. You know the adversity that these this team's been through here they pushed through these guys pushed through the coaches pushed through naked kind of together you know they invested. And that's that's where it starts now focusing on the process and this is not easy in the coming here and win against Kansas City and a well coached football team have been a lot of credit and his staff and from their players is a good football team and not to go on the road that we have in face adversity like we have and to push through like we did. Like our players and coaches that I thought was this. All right Sean McDermott pretty pumped up the bills are six and five and very much alive in the AFC playoff picture of that school. Baltimore. Two and defect even with the bills and ahead on ties if they win tomorrow night. At home against Houston lot of things have gone right for the bills this year. In the AFC. And it didn't change well we didn't change entirely. When they were on the but three game losing streak that ended today. You know we still have a conference where nine wins could or should do it. So Juan I don't Baltimore have to beat Houston is ball the ball correctly anybody. If they went three and three and last for fans. Fans that talk. Tend to be more negative about their own teams and other fans. And most transit talker many fans talk are always negative about their own teams was listening to a show this morning that that was make it for the Eagles. Worn out trying to want all the Eagles win. Because what they never won before which is you know meaningless. Like. Those of Baltimore if you if you were Baltimore fair how we are generally tend to be as things look pretty critical and partisan divide in the rolled in the history of the franchise if you're Baltimore fan. As you wore. You know as of as a bills fan would you feel like all we got this. I mean I don't know what they're they're not really go to also. Its value of the chargers the chiefs. If the chargers can blow past the chiefs in the chiefs continue to lose. That's good for the bills thirteen that they've beaten and they have the same record that's. And Oakland and Denver. Are on that list Cincinnati is a game behind the bills and they have a win over buffalo. So it's it's close. As we get to December and for the bills that's. Mean may be to a slight extent progress. Certainly different than it felt like yesterday because they were a big underdog today and one. 8030550. I might show bull dog is not here today he's listened to the show is probably. Feeling great. But we're not being your because of my performance. Let's see the who's next John as with a solo job. Yeah I'd like thank you take my call. Them alone time look they're doing now out of North Carolina. Then I got to conserve about why put the defense of coordinator. Sloppy LA last week. When they ran right through us like this live every everywhere and we're today. There was like a total different performance. You know Johnny got a lot of background noise so I got to cut you off by one or two reasons. One is van Peterman in the offense made it easy for LA putting them in great field position so there were some really short. Fields and it was an easy day overall and by the middle the second quarter of the game and really matter after that no other is you played a team that is better on offense than this one. So that's how it works you don't know that everybody you play is the same caliber. In Kansas City was hot. For the first 56 weeks and lately is ice cold. And the chargers are the reverse so while I'm. Those are my answers here is George actually George. I our. This is directly to allow arbitration would be it would be wrong. Sore in the rule what shall we don't you know we're not trust. The different about. Predecessors. Distraught. Are they are they were a little. In this. They say sure permanent and that didn't work out so good in the world quotes and prices. And they they want and I'll let. Does it not does that not though does it not is it at a reasonable question when you watched last week. To at least ask how he could've decided that. I just have to accept everything he does. Now that's what I know and that was their game and it got so special about it front we're definitely. You know they want they were or. Not it's like buying it I checked there. And I hate to order. About Robert. RBI. Well that's that's talking about and I'm talking about doing it her about talking about how we address is that which is its own conversation. Talking about the decision that was made I don't need him to explain it. I don't think there are strong they got a good or they got to the structure they could afford to get it forty because their back to below 500. Some outlet next week or so. Are well I tell us where oil. Got it structured building. They have a one next week yet let's let's let's let's hear this George respectfully blitzer at this point without giving them a win over New England. There's a Dutch. 06. I'll. Try to direct equity go all don't know what some sort so that's why we ought to talk oh right I. Like ours. Or strong about this. Out. I think saying that last week was a horrible call is about the easiest thing you could ever say about this NFL season. OK Rick what don't what was the worst call in the league this year. I've been abolition. You know let it play. And you know they're into local area here where Barack now they look. Shaun Hill they put Peter and then menu were cool way to. Because it was McDermott doing it. Packing at the yeah. That's like that's why is my problem is hard. I am trying to think critically in fact I'm not even trying to do it I'm doing it. I am not deciding before the thinking that the bills were right. And you the fans and the other guy the fan is deciding before the thinking that they were right and I'm not. So what you do what of what that guy does in these situations go well you can't know you who knows what's gonna happen. You know it's a little bit patronizing and it's easy and course like indisputable. That you don't know the future I'm not claiming to know the future. Just thinking like anybody else anybody that's not a bills fan would think it's like the simplest point of all time. To say but that was a mistake and many people around the country media you don't hear every fan. But media have done that and some out to certain bills fans that's controversial or even to be disputed. Not a great team. They haven't beat New England yet seven wins and seven win settlements is meaningless Tammy ten wins is meaningful. To get the time wins that would be meaningful if you're up early George going oh well I mean. It's all fine because. They could afford that loss he beat spat that out three times. If they could afford anything yet they can of you can't say that yet they have to get their first. Then you can say. It turns out that they were able to get away with it but it still would mean that it was right. Or six and five they didn't clinch anything today but he based that charger it closed down to what happens between. Vince. Can beyond. And if they fall short the charger game is up there forever. As a game that he's he's dubious. And you know that's a very controversial call. That's all. You know you have to be like me New York mr. France I'm trying to be right that's my thing. 8030550. 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Almost sixty years freed Mexico has combined the experience of a top 100 CPA firm with the support of a local firm watch Kevin Wilson talked trust at free Maxi dot com. The Buffalo Bills pregame show is being brought you by northwest make the switch to northwest. And give back to living quite Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance like you know Vera healthcare compare because you care visit they did a very different dot com by Jim Murphy. Buick GMC Jim Murphy cars dot com serving Western New York since 1985. By low seeing Ganges Buffalo's workers' health attorneys working hard for hard working western new Yorker. Stand by Catholic health. The region's first place team in health care quality and safety. After the week but requires they never worn out losers treatment. The way we play the last three weeks have incidents or if it wasn't just ask palpable force and we was able to win five. James early on so we're still in the playoff what we knew we were still undergoing today's game this is a big game for us and get on the road we know we have. A great team coming in next week. The good you're back home in front of all as he got to do. Or as usual mold bad place. The mistakes went away and the bills survived 1610 in Kansas City both the bills and chiefs are six and five. Setting up for kind of a fun possibility. Not as fun as like the playoff berth but. Still court his could be part of that attitude that the two draft picks but bill's pick in the chiefs pick in 2018 are consecutive. At a delicate this came up the other day and I said I had to think about that like what that would how that would matter what might be different but I never did. I feel like in fantasy football you don't wanna have or just you know and whenever fantasy. League you might be in the you don't really wanna have back to back picks. You if you. Wanna be able to trade picks or whatever like you'd rather have them spaced apart but maybe maybe it's meaningless. Let's get to the locker room locker report brought to you by your life storage. It's your life story with care the winning play down the stretch made by bill rookie true devious white. Just walk us through the last bleacher Davis what you see how it happened. This Robert mission and it caused bird man he put us in great he put us in great positions that make plays you know we've been watching him acclamation are leaking. Is likely to put out just what information they ran a route that he would throw it so. I knew it passed on him was his guy and I knew he was known title fight dubbed the tiger it was a really target opportunist and really let go off in his stuff underneath what was the key on the down to spend big plays man. That's because a guy like him they wanna get him the bonds based. In get a moment top and we did a great job would keep the got one of us in is everybody's has run into images tacking them as a group. What's the difference overall this is the performance similar to what we saw earlier in the season not the past three games. You know we have got a lot of guys do this problem is committed to open. Do the would have a be be sticking together not like you know cause Madonna doesn't adopt loses you know ten and that's the key continue to test. They're both classic continue to go that we want to have been some of them and they want to let you know we're gonna go on go up at the right time after like this time. But what does the win sent in three games Henri guys struggled what is that it was luck. Is you know is big you know anytime you get a win this league is is being to get on the road in the stadium like this gets a great team like that. And so because they don't know. After that you know is don't get us all know that momentum going you know go straight up. Oddly here actually coaches navy and a silent what was that like Kevin interception front and today this is a big deal in those pushing for Louisiana you know. From you know the plays well from you know to have things to happen to me like this is this is not is not an almost so whenever whenever they have this note to people. And good opportunity to showcase and do great days of my city it's Wimbledon. Today be as white nice player good story if momentum gets them over Brady that'll be a story. If you can be Brady because you got momentum. You know. To say nothing for the moment a male lacked before this game started I don't know it's like by at least for ever point you you can beat Brady did a great job that's next week. Patriots at bills three year old home you've got to get to nine wins mean right nine wins. Has changed like we lost three or all the bills lost three in a row and it became less and less interest thing in common to talk about your about people talking about the playoffs did up to the picture change. There was going to be nine. It started its season it needed to be time released from me like that's always the number ten wins a good year even if you missed. Or to say that ten and six is not a good season especially for these guys. So then 99 felt like I would be sufficient even may be eight but probably not so nine may be time but nine. Six and five. Hold to the patriots. Hold the colts. Hold the dolphins. At the patriots. At the dolphins lose the patriots twice win the others. Is nine and seven and I don't know right now if that. Would put them a better than 5050 to make it. Depends on mother teams you know the ravens for starters. The chargers and the chiefs are really interest me now Oakland's up fourteen nothing going to five and six a lot to look at since. But right now at nine. Beating Miami twice as though given losing to New England twice is not exactly a given it's likelier than beating Miami twice. But you know nine's good for what they were five and five what they are even at this moment nine's good. Is that a playoff season that remains to be seen. Thanks for listening here in buffalo he Geary takes over more post game talk bills over the chiefs sixteen to ten. Those view not aware in the area here in buffalo on Mondays we talked to Eric Wood and Sean McDermott. About the prior day's game maybe you'll join us I'm Mike show appreciate being with us this is Buffalo Bills football.