Week 12: Buffalo Bills Post-game (part 1)

Sunday, November 26th

The official Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show following the Bills' 16-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. Hi everybody the bills win in Kansas City. It's funny like. The season. Started pretty well but it was never so good. Bad. We thought collectively they would win in Kansas City like the season was never. At a point where it seemed right to think they would win today. Any good thing about the last month it. Of course also was never ran at that point right like they were never gonna win today. They were never gonna win today and that is the NFL. That is Jos the NFL the chiefs. Yes the bills but the chiefs are heard more. Reveal that he was thinking this way too. It's like they kneel the game out he's like. How this happened with Kansas City. And so when he where it says that a quote but he was he said something that showed that those were his cards and that's like. Let's meet tour right now how this happened with Kansas City five and older six and five the fact the bills have their draft pick. Just. Accentuates that it magnifies that well. Although it might be how your feeling and thinking what you're thinking about but that is the back story. To. This season and right now and what the standings look like. And the bills in the chiefs. Have the same record. Into December. That six and five. The bills at six and five take a one half game lead. Over Baltimore. For the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC. The chiefs fall to only a game ahead of the chargers chiefs were four known chiefs are five and oh the chargers were oh and four. And that is the NFL and do yourself a favor and not forget this next year. Right like every year people forget how early early years in the league Kansas City six in five. LA with a better point differential. Five and six Oakland yet to play today for six if Oakland beats Denver. Which at home they are favored to do. They'll also be a game behind the chiefs a team they have beaten. In the AFC west well this is pretty hot. Bulldog unfortunately is not here he's out sick today. I'm Mike show thanks for listening to the official bill's post game show. And this is super poll like this this game. Was what we do with a lot of games this time a year and you know last week's never got off the ground but it it's a sort of okay how old will this send in what. New excruciating. Fashion. Will this game and and with the bills today it was close it out what they did today was close it out. A stop and after a quick three and out another stop. And that's that sixteen to ten the final score now three straight home games New England. On the verge of closing out another win. In this one in this case it's against Miami either up by eighteen with the ball under two minutes ago. Indianapolis which lost today to Tennessee in the bulls be favored against Indianapolis that will not be favorites new England. And then Miami. In the bills of a good chance of being favored in the Cayman is Miami so. The bottom line the bottom line right now is this year not next year that is what is in the window this year and not next year sorry. So. Six and five. And you wanna get to eaten six after these three games you wanna get to eight and six. Leaving two road games. At new England and at Miami to a and it it is and it is always. Seemed. That nine in seven would work. In this AFC playoff picture and it's still does the ravens a half game out. That. Hole or at Houston tomorrow night. That whole game for Baltimore tomorrow night I just did I have to tell you I'm just. Realizing that I'm starting to take a serious interest in Matt in his home Houston. Without Shawn Watson of course at Baltimore. Tomorrow night is Baltimore tries to get to six and five this is another conference win. For the bills all they have left is conference games and that if you call back two weeks. To that New Orleans. Game. And a 47 to attend thrashing by the saints. Hey at least it's an NFC opponent. And chargers and in the chiefs are AFC opponents but it's just never was at this game it was the chargers game maybe. It was the jet game the week before the saint game on the road maybe it was never this game that the bills we're gonna take. And they did take it sixteen to ten buffalo six in five. Baltimore five and five Cincinnati. Which is also beaten the bills and the only chargers winners over the bills that five and six Oakland. And Houston is Weller is the jets and dolphins bolt of rumored down in their games the objective is not over. They're more than six now in the final few minutes a lot of time left actually for came this late in the day that four and six. So it is tight but it is is on for the bills. In the AFC. Playoff milled about mix this is the official Buffalo Bills post game show all of it to be a little bit excited. I'm Mike show the phone number is 8030550. Or 1888550. To 515. The express mart's stance of the game check it out express Smart not your average convenience store. Tyrod Taylor is you may have heard back in as starter. 19 for morning 9183. A touchdown pass to came early to say Jones no interceptions. No surprise. Taylor also rushing nine for 27 the first good play this game. Was with this with the game scoreless. Taylor. Escaping the raw she was pinned in as seen in the pocket or two times it's pretty common perimeter game to do this at least once. He gets away and throws to LeSean McCoy. For a first down pointed up four for thirty. As usual or at least this is a rare at the top of the list for the bills in receptions he may have been in targets to four for thirty in this game. McCoy gets them out near midfield they don't score on the drive they punt the chief school three and out she's by the gone three and out. Their first four possessions in this game early first down came only in the first half. They punt back in the bills end up scoring. For seven nothing in the and ten nothing. Early in this game so Taylor makes that very good player early. And ends up 1919 for 29183. A touchdown and OPEC's. McCoy 22 for 49 rushing. Four for thirty receiving Charles clay four for sixteen. No Kelvin Benjamin today. No. Well Jordan Matthews did play two for fifteen. Zeta-Jones three for 33 and a touchdown. Kansas Citicorp careened on eleven for seventeen. Again. Chiefs fans would say again. Nothing. Useful. From their running game Karim on who was one of the big stories in the league in the first month. Cannot. Really do much in the way of production here. From. Mid October at the latest on or stole air on eleven for 171 for nine receiving meaningless. Alex Smith five for 35 rushing. Tyreke kill seven for 41. Travis Kelsey always a threat three for 39. Like if you no matter what team you wore your pointing us Travis Kelsey you'll always take. Three for 39 chiefs' only touchdown pass to Albert Wilson. To get them from thirteen three. 213. Ten and they never led in this game. Why Sean McDermott for a he's ready. Okay we're going to start to open up the questions. The game Sean played tremendous little about the but their run defense is start we'll start their run defense was outstanding felt we played fundamentally good football and that's a credit the hard working guys have put in the coaches included that starts up front and and you go and from there and you talk about the third downs in the tackling. And you know obviously the big take with him was who was with the game sealer force that. You know that was that was a good defensive effort overall and teen and it came defensive effort so credits Leslie Frazier is that. If it on the senate seat of the country that. You guys. We're focused on hold while we do on the you know the adversity that these this team's been through. You know they pushed through these guys pushed through the coaches pushed through they they they've bonded together. And you know they invested and that's that's restart snow focusing on the process and this is not easy in the coming here and and now win against Kansas City you know well coached football team give a lot of credit and his staff and in their players is a good football team. And not too cold to go on the road like we have. And in face adversity like we have. In a push through like we did. Like our players and coaches that I thought was was phenomenal. Impact the tyrant you. But just overall today. Today. We played good team offense and we ran the ball well at times. Let Tyrod. Used his feet at times and then we had some critical third down conversions. Also drives. So there is this and get things going on there and image wasn't just one that was spread across the Athens which is it. Mean for you know it's not about you but you know it is your mentor and you've gotten to this. That means you. Personally I have learned a lot from him on and off the field and so. Any time you can you can be an Andy Reid coached football team you know that's saying something. You know they go back to. A lot of the things we do dialer from Andy and you know that's not gonna changing and he. He let out through blueprint for me for twelve years of how to do things right way. And that's why he is where he is in terms of the all time. Wins list I think he's top twelve top ten somewhere up there so that that doesn't happen by by mistake or by accident. There. Was there anything specific and I know first thing that you guys are winning creating some long that's for them but if they didn't convert in the first half. I don't we just we knew we had to do some things are first and second down. An order set ourselves up on third down again and Anderson favorable for us situations on third down and and an election that things will we did. All third and I thought we rushed better and we covered better with better techniques so situational football is being there down below. OK. Just. There that's the thing that can help you seem favorable field position. Mostly in have as big inning on number tens he's a weapon back there is a game changer. And so I thought our special teams is a great job in terms of creating field position for our offense or. Not giving their offense favorable field position in particular in the first half and that was date. You know Colton had a big game. In terms of the ball placement and the trust with where our coverage units were going on knowing that the ball would be there he put it right there in house. We had early deal but he came back and and you know he said he wanted to kick ready for half an email. Three game losing streak that you did you at any point feel. Like that could start with slipping away from you and if you guys were in a bit of trouble. Well we just focus on our process now that's what we do you've heard me say before is please gonna try and movie you know I different directions in in one season alone and and you can stay focused and stay together the longest that's what that's what happens through injuries through adversity. You know we just to try to stay focused on that process and hang together and and that's who got to do moving forward as well. There. Or. I'm focused on next game. Focus on the next game I mean this is thought we came out today on offense and get some good things I told you last week that I that I did the right thing for this football team and I believe that. And so what's important right now this is what just happened this week you're going next week and that's where we got to focus on. Well. Tires are quarterback for next week. What did you do better pitchers we. Whether good football team had just like in this team obviously there the world chance and you know until. Until until somebody else's world champs they're the reigning world champs. So we've got a lot to improve on from today. And we have to focus on that we've got obviously a healthy respect for. For the next opponent every week in this week opposite the defending world champs so we've got a lot of work. Forty film is watched here it leaked like it looked like your your secondary. And even linebackers were really good coverage he didn't seem to have too many opportunities out to go downfield. Anything special going on there in your coverage schemes today I really just overall better techniques fundamentals. Good communication pre snap in terms of terms of things going on before the snap we regained some things going there so I just saw two guys executed a and a great game plan by which ration. Usual. It just listen before you know like you know these guys. In the they had together and you know they and they know. They know in terms of people basically not giving them a chance and that that was the case at the beginning of the season. And that hasn't changed so there's a bunch of guys in the locker room with a lot of heart and character. And integrity and you know when you get those things together usually gets them the chance for something pretty good and I appreciate those guys and their leadership. Only got six of them well is this your signature win. To date. It's an excellent points and actually am focused on out of here right now enjoy this one for a little bit that. We've got a lot a lot of work to do an inning in the world champs coming in buffalo so you know got a lot of work. I thank you guessed it. Okay Shawmut hermit on Tyrod Taylor like. Today he was good this was a team away and if McDermott got a going around the Romans scratched. Process in blood and everybody's forehead I think he wouldn't like it just does not I've applied to give in. On what happened last week well he may never have to. Who's this is. Go win the unexpected win that last week wasn't an AFC game. To get shooter six and five to these home games. And they have a shot today it was a great day for them. 8030552. Your calls next we'll hear from at least one player as well sell a pot yo in the locker room. Bulldog is off today this is Mike show. It's the official Buffalo Bills post game show buffalo sixteen Kansas City ten. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Now these words from Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance computer execute twelve point four. Optimizing algorithm running encryption package help but tonight tonight. I don't feel so good what what is it computer is it hot in here it feels hot here I feel a little clip me. 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Beckett 500 in just on the outside looking in in the AFC playoff picture they needed a big win on the road over the struggling Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. And they got that win 1610. And snap a three game losing streak in the process the game got off to an ugly start with both teams not getting anything going on offense until late first quarter touchdown from Tyrod Taylor is a Jones. Second nine at the keys to living yard line used to seeing not run what's left rules out sets up fires down in the. It is what what the extent they did touchdown but the goal at eleven yards to spend time at Everton NATO. The bills added a pair field goals in the second quarter from Stephen house gun held a thirteen to three lead on the chiefs heading into halftime. The chiefs made things interesting to start the third quarter with a nineteen yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Albert Wilson. But the bills didn't falter from there they added another field goal from published in the third quarter and held on to a 1610 lead into the fourth. That she's had a couple of chances late in the game to take the lead on their first chance the bills to force a turnover on downs but less than three minutes played then after a builds upon previous white seals the victory with this interception. Do you shotguns and it did Alex Smith. Looks right quite. Think 34 and he's still on the right exactly what it's like Texas was right. Fifteen at the chances down the. The bills are now six and five in back in the playoff picture in a playoff spot for now in the AFC. They will next face the New England Patriots next Sunday from Europe field. Kicked off is that 1 o'clock next week right here along the Buffalo Bills radio network now let's take a look at the express hearts that the game expressed our check it out after average convenience store. Tyrod Taylor goes nineteen point nine for a hundred in 83 yards on the date and talk shot. Alex Smith for the chiefs went 23 of 36 for a 199 yards a touchdown and picked. On the ground Shawn McCoy carried the ball twenty times 49 yards and while. In the air. Charles clay had four catches for sixty yards NC Jones had three catches for 33 yards plus his first quarter touchdown as the defense they shut down the chiefs' offense allowing only 236. Yards total offense after three straight weeks getting gash. By their opponents around the NFL the chiefs they dollar dolphins in Foxboro 3517. They'll of course face bills next week sitting at 92 in the standings the Eagles they blow up the bears' 31 to three to remain the NFL's best team at ten and one. Julio Jones had quite the day for Atlanta with twelve receptions for 253. Yards and two touchdowns. They down the Buccaneers 34 to twenty the browns remain winless is they called the dangles thirty to sixteen the titans they down the colts in Indy twenty to sixteen and the Panthers they come up with a 3527 win. Over the New York Jets. On the road currently action around the NFL right now a couple of games just getting now underway as the jaguars and the cardinals are underway. In Arizona and elsewhere there at the seats in the rams are underway in LA knows where there. The raiders and Bucs and Broncos excuse me are under way in Oakland and knows where there in the only other game currently in action right now no score between the Seahawks and 49ers that one. Little under midway through the first quarter this game rap is brought to buy independent help for me every day to your unexpected independent helps Red Shirts are here to help. Ivory Wilson for the Buffalo Bills ready network. You shotguns and it did Alex Smith. Looks right but yeah. Exactly 25 putts there was. Right at the fifteenth at the ten. Is that it's not. Four inches ahead for the bills they 1610. Win the game Kansas City. No it feels to many bills fans that Kansas City is always like -- problem may be no team is better. Exemplifies. Or personifies the roadblock. Between the bills in the playoffs is New England in the division who was in the AFC. The bagels or it's the chiefs and the chiefs of play the both have but the chiefs have played the bills so many times and in big games that. Maybe don't feel like big gains in your a little bit away and there's Kansas City. Which doesn't get a lot of attention for great players or doesn't that that does that Tom Brady. Andy beat you when you lose the bills have actually knocked on his badly against the chiefs they have lost three in a row. Before today but. Five they've won five or six before that the chiefs a lot and they get this win today in Kansas City has to be wondering what happened. Two what looked like a dream season. A little bit more than a month ago. But that's their problem Kansas City six and five and the bills are gonna go to week thirteen and three straight home games. With a real chance. And I think that means that. Most of herb not most viewed us early many of you are tuning in to find out what the standings look like what the chances look like in the AFC well I know some of that. They're six and five a half game ahead of Baltimore which hosts Houston. On Monday Night Football tomorrow they'll be favored in that game I don't know the number. And the Bengals are five and six and the chargers who have beaten both of them have the chargers have beaten the bills are five and six. And the raiders who were hosting Denver right now or four and six and it's really really tight. Tennessee one Jacksonville. Has a league game in Arizona. It's just looked for a couple weeks back when it was OK to talk about this and it might be again okay to do that. The AFC south looks like it has a wildcard spot waiting for it. Both of those teams have the 49ers left on the schedule. One of them has the browns left on their schedule and be Jacksonville. So. Probably. One of the two AFC wildcard spots goes to the AFC south runner up be that the titans or the jaguars and the other. Now it's the ravens or it's the bills sports the chargers warts the chiefs. The dolphins lost the jets lost their bowl that's seven losses. Already near to play the dolphins twice so if it's going to be dammit can't be you wouldn't vice Versa. It's on again this game brings the playoffs back into consideration. And I for 1 am really happy about that. 8030550. Or 1888550. To 515 this is the official. Buffalo Bills post game show wanna get your calls. Right now here's Evan and next hello Evan. As much. And I think it's fair to criticize the coach whether they win or lose and I know you've been mentioned a couple times that you can't beat incoming orders conservative nature it's gonna cost someone in that last drive was brutal with the offense on the field basically just conceding upon want to burn the timeout. I hate debt from coaches and I was really just courtesy of our coach does that and dump them. And the other thing I wanted to mention your talk about what else's. I think there's a real chance at the bills are gonna go into week seventeen. When action this year I think if they can get to the next four. Arming go to Miami there's going to be some here where do they need to win. Perhaps Michael Wynne I think Baltimore played Cincinnati at home we seventeen so that's at this point that's all I want one out action and we seventeen. And I hide it may see Jake listen on the fights that the apple thanks. All right Evan well about that so we were six and five and I'm gonna probably wanna stop every time this kind of thing comes up and look at it. You're if you're a Tom. Six and five here and had mentioned the standings the ravens a half game behind the chiefs. Have the same record to lead the AFC west the chargers are deemed behind them and also you. And I've got. The only give you the three teams schedule also release of a wheel on that once. Kansas City NL label to leave out Oakland. The bills have beaten Oakland and there are more than a game behind their favored today to get to five and six today about whenever. Kansas City six in five think about it as you hear what you think they might end up that. At the jets. Are they favored there. Yeah I would think they're still favored dude it's probably no one of those. Coin flip games though so that's a maybe maybe not even at this point shots are. They're scrappy neutral field what do you do you put the chiefs is like a 45 point favorites are they a one or two point favorite as a housing wanted to do. While they just lost their at the giants last week go back to that stadium. Having lost 56. And will be able Holmes talking Kansas City after this game like if there was there was already well. So at the jets and if 30 at home the raiders the chargers and Miami. And then at Denver to and it sold. Nine win loses at least in the window for Kansas City LA. They get their head to head game it got the rounds at home. They've already won this week Thanksgiving in Dallas so they get the browns at home the Redskins at home rest and Chertoff the NFC is better than the AFC. Not a sure thing there at Kansas City at the jets so they both play the jets down the stretch. And then it's the raiders to the chargers have been they would do well to get to nine in seven that would be 41. Down the stretch here for for LA in Baltimore. Five and five home to Houston tomorrow night. Home to Detroit what is that. What is that point spread Detroit at Baltimore next on there we don't know what tomorrow night is yet but Detroit is decent the NFC is better at Pittsburgh. At Cleveland. Hold onto Indianapolis. That would be a Saturday afternoon. And will be favored there also with Brown's. And then home to Cincinnati. To when the season in Cincinnati at five and six is not. Yet dead so you have that. Chiefs and the chargers are one of them wins the division unless the raiders are making huge rally it's the bills it's the ravens the bang goals. For. The AFC west title and then one wildcard. If the AFC south runner up gets a wildcard to. Here's rob next to a robbed. They're my guys doing good arm. I got I thought I'd do it broke and we finished with a win today. Also the last caller mentioned it a part of what you thought about that's. I'll basically take it in me out of Alaska and the driver running the ball three times and also where is this defense in the last three weeks. Thanks so articulate. Well defense of Lee you played a team that is really struggling. And sometimes in the discussion name you know it'll local market about what is going on with your team. Inexplicably. Totally ignores who what is your plane you know when your playing bad teams back to back and you look good your defense is great. That's Carolina with what new more as early in the season and Denver with Trevor Ximian in the Atlanta. Which was relieved. Not not struggling then they were struggling going into that game but they were for a long after that game like. You know it just that was to the bills advantage. And then lately New Orleans is smoking everybody. And the chargers are kind of looking like they're capable of that too. So if today was more than that believe that's the next guy but it's certainly worth mentioning who you're playing. In Kansas City has been really struggling on offense they scored nine points against the giants. They scored nearly BP played badly in Dallas. And they they had a touchdown at the end of the first half on a fluke play it's almost all the generated. The whole game in Dallas. And so the bills walk in there and they can't run the ball on the really don't have marched downfield. And it ends up with ten points at home. That's you know not Citadel's didn't do well but that's part of the story at least and that's a part that gets overlooked. The the last offensive possession the bills had I hated it I mean I. I wanna win the game in the allowed the game at that point and I wanna do my most to get there because they got an underdog. Without maybe you had a terrible personal foul penalty called against buffalo. On that last Kansas City possession. Their favored to the better team in the game. By record at least by reputation in there the whole team I do not want the wraps. To have up up part. In the outcome of the fight. Pulled the ball to them there I think I sort of staring that down and there was that play where that could have happened. It didn't. Want tires I've Tyrod Taylor's my quarterback I want him I'll move. And the second down play was a problem with me first down is it LeSean McCoy handoff you know okay. Second and then I immediately to quick handoff to McCoy and I get nothing. And that's the play that I was upset about at the time I wanna see Taylor. In his strengths and that's department of big part of the conversation last few weeks is to the bills do their most to. Give him that luxury and they really don't. Right there I want Taylor running if I don't have an opening if I don't have an opportunity is gonna take in the I'm gonna end up. Sort of long anyway. Instead it's a McCoy handoff to take almost no time off the clock and they they couldn't have done much better. To limit how much time they spent in those three plays that actually is what happened. In order were all just quick plays quick tackles quick timeouts by the chiefs' third and long no matter what they do. I'm in trouble I mean I'm an underdog on that play and it ends up being a Tyrod Taylor quarterback draw the chiefs to doubtful for which is not surprising. So the second down play is. My issue. In those plays but what daughter's vote coach. We played the odds whether those are really yachts or not. They all say they played the odds they played it safe they took time off the clock in city used its timeouts but it plummeted and the chiefs could not yet. Down on the field for debut swipe with the interception. To clinch the game 1610. The final I'm Mike show Bulldog is not here today this is. Buffalo Bills football. He dismissed the 52 yarder this is 56 yards from the right man Steven announced yet. This man is Kidd is on the way this one's long enough spin this one. It gave the tip from 56 yard start a new streak for Steve announced yeah. Three more field goals for Steve announced today. Distances 3455. That one and 49. He missed from 52. On the attempt before this one just heard about. That was made with nine seconds left in the half they keep the bill C thirteen to three. Halftime lead and Mike show this is the post game show Bulldog is not here today. So thirteen three and a half or put a Twitter pull up and I think. Most people who would have voted on at the follow me on Twitter our bills fans so it felt like it was addressing bills fans were that. Will they win. They're up thirteen to three at halftime rule they went 54% chiefs who'll win 54% chiefs. And right up until last drivers is I guess our. Custom. How will this go terribly wrong. It did not go terribly wrong the kind of dried up until last few weeks in the apparently that's back. 8030550. Is the number late games one update Denver and Oakland. There was a fight in that game. Michael Crabtree for the raiders are key to leave all of the Broncos both ejected. Which. You know is interest thing from a football standpoint. Most people would care about that either are starting Michael Crabtree a defense team or playing against Michael Crabtree and their friends again support him down. Four. Put it in a red blooded you know in marker whatever they there's no way not even with replay there's no way for him to get back in that's a zero. Denver Oakland no score. Here is Robert. Post game show I Robert. They were gone on I don't want good. That left her eyes are Odyssey Daniel Bouton last August of that on the drive eat at me not as wet planet. And I'm McCoy. Bicker back and you are for who dark secret. Literally on for twelve to separate out down at them and bond picture back yard field. And now my second point barrier that we're actually aren't all that ink I was so mad my wife that they want they want they want Panama and Hank. You watch the end. Not good really good or yet could I diplomat on your car note how great he Albert bell and I. Your dog a Palestinian. Part and all your blogs 2007. Yup and I got your recall again that that won't be so many times our officiating call. Clean that Colbert shall hit and what are they don't want on the deal and I'm like wow MacKey a there's a guy that incompetent or you can people and I the all are hoping that incompetent by the that the eight official with that at all lead to be a Q. You people unofficial and they're back courses in there and very easily opt. On the in her very well. The literally all pac called a lot of people say well you should put white earlier which is true. Well hacked and I thought inter extremely well we're back in the world a little flag and and what should happen is they should be repealed. And it should be buying or. And that that would patrol and an official and the like literally I'm so cricket like it was a clean at aunt Christine it was not like. Okay well what about the clean is suitable time but it probably was a bad call and it doesn't occur to me to think in those moments that officials are being paid off to like you wanna. Make a case that they are but then you know that that sounds crazy and also why would you watch sports if you thought. The game for fix it that would be really dumb and people would think that about you when you wouldn't want them think that about you. I think that mistakes are part of sports they're part of life and that was pretty bad it did not cost them anything. In the end the chiefs still had to go half the field and they couldn't do it thank you Robert I hear is Zach Nextel Zach. I did though and I'm fine. I ought to be Thanksgiving. I just wanna tell you that I am personally thankful for 21 at bat. My thoughts and and keep it in the bottom right over am having to pick her up. And less than before heading out most of you that the say can you please put me in the had Rick that's then. I'm glad you guys these are trying to make things than just being China is BB edit. When OJ thing banks boost ratings. Like by having the game stay close is if the bills are just this is like nothing to them to throw the ball over the top of you. They are built to be a conservative. Running oriented team and when you are that. Late in games that you're ahead it is it should not be surprising to anyone that they behave like what they were meant to be. It's not about believe it or not it's not about keeping your attention. It's about. Winning and I don't like it I wanna be more aggressive I want my teams to throw all the time their a good passing play is a winter but director. Bet that a good running plot a that's all I wanna be but football deals in the bad they DOE and the announcers just you talk if you listen for a you can hear all the time. Dissolving talkers are coaches talk. It's about what if this thing goes wrong so you have let's run it let's be more conservative. Did not end up. Being a problem for the pills as they made the play at the end and winning in a game that was low scoring and is the kind of game that. Conservative. Minds hold up as why you do these things. Hey we punted what are you wanna do say it's in my face we punted say it's a MySpace. So sixteenth time it's a no it's hard to believe but that is not for ratings. Here's cal next I come. They hit that would. I'm fine can hear me pretty good. Pretty good actually excellent okay good step what I try to take my call have a couple but a couple of outs and they can that like to make certain forward. It was great to see their defense belt out that was. Such a very strong talent perform. Granted that she'd have been leery but what better. Remedy what struggling teen then to have a struggling team that they'll come into account and actual whole place vice Versa deepest. Do yet sit in the comments. And played a way to get that collective king of the deepest and soccer are already flying around making tackles taken place. Release Saban also. Created will. Isn't that what it looks like we're playing it seemed that can't do much we are or were you did you really think you watch the build on defense you watch them very closely I'm sure count. You really think like the defense is different. From last week and the week before that because what the what do they do differently except play a team that was bad. Well I think without playmaker and that they actually get one act they've played this scene. They plurality in eight tackles they got back to fundamentals it's quite apparent they look like the scene that we saw earlier when the bill called dot. OK I think they look like a team that played a team that can't score. Well that that's more perspective and I'm not good disagree that your view you're entitled to a but I I'm given how they play according idiot king. Cool bloom no word we'll have that moment I thought they bounced back and they need it no matter what your plan against their case they have plate made there that are enacting PK QQ. And that fact that they were able to hold the notes are. I think should give them a measure of confidence. You could have playmakers they have no more than three if you can find me a team that has fewer than three people you would call play makers let me know. Mix up the bills the bills might have to buck. The chargers last week or the chargers described his team has more to play makers and I'm one broadcasters tried to tell you the playmaker for a nickel and think of the names like. I wish they had they had you know there are other good rookie hot. Alex was a lower back held Kelsey that's a Republican they placed it on the planet let me say this and that may also about the piece that. And that could be commented on the market to offset Rick Dennison in a plot okay that fact that we went. As port is open eight open iron second half on third down conversion the world particularly galling was sequence in which we actually. Straight series will win out or sort of shorten could convert third line. Turn three started to. We have put us all back in about forty Larry that I don't know what name we have put him at dinner until that information. Last week they brought a lot of persecuted and caught a screen pass political editor that yeah we'll get an inability used. Personable and properly. Is 88 huge talent for the pot. What they use him last week in about a ball bounced off his hands and was its turn into a touchdown so late why wouldn't a coach think what's not do that is often. When game that was that they would have brought in first place you don't put a lot of Peru and. Okay so what's the problem using him in the first place are not using them. It put that it will back a block or part of one. As well I don't alerted to we could've probably converted several third out and we used to power. He didn't use them that Kampala about the lack of regular that would slash and in eagle it Catholics eighty typically Atlanta has that you have to use your personnel grouping that. Okay well you know noted. They would they won this game anyway thank you can 1610 bills I might show Bulldog is not here this is Buffalo Bills football.