Week 11: Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Chargers Highlights

Sunday, November 19th

Hear what you missed in another very ugly loss for the Buffalo Bills.


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Click to make them for them down the middle Mike got infected with the puck support by far the chargers territory right now. At the chargers 45 yard line and what your pick up tackle by Phillips that might play there part and a man down for the bill. There's not enough to look at Calvin and didn't play action fake you. Right points short hopping it. In the buffalo territory the thirty. And thrown more touchdowns and yardage to point right. Almost now the kick and the way it is not it is good. And it is seven and up the chargers leading the Buffalo Bills with a 1144. Left to play in this first quarter native and out of the shotgun. Pressure linked it downfield it. Intercepted intercepted by Casey Hayward was the flag on the play they were gathered himself gets up right around the thirty feet right now that the 31 yard line a couple of drives start. Their own 36 straight and seven not the first quarter and snatch him and to top ten in the points. The chargers territory at the forty stops and starts inside the thirty and it brought down at that point seven yeah. Let's not applied got loose the manual climate. A big Gator perk but Shawn McCoy the bull market and the chargers 271. Down buffalo at the chargers 27 they're gonna run a quick game. On the pitch let's not second. And let's not let our public lives. Buffalo if you stick is on the way it is I mean it's good. And just like there. The bills are tied. With the walks into the chargers. 87 to seven with nine note to. Let the play in the first quarter more than ten Buffett went to a report. Count like three in the in the front yard line but not like Craig Watson. What's the down the road. I've Jolie posed to the minute when they hit on me. We can't put that program for the record companies got to be more careful with the proforma fleet first quarter interceptions and eight. Rivers looks Myers now in the he writes not for. This kick is on the way. Good will start from zero. Fourteen yard line it's not deployed in. The buffalo back field created tickled to move into the left side. Interception first and goal of the two. Gordon in the backfield as rivers wanted shotguns got two receivers often swept into the right. Stick on either side but throwing on first down that's outside my putt and have a friend died. Now he's kicked is on the way anything. As good if Nathan Peter arena had a nightmare about who's present at the start it would probably look like this then there's no question about it and they need to. You couldn't scripted it any worse for Nathan needed immediately got through a bulletin for nick Novak. From the right hash the sun off his left shoulder the sun will be issued here. Novak we'll tip is on the way yeah. He's good returns with a throw it looking at Alan planners now feel we got the good with the wanted to build weaving through traffic inside the fifteen and then down to the ground at the buffalo nine yard line that's a thirty yard game Leonard Johnson brought down Keenan Allen mark. He has been. All over the Buffalo Bills and rivers takes the stand is an important carts outside public chase them down to the far side of the court perfect corner exit. End zone for the touchdown. Beckett is on the way and it goes through. Upright with the extra point. You it is ugly here in Carson California with the chargers on top of those 3040 seven's so 109 left to play. In this firsthand and Peter was going no model years got 46 seconds left who threw two timeouts left the mishap. Listening to me. Looks stepped up. Miers and other went down about cypress point is intercepted just want it picked up by Trevor what it sounded far sideline. And he goes down in about 347 yard line chargers have a couple of 23. Spread it out here we two receivers left side rivers goes to the right see this one caught Mike Keenan Allen and drive sport gets inside the 1058 yard line. It's a fifteen yard pick up fourteen and Alan. Tackle made by previous white community 28 yard field goal attempt or nick Novak. Lot of the crowd and buffalo fans were here. The way was up when it's 40%. Tyrod went downhill putt putt Charles blades got the first down he dragged down to the ground. Los Angeles 33 yard line but timing the stock first down with a build homes in the fifty yard field with a tip is on the way it is not. Let's give the bills can convert on fourth down fourth and fourth from. 043. And do. Chopped out of the hands of time right David Wright Joey both of them behind Melvin Ingram scooped it up at stores open. To this point we'll saint. Another way. The person. Work and put checkpoints at times. What's on the floor it was open. And he scores the touchdown. He's good first down. Los Angeles at the buffalo 2103. Left in the game. Connect their security fight frees up the middle of it. Seven play. 21 yard touchdown run by the rookie Austin. And here's what's going nowhere. News good. What's third and goal from the two. I think singing about. Could south right. Tyrod Taylor of the read option play and think he had gone to the point kept himself granted from two yards no touchdowns buffalo. How's your with the 33 yard extra point attempt. This kid is on the way.