Week 10: New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills

Sunday, November 12th


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Curtis won the center. Equipment at this morning at 630. Its territory but the city thirty. A 36 yard run outlets on the big stick with them the full time it looks like he's been. It puts down territory after the war since nineteen yard line at thirteen yard pickup. The rookie safety Marcus Morgan's rundown previously announced in for a 37 yard field goal to tip from the right hands. It's the tunnel sides and it is downtown streets tickets on the way it is the it is good. And the bills take the lead is going on their personal attention that's been rerouted here. 1058 left first quarter the bills on top three enough that I'm. Ten. Takes him first and goal from the one tax in the these seeds I don't think Wimbledon it's not like. Touchdown or. Marking. With his fifth touchdown of the season we'll Watson and the extra point he gets in the way and it is good filled second and five for the saints. Music over the and now and spirited thirteen. The greens make the throw but it's. Both want more points. Territory except the buffalo when he brought the buffalo 21 yard line up thirty picked up on third and thirteen and home. Recently sent him. It is lesson out of bounds. At the three yard line the tackle by Micah Hyde. First down New Orleans a nine yard pickup on the pitch to Alvin Camara. Two receivers left side. Sticks it on red tape waiting for the end zone. Great hang time one yard T. Victory tonight across the now the seventeen yard line. It's taken a big collision. The wall maybe in the some distress here for the saints back of the sixteen yard line up big hit. To bring down printed today in the air tending to the saints player who made the tackle. We. Alexander shot through their big break tackled and held. Three sixes then. It's certainly can't quite. We wrapped up in stopping the five yard line check Lawson. Who helped limit the Clyde Morris in the the right children. I'm Michael Tomlinson. And he goes out of bounds at 42 yard line first down New Orleans street why don't adhere to the left and under the right tomorrow in the the five. Good reason the I 75 yard scoring drive. It took five minutes and twenty seconds off the second o'clock six touchdown of the year for the rookie Calvin tomorrow and his fourth round. Point it's up and we'll let us meals it. You in the saints are rolling now 940 that third quarter New Orleans not topped one recorded three Smith and I. Looks down a little fired down a little bottled. The big defensive lineman who. And who sat quietly. It is ranked into extracted the coverage a couple of times. The last play in this one this time the Bobble that's quite Charles play went right into the hands of children rankings. He brought it all went down with a three yard line snapped. Who prize the middle. We're still fighting nativity. There's a flag on the play. Mark Ingram does he have his third touchdown of the afternoon. Let's see what's in the play games. Declined. Three yard touchdown run his third today. In the six or corn and on the big minutes and 24 seconds left to play in the third quarter birdied thirteen builds from there 22. Their takes its. Five yards short of the first known Mark Taylor Robertson on the stock who's gonna have to punt away again in the second one seat sit through 36. Ingram back in the new Orleans back if you look at the column the left side and find some room speeds away from the tackle by the rest of ground around them. At the New Orleans 45 yard line and nine yard pick up and another woman's first down. The snap tomorrow at this time. The scope of the problem like high. Near buffalo territory at the bills forty yard line tech at fifteen more skirts down seats at the buffalo forty Tamara on the run over the right side. Rolls down to the ground picked himself up and picked up another person down. Works its way down to the buffalo 28 yards on twelve more yards cover Yarborough in America it time to roll into the ground. Without being contacted picked himself up picked up about seven more yards to Mars descent back here. Greens. Evil pivot to a over the right side up that's up the middle it's inside the tent. And they finally dragged down around the shoulders by now Williams with heavily he's got enough for a first down he does its first and goal at the seven. The saints started that there's six. Now he's gonna throw it from the seven yard line out of the shotgun what's what's up what's kept away from pressure still don't feel. Injury to wolverines a seven yard scramble for the rushing touchdown. All the way down the field. 94 yards on the ground for the saints. Millions. And tonight we. None around the ring won't buy a lot of sinks into taken over this ground extra point. Is that what is it is good. And it is it is a mess it is 47 to three. The seats. Beat the Buffalo Bills with three or four left to play buffalo on it right here there's not going to be much but they Vietnamese looked pretty good with some throw here. He's at the controls now he's got to first and goal at the seven yard line. The rookie from Pitt takes us back to throw books must now wait expires. It's caught. Touchdown he found that O'Leary two yards deepening its own. Touchdown buffalo they quietly at the end zone with a bid at 54 left to play in the game clock showed zero as the team's meeting that midfield and it's the final. The states hammer the Buffalo Bills players or 47 to ten.