WE DID IT! Brian Gionta is an Amerk!

Tuesday, January 30th

It may only be for one day, but Brian Gionta will be a Rochester American this Friday at the Blue Cross Arena (2/2/18)

To talk about his upcoming debut and the 2018 Olympics, Brian joined The Break Room to discuss his excitement:


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Amanda who's say she would flame thrower is odor are over we are so great economic. Captain of three NHL franchises. Stanley Cup champions soon to be captain CB USA I get all the job. Italy that they hit song written about him while only heard here in the break room. Team right now it's. In June then play. Well I don't see. A little mom. Joining that's the right group setting up for his hometown about serving your country too is that at all all kinds American Brian Gionta joins us the break radio body. Good guy now I know Eva that song stuck in your head all the time how many copies should be sent to your house for your weight and I'm. Thought I could put it altogether and only a couple of so. Although I have all compilation you're. I ride we'll get to the Olympics the second but the amateur make the announcement yesterday that you're scheduled to play Friday night gets Toronto Marlys right here in Rochester embarks dot com for your tickets. I know that you've done there's not much more you can do as a hockey player that you done but I don't think people understand how much it means to you that you be playing for your hometown hockey team on Friday. They'll be pretty cool it's never happened before obviously rule in ought to certainly watching hammers them in so. The political experience. And it just. You know the average having great kilometers he wisdom and integrity and you look at the this just like Randy said yesterday and Google final out before program went. I don't you see a torture career you have friends and family members and he took for tickets when they're in the city that your enlightening. Wednesday night got all your family here Brian and works tickets are very affordable are you judging people that are asking you for a free ten dollar tickets of the game on Friday night. Well all law Monroe portrait now so Tom thanks coming to see patriots. They're cut awful ribeiro did shatter I don't know I haven't in he killed her contract thirteenth so well when there's the ticket and their their. You actually decide if physical contract for Friday. You do it it's. Out of all the liabilities stuff like that you got to Julia I'm one that's life. One game each year over you to sign that contract president. The Olympics captain of team USA was clearly the worst kept secret ever when they announced it at the winter classic couple weeks back. You go to South Korea and I know it's huge honor but I mean does it you look globally there're some things happening in that area that are great right now. Talk about it immediate. I lowered I don't Saturday apparently go. Your big Family Guy you kids might be very much did you have to sell your wife on her lady you go to South Korean play hockey. No not at all what in Celeron let me go on you know she wanted to go really bad. More error indicated it you know if it makes sense it on the fly over and be part of it. Dad just a lot of there's a lot of no security issues just a lot of logistics are a lot older and places this day we're not easy come by so once we got into it a bit on. You know I got smothered them legal over that it would have been pretty hard on her to treat the particular. Also world. Captain the team USA new rights to American right yet to hang it out with a C in the break room on CMF are so much of the safety think heads as the US Olympic Committee like. You get to go to a drilled they have public something you have to read about what happens if something goes down late opener. No matter if they if they had no security concerns obviously with the Olympic is heightened security. But you know there are incompetent contact with speak. The apartment and you know there's no security issues. At the army air. Bring Irish right there are on the border means you've got like 35000. Soldiers that that's that's gonna sit with you and Brian you're salute to ground something happened he put ourselves our. Oh so you gotta be ready for North Korea to news. What used to could have that. And so you had your opportunities to play the NHL this season the two passed on it so he wouldn't have to move your family again. I mean knowing that these could still be you play in the NHL this season has it been hard. I've been able to watch any NHL hockey. I've been able watch it it. Then art at times bomb wrecked you know when you haven't been able to do some of the stuff but done this year and you know. Fifteen years certificate have been alive so. Being able to go to their stuff quote men and hockey year or soccer in. Eric go to their school events around stop by I'd missed all they are they're all for all the holidays this year stuff I have general or prolong our. Just circle where you coach your kids' hockey team. And they are Jozy got adults that is. I've an atomic Alonso didn't Brian Tommy came out to my daughter's hockey game as Graham so. If all of Umbria might go to the break I got like just plain old Jim who works paychecks totaling kid and then my other the team's got Brian Gionta across from that. I'm pretty pissed Bryant that's not fair. All right sir Paul part of the gate does have a little more experience than begat. Expert. Everybody gonna tell a five year old any. I mean I gonna have like. And captain of the sabres late. Teaching you can have five. The Dallas and anyone like my tickets are five year old anything like to be lucky proprietors to coach like it's hockey team that's Jews moved he has to say the I'd I betcha it's a disadvantage of any other rubio there. Ordered not at that. President say they're five and they got a little little racism is a coconut. A content to be sick human. Voters daddy's. Or so ago where pressure not. Not say who doesn't like a home who is the wife has everything they get the routine down deep and now he's error screwed up to retain a trooper. At all actually it's been. Pretty good we got a little we reset up in your routine so yeah appreciating. She's that happy about that tomorrow. Melvin flex their new routine everybody lives in a routine you showed up now. You're big hockey load to sit around moon do who knew charts open and how. How what do you do run out of gas like one's skill. It's eight you're useless around that I mean he's she would tell you bride right it's sexy to you right. Dollar and I hit that you let me tell you how we got the predators notably with it and number. To get TD let's say suit up for the rights to Americans this Friday night and Merck's dot com for you or Terex that are. I got my tickets immediately when I saw that tweet yesterday monitor editor. I'm cruel and I'm excited to see it got much play it from my count up my whole life playing mountain to group okay. Auto gonna make a better sign. If I'm wrong. I don't know it's a sensitive about the sign. So she last year browns play the sabres entered Stella and my seven year old cute and she wanted she did this herself I helped the scientists are right she took a picture Bryant. At a picture per play hockey and a sites it almost as tall as Brian Gionta. Is she said. And Bryan for some reason and goes on him a letter as of the. The game up yet exactly what was at all. Bryant just two very breakage to accept her mother she can open it open and with the I. Still like rates haven't played the NHL's since the endless season. Are people still stop you on the street even if you'd that really played professional hockey anymore. That they are. At some pop in buffalo and all the people are great appeared so there's a big hockey area much like brought to search certain value are still built in the same thing rushers. It has to lead to some awkward conversation right because like people view your fan favorite between a dairy porcelain what do you say like I. I liked watching you or lake. To have people go to still be out there are meant to be Dick you rate. Hidden in a it's the that in business your body produces a lot and up to me that's about it. Little nibbling the suits. Pick it obscenity you know there are here you got here and bring call. How you can do critic. I try to when he officially taken off the South Korea. Our next. Guy and he gains officially start the week after that. Yeah we are bursting into fourteen soul fly over it there on the age. Aren't their opening ceremonies and we're practice in nine and 111213. Demand game on fourteen. But from hockey yes but Brent this has to be almost impossible I mean you've been around long enough where you have played with or know most of the guys at the professional hockey yet a lot of these guys on this. Olympic roster because the any children play and they're really young guys like I mean what do you know what four or five guys personally. Yeah I mean I don't know I had one game is yours yet lately the Montreal perceive it. Besides that I'd just up and all the guys and I went over to Germany November. They're they're younger irons so what it really crossed as he marked with him. Along the way so they're more money younger brother state so he played with a bunch of room. Against the bucks or and so are other more from new month. Well listen if you need any help call me ideally young people every day it is very difficult to keep the lines of just let me know if you need any help. Our original. You deleted I don't know what everybody knows he's up against it was a real Smart ass again they're Smart as the days they sass mouth against. They think they know they'll smirk and jerk Gil de trust me you get enough how to deal. Get a crack the whip. Certainly secure and assessing a deal when you put practices over just leave. And they'll come out I'm. It's yet elegant figured out there at the learn how to do you it's marketed leads by example you show up to evidence for the show's star as my two minutes after the show you know and everybody raising your Purdue over the you'll learn how to do OK thank you for that. Thank you. Server are gonna plush pricey that candidate team USA played your rights are Americans Friday night at the blue cross arena and it works dot com for tickets are so. Bryant is this it. Like after the Olympics is it all done you'd out becoming a private citizen that's just some regular Jimoh. God taught me well we'll see whether operatives are out there there's the off later. Join the team after the season Europe after the Olympics were in dispute so. He would teams are out there and kind of maker decision. Okay all right so you're saying though are we talking like an NHL franchise potentially we talked in the rest of the season with the earmarks I mean is this something. I even below. Oh yeah. An adult couple NHL teams and so we'll see where. Rebecca rose. It subject and it's so easy hey do we have a shot at this thing earlier it would but it would look at where it's legal I mean imagine it's literally ran it want to learn hey I. Lot like the old days it was like the red army and they crushed everybody been down this is old difference on this and one of the guys here. I. Or note that the that the opinion. Ruptured to be pretty girder. Olympic athletes from Russia have excellent. Console that they'll be pretty good and besides that it's it's up in the journal and really man and get that much. Yeah it is weird like this Canadian team to there'll names you've heard before but the and you haven't heard like ten years and yeah couple former sabres are that Canadian roster. I'll be honest right I was upset the NHL as were Golan but is this is getting closer it's all these dangerous day OK Larry field. Malicious Santos says they're going to be exciting to watch. It should be I mean it is still good rebel ought to all these guys. 90%. Spent time in the NHL some pointers. But all good players. Can you talk about the game times over only the start like. 10 o'clock at night on the third day in a two way AM on Wednesday late to fix. Not that there's guys that we'd better and we do. At 7 AM back here at nine entitled there so sealed an excellent and a long day native waiter around this is intimately sealed records. And government. Right we're really. We really appreciate the time and everybody embarks hockey or exceed average that copy tickets to seabright play Friday night end. It do we get to touch gold medal if you win and keep you forget and we could see it. I think that so personal question. They can't fund or guys. For Christmas it's dangling and you can't touch it.