A Very Sexy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 22nd

We don't understand who has time to do this on Thanksgiving, but people are still getting it on, and babies are being made!


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Based travel stuff you going somewhere else to clean your house and it's a holiday for you did. Thanksgiving do you think sexy. No right source un sexy holiday there is OK Elaine thank you write can dress up as I guess sex these. Mrs. Claus or we can address of his sexy Thanksgiving mall pilgrims who ended. There's even make that out that if they ever received sexy older sexy sexy everything. Are we Google's it to complete. Look if you want me to but you're sales. Eddie usually Thanksgiving you your fat tired after race after its all of you anticipate. Glut and bloated data rate you watched you watch football and you eat well it turns out of all holidays and Thanksgiving is the most likely for you to conceive a child. How I don't know I mean you rushed old days people in the house what do you bang you stuff to deter deter and stop that are so they didn't study ever do is still put all over the place in his studies 5000 people who conceived children on holiday and Thanksgiving was the most popular at 70% downsized a close second to that point three that. Think it. Well because they did I sit at the border that's an official Boehner holiday go even further like you guys said what does the gluttony all the food you tyrants packed with stress right now there's a lot of people around for a long time by the way you're probably either. You also probably drunk because yeah beat. But you were conceiving children on Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. Doesn't make any sense here right away the weirdest part of the seven holiday is used in the study the energy came in last seventh place. Where because everybody is still wasted yet Sunday. I eat at you. And again Elaine Levin to. So it sounds Lou. So if there. It raises the question why why why Thanksgiving are women he sold within hornet. Maybe seven a Turkey okay pleased horse acts the applause show. Please never received quickly hornet a distorted periods but that's the way yourself but maybe what's the did they chemical and Turkey was tryptophan yeah. Maybe it gets her horn. Or tired. Please go back that we receive originally is go to the kidneys are good stuff and no I could help me stove top 350. That and the stuff. It may be deeper than. It's not that she's horny from the tryptophan in the Turkey does what makes women feel sexy is quite slow getting her mom on. We believe it is wrong the whole time we go out wives laundry we take much to eat dinner it turns out preparing. Me mom gets the most yet. Yeah yeah I will say I don't know if this is the thing that the only time I've ever seen a dead due dishes. Is on Thanksgiving tell among cleanup. Law so 'cause she likes having everybody home under her roost. You know me and roof but maybe you'd take John regulate that whole leg nesting. Dinged than women like to do like everybody's under my control. All the kids are home and was romantically speaking sushi is now the answer. She got is that day like she runs this show. A severe conceiving children you probably don't hosting Thanksgiving usually goes to an elder persons Erie or going somewhere around yes. Right there conceding joke that's what this is again the most likely the polity to conceive a child on Thanksgiving doesn't make any sense but keep it might be out of something marries as the men. You are forced to contribute something to Thanksgiving gotten and maybe turn your way model. Because I beat a dead probably does a lot of it to avoid the family but she does way more chores and stuff like that weighing. It's all over site may be that could be a thing that most guys do they say it right on. A scary you know that holiday weekend just says the holiday you're mostly because he which I'll tell you got a couple days here to get to bone on Bryant yeah. Thanksgiving edges and on things like if you are born and August early September you might be a Thanksgiving baby in the agency big baby boom in August and September. On the July cared. Wasn't. Was I think you were that maybe we parents that they were don't have babies really are no that's usually yes but let my daughter was born. The September aren't trying to think I'd. Holiday event will let them all and so you had juror which would challenge you conceive in my house that would be Stella and she was born in early August. OK so that would know she was Halloween and I know him because it was runner. As a he banged the number your my house it was around Halloween and I was that amounts to. Whenever your schedule and so wants to make it known that it was that is out now even those. We index ago we received my first child he'd get his bed which is probably some kind of weird is Mary's baby think that it's a dollar. QB does nothing but the Pillsbury. President hi I don't like you were audio despite Alex so. Just now. Which we learned first together that early Mary knew it was go to Delaware. For Thanksgiving. Bird seed waits to secure get a bang down heir apparent betrayal I must focus on is pitched September 10 is a brand. On as a group it's sex all are likely to have sex. Relative's house is now account for women now they know at leading agencies like complete opposite. When it comes to that and there's nothing women out there to did you 6000 there's nothing about that eggs exit childhood bedroom it doesn't foreign. Now on. Pictures David kiss he got rested solely vastly less than I did it usually don't like to take direct and road very much unless it's like you know hotel room far corporal way be ready to go to another galaxy. I guess is a hotel maybe a bit like our home court advantage of on sex. Were guys can just do it on this side of the road other gets a lamppost we don't care a whole quarter. The crowd cheering drier celibate and you know your stoppage you know your sheets this Markota people regularly and I feel. Gearing your little naps yet you now yet. This union armies of strangers as bed you know monitor for you let her beat her bad like it yet. You know going to get his point about Howell EU we is meant to weed stuff turns waves on the right list the seven holidays is to actually be something different states is one number one can see a royal bank and yet. Of wealth and taste to make sense Christmas is three another holiday Wear is made your fort UK's approval sexy sucked and you know and force conditions on Christmas. Rain take your which are also doing stuff for the kids yet also turns around if you get new data on fourth of July. Before we and that's all that stuff let your near Grilli so yeah yeah that's up Halloween is five you're taking kids out torture perjury but she's also she QBs Florida. Memorial Day is six dogs are out of that. Yet that's who it is a timeout didn't really taking a taste yeah it is unclear late the only time Christine your couple having sex outside. Will close my neighbor is on Memorial Day ago they probably got into broad daylight. Memorial but we feel like. Presidents day or Martin Luther King. Well they didn't do. The black. Holidays. For black people is. More than usually one of Priscilla you got Black History Month ICL got a whole month who's been and you get doctor king day right so. He got you got more dollars in realized so I've made maybe by people do moron and corrupting naked you're off and on big international I don't think that's appropriate only channel that you turned on the coverage of Dr. Martin Luther King. At least you shouldn't all right now let me you're on you're doing things together are OK you know. Did you black L and now it's. It's forty all stop them now hi. Tides which had a dream. Maybe use in itself it now. That you are these information gentlemen your life on the period of I don't know if you want you don't want a baby Noah if you want any great but this at least it looks like you're going to be to get into kooky judge speaks to maybe let's look at that baby thing sure. Careful. Got a nice and I saw trinity and I hit it lest there at nine months later you get into the mouth defeat nobody can on the pill you take precaution and if you easiest screen at a yes. I've. As they sit here and I told your old daughter was conceded a bit. Always it is.