A Vegetarian Request

Friday, July 13th

When hosting a cook out, how concerned are you with the dietary requests of your guests?

Is Duffy right to put his foot down in this situation?.

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There's a difference between asking and demand and pushed trying to make someone feel welcome can only goes so full. You just can't make everyone happy. Began to feel included right in the dead always by each and every temperature to make everybody happy you make yourself miserable. Remember that sometimes you just have to tell that person go to now. And my wife's friend's big mouth and horrible attitude that has caused everybody says is its own operatives are god. Oh what she did all right yeah break but it's classic rock is expire at BC and apple so happy new grill for fault and I tastes pretty excited to get to work with. You could still be your right. We've been so busy the last few weeks we used the missing grilling season broke out such a happy about it but it decides we need to Christen the new grills and he says we have as a people go out on Sunday. And she means her friends and care but that's fine I cant. If she's got the highway. A pretty up friends you get them though in friends it'd you know they'll just eat anything I yeah you're right. It's high and rich company class. Love that kind of goes hand and an array of sources that memorial critically sophisticated pal Kent. Betty right near term mode and he got from down Sunday is my cheat I look forward to Sunday every area though and there are these new hamburgers I've been see I wanna try and make and they're creamed cheese stuffed garlic burgers Ewing. Due at the cream cheese and have in the mean via what are your buddy don't don't pay too much why is I got a will meet Stan and Mike Tokyo Britain creamy me. The spurs ball delicious little to solve these. So I didn't come up a couple of coupled device over a couple advice of very good to go so that she face times single friend of her bro. And that sort ghosts I is a reason why she's single woman race. She's one of these. I have issues I need attention so she's vegetarian and it did did you Terry isn't it. Allergies just chose to be a dictionary she's a source to be a candidate that's a candidate like that base and as I hear vegetarian. Your pain and yes especially if you're telling me. I need this so a conversation like this facetime when she. Ask my wife if I will be cook for the store veggie burger for alleges that's. What are all lights up it doesn't matter so this relied pucks in doing what is right is Terry asks to talk to me. Rated why it's an idea how did you yet so I take a phone and this is she says. I'm I'm going to need you to cook my food first or not put any meat. Because I will not use the grill after meat has been cooked up which she's afraid that that. That it's all parts off I don't know bro I'm that you guys are. All he work I. Basic science I don't know that grow caught a cleans itself but the heat it's taken aback I'm looking it's looking like I'm trying to defuse the situation like we sort of like this I might and I guess how would you know until she came forward. But these requests goals that try to defuse situations. Make it job go to what I felt we. Russell Ford if you won. She dead serious looks me in the face to face time goes on not becoming if you can't make sure this is rouge around. Which responded great thanks anyway and all of the she British Airways friend yeah. Well well well well well. The mobile. You may not get why did you around on our Borough president. I grill that I had my G. Eisenhower at that play out what she needs she calls it back immediately they start talking like it's off the phone in his pissed at me for some reason that I should have been more sensitive to that look we have your head honcho Bob should just tell early notion wonders budgetary. Which one is you know. Bunch of it and to read out but they still use my real IEF four year old that any ground instead of my ground. If it's someone else's column unless they. Ask you. Can't tell them what kind of food to prepare. With this over this same situation it's a vegetarian begin that brief and they start to tell you what you'll be preparing. For the vet them. What can this woman if she really wants to be here for making something for yourself or something over its. All attention brought or they love this stuff Villa that I feel like how great they're doing and how they've claims there by the do agree. Rate it is great all by themselves is all for attention and a promise now. You're Weiss agrees order. Aren't deeds meat I don't let me and she breezed well this one in stainless yes please do this to your wife why it YouTube ID here to her. Request yes not because she agrees that she's not age Chinese editor at that time. She can't make everybody miserable. She did do was politely and did you say hey would you mind he's a first we'd meet up like I was. Oh hey eat is salad. Harvest salad. If you go to bed and burgers they sell those veggie burger frozen rather than they are as hard as a part. So my days stepdaughter wonder grow one out on the girl and they. This thing look on at a as good as the big if you took when he wipes coasters it's a donut coffee table. And throw it on the grow its gonna but the same nutritional value as a coaster it's proving your house victorious. We'll but even if you and a promise that he did the ops that you buy and fresh is like my mom's unlike kind of one of the younger budgetary kicks. Other fall part yeah that's been like my dad to do his Kazan don't leave all that together you need some animal fat. Every time like we do agree like we grill Alec my mom has like her special veggie burgers and excuses and meant that the clock. You do this to six fault or they do in real dirty. I guess synergy go to flip on their date did they turn into confetti. So here's where the worst part shows. Last night. Light and baton and my wife is still feel bad about. She suggests Mosul well or why don't we do everything vegetarian. To make her go well we can't bear this day hard day not now. It is it's not a big deal as we did eating healthy any we have to have the year and she we totally what are you gonna grow didn't veggie burgers I don't you're having other people over to rate on the day on the vegetarian. And he hasn't changed proficient. What I thought vegetarian donate anything and had parents begins to Levy's it's vegetarians eat church. Our rights and I you know throw some staying gas. Piece of fish so your whole. The growth gonna stick yup and about earlier inaugural fashion anger. Brittany it stays. On their four ever like everything you eat for the next month. It's gonna tastes like some kind of fishes ass. Like Matt thing you have to go by it and it doesn't that's her early on what is once she week I think Jozy make these cream cheese burgers and there's no way hey salmon taste grilled salmon would Levin just like him. Just almost just like. You can copy and cheeseburger a pro. Even more baton there's no way I am Liddy does want to win this battle in my ethics house on my familiar will lose your place friends. Guess if you people allegations you that like a normal question you should ask people now like mount. Do I do you have any given. The food and. You you're you're the guy that has that special Merkel. Did brags about oh yeah eight feet this way the. I don't get is that it what did you tell this morning are dead what do you show me. The is shown in this new. To any end Tommy goes check this out like space age Perot he opens up adapted what do you. Hamlet you have edited. Away donut. Each what is she like it don't and Dutch flat in the and it's unique look he's bright about a delicious high end. He's he is kind of identity grew you man you grew up now particularly. Actually you haven't you kind of be upset if you went somewhere for cook out or something in there wasn't any options for you. Were. Like they just got hot dogs cheeseburgers I know I've Don. Would you give I don't think he would he might be an airplane about it ha ha ha. And an animal in my hands you can't sit here at rail really it's he's begins when you are that I but I never push by stuff on other people. Is bigotry Richards means is that book good to be you don't get that chicken wings but eyewitness. I but I gonna somebody's house I don't them I don't bring food they cook is okay fine. And I'm not a vegetarian I eat meat. Yeah I know. Insert mother jerk here would have. But I just don't get this woman's. She thinks that she has to demand this of me hall where she Greta from chisel and what he's thinking geez resonated. Hall pass has just brought a white stealing back. Might I what I did. Appropriate what I do upon me at all to get to 6000 and it amazes me don't agree don't have a cookout we haven't pot today we are crazy you do grill like got a read for fun or your electricity here it would fish or for its neighbors. That's not even a Chris again like yours. You grills has stopping you. My wife's friend face times me while my wife can't meet opponent says op I will not becoming if you don't either let me use the grill first because I wanna grill without meat on it or we go complete vegetarian. It goes back and forth. My wife now wants to complete vegetarian. On this day my only G day I don't agree cheeseburgers did you think that was to root her friend she's trying to play peacemaker and it can happen happen I don't care pro life fighting what I'd like for two weeks of footage doubts about what you. And let them out aren't. My hesitancy about faith Mikey politely. I got an editor's note at worst worst thing that birds are not special it's reported opera everybody else writes Arctic. What you put out I would goal by being robbed all relic upbeat words. She was gonna use my grilled before Sunday. Sammy you group me don't have you know every you just know that don't know I think she did know was not a good time Mike Mike Mike brought up aren't so. I Google buys stakes and it's. Rub some pork already there or not. My face difficult but agrees that Mike's advice for everything report Colombia while it's abetted by as ruler. I Wi man you go one of our good buddies is a budgetary hope Trent is on CM picture here is black guy I know he's. They don't PW side are. In Spain these self righteous or repairing. Broke note about the white pulpit complex but yet to. And I mean there's like me if it is if you're grow. Dictate what you wanna put on here. Aren't you want a good that you burger I won last night that the doctor roper. You can answer to it. Stretch it a little what is it got to customers it Mori are being you'd. Like workers easily picture yeah. Your ass kicked in the hood talk Micah. Prayer Allah eat our freedom was raised conference right now. But this is it that is satellites. These satellites like you get you got Brothers and in a hood. That are doing and pay grows in rib rose rate you sit note over to Morningstar. White boy Carter beat Nicklaus he. Boy lifted respectable eighty pound on this diet. A local court. Trent do you think you enjoy your long. Reggie burn your life. Lifestyle I. Don't know while. His. Fists in joy or white peach. No you wipe it away in here. But it looks that we know he called. What he's sweet potatoes to restart its sweet bag like sweet stuff. I took it takes the Gelman you can get these are for some birds you Marty Bennett spent house. Called gang caloric slap the crap that it. You're making fun track for saying that a veggie burger tastes like a real burger when you. Vince this morning that AT Ed peach taste of like a doughnut. What's what don't pitchers very sweet picture hit the teachers be rob what is what is it about because of school what does it to look pretty cool looks. I know what it was this just don't look like. No they do now but it. Genetically engineered. Treatment from that day won't get it taught but tell all jokes and eating genetically engineered peaches. As the donut Rica. I held on a little my past.