A Valentine's Day Mistake Is More Than Father Bargained For

Friday, February 17th

What was supposed to be a funny joke for his wife went horribly, horribly wrong


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To misunderstanding tickets out of control and as one guy looking at possible reason I had been am wholly different aspects that it's all because you dread having funny romantic. I think with his old lady and someone kicked it Erica yeah the break in Muncie a map so -- it's. Is the latest round and then but he did something wrong that's what you forget about Mercer and worst thing your wife is your mother in law if she doesn't like to begin overs a moment our laws women. Doses of humor Rio muddle on as are the most on humorous people on the planet so we get this FaceBook messaging and it's called Steve is essentially he could be looking it's serious troubles to users are Steve said some bad on Tuesday night. I was gonna pick up the kids she was taken back there replaced and he does what's gonna have a red paint taxes and I was planning to cookie I had a special prize from I why did check Dennis after dinner nibble that probably go through something else ago. Set up I want you got eighty Roddick cake but they Selma someplace they do like those erotic sex. Excitement of those who think. That no they definitely have like the pans and like the shape of things that become violated and I really drive pre made that NATO whatsoever so my sister went to his in the bakery business. She's to make these on the sides sometimes so. Ohm here is a funny daylight so let's say you want to like give me the torso a woman you and then to be addicted diner cake great edited joke was. Inside China would be cherry. Again crazy cat and Nancy you know as of urging cake and rescue. OK so this guy's set to say like it up to their okay on the road is somebody's house that. And I stopped the shot or get ready for my wife to come almost hysterical my mother loves to pick up the kids while they were gone Kerr came home the cake it was all covered up I put in the fridge and that's why there's it was a would present for mommy and I put way. My mother my showed up I was upstairs in the shower the kids took the cake out and said this is a surprise for Bobby front daddy. Arts and he describes it take to try to say this in the radio clean on. It is a man. That has another woman on all four hours grow. And good dog he's docket yet but there's different textures and toppings for lake in different areas to pare down there area Andy's nature of he says he pretty Yeltsin downstairs and his mother in law screaming she's got herself a lot of all eyes it was that time the months or apparently part of it was rebel. I keep downstairs to find my mother in Los screaming yeah I expose my children to this my way she'd dated my wife walks in. And she's going to be about this my wife had no idea this was happening like kids at eight which he does what happened because my mother in law on the cake long story short. Mother takes the kids becomes a massive fight to my wife felt like Valentine's Day that shot in the ass. It gets worse. He says that my mother has told my wife. That she is going to call child protective sources you then exposing my children section it's your right to pastries I keep trying to explain. I like it cake. They're pretty graphic Kate even if it was so I've. Maybe in a mother in law's mind he does other things. Like to expose their kids are not being there are several black exposing their kids I don't know he says that he'd try to explain my wife the kids never saw the cake and deletion of the mother in law I don't elect believes to be my wife is almost site with her mother on the state I don't know what to do I don't know what wells is Marjorie died game bettered cake erotic cheek. He says he's that is the LCI ER appease the present I don't know what to say to my wife I don't know what to do my mother locked I don't know what to say if there is big investigation of some sort of my mother takes this is RG six resort that's gonna happen. How how in the hell can they take your kids away over erotic cake is a little bit of a problem. Just recently the news is it terrible that there have been kids have been. And Child Protective Services has been under a lot of square feet record taking care of these kits. I don't know what the detour is that they're not your prediction I don't I don't but my point is based on the recent scrutiny of all people dispose of it they may be going above and beyond for everything. Can you get in trouble version exposing your child to. A cake in the form of a. Demons will mean it's pornography notes it's an cake Moses is that not a phrase that says it's a non sexual thing it's just flour and eggs but it's a sexual it's depicting a sexual image which I guess. Come to communicate to gel is ridiculous but it. But it is. Mean if you look at it that three years sailor really re. Chenault overlaid the bottom of lake creek dome educating even the have I. And erotic cake in your refrigerator because your child mace the whole lot if it actually doubles attributes is say let's say ahead of let's say at a Playboy magazine yet and you can gradually bush. And so ideas and it's daddy's you know we all data we'll try to find the stashed. Read it. Child protective served as you sob movies well I mean what I think it brought a team with what I have with daddy yes I mean is that enough that it knows he's being exposed to boo he probably not I don't know I don't know I could see your point they can make a case that. He could he said anything so scramble and this this goddamn mother lives. It's every mother in law is approve any attack is just a rule that is the rule and about all mother in laws suck. They just do. To play devil's advocate with his mother and it sounds like beating you want to be in this guy it is. She comes over it is handed by a nine year old in Canada but it on all fours you know when it. It does to a mummy next she's ignorant of the Vanilla cream. You got to be aware that Kate was there since this is what daddy got from resorts like daddy show decayed and then it looks a little bit guy and I feel bad guy. I too. It was hoped that. Ole bag it's cancer. Award you don't she's doing what she thinks it's yeah it's a huge and Hinske let that happen I mean. Let's let's just say this scenario was he put it in there indicated sought. Any putted in there and that's it. I still don't think the guy did. That would be a story that's just don't like he even showed this is but I got mommy ha ha to kids and older get a hit it to act here I would have no crowd that judgment. Yet because it's not think this is what it's human nature. They say it can't question is about what's going on. It. But did you that Kevin let's say he did I don't think he really did anything wrong it's a stupid has taken its a joke. And yet mommy has these parts daddy has those parts of this and you how do you think you got your junior it can't advocate he doesn't he doesn't say my favorite Leon act. You can't. ET eight ovule. Yeah I'll meet. Exercise take me to take me could do whatever I want to cake mom Ike it's out of my educate the mother no big as dios. 2226000. Phone calls coming in long story short guy writes as a message try to have a sex is priceless and I personally unveil a tight stake its erotic Kagan is a woman on all fours you go to. He goes out of the kids eat cake to his mother in law is there to pick them up she flips out she's a radical about what went service let us crude she's going to be in it it did it. All princess cake yes you suspicious if my house and I. She is she lived but I would not. And act and it's my job. Upon per breaks OK on the situation but she's lonely woman while governor ordered let's talk you have admitted really end of AJ tell anybody. Pay if pavlik EPS advocates meat suit what are your belt what are our monster. Your pattern right. You find your mom's sister obviously it's a vibrator Jake. It was the line about why aren't. Variances. Why I'd momma likes. Equipment that amount lactic its surprise you salute your lips is 22 years well no I was a little. It was vibrating fit. Right. On out at. All. Right it's like six to. I'm OK I. Jake takes the call I appreciate it. Mama what's a big collection or so left. You should shall we be sex toys kids final Jesus Christ and it's your house and this is. At some point you needed teachers at this is why everybody says sexually screwed up you I don't know why. Because everything's dirty your body's dirty touching yourself is to Ernie having sex is dirty this is what this real religion and society has put our eyes. So we all walk around all the shame is snicker behind everybody's back and it's old dirty when it's all natural it's like Boston's or somebody for laughter Anderson these. Two feet. She's not forcing adding that you're exposing your children is sexuality. Edit and there's nothing wrong what that huge explosion six well I think it's up to the parent. To your wage and now. I left for me database on another kid that handles it let you know your kid better than that it's losing you know your kid Ben denied you rights yet so maybe your daughter. And eleven is more sophisticated and and mentally developed and maybe some sixteen year olds. And so that's up to you there is explaining how he she got here is something dirty about it. There was a difference between explaining how she got here and birds and the bees. And fighting a vibrating fixed on your mother's desk or a cake of somebody getting bang on all fours be presented themselves for what a common lax now say. Yeah. I can reasoning. It's the guy are you most women like O'Donnell for it to do they like backdoor exit all the mistakes he was a giant mistake I. Have you walked into the kitchen gadget has had a controlled she's got a call Child Protective Services over street. Sweet talked yesterday about it I Greece we get back into little details that story 37 year old guy that will inflatable safe at 3000 images trouble recorded it. The two of little tiles that you see that when every finish up like not actionable tiger there was danger in I didn't do anything about it there's danger of bear takes. Salute cahoots and then this could be one of those things the mother in law fixes it help protect kids because they'll lady ice do with. It's it to hell doing it is not the problem. Get on a pastry. That's the issue. Indicates that touted these stories atlas titan Sylvia a silly hours every Sylvia. Good Ariel finally held you ninety to the Soviet. No not ninety RUR. Are you ninety yes I don't have. I. I'm not pre bought the ticket that lack of all I don't think there's anything wrong with a cake late bet many of Barack Obama. I church shelled the children because. Edit certain child you exposure kids to walk. Sexual experiences are that they're hurting out and you're right what's wrong what does well at that everybody want to show everybody that everybody that lets you debt to my index. I think you guys are are not I think they at least not liking guys not polite. I'd just be clear out and not so there's Sylvia just declares Soviets he didn't show his kids to keiki put the take a difference and it's a gift from mommy it was covered up yes and that they opened it showed it to Graham that's what happened. Yet it's still to the point he should have known better and oh my god am I can appear open the refrigerator any time and that's something that opt. I mean really it'll put they'll work scoreboard can't. He doesn't say oh he said old enough to be alone when someone else's in the house that's what he said he BB image because again he may be getting a visit from Child Protective Services. I ridiculous because what happens in your house to your own business I think he should have been more Q what's going I'm not hadn't excited mine and not caring what anybody thinks. Especially you've been married to this lady for so long he must now the mother of all White Bear Lake area along should that I am a particular. It that you get disturbed later we have our little bit. I always tell guys day you're all over the place Sylvia Jesus crazy. Burst expose the kids down he's a jerk he's Unita picket sign up on it a guy out. He should be shown that kids and I do take a fancy that game. I'm mother in law the tire call me mother the so not true. Yeah they do yeah they do and also sucks. So we. I got there the first time I was. You're stationed along time now I know why. You don't like whistle that we went literally what are you. And they reinforce that by enticing a saarc and she hung option and give us a chance to front as ever elicit the violence and a call right.