True OR False: My Wife Is My Best Friend

Monday, October 16th

True OR False: My Wife Is My Best Friend

Can you bitch voice a guy who says his significant other is his best friend? Or is that the way it SHOULD be when you're in a relationship?


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If you eat breakfast yet your luck why is delicious top immediately lawful coming up right where it right now he's like your best friend castle while you're giant pitch. Russia because you don't have a restaurant dude your wife is your best friend Hijab more than one best friend old Italian Max lines best friend best friend. He expressed absolutely okay you pitch. It out this fall yeah it's a weird thing to say that because I was. He's a Smart pitch them. But it not because I don't richer white like you treat your buddies rate peaking at different type the best for running the don't you food so I think I need to give them now now we get out of failing this there's certain things you can tell your boyfriend. But there's also certain things you could only to your girlfriend's about a boyfriend. Yeah they be get to that economy but thing. You are saying but you still only get one like you only get one personally tell us how she's rules to there is a guy that you can tell everything to your lights you have a friend that you can take. Anything to not be judged rape but that that you can't do that tall woman because there's too sensitive situation the two best. She is but I had to tree in that situation delicately as do you. Just. Like if your body wears something stupid what do you tell you leave you Brett. If you're wiped its outset that you disagree what you say while that awesome. I don't that's gonna work or yeah it's it's it yes it's that jives statement. The breaker let's classic rock credits expired BC but the reason this comes up in the office and for the six months. David talked to life much I've heard you say five different times. Is white is his best now and again it says that is trying to convince himself more than me is. Anybody that's why he keeps and it could you keep asking me I get into it keeps. Clubs pricing could you teach your wife is such US fresh enjoyed your restaurant. Well that's what teachers to units of the question. Interesting boy. I don't thinks. He I don't think so is also an edit and I can't know at a cop out yeah. 2226000. And ease your white you're desperate and ensure your wife Debbie you have Bell's friends that and all your friends are also rans for an. Is it like a kid you've known like your whole life yes. Got a buddy of mine you know this stupid Giroux yeah okay I've noticed since I've wins you know well here's what we get we. I don't him Whalen you know your wired almost double that triple the time. I would think that would be my best friend just because liberal blog after the IQ I could talk about what that guy like you said you can't talk about things we if you watch. What his that they like I have an old buddy of mine were great and I go way back which is Gary. And he goes things that nobody else knows that it would never tell anybody because they didn't go well I can't aren't. And him and I know these things I don't about him because he was gonna there's teams didn't goes well. That happy about it Berrian bearish about the situation couple times would wreck. So like he and I may have this site Y a test to bring a pat I would never tell anybody. Yet at all. And only he knows it so that's that he's might miss for a bit and so the annually such as of yet but we are now multiple specialists. The best friend who ate a mojo but I just you know. Your best friend can change so like you were really good buddies with Rick but are you still is close to them now or even keep in touch that. All but not like we used it well right. We are pro am partners Hillier drink and brazen. We shown. Them up so all the digital did you like Avis for and you should one do to have shared these with nobody because I can't OK so they go. There's this kind of dark things you just can't talk every. Every guy as a moment in his life he does not want anybody else to know I don't there's another guy there at the time. And he's cool. The you know you're joint that forever. You to BofA QB look at the official Oxford definition of best hope Oxford it's the street. And here's that they like. If your wife as your best friend. Usually those guys don't have any friends. Like there's so deepened to learn I joined at the hip that they have no friends I. So your wife to your friends are different but bush. Guys your wife is probably the person you talked to host and Geist is do you talk to limit the based. Daily every single day lets you. Prom queen met on a daily basis now calling you buddy frank just have a chat. Did he have jobs and lives in schedules and is and you know he's seeming see it exactly you know it's a question for your wife to call her friend after along the mortgage check whether the broadening the tax would all night long read that's what Brian's love to do but that's like eight. Is like. Davie have best friends that are us grand. We'd joked I don't think you'll live for your girlfriend would call you her best front. Cingular does she mean. No it's accepting your obligated to say. I think she may mean it. I think I really like us from corking. Like I've had other benefits friends but I never pour brick actually never report to me now is that I dark that you guys did let's. Because I think like is it different to your intimate with yes but at every girl up in their business in their Olympic yours okay that's different because bank of you have a relationship. So. Bob if you're my wife and we have a relationship. Why he'll also need. The band the banner of best friends like now they know you better than you they certainly need now I want all the trophies are you not to ask. Yes he has. Sixth got the opposite lock out of five separate time that it was. How weird that you're saying it that much says is like does his best I would like being your best would negatively affect your relationship like you said you can't you like everything we can't might be hiding really bad deals legislate it to the white like you had to tell just to keep. The keys are and there's that this food taste delicious I don't care she served and you shoot blood. If she busted arrested cooked his meal that she found online and it sucks. You gotta you don't Beagle sprung sit ago. Village where my body made me sound like oh. Rick the Sox. The kidneys and put his horse ass seat at the little white lights that aren't you at the major stuff like cheating but the most important stuff is the legal step for example go out. Now how much did your wife want to know. About how much tell you self published he should be like about your job or your finance its domain issue anyway disk as you gotta be the man announced public insecurity does your wife want to see shortly see any of it she could she doesn't find it sexy so she must be protected. With someone who could handle any situation or if that's the case you have a problem because it. Toughest most secure guide the world in Hillary and again you moments of self comes come by Shymanski if you're likely due to be strong and well that's something. In the storm to grab the umbrella if she thinks is gonna fly into the neighbor's kid. But that's something you can't share with your quote best round rate so she's not just what you had to say here again you had the play the game. You think the your wife doesn't wanna see you vulnerable like I know I think most women want their husband to be more open about their feelings and the who's doing the Sam. I do it to you see animal names like our goal like that if it's very often and maybe but what's a while I think it's okay daily show that maybe you're insecure about something which. Actually nobody has have you. How ups and called the Boris Sissy boy you've put your divorce is like this fury to a tiger divorce. I had an idea reassured him up against a civil. I mean like that tortured man to be the man. Different came home and there's something that was really bothering him about his job early Q but you don't like getting more popular such abnormal stuff but like we're talking. In my job sucks is not an emotion I mean like these drugs openly weeping. Because it's too high so are they on the right now it's again LK yeah like I can't. I don't know what to do any starts openly weeping because he's got a problem on the job that we being about. First and he doesn't like that work that would bother me that make sure little bitch banned because that's why they. I don't like her answer that like if you're going to do this like I would I wanna be that person that you like unleashed these feelings on. I think that should be unleashing his he's the you know what I you know where he has unleashed between now. You have to use unleashed is unleashed nobody knows I don't think what I wanna see I know they talk about a politically you actually see it. It would be a little up pudding and I and I don't think you would find him and his. Mainly an attractive sexually anymore. Now I don't think that's at all and we also know when something's bothering you and when you really don't wanna talk about that almost bothers me more when I know there something bothering you beat you won't say what it. That's how we operate that's how men do and I don't I don't telling Neil my stuff don't guy does he actually tried it. My own home and has is an issue so. Would you if this kid says Zelaya it. Eight stepdaughter I can't excuse came on CD yet. Let's try to put it get you can't put that genie back in a bottle and by the way. Here's they were you open up generally. Notion that there are two old friends. He was gonna happen you're gonna be sensitive boy I'm just gonna go you know what he opened I don't think our present no. I care better friends know that Ali was crying the other night he cried in her orange or does he could handle something or work. And that's gonna get back to the other guy like those couple relationship can be known as weepy boy. So they US such as cheap you know your brain you know there's an a colleague Dana next mayor of steers. But in Chester it. But people talk commanding thank you Tyler I don't find that use Johnny but like I did and I got it now I'm crying and ongoing please don't Tony blue room crew reluctance Alex and his best friend. And I'll sort of let it be noticed tears. They have a job duties because we people are tough here it is the first completely different reason. Yeah tears our tears in jeweler. Eskimo. Current water got. Go to big don't always be noted is that OK okay and then. Any and every once you open up kuril lady she's gonna wanna thank. You more open and I think for allowing a ways open up if you finally have an outlet to express your idea got an outlet rated now that does not. I'll let David downs and goes down let's put you back enterprise terrain here is what should I. My daughter like okay. So based every aegis satin. Your wife is not your best. Did you can't try to join with thing I think it upsets the apple cart if you really you can you can say it you could you can call your wife. Your best friend. Which you can that treat her like a restaurant so yes she is not perfect she didn't get the fake titled and as I get honorary degree from university and I would sit. Over the place because guys are sexually abusing it greatly that we get every rape don't Jesus Christ taught about the best friend right now okay. You waited your best friend you move it. The answer to who I don't off. It's. So. It's gonna cost and skip it yes. Everyman ends.