TRUE OR FALSE: Money Won't Make You Happy

Thursday, February 22nd

They say money makes the world go round – you might think that more money will make you happier in the long run, but according to a study we found that’s not the case at all


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Those who say that money makes the world go by the you gotta have dole bro there are also those that say that money is the root of all evil it is the don't view. So which one is it sector okay. Six don't you hate speak a bit more money will make you happy and well glad to not for long. Well all of them find out for myself yeah you know the breaker rats to classic rock 96 but did you see never admit Dixie deserves a race and the rays will make you feel better get an effect will condemn buy more stuff only for a short period of time to study study done according to People Magazine and it says that you will feel more satisfied and happy with your job after you get race. But within less than four years you're gonna go back to feeling exactly the way you felt. Before you got that raced for okay is that and I get more money he didn't know probably nine. So what makes you happy that. I don't know it's about I need money to buy things to be happy but seed that's where this becomes interest rather. Please you get the economy grew but to buy more Simpson. Sweet guy and guess what does more things that you buy cost money over and over again regulations are you carpet goes American Eagle nice apartment nice house the mortgage apartment rent goes. So did your back to the same exact spot you were gonna get nicer stuff it is I'm miserable but I Menem comfortable chair. You had a four years to now probably feels is as bad as chief Jerry had the first round. I mean that's how the world works though ranked. Think inflation. Things were out you buying new things it's the economy works great invasion that if they only saw OB one share through life because of furniture got to be out of business pretty quick true. So things are made to Wear out. So. You have to win Heidi make the economy go. We have the did you read where route that you keep showing up to work everyday. I'm also guessing. That with that raised comes more responsibility say could be even busier work because of that money so you might even have time to enjoy the extra cash source alternative marijuana while. I got eight I think they are on right. The only ones that stick is one that everybody let's suite life really it was. Go to McDonald's. I have Odyssey to free amber Lyon. Wrong in these days to make it easier for you but the idea that this money will make you happier is not correctly you don't tells you that what's. All these people that earnestly on these we religions. And these human voters and hit any news. And these vegetarians. So everybody. I eat broccoli. And a drink raw water and never felt better men on your hallucinating could you dying each. Think this is how they sell you one crazy ass religions. Rate paid you know the weird ones nowadays you know make up out of nowhere. He saw but this study done by people who go to work every single day they got raises. Right that they are. Four years in the back the same spot international airport got better rays operate out of race itself like a one time deal. There are two kind of ironic these analysts are line when you get a raise work you also exposing yourself. Well listen to anybody that's worked Kodak or Xerox it and how understands the more money you make easy you are to chop. Erica right along that you've been around more likely more moderate of the dead weight and yet there are kids coming from college and will it work for much less that you like that. Probably have more education net alien open and. At ease makes you susceptible to being thunder. Right the rest of my money I'll take my chances yet. Yet to do we have to prove more now that you earned that you know you had desserts and pick it up for failure. Don't train them see here's that you're using this old idea that our work is going to be paid no matter what happened yet but I'd say like the pressure of feeling that way. There's enough to make you. Kind of depressed over that money yeah I mean I guess is that I don't know people realize that you think about this rhetoric we have this idea and it's the American dream if you work hard you cannot be placed right that you are. Independent you're gonna pull it was very pleasure if you're doing a good job because there's somebody else like it may be less of a job work for half of your salary there's nothing you can do which our job to make you replace double nobody is replaceable and the more money you make people replace WB com. Thomas. The Hilton. Dish self destruction it is ripe but like he's just realizing this richly barring there. Casino you get commie scum and spread the wealth and they take everything away they say I'm living in Cuba now if there were companies would have won set salary your hope they'll always say yep because they go lake its own everybody's saying now. Hey you got to grind you gotta go yet again they grind go gimme gimme gimme it's that this whole country's based gimme gimme gimme your funny because you begin begin to. It's its own bottles and only regret at all this look at everybody's grad and I'm grab them tell okay fine ground grab you screw you. Set yourself up for failure you're not the year and I giving me an alternative. Which are alternatives to not being aggressive and asking for raises the management BP happy with the status quo Hollywood he's had. She that is called the wool on game it might be the Smart thing to do sued Gruner booster which will warn bush and world go by boat get rich blue moon. Suzanne stay under the radar and you'll be happier amongst the fact justice and lend them more money you make the more noticeable you'll are pathetic. Keep in moderate hate making an extra 101000 dollars for many years is a big old car and they get fired doesn't do any country you. It's better to make less money and have a job longer term I don't be a sort of as a way to mail when she that they to a capital money in his pockets and big boss spends driver around but big grin on his face smoke at his bagel cigar left an edge in his opening Cadillac. What chump boil over here's do instead is cool work he sent it. Each Kristi in almost ironic part on this story getting a raise mix you satisfied with the job only temporarily. Each accurately temporarily rich temporary what's what's at long last. Nice job. Not that I want you to think back to half peacetime you alone when was half his time Hewlett. And his time. And before 3 o'clock to test. It's for most men. Yeah they would probably choose between the ages of eighteen between you know responsibilities. Game you were dumb enough to think that this is girl actress but that's what's most interesting is the job you have between eighteen and 25. Probably so it's probably not your best job he'll ever have Reggie didn't have a response to bill just flipping burgers make no money but you've found a way to live and it was fun because if you said no responsibilities like it is your obligation. As an American. To grow up. Go to work and be a miserable looking at a service get a lion's Jenna. The idea that you were happy just nineteen flipping hamburgers possibly euros of bang in six and gotten drunken. Hang out your buddies in a York committed anybody proves that money is making happy other things make you happy no responsibility bank in broad smoking pot whatever lest. That makes you happy idiot well just go home and give Mitchell if you need to do all that yeah. That's a positive that money I do what he did it make you happy which it bad that unfortunately. Doing. We are all. A slave to it. This is no way around a lake if you did you did you know for sure I am imprisoned on this planet I can't leave it. And any money to survive and it has these there's no other option year wrong and so get in line you miserable prick for an with the rest of his and knowing he's status quo winners. And give kids your forced into that were cloudy can't be you know. Burger boys at smokes pot everyday. The rest Illini here you have been out there you think your miserable work and Trevino 45 year old I don't worked open I don't want to Oprah had a bit but still the we'll head hit it don't dope. He spoke the government don't that I pay of for your own welfare dope did you status going nearest NIK okay. I would argue was. That the guy that works at a fast food restaurant right now works at a gas station and listen it's not its job and its players to bedecked. With no responsibility 45. So pretty sweet he's a ball he'd sell its release any alcohol you OK he's doubtful they'll call you via. The Charlie. No wife still kids came. Have to check and get. Crappy apartment. Or ignorant when you're the kid. In those that job yeah. Your you look forward to the days when you're gonna have money one day all right leg you don't think as a kid you're gonna stay there for ever. Some weird that I did really so well like well you know what I grew up than gonna. Arrogant you know I mean caller you have goals in years that jade figures don't wanna beat upper leg area. Much to be like a rock star athlete. Have a big fancy house I mean even those kids that are have nothing right now aspire to have everything does that look school might want a big boat big car. Bigs Breck Girl wife I don't know if this is a west side day this just is English childhood. But my goal in Iowa is having those jobs can be receipt eventually had a job it to 8050000 dollars a year you can get that are out. Frankly I thought about it I had left but that was a lot of money in it miserably but that's a that's a sustainable amount of money that wouldn't give you good life. My point is I never had these delusions of Granger being a millionaire and evidently a private jet to be a rock star I just wanted 50000 dollars a year room right and I ate I don't know if that's it might be my generation they were we started seeing how bad things were getting like around that time is what everybody was huge job at Kodak and very much people having to sell their homes housing bubble and happen all that stuff combined. The world's a different place Thomas and for you to tell your kid told it grabbed get what you just make it more susceptible to be. Given that they here's the thing that the world is a different place but to step but the main thing you need in this rose has that changed and it's calling. That you need money for everything you do even Ike. Lose your job lose your money watch a faster film falls right aren't you getting your health you may need. I'm just saying to be dead. Sort voted it in. That ain't my. If the.