The Trend You Regret

Thursday, August 9th

For all you guys that look at the latest generation and call them soft, maybe you should think back to yourself and what you looked like back in the day

Have you ever experience that "what was I thinking wearing THAT" moment?

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How do you define toughness. Mentally and act most guys do we do their jobs and hobbies writer not a cop out mentally and I can't prepare for fun it makes me amend. That's man these Hilton but these guys also have ways of letting folks know how manly they are just by looking program in clothes you Wear and we carry yourself. Guys that look at the latest generation millennial sentinels soft coma June H was little. His employees. Questions for you. Do with what a man looked like 203040. Years or the break a record it's it's. Ruts and I think Greg is about WC and that suspend these summer reboots all the shows in the eighties early ninety's come event on television and it out yesterday worry about what my personal favorite shows that a late eighties early nineties coming. It's. I've ever say I was enough to watch. I didn't watch I was old bowl for us excuse but it was a kid show rate I thought it was a ship date but they were in the bubble and all out yet. Brett Amazon's page yet begun but I would together Jessica. And now. That was tough man but you guys currently occurrence that just hit the so you show that you showed a tough he would take that throw it hi roe was it all men endure to deliver equipment our program. Tomorrow's night moves knuckles in camel does. So I get so excited about this and went back I watched clips from the old shell do VOA today I never realized how hole or erotic distillers a little borrowing. It's a bunch jacked up Greece guys and in spandex yes anywhere in half tank tops that cut off at the belly button. And there Harris passed their shoulders and it's coiffed. All you guys in the late eighties. Wanted to look like it's the where do you guys get off naked thoughtful ideals for what air and how they act. After what you guys legally married into the leotard and take advantage of the bloated be hanging out all over to play and even that my favorite of the tank tops that are the missed cuts are so thin that they'd just barely cover a guy's nipple slip this guy is where I. Why is wearing headbands to a corporate citizen I would I'd hate to get myself when I try to justify lightly this it. That's why did you survive we'll pick in the men's room. It just the cost is for the show so that they do look at crotch but it's got these huge. He's into a spaghetti strap tank top. And he's got Peralta walked into. Like chicks. Like she and everybody looked like that guard the whole thing like all of we'll look at all the rock bands of this seventies and eighties rate regularly don't know that glam rock yes. Those guys all look like that late payroll or make up immunity glitter Motley crew box hard and they lived dangerously and anywhere girls yet they dressed like yourself warm girls clone this don't even like. Yes Joseph. Soft written. Used cocaine did champ beaten to jab baiting campaign admit. Did pants were you can clearly sees penis while wearing gloves I it Led Zeppelin the same line acts I did it at the time weren't so it's a style I'm confused with the group we were had release dated on drugs listen we didn't know. I have not judge you guys for wearing this stuff and one can be trendy and looking cool for the period I get that. Obviously. How you look at this generation and all the soft and feminine. What you are wearing huge collared shirt open to your belly button and platform shoes. A tale line. Once we get back and we could generation came back into Baghdad not a big news note that you could back up like seriously I don't like a flag be wise aliases there's. Wanna know 2226000. The fashion to you regret getting on because you go to the pictures and your kids evenings and I have to be times we open up that picture book legal. What dad hell was icy blue shorts. In my generation. Look ridiculous. Every every guy look like a lakers to answer when you can't do any kind of physical any right. My guys that received pages of my dad at the beach economic kid rate he's got on you know a recruit you and based console and trade but. They were hiked up over his navel. Or did they came right. To the line of his balls rate and it looked like gym shorts OK but there are hyped up no shirt on he looked ridiculous. With the exception of swimwear and the last generation to not have any embarrassing trends would actually bet your dad's generation. Yeah right clean cut the World War II generation president but even those guys you know the answer hike double Ruder. It was up to her rib cage. That's a classic man those are still think today I said not sure it DiMaggio and rough cuts in you know badly boy added that he just get out okay. About did you baiting suit did you ever see your dad where do you think now up to the seventies rebuke to and a write my grandmother never wore jeans. I guess though is there doubt it yeah I don't know any woman or Jeanne rose accurate wore jeans. Yeah okay if you're literally doing that okay. But even at that you put on had to ask her heels are going to later. But it's funny. But you wanna bitch about this next generation here father's bitch about what their kids where you look like girls all of them but all generation at least the most recent one parent to have. Legit gripe when it came into generational fashion was your father when it came to you when your Brothers bell bottoms long hair did you like it checked in but after your generation there is literally no leg to stand up. Or soda complain but it doesn't accents give Richard do it too. Yeah I mean even I Manilow and even like those things that. Bet your parents wore my parents at war coming back around again at my house part. Like I wasted. They ought to mom jeans are given back a death you know and Aziz are greater and I haven T even teen girls. But around platform issues. Again the net yeah the back but in all ones that look like. Lunch boxes after defeating yet. Either so ugly. Nobody does it funny when guys will make fun I love fashion trends that you actually wore running link you kill guys that were skinny jeans yes. There's nobody skinny but you were skinny everything. Today everything was skinny I remember as a kid looking like debts high school year and our electorate. A close look like they're heated often. You guys comfortable. I was comfortable back there and everybody was miserable nobody. No but everybody's balls were dyke A took editor generations and take a decade from Mike balls to drop at this. It just picks. Up I showed you pictures of me on stage. And then in the late eighties you would laugh your ass so the only left you have to gunman's love you dude you will laugh I should a pro why idol I viewed in order to what is Odyssey. This GG kids tight shirts backwards hats. Everything was tight pec. I don't know that's our you know asked why he just figure all this is what you do okay. Did you go to you go to Penney's. I. I I know guys that like it they Wear shirts that were so tight ticket they call their gonna crack a rib. And the best auto all the of the greatest little boys to remember this I just started doing stand up comedy. Dude is open Mike Menem by a couple of guys and got meet with the condensed senior so embody goes in the and go out much. It is element of the market and good. Dressed up okay nice easy these gonna get laid. In this is a time of Miami Vice rate and don't forget I'm in West Palm Beach was that before from Miami so. He comes Zain and it turquoise. Suit. Rate annie's cat these sites these bloopers on and with no socks. And he's got like and it's all tight back in L tight tight white T shirt and in the shoulder pads stick out like you're playing touch football. It becomes popular enough that. He looked absolutely ridiculous. But that was like everybody's going manual which is the time you guys crack me did you did you get results it was Miami Vice and those guys were cool right because they drove Ferrari's in the island don't know sailboat they had an alligator for pet for some reason this never cities. Rudolph. Gilbert goes Uggla had a shoes it's pretty great. They but overall but if you look at the stepped down the vote insanely stupid. Eighty had to be the worst yes it is all over the place to get me my didn't really time to get an animal a hub that. Those chino pants and then MC hammer with those pants and everybody had nowhere. I go when those baggy pants came out you can hear a guy walking. A mile away in those pants his visit to sell might to have tea bags flapping in the wind. Well on an island give kids a break and get up and it is they look like complete idiots right but somewhat okay because they should feel good but it pocket pick on the younger generation is also makes it look stupid but here's the difference apparent once we've known it you did your kids know about why we know better guys you've seen all this we can't. I tell you you saw the other generations look ridiculous in your signing up for where we did know Blake Lleyton. That first generation of the 1960s when a fashion went crazy nick would bid now OK there's all new. Now we all know that maybe everybody Woodstock wasn't all that cool looking you just look like a bunch of. Pigs IE can prove to that we didn't know guys over the reason talk Nobel used to the mystery but here's a big reason we're talking about it is the reboot of American Gladiators coming back to late nineties early ninety's show I didn't realize what that. That looked like as a kid. I can't go back and look at last night go way EU bid. Poll voting shares his right hip and I so let's say your daughter's generation and they should absolutely no. I think it gives Google everything and see your idea I know that my dad wore skin tight shorts back in the day I had no lightning intact. Spins the teams in skiing at big day would you pay attention but even they were telling you in this songs are stupid electorate. Skin and great house public. At how much you pay attention to your parents generation the generation description and a brave and what everybody should nobody does ranked at. There is something to dressed in stupid does what you Wear is gonna look stupid conventional media after his fashion keep straighten right there. Now without question the funniest guys in the eighties with a metal guys rent from god here click it or the leather original as a letup for the resource allowed gallery to trigger on stage. The guys in the crowd did need to win that's. That's what I'd be like those kids Wear metal heads they model themselves in the lead to change our rob culprit Judas Priest right he's given comments he started. And it turns out the whole time rob how offered was in the closet. Dressing like guys that gay gloves in the seventies and eighties and then you have these hopeful it T it's hard battle kids dressed like gay guys that they had no light too late that's. Best dressed story ever. Ever gen true. Well it was a George Michael Wright singer like I'm ever broads were easy for that great he was selling out stadiums. He was in a closet the whole time and when it nothing do with these profits at all and sold. Like oh yeah. Yeah the popped collar too tight jeans he had this studded belts in the boots. You look at it like you're all going optics and cuddled reader war but it's the. I don't know how many guys especially. Look back and think that they look stupid because a lot of them still Wear the same thing now was our guys do get stuck out in that zone late. Dress like there is sense you know it's not the same jeans I had twenty years old what I still fits those okay I see your data dialed same style. I'd assumed you know the same guys distorted some of them. Old Jesus death I don't know how to get in Dell and other not to say you go out to say they look the same because the bodies of change but there's always Wear this it's algae species Dubuque is so by the machines you Gasol still by dead genes. Jesus different statement again then you can go and depending sir in the you're like dead jeans and knows that there's that place called. Davis struck eating advertise on TV a good country western story yet and you can buy animals well. Genes like those guys used to Wear and of a you know annual countries stationary Lyoto the show so logical that's so even says. We got your size whatever size that I'm. So the lesson for today due to make but as of letting a kid from look like real bitch do it now. Let them how you look back you might date as liberal every magic have to Wear a button with a picture of them what they weren't high school for reference I'd go exactly. Be cool man.