Too Old For a New Hobby? Tommy Thinks So!

Thursday, August 23rd

Tommy has a friend who needs a little adventure in his life, but Tommy says he's too old to pursue it.

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As much is getting older is something that meant fee Europe and studies have shown your 40s50s and sixties can be happy is time of your life. They're take a record don't get that chances are the kids are out of housing and get some peace and quiet time to do which one. Argue the most financially stable even then it all adds up to trying digs you never tried before in fact you're like right now my dog. You you have all the time in the world you have more money than you've ever had which is now mudge I. Despite that talk is telling all be bad and didn't pick up new hobby hobbies right now did stuff up so still don't put. You're not physically able to do something man user and yet another break and much is Isaac and six I EC apps that buddy he's. Yes I have a buddy who's about my age 50 AM and he's had some health issues so. He's got the diabetic shoe now okay you know he's got to put soars from the sugar took her so he's older and this idiot. Cash is us on this borrowing K and gets himself off. Amusing he's dressed out. Harlow there's so. Knowing what he's ever ridden a motorcycle is like he went and took lessons and Kayla exhibit a motorcycle guys OK ever. I have never heard of even talk about motorcycles but apparently he's going through some leg mig crisis I don't have a big Wiener moment. He goes and gets this full hard which those things are heavier rate. How would you tip those things are about 800 pounds and he's got a hip medic boot man this guy's gonna be wrapped around a tree. I can't even hold that up. This is a perfect time just like for him to do to die okay but he's eight I don't like it might see guys like. I knew somebody else seven kids haven't read it and they aren't trying sky diving. But the kids are kids at Bristol raising them at a house sub Qaeda and now Selig basement kids early on her way out sure shark. Beyoncé and Diane ad. That's now on a lot of people atlas I mean they're gonna do it either two things fall out of the sky. Bird crap and idiots. Put that on a bumper sticker it during their debts that are actually on. I probably don't sit like you're gonna try these stupid things could you think it's cool but you're not it. You have your whole life man enjoy the right but don't be stupid would you with theater dangerous ideas and you know I blame it on what. Pharmaceutical all forgot how they do they can look at aid and get back and it does show Graham bodies zip line. Through the Joan going to be he's on his harder he's got a new nose some crazy yes he's gonna go. He's gonna ghost take up surfing it's seven the result even nobody on home I don't think so your safety's needs the perfect technically you can wish he'd he'd motorcycles are the only guy thinks he's still got zip on the ball he's still don't OK you have well he's never. He doesn't even know how to write the guide the of the if you got to go take a lesson and fifties and sent that to make sure it's singing or the accordion scene no that. He doesn't know he's doing which is IT unit election and then there. Laid out Don a place of work on May hate how virtually all that candy bars. That's your argument lay off color analyst sugary. He finally has the money and he finally has the time about this gives the community to hang out in outlet a lot of guys that they start losing twice to Hank is the agent out of them right I get. Dangerous aspect of it but the perfect and you gigabyte drinking or gambling debts even get to diabetic I stick drinking your idiot he might as well because he hasn't stopped doing all the other stuff TI do this I have kids guide to spot the Harley and a OK so the kids out of the house now. Yeah he is retired all right so there is no longer anybody also pisses me off nobody's relying on him right so if you notice I got a wife if you ride a motorcycle in your twenties and you get married your wife most likely tell you to get off that kids are here and he needs you it's dangerous again I'll be raised but guess what she don't need that no more nobody is relying. Apparently he's posing with that they camping on FaceBook. Psyches Joseph cool lake he's teams being. The united he's nice he's make in the face the motors it motorcycle faced guys like to make bed that this man. In general I can't usually talk is they're wearing a helmet and now he's got all his huge enemy too bad as owners now that's what he's doing and by the way. He's only rule on it with them today the big issue don't wanna die. Oh she knows is this guy she may get it's his thing you know this is the host a tiny. Amazingly I. I don't think he's in good enough cheap to get on error okay we'll make a commitment Harley or for you you can't handle Allan what's this just want to say it is grass we can look at yes that's a great idea. 30000 dollars a day take up room in the garage telling me about it he's got to go I how do you read about the thing you don't use. Two to 6000 and you do it all time. It dated music out that there is no such stage is being too old for a hobby anymore we don't moral. We during world. Old man come falling out of the sky or crash and are currently is we live in a world where you are able to learn anything you want at any age if it seems like it's something you want to do disclosed everything for example. Partly there's a YouTube channel for everything you can beat whatever you want to take up kayaking just might. Yes it's sixty years old. Green and oh man that's. Jesus Christ he did it before nine year rowand boy. Let it clear that when it what are you gonna go Whitewater and. You just take a stroll on. Okay that's not a thing the cot. Would be Jesus I guess this is the David Jesus cut out all the water walker served a cheater kayaking is the perfect old guy and Alex are you could die Qaeda actually excerpt of slippage and drown old no points. Here on my own. Oregon had man. To kayak dialing your life you're tired duty to do with the kids again it's you're saying. If you haven't done this hobby Ed. And you think you're gonna get out there in Naylor a Euro rate you look like an idiot you're saying no no hobbies after what age of fifty node dangerous. I can. Terrorists uniting anything I don't water is dangerous. Story about eighty I remember he was it hi Jacqui flipped on the night or the couple weeks ago when you made fun because. All you're gonna. River urgency and Dover and. And to my point that guy who was lifelong kayak her and he flipped it and almost died. I don't think he was play. Oh yeah and I think as you are here later in the and I had been kayaking as they won you can beat everyone I'd be at finally. Shouldn't you should access preppy type your kid you Google bay prison you know you can't be urinating once you you if you have the two. Men couldn't. Get. They don't go ahead tiller don't but I guarantee you he's got a guy that directs his motorcycle might have the bodies. A body like his he's used hoses froze in these I don't know. I don't wanna air but I don't wanna hear about his rack and ally here about earlier himself Horry every tech got the mailbox cousy has not a worker clutch yet. Alex writes this is what I sort of some snowmobile in the last year when I turned 43 pets coworkers they did it and he took me out I'm addicted and I don't know how I ever lived without it you're never too old yes you're gonna get addicted to fence poles and trees. Med that is one of the most dangerous things to start late because you know right now or indices and were people or themselves on Boccieri awful and never gonna come into the late season re easy these two motel parents noticed a analysts setup in the drink is that the ice is through them. You gonna be facing Gramm by at a at a sold his best. Ice fishing. Isolation at a news and I that's low risk like you trying to chew off the couch. Do something I don't think yeah you're jeweler to fix these alias like that's cool you cool. Wants to be cool you don't want cool. Wobbled around on your motorcycle that probably needs train and wheel guy his fifties look school the other guy in their fifties are no that's fact that these have been if he's been devoted his whole life you get good at something we Diane he's still getting go to seven when you started fifty you're gonna so when you started its 100% sure we don't tweet out with the bills gave the ball. Motorcycle in his fifties and he writes. You don't want every time museum. Pogrom hold them close. Isn't it ridiculous that museum without her he just microns from New York don't South Carolina Florida loves it he loves it. He's got a community that's what you need at that age 406060. Is you've got magic ashtrays that the new for the first time you're gonna end up at a massive pile of metal and below but you can't get up 95 degrees going to be able to go to south. A body that elves and got something new and cool that you want it for yourself. There what do my ex wives goes about it victors on CNN they Victor a lawyer about it. There yet you know the market Baltimore right like you do. Well you'd have a lot of respect you need are bumping age that need that particularly I've been writing for thirty years. I've been a situation where I addict period I would have been wrote he. That's is opposed up on a diabetic Harley booed at and hit the opener. And what did you start sometime and I say kid. I do my every what that would go to his eyesight his hearing are his motor was still active Victor hull Yuba. I upbeat at the November arts is nothing new did you wanna try your life. Not not get to kill me now live blog but when a drug being a lot realistically not gonna kill me but I I'm not gonna try to eat out eat now lower or I guiding it. It popping it into a bit it bit them make that you. Let your outgrow. It yeah snowmobile league snowboarding skiing you can die now is the time to take that risk then he stands all right hey you're not. Died in an adult out of there with there was this outcome and it worked out about them at development not. Little crotch rocket that was smeared on the ground well drivers look at. Yet it's been a couple of days motorcycle accident no kidding me guys or drop them let them right now is sudden. Vincent who's in his sixties is gonna take out Ryan big debates the gulf but I really bridges I daycare I don't know my sister did this beyond my sister no big in the brain department yet it runs the fan so it can't hurt. She was literally forties. On she got and had no money. Horseback riding. But as you had an episode or February you'll most died yes first time out my sister faith chain smoker. And it weighs about ninety pounds. Decided to go horseback wreck element horseback ride lasted hole about seven minutes because she was on the ground. Was she on the ground a lot though we shot that's a start of course. And it treat got to pull a political advocates who could work or. It. Courses on like that apparently. He's. Scouted street on Tommy hobbies include drinking Scotch looking at a grass sitting. Eating sliced vegetables. Trying on fancy clothes did anyone else figured jealousy and uneasily Ellis editor of their guys hit age going out and living life I think she's right to our war between regular and along. But tied up portraits that when he was this at the BC Olympic are not supposed to Ben. I Gaidar wised up a mild mannered guy to wise up boy did you ever really tried anything dangerous in your Lefevre. Jordan marriage three times she's Syria Iran just at a risk taker period get what you intended. Which has just finished listening to take him. I took a huge risk be mineral reduced to get beat up everybody talking about it I gonna ask you could hear every day only do elder abuse is noted this. Mean. And gets in on my six year old motor second ranked bodies aren't to carry you got to see one more week before able bond. Hey did he never ever hockey league at the bill agrees ice blacks on us soil we've never played the regular public debt you Florida senate import groin I always wanted to learn how to play hockey and I did it at forty years old now I play a team on Monday night I did great exercise and met a whole bunch of new guys to have be yours with a man. That's awesome yeah I don't need any new guys. I got enough guys. Do guys yes. You read this they knew people at the bar the company. We need to break.