Too Old to Believe in Santa?

Wednesday, December 20th

Duffy is worried his daughter is getting too old to believe.. but how do you break the news?


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You don't remember the complicated Christmas things into your in the middle of the complicated Christmas thanks in Kurdish. What they show that complicate rightly you know assess. It's like Christmas easy when you're single girlfriend mom dad and he Mary and her family issues and you idiot kids and Seattle it's a story about yet. I know something else's. Alarming below us as alone he yeah. Have a break much class Brockman six did you see MF I have my two daughters five satin during kindergarten. And second out cute yeah. On my youngest one exception. Sure way in the San right now and the seven year old that's that's the issue shares. I don't remember. What age I was when I stop believing in saint you'll. No I had older Brothers so they've learned or earlier I get goes about seven do you do you remember when you figured out that wasn't and now I yet no memory of like the moment. You find out okay. My seven year old daughter who's in second grade it still leaves and a Coca which is great because it's fun area to enjoy it's awesome. Some are wondering if she's too old to believe it's now she's now 772. Hole was she come you would like. It's telling her at not real well that's just. I don't know if this is packed. I don't want my kid to be Durham. You're gullible are not done gul he gullible whatever and I guess I was kinda hoping that by this year she was gonna figure it out I mean you got to be on the. Global her figured that I got to figure within the next year year and a half she's going to be in on. 99 night they're wrong the wrong idea yeah it. Their kids like here's my fear should be ten in looking for Santa don't know. My fear is that there are kids at school telling her. That this is all lie there and she's code no arguing that don't I saw the letter have that now it. Figure out eventually had to create long it's gonna be heartbreaking anyway. I. Anyway and we ordered the monitoring him I have numbers and that three years whole thing. 66% of kids realize it's in his opinion believe just because young guy who weighed peaks at five years old 82% of American five year old believe and sent at seven. It goes down to 65%. Or nine it's 25%. So that would mean there's half of the kids in this country my daughter's age might be sharper than. That little bit weird. Evan I commitment if you go to is a place for. Tick parents that told her kids earlier it is those Santa at least there are okay is it good I should opulent medicine anyway no I aliens are gonna have a place. These are things that are just it'll flush out naturally think of all the things you get awarded college kid. This is the leash you got this guy who cares tie break his. I Ted it's all over. Over yes yes all. I need something you may not realize that having kids grows every parent looks for something in their children. When they're tiny and two point to what kind of person they're gonna do okay right so whether a straight. You know he'd just shoot Jesse I guess that would be like. You know how she does your school gotten taller test scores coming back how she is soccer how she acts with the people there that she's polite and you spew altering your expectations. Of their adult gluten based on how the mature. Except as parents elect. Every six months in my head my little daughter which magically becomes a different person because she starts changing diet rich list and future kid you got. And I do what I can't get over is much that she hasn't figured out yet. Like I have like a daughter who would forty fives could have slick thirteen cats and sold over two bedroom apartment yeah bar. But that's that's apparent overreaction. Is just getting brutal reaction show only the black catwoman. Besides Halle Berry excuse is that the only cat what I never be. Cat black cat one has like twenty cat there are black women you're can at least it was nothing to do with this incidently every catwoman I know is an ugly fat fifty year old woman. So take a cat woman that you've not given what I've what I do I know it just saying that you like you're creating these these strict action is a loser. Each dollar simplex and it's seven traditional crazy and they stayed so parents can control and and I guarantee about the only you can control us thinking about the old but it's not because of what Breivik doesn't work that way. Bring these were periods news fit parent can't control I know a teacher who. Had a pair come to her and asked if she could tell the rest of the kids in the class not to tell her daughter that say analysts agree. Shouldn't do that either is like this is the natural process because of the greatest thing you're gonna find out his. How she deals with the truth is like there's gonna really amount or she realizes she's been jive to buy a mommy and daddy ray. The result is all made up and it'd be interesting to see how she handles that so this is like one of those first. Kind of a dull moments for a little kid I want that I want her to realize that let her do it on her own yeah. But let her find out if she finds out on the bus issue finds out the she hears something on the TV here this stupid show. Yeah that's what I'm saying is I don't I'm not going to tell I want her to be sharpened up to one day wake up this case gets you do you have year you know on time be Egypt be prepared. Four when she comes to you with those questions because she's gonna like as she's figuring it out she's gonna have a lot of questions your view as you why a we are hesitant delegate candidates where it may controls everything. I was about what age is it too old for your child to believe in Santa Claus and do you get worried if your kid does it one day wake up at 789. Years and 45 well I when he cats and house pro I remember being in fifth grade this I remember and I know 15 grade I didn't merit belief ports are open but there was this girl named Britney and I will never forget all britney's are down. She still bleeds out there and like she would argue with us here like. She's a holy and fifth grade rightly 101011. Elevenths we you're what I said George with the middle school teachers are a year away from your period. How we re like you're in a bubble a purely in my big girl stuff yeah you're still thinking about saying that's we hear she like Santa. But the separation rates Sana and your first period there should be a good book for your gap. Seriously leeway and pizza grid data showed up amid. Music you know you what you said is creeping in and you just up that game so congratulations and god that would bother me of their kids they that is obviously that's what I'm saying is I let IBC wood had the nip it in the but it got that far okay so either parents out there to to do 6000 have decided it's just been too long I'm going with it like I'm gonna get run and this whole thing up because I don't want my kid to be your beady we went at school still leads. Memo that's over parenting. Illnesses and those you hit that red line as is the show business legend Brett lion. Place employs reactors had. It is a thing once we have to have the coach Tex conversation. We we've got to tell you about Santa OK aren't I wasn't what you gotta start dealing with your girl woman. And were down with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and tolerance. OK let's sit too aggressive great massacre would look at. Ice I walk I think my daughter might know about San. A seven year old originally no that it's you know she may be playing cool for the little more well known upper income for the little I think my daughter thinks that win. She tells Santa isn't real that the present school correct. I gadget that does Nigel but it tickles me my father brain trying to make up. You know this is why my relatives obviously jets' final say this she's right once you find out the presence do take not to say severe dip. Yeah I mean as a kid you wanna still kind of hold on to that because it. There all the fun stuff goes away right LAI can't assess so yeah liberals on pointed memories. You. And it broke a really cool gift area widget so I got a remote control Corvette. And a big deal of the old remote central saliva or wire to it and aimed Gannett technology yet so I'm never my parents had a room then a full bar in the basement. So I had on I got up in the bar stool. And out is drag race in the court that rate. And I was an I couldn't turn it off. In order over this side is smash Williams William Pitt its release in Canada in my home analysts that home analysts screaming at me. And it's also the Tommy and I and open opal you whose. Bag and I injury come. They are that all went down like one by one Christmas I get yelled that took place you grew at a and they I told Corbett. What I'm getting in is think back to the release Christmas to remember and how that tree luckily there was a thousand Sharia and it's a miracle it's amazingly. What I would give them. I'd love nothing more in my life now then I loved Christmas when I would spike 67 years old. I'm going over to somebody nice house that had messed up my grip. It's the house and receive a magical consistently is a little depressing to urge you know that you're never gonna have that feeling so. This is like her first life lesson well this like your first major disappointment and what I like smack across the face yeah yeah. Great now but it's necessary to tell you grow up what many expand. Thousands of dollars trying to acquire that feeling again that if that feeling of just imagine you awesome NIC and I laid out Israel's called alcohol content. But not perfect but I can America trust. Actually look like a thousand president like that always was because that whole body right you get yet. Doing toys that you complete with Ireland Italy can't play ball for this week the schools didn't really know which you're gonna get. Yet and hysteria every gift of the mystery. But you still have that with the other one recliner. Sinclair still coming out PLC got a little more Time Warner's style but Weller. Eventually they're not even gonna light right they're gonna hit that bad a whole team yes early years were years stoop well I don't know any thing in your shows sucks Olerud. The best part about Christmas though and that it Thomas pointing at the teen years is you can still hold Christmas over their head in the teeing it up to thirteen years because like. They're gonna be if you're. Like due to Jimmy in your probably get a still get your kids stuff fray right yet so they're gonna be like. If they hate you every other month of the year when it comes time for December yet they're going to be like daddy's little girl. Nick I don't want to do yet cool thing that spot so. Only that you'll always have your own kids in the month of December to enjoy kind permanently hit me yeah I think tells me economic pulled the trigger too early on something Christmas lights this year review well. You know. Receivers except B movies I unilateral. And like every every one of those movies as like a moment a Christmas for like you know dad keeps the usage Tuesday and wherever we did that this year at the customized little. Necklaces are adorable yes. But the committed to it too early because I hated it like to add fantasy yet like date they told out of them forever yeah it like what they were there at their forties or fifties I'd die late date that because I don't. Lowering my giant piano box tacitly if you think it. What did you get what it is a match like mommy stuff don't know low the problem is. You're where they're gonna lose it break it or something yeah yeah which is an edge probably had that no it's not iTunes which he's been good money what goes on super cell JC Penney kind of or that it's that experience that still it wanted to be to you wanted it did last forever I Natalie that don't see that person I realized after I bought it like I'm gonna find like on the bathroom floor one day and it's gonna break my heartedly I don't want to be ready if that's really not giving individual or killed off operator wait until like X click significant birthday like sixteen or something it's too late every audience want to Pellegrino one once the seal like this is that tiny cane give the that the kid's story that reared. I got that women dancers in the third gold and I think that's normal as it were going down creep billing and now dad day what parents giving their kids their daughters Taylor out that's creepy I know like a guy he treats his daughter. Like his wife like he gets is he gets his daughter's things are you also get his wife and the daughter now is like 120 is and it's concrete means Ellis like. He once these like seeing like. Well this is what my wife look like when she was hot so might know he's almost like he's a little treads in the outer Obama in talent again Santana sailor Albert. This and have guys can get attracted to their mothers. He can't tell a guy's getting it and now you're going out front. Does that we still with I thought that it might seven year old and now we're at it maybe you would have been now and then they'll. My point is give the jewelry now it doesn't local weird okay for you sort given these promise rains and your daddy's little girl stuff she's 1718. And looks creepy analysts say yank your outburst from wife. How did you did you know I can't fight I'd take the advice now I mean I read it and packed it up second.