Too Good for Loose Change

Tuesday, January 23rd

You know what Tommy always says, "Never leave money on the table"

What's the amount of money you're bending over to pick up off the ground?


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Big show right. Yeah it may have a tiebreaker let's let's act that is expired did you seek and if we just. Nobody wants money old naval its money for free minute green maybe money for ethic I did some people angry I was shocked by. Lot of people said it would stop what they were doing with this amount of Edmonton because you lord. Waiting with a dollar anymore little bit severe but still dollar. 56 almost half over half of American city would stop to pick up and eat if they sought on the street that pending. They have picked up change. But I cited an actual receipt paper money via a pick so a dollar is shorten the Mamo. Voting and paper I go court. Valuable for laundry the comics are sent. To set it over for a quarter. What. How do you want it didn't help and I don't referred dollars and demos of hot hot hot I think too late. Get a tick to 6000 minimal amount that it takes to do something as a grown man and I. Exe shot dude and over for a dollar beat from a third because I heard that dollars deployed all over this. I exaggerate your list option immediately knows a little. So you know my body nor re dead he has a gang green has terrific luck winning lottery ticket that's a lease it believe it at the bodily health sort on the floor some times. People picnic active thing up minutes as there are Sacha Dixie but it's funny don't want started to very addicting to do but it's funny what people think that lights chance forever. The ministry cherries in a row absolutely not I. And you know admit that dot this lottery ticket could be a block rate out yes it'll winning lottery to raise your gravity. You listen I I. I would stuff to pick up any kind of lottery to even the ones where woods or quarter reap Koppel. But it's up to pick up that but it stopped for a quarter and gets a chance of more than stopping OK but if it's just a quarter. Went to the quarter and Mike don't all the quarterly and really you can't do laundry with a quarter okay he had the collect quarterly that is not only known entity got to like I did snotty eat blini clinics I'm allowed to give type Tom really bent over Fred. By the way. What you may appear has nothing to do with when to stop for people who make over 80000 dollars were just as likely to make a debate over that can't eat then people like let's think they're rich experience that they grab all the money. OK tell I have eat just a whole cup holder full change Michael. But I never ever touch might change my pocket right dumping him but I'd never use it might change ever. Night for likely that if it stops wearing you need to pay for parking like it's not that I can not but I very rarely do I live in the suburbs they I paid remarking via check here let. I don't have any. You can't change it might might never ever used change anytime you change is that I am in my pocket drug it's up that I got change for before I just give it give you. It's tough to pick up a penny to 26000 why is it a good luck thing. All rose a bit more superstitious her seat penny pick it up all they want to put him. So what do you do with your change and you'd taken those stories that are yet like those machines did not even know anybody that does that is my how's it going sir you do. Or do you Coinstar guy yeah keybank. I'll give it to piggy hiker in air might car. Still like I have like big the center console my current to the change in their ad Hillary gets really built up. I thrown into a bag a ticket to to get annoyed me asserting corn sorghum a money cash on a done OK you know that it's scam right. Boris is any kind of money it takes your money it takes it takes a percent you can just go to the bank and keep that 8%. You know how I was at noon at the roller it's okay that. League and all day. I get sort of damage out of my given up 8% is that there was sitting on the floor much caught espionage and transferred it to be at this. Age. Let typically begins. It's like. And again except it's like oh my god there's like thirty dollars a Mike tolerated arises is set a couple the F thirty dollars a recorders all all manner. But think about every time you buy set to write you go to Dunkin' Donuts store my coffee in a Mora threw a change in there right so take fifty sensed when he sends whatever. But it builds up over a couple of months and three month spike go by you got 3040 dollars and in their buddy that's real money now we're talking I ditch you've never had lower than like nine dollars on solidarity forty that. A thirty to forty dollars is always my strike line. It and it's like coffee money strike oil price of that session played. Should like my aide Duncan dollars or calm basically so that's like Dunkin' donut money that I Don and a morning get rename our money home. And I am I so it's I am re circulating the money I'll never go broke. Would you judge I see guys WT the second half of Americans over apps which sucked Dick patty. Would you judge you with the beast up to pick of a million. They change so it just keeps up to take a quarter. This is Jolie get tickets in his right on the ground to get it up like a dollar Eaton just gonna plot. Camp pluck can point you gotta get your hands on the dirty seriously. I am I figured that atoll which will pick up. It was a floor of Jacob he didn't you can grab a dollar by the dollar and Edward you put it. In my pocket where your hand is also could go on whenever reportedly I don't study started me. I'm not like lick in the floor recorders. And I was sick like if you're bent over picking up. Change you you're just that tightness. Your chips our bench will crises are picking up change or go to chips at that I don't know Jim says Ceres Gary's scrounge it around like a dog with a. And and a nod out there tomorrow there pulpit and he. Absolutely but deputy read like I'm a little bit. Did you have been bought it and rehab. Hey I need to be like keep the change it if it didn't do what I don't want it. I like being an at the end of the year when we go on vacation there and even quite dark secret Ebert and it's a 120 articulate it and assimilate under the white. You know that it. They control. Personal views 150 does unibody spaceship but I could hear the background really to talk. Machine but it took to salute them this missile with today's result but it it closed Thursday. To me to go to the attitude is that receive at age group for Matt asked walker 1660. And even above and he'll stop and pick up saved all my change for a year over a hundred bucks that I brought to the bank. So my first wife was terrible with leg. Money in general so like her car would be fully changes overnight dollar bill site one basically not her car. I would scribble money that she thought it was her site Kazaa I would cash it all out back in the day edition is well where's my money go. I I got on the ground and clean action car it's my money I don't do it actually was her money and yes she kissed you just found the money was actually eat something that she LC in divorce court careless it's my money should I not. Likely not sure Clark is it's it's so slot and I can't deal wouldn't and you leave all this money around a fight grab it it's mine no it's that is. She just keeps me yours I'll say this holds true. You know armor which is Deborah and beauty and you're due out all the grunt work that you deterrent out. But the way you would let that you would have sold that car with that money is that's a slob and you were okay. So it was her car and run away you relationship with this woman if you stole the money than steel it's part of relationship. It's the breaker let's see about 888. They are today and other guy's point I'd I'm retired now yeah. Who. Can get through them but leg and I IE a catch everything. It's gonna take it yet thank you Dick. Yeah anyway at the end of the year I LA coroner budget is I take it wrap up for a couple hours later I got done I just wrap complete the keepers that I get portable. Man retirement says X it was fund reads you're really the although voice I could have changed and I mean never retire so terrible. It doesn't look like fun. It is and we always should read this question isn't it yeah. A lot of things. Whatever it takes a look at that you can't pick yourself cooler say you smoke pot empty Toby rolled quarters that it puts it pays for. The it's his is the putts that phase as the company to get it is it is that the BC about what to break through FaceBook page Terry. It goes up at three audience got a few wide. Also want to pay my mortgage with a changeup finding okay yet that you're granted thank. Plus it's a dollars and paid you will host you look at where it okay that's fine. This is the saddest thing I've ever heard. Yeah I just get the status we go I want that we were quit I would take Danica I gave you pay most banks have this card machines right inside the bank and vague and it's a heads up for. OK Erica. I've never seen one of those at the bank he's right I think actually I wanna see that one of the local parties have. She's right I've seen commercials on my banking gallon debut on the run and top. To Ramirez bank to match star. She's she's the standard chase NM bank he's he's apps if I saw a commercial tonight even article like shades is so good advertising is I thought about switching to that like it. There are cycles the breaker Muncie about half of Americans would bend over to pick up heavy Michael but it. Not too long ago in too long ago in a dollar bill. Now describes it dumpster was a look at outside dumpster. I'll side some are. When a boat at bumpers don't lose there had to be. I opened up doors and audio. Expect a little waste paper basket that people wait paper ration care and them. I'm Bert reed bed and he'd seek insight that but the bottom was still kind of a little light in Italy. Emeritus and now we're built here and re in Europe. My hands on this line dollars a week do you think UPS yet yes I guess that might think there could be more in there maybe it would be looking at who's giving it. Yeah but some money dancer of things like there's something to this game is more there it's gonna be crime incidents slime and mock. And that I didn't have to get in there to. Had to reach. Now believe that you fell in May. Heads out there he's smelly ass. But let's command at its minimum wage is ten bucks. I've I use it immediately I expect appear and let sit for video. I'm so I sure did you call I did little dumpster for ten bucks the wooden. Dollars. Endorsers are ST a bit and a few were my work and day but that's was funnies like all of these nasty to discuss the other guy you put an insert field domestic yet but it could honoree a could already have good. Because I did the dumpster you met a stack. This I usually perfect nobody on the ground and spread to the breaker lazy about it Brett politely. Good naked only yeah. Well I would younger. That open and disgusting young man and nobody thought about actors and we would play a game called. On the dollar. Where we would take a dollar bill and go to the bathroom and. And yet got Joseph yep yep yep yep of. And then drop it in the in the buyer. A lot to you pick it up. And it does somebody picks it up we would sing this song little that you heard only smoke on the water. Yeah I like that. Your let me tell you would have met the guy that good at all. I'm probably. All got big thing in the world who's pretty Slavic people picked up at Ballard no. Wouldn't let medical or. Is. It disgusting how's it. That takes the Oakland accurately stated. They even had a song is normal thing now he was still as smoke on the water I know but am am asking like are there other people play this game. This just to Brad and his buddies kind of thing I've never heard of normal it's pretty fun yeah let's pick it up the dollar bought your ad. I every joke as a victim room. For us since the entire city of Russia.