Tommy's Work-aversary!

Thursday, October 19th

The little man is upset with Duffy and Kimmy for the lack of "congratulations."


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It was nice day until it affects me in which case to who what I want you to write that's essentially what you're senate thanks instant no it doesn't make any sense Q. Think women are complicated. Try working with Tommy knew pried the complicated human being met might like to know what you want from people illiterate spend OK but you don't deserve the respect insight into. Did you see that we on the remember the brink crewmen. Who should be respect him. Tried to respect innings you'd only get. And I have another show respect. Yeah yeah the breakthrough breast classic OS that X you see this then at the fewest Michelle missing you are aware that last week. He came across a guy your work yes who was because wedding anniversary in this conversation you had with him. Broader up and I didn't say happy anniversary in any channel. Has ask little bent out of shape in my pro which you're anniversary generally would like care at UN York. Families probably so yes there celebration Perot you this morning pout Michael bitch decide well. This industry. Either you know understand. Takes Petit whose body work. Here's him something he was used beaten and I was this kid was aware of this what was yesterday. It was man Richard work anniversary 24. Years to silver number five is no reports. Small amusement just look at that. We're first of all first. And yesterday you can't see after 24 years and he sexy job mr. record with Gil promotion and it's because Kate is pretty much I don't know in the mornings. That's a replica so I am director holder and warning show personality felt at Berkeley. The greatest radio station this Roberts is that in Rochester classic man who's never got promotion to 24 years once accolades. What inning on what I wanna promotion could well keep. It and you can't emulate the world's greatest job. Why would you go hey maybe there's something better out there they're ranked U says a lot of promotion a guy who doesn't deserve what. I. Went. Don't be jealous I don't be that girl to be that Joe's it's at this point it's certainly that he is upset that we wish him happy twenty cup of coffee anniversary yesterday take beatle was. Little to split was actually upset that really you did not and I. Don't act UP UEU shooter kept track. Years here. Since I was six. Just think about that sixty little punch Google's sectoral. Apparently she's finished rules whose complete disrespect to bring you personally couple of things. Of course he's actually this it is like where family and well. Or work for him or not. Radio phone and got caught workers we worked. I in the economy with all your problems ever solve them or never happened one time and I helped other comedy business. Fighting give you drink actually hampered comedy that I was doing they itself. You got to that yet hampered there is a big alcohol helped. Jesus and others who work anniversary emails. Sealant for Tommy did you know I didn't double checking which is ridiculous enough for everybody in it yet so lady boss stiffed me. Is that comes from lady boss to -- yes they stick to my owner Marge gender opportunity laws. We wish you happy anniversary yesterday. Set. Be nice to feel a little recognition for a job well done so why is it to you and nearly every day he had a happy wedding anniversary Easter I'm not part of his family. We're aware that we not once in all of that one. Jill what is only so there's no such thing as a work for a hot. Date but you can't get any more worth it within three people that syndrome. And talk to themselves is no real through listen to this crap she. That's a family he's scared everybody off from talking years I mean you have to understand the right and yet. So I can answer and they always believe feeling insulted probably insulted. You really can ethnic Russian. Why they want their fat ass in here they do sentiment in there or am I supposed to do they. A jerk person. What are you doing tonight. I say don't security going to be Phillip that bad as people try to you in jets you insulted them to their faith notice from proving that because it though was the one broke that was taken care of the box. To. We as part of a QB this legitimately upset about us not wishing to work anniversary as a you really upset when people publicly can gradually chew on like stones your wedding you got pissed yeah. It gradually did you well as European as smug know your degree and gradually it too late nearly and I. I was trying to do this public pressure to do privately. You put her on radio not me OK we got toward. And every time we told you happy for you you went on. It lists his idea what you're doing some market and jerking me okay heated smug and jerked real time so even if I knew it was you working anniversary even if QB why it would we'd bring it up based on your reaction that you always had we congratulate her brother rise above a Scotch may be a nice cigar forming on amen. He'll wonder why it's such an an as a maybe this is busily you ladies through treatment yet. Tony for years on and physics and fifty. Just in the time I've been in this one is fine. 2226000. It's obvious what's happening here. It's not that your upset and did you pull that move which makes the world's biggest little pitch or song I'll explain that move to send you your XP needed to be rich yes. Is the break commence imitate Jeff. Hey panic about it if memory serves me you're right that's four years ago you came on the air and was like an interview wish type thing with back. Donahue yeah and it didn't see I mean. Parent her I mean that's that's Larry remember I don't know maybe he introduced you yet she had called data yet. I was listening that I remember that. The last point four years known thank you propelling Rochester air ways we have built your version of Crete penis. And a lot of a lot of love and a lot of land. Obviously I've given this guy your read for Tony and sad. About it no igniting Robert about it and let it. You know the show can give you a us. I'd spent almost half highlight listening to you in UNN and congratulations on ruining. More difference Joseph. What's important here or career then I'll quote adequate. Nobody that thinks it's. Having given graduate apparently ordered or humans or. These style. So. Reasons and try to five that you're going to be to retorted by yourself because you're gonna be accurate or not. Pittsburgh. 5102025. To see if anything were to be when he was again collegiate national debt not that man I mean reading to gradually last year maybe that's why I didn't actually it was a big deal last year and what. While Allison would be all like. You know do you shift what Tony threes this over and Tony throughs would tweet I god damn mics the breakers and isn't worth it Michael it. I'm I don't like I act like they're they're sometimes. It's the a lot of emotions about. I got an emotional like it all starts there. I see even Oprah pets balm c.s do and yeah. I was right on course. I. Went. Again a big. They are right front so here's what makes this so satin Tommy delays 24 anniversary it seemed Matthew I yesterday we didn't know we congratulate him he's actually upset when. You intentionally let your work anniversary passed yesterday. And not telling kitty awry. So you could be madness tournament. I just you know anytime you work within elder statesman. You should show the respect to that individual. You intentionally let you work anniversary passed without telling QB and I was Dwight anniversary yet so we could hold all of our heads that you didn't get his client I tell you is being viewed deserve which you don't score. Why it's home. About the character. Of individuals that work with selfish. Entitled millennia those who told me. You mean mean mean mean. Look at mean listen I mean. The medals and the man who's upset about his anniversary now be recognized is calling us in title and title 24 anniversary self indulgent at many many news that you pulled such a whites move. You intentionally let it pass without letting us know they can get that it actually gets like a rich. Rich. I ignited intense I thought. You know do little time. And then it would show the that in the show of note that could've said something go home nothing comeback candidate not dynamite with the holes don't you go you can't just. Hours what's on the just Obama does. It. It. It. But she'll get you so sure what do I do his room is physically move. And coral move it's an elder statesman moved like I cannot and a statesman I am your elder. A Micah Micah did you George W of like bush 41. We respect even if you didn't vote for really respect. 2226000. Tommy is a set in the English and he 24 quote. Work anniversary yesterday which again is not a state that one. For about a man who loves you loves you put mr. and believe me and wish you well cameras in the breaker currency and have they ever make. I guess you're bear. How are holding on camera getting killed all that they're okay. The I mean electing these slide admit it along to be known path. Alaska will give the exact number I didn't go to these guys forty started by fifty year old drink seventeen years ago. Okay and it is trek black white pretty much air it out there. Will watch lightly of this job. I'm pretty sure our. Well let's start before they are actually ever so let's start up when when Lee lessons. Could you come to agreement on his contract and I was working pins a lot of when I called Tommy and I say payment each other along time I think it would put it this job and what. I said pat you know what that's. Reunited no no no you said don't. You said it would work you said we should not work together I don't want to do this in Hamburg was their right Earl was. Yeah in real. Lap ranked number yeah. I know bill and I know your way well I thought ma. I a lot of work it out there that we have a couple Beers and I'm so. I noble every. Thing and it what you YouTube old Sammy and blame that old building knows it's a university. Its should. It my son to my son get out of my effort such that whoever takes the caller predict so just be clear just be clear. I should thank the guy they try to keep it from Keating and my dream job on his twenty minutes or you didn't understand the strategy. It's. Yeah it. I had a Dell if you really wanted to yeah. Hotel here has a touch it and I am right because I had let's say a bite and and he went away when you literally wanna aren't. So you gotta you know you gotta push people sometimes also the west so he went to our boss who called week after I talked to you instead I want you to go to this job you talked. I'm Ramona and we let you talk. Look I had to let the process work itself out yet know the next actually help what we Canada which had kids yet now we know. It's not. How it. Site Jack asked twice fourth anniversary piece of garbage. Well you can least put that on its recruitment. Egbert.