Tommy's Secret Vacation

Tuesday, July 24th

Tommy thinks he can pull of an "undercover vacation" so he doesn't upset family members... The rest of us say, "good luck"

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Listen as your friend I'm begging you not to do this I you boy Leo look at why did want you to embarrass yourself over yet here and I've flyer program you haven't out there are those dots you have an out here I know we are still out there is an out and you're not Smart enough to pull this off and nobody is it ever. Everybody who attempts the undercover vacation and gets busted and Utah beat Wilbur wood to relate to measure time April. You haven't out. They out how we thought about this you'll need not what they don't think about the break about a glass -- many 65 WC FC. You didn't go down to Florida next year yes. Noses you know but I a quick round a lot of money okay through quick quick in quick out. Now you simply don't they have got by got to brother neither coach won in Tampa when a west palm so you want to tamper West Palm Beach you know we're not. Going to Naples which originally was Naples south. If you're in Naples is he met up Florida yeah. I don't know where it needs is super rich man build Naples and now were a good basis. Maybe even a rough kind of guys girl click. OK so all. I don't want that to drug runners he people that are out of time. So it's gonna going in and out not to anybody so far is Naples for your brother's like ours it's that to our driving into a Tutu and a half's it's easy in the middle belt VA area to see each other just for our round trip. Yet this is to drive president sitting your ass down there have been much aware of okay. You thinking that you be able to go down to Florida that are not running in domed their two and a half hours away I know you're in so how they don't know. The but he has a map to trap editors met pitcher I've been kind of trapped in that area that that the the occasion is a horrible idea because you will be found out. And your Brothers are going to be very very hurt I've got to before. So like I had I had Miami New York City a great man I am president he amendment. So. Ireland statement like that there should chill around duels sultan and we were gonna go see hers son now my stepson. So we just went in and around this is your September joined for day. It will launch on so's apartment screwed on com. And we caught us well here's to your hand doesn't have a guest house at Hewlett Tuesday at. Which your brother's hand and it takes care you. Right we're totally changed my diaper waving. Out to you at all they'll love for me to come down and chairman it was so that's why you have to tell them that you're coming you can't know what I got to do a pail kind of an iMac Tennessee had been made to get their national medal I've answered yes you very simple single not so. Did you know that they're gonna say you gotta get but that it will come here. Through his I have a yellow come over here. Yeah hang that I'm gonna cave in and of Dylan at an average spend. Forty some Florida to a minute car with a how I stay home to stay strong you call all the book is had a strong man through the week meant extra. Well you call it a listen you offer to buy them lunch and dinner you say hey we're here I've actually general this is cute place in Naples. That we delusional a Democrat and if they decline while I can't make at all because there have to go come see me bro that's what's got to happen. The undercover vacation is one that most men think they can pull off and you're wrong every time maybe twenty years ago it was possible. But the ways that we are connected now social media it's impossible to not. Give Boston might tell you is that just a vacation people do it all the time just to win in and out of a place you know people like they do let's say. Tom you have a friend networks said though wegmans yes I have yet but I don't spend you don't sit during doce higher ranked disease stuck different administrative so you slide any Saturday hoping business a year rate should I do it all the time a worker play wherever you're at. That's easy that's easy to you could pull that has been very cars be there any. All you have to do is worry about that right he does little miss that you're gonna tell me tell button below holds on urinate and downforce. Your wife is gonna take you single photo and put up on FaceBook. Okay if she does your busted give I don't think miles. And it which you want post and they don't post okay even in today even if you don't post anything in let's say don't get caught right away and I still on the line like one little slip up like. And we were down in Florida and said oh never mind so I yelled I guess by us I get boxes. I. Yeah I saw and I got by somebody and you'll probably get a got a vacation got on the ER no vacation I. You would be like. Pasting your Brothers have you found out they were here in town and didn't tell you that's different Rochester is that like a tourist destination like people are likely locking up from Nate I don't check out the two I don't know yet Toronto some. Are you trying so but would you be pissed or like at least have them tell you you would have you'd probably be that's them that's different is they never come appear on down there all the time seen them. Six separate. Because everything is free. That's why he went by so I would be idiot not to go downhill WikiLeaks does not all free so how much is your hotel. When you're zero. Status how much you make it sound like you're doing is key for them beat you guys take a mallet. Three Hollywood sees you for write his boat. Oh here's a question to you. You could get caught because let's say you go out there nobody finds out about it years where your. You know in the clear them all what happens when your brother says hey you know should come and visit in like a month later and who what he's supposed. To tell who. Just down Barnes and Monica are no funds are LaBroque why would put we get a problem in and done anything yet this year. I put up that's up this year. It's right there it was a fortunate I doubled the price. Of rhetoric at a lumber from these days China. What we have such a hard time telling friends and family we don't see them tonight what is it and don't have time OK he wants to be. Now back at me I love seeing them I just don't have Tom. Seeing them. He used me time and eyes you see his own love W forty years old Jewish Italian grandmother. A they're expensive if you're key if you're lucky you get one a year but it's. One every few years writers version he's Wednesday the prices are crazy honesty it's reasonable to call the lessons were coming down and not see him. Because it is are you if he went to Toronto would not go out of his legacy you think it would drive down from Toronto Rochester right nobody's gonna go see him in Toronto that's. Solich has done I done this right so I gotta do for them. You should have no guilt which should give them a heads up that you're going to be there could it be if you're trying to hide it looks like they're sad I don't know mentioned it that's up hiding. An embryo up. Social media bring up you know you could get caught and it's excuse not to see them like two years ago. The only contact to at least distant relatives was the occasional phone call may be that wedding or funeral but whole ice everything you're doing and saying on a daily basis like. I don't need to catch up with you faced. Can't say they're old and a member of my Brothers are in the seventies and I'd like connected like kids on the Internet. Does not lead to alzheimer's you talked a weekly basis rice and egg evil like call them. Normally my sister in laws pick up the phone first visit our Michael look to salt there are no Jerry Jerry's taken a nap so I was gonna amid bit basically. My sister in laws are secretaries from our Brothers and. Your sister in laws might be on social media and their kids maybe have really they're so connecting family members that could see that one picture and it's I think he does he believe happened and amber deceitful is gonna go away president of one of things orderly and loses. Being deceitful I just wish a shame that all you have to call Bolton themselves want all of us to get together in the middle and if they see elders. They say yes she gets your brother didn't get down to it and got along. Okay they you know so ethical issues that affect the outcome. But what do they do it and I get to footage of faces and amp amp T three I get a they're paying. Triple lunch for when you face you don't throw line you don't pay people to pay for hotel did not see your brother you get a pitch about triple lunch. I think Hillary and her triple logic particulars. Let's look at it got a busted. I think the lunch might be worth it though just those three hours might be worth that not having to hide it and getting caught our eye on being deceitful good Christian deceit Tahiti caught. Madden do or really who called brother cocoa Philly cops. Repay a McCourt Yule. Aren't too much of a bitch to tell them easier not to that your gonna be there because of that ahead Idaho it's it's it's I think you're at least five looking at them going dude what but it's more piece of garbage if they catch you. Irish like garbage you reminded every Utica and his room and ended and then did that BS in the drama. Needs. You kind of costing our daddy wanna go really at a at a do it is from my life at a arm really even do. It's relative pillaged and Mary. In other conversation here. What what your spine dealt I don't know it's basically sluggish two teams with its. I don't want it to my Brothers I'm coming to tell why it's like to go on triple H yeah Accra for the sticker cases himself. Tell that you can't do that anymore like. It's and again if we get a Carty pays had a big DeSoto they load up a couple buddies and they would go offering a weakness. Do things go badly you know they want out there I don't wanna editor time he came back yet all sweaty. Didn't music downloads might be under government agent got basic as his coveted but there are men who are here to help you. Year ago Bremer said he has done this before he's on CMF a light grammar. Good morning. What they're. Like one. Out there play and I got to pollute. You're ready badly. You're meeting. Little white. It got an itinerary. Though I'm the level out by the word ball. That they're number one and the use the public dole is doing so they've got the look of you know requirement. I can barely afford 2000 don't live in. Government buying back the white paper ball well. Dog here. Look at the trailer out of thought about certain people who log on her part of yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I'd definitely make it on into mapped all of it's not like to we were lucrative Jerry it could get a alligator Alley over the Miami here. Earlier I trying to turn it into Google Maps on the zone which is basically blame my wife. I'm really that bad. What you have in your new Wembley and I and my outlook. Lower level and valued at all our fingers all of in I don't know how well. I'm gonna pass a new family to hang over eight days ago period old family and see about it bro like yours if I had hit the refresh button with them. It will be so much easier if we could just be open and honest with their friends and family which can't touch and nobody let's take that risk YE YE like this sets up a chain reaction that seniors that they should. That steps you're taking to being deceitful. People by asking us about the chain reaction that is far worse than just being on comptroller that case you're gonna get caught him recruit an aggregate of whining Mack you whining now armed men do an impression that you. Of Krugman okay I'm spills are.