Tommy's Santa Standards

Tuesday, November 28th

Tommy Mule got unreasonably upset with the way a man dressed as Santa was conducting himself... yes... Tommy Mule... He's apparently the expert on how to act in public.


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We are in the heart of Christmas shopping season if and a lot of plays you go needs outweigh Santa pops up now. Right leg yes he got demolished got a grocery store adamantly can town hall owns and everywhere you go six Juli is a slam was centers that are. Tommy does a set off might this morning on a Santa he saw yesterday. I sort of resets sample what is so sad about this Santa it was less today as ghetto Santa. What was in the back door busted as get a sample was get great that's why I so I had to go to a particular place it's kind of lower. Not a way that's got a lot noticeably from. It's got a lot of what I like to call. Downtown. Store does it a go ahead. Early that with shell they think every Disney Jeff not Bob Kraft who I told you the break the blame bullying is you're using any marginal relatively thirty years playing it's a bowling bowling stole our recent public. President. And it continues a boombox repair business. Research if you have a little boxes are. Well I don't get it fixed how easy it was killed so I go ahead and do that to do this certain thing to say and I go radical and it's it's. Mind me it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon. They got us. I didn't think we pace and I was sets and it was a weekend date because the kids are out of school because I was little I would William's great. When kids were little taken during the week like 10 o'clock on Wednesday that extent this is the most busted as. We gay ghetto Santa ever receive. He too looks to shoveled it looked like an alcoholic it would be needed a job which a British or as most of these and is deadly bank stories a procedure the beard. He could to see the pain in his face. Let peace be the other Santa chair the knives and a chair yeah it's it's he slumped in his treatment setting up like. It engage with the children. As during her children Isabella got game day he slumped down. And then the sand at Jack it is open to see he's just T shirt underneath the and it's like this didn't he teacher. So good this is sick this will be a Santa but it makes says because. Nobody's come around like I guess the weekends and it is pretty buttoned up and we pace and it is a busted a wait and so he's busted get a Santa because he was slouching in his chair Ed good jackets open any holes you just in Santa based on his posture my numerous mobile little. Series which I don't booze and cigarettes Mueller broke on from the that was posted on it'll. Nobody really want it all plays that little boy would you cut. I hugged Oprah contact us she Cooper. Just equivalent weekdays at Amber's weekends and I do the better SanDisk do we have to make sense because of cancer slammed on the weekend. You get a had a top buttoned up Sammy he's like your headline in San he's like Sinatra day Bryant. Weekdays and it is going to be more like Tony Bennett so sick not Chara is on Saturday. Tony Bennett knockoff guy's going to be weekday OK it's. Only make sense to kids noticed my two kids site that parents are gonna notice when this and it looks kind of creepy. And he's the museum opens god damn jacket he was in effect. Yeah I have seen skinny and they'll look ridiculous because that entire output is based on you being kind of I. I wanna get to that the second the naive to how do you get into looking like San because there are men who or drop it but. To audio way to find the most authentic looking sand if you have kids 2226000 is my wife has done this before yeah Christmas is before. Odd she will go to all three malls near scouted out freely see who has the real beard out yeah the most authentic looking Sana the best layout every. You elect the sand that we all grew up with what the media push frustrates on the media at Santa was this jovial and heavyset. Got the immediacy and let these habits have made up stories organization dues they've made what do you look like today like I know Jesus kind of looks like me and you. Tennessee and guy's gonna lead to accidents and no he's these are when he Anglican. Anything like the other ones that I hope we can look like both of you gotta like Jesus is a white guy Euro by different so like yeah yeah. The middle of Italy divisive they're doing mall Jesus and I don't wanna see slumped over Jesus what is robe opened. But I. My wife we ended with just to ease do you got a little intense one years ago when the recon on sent to a used to bite to his all the malls different places at different Easter Bunny you're better volleys that standard it's got ahead on values you know some creepy old and on yeah. The others we've got kids like that constant body back right there are different types of costumes for all different malls and places orders were tennis editor way of looking like just once she wants the standard. Media. Friendly. Santa to speak fact I with a real regrets what she is so excellent shall find it she has got to get all beat don't we all three mulls over the years to find the rights and a I was at the mall at Greece ridge of the weekend and on. And Friday night and they had a really legit sent for him to widgets and exactly which Melissa. Fat real beard can. I don't like all that matters is what I would keep my kids taking picture when it's my place that you might play together on this woman. Which it didn't even mattered atomic it's not accuse any kids to go see bring to go see Santa anyways that's a player like I don't remember any yet. But the miss hers in a market through this book says. Sad as ghetto situation here and obscene and all the junk he has stores junkie as Stewart was all these. Backed girls walk around end of the phony work in there and it's bad as Santa over here. Tommy is going on at Santa he did not approve and that he saw yesterday but. Into saint. Six question durable. Peace it's only looking for fat guys would be way. So many of those that exist on the plant where you can like you can do the stuff that in a jacket just pitched about stuff. But that this guided had no stuff and he was just scrawny ass and a exceeds two goes past looking like cents. There are very few men that Arafat and of white people in the media are took appeared to put give you hope to be you know he hit. I had skinny Santa with real beard and facts get sent you know I knew whether the deal which is several foreigners are different. To you you're you're joint scrappy as soon candidate that I know we are now here's for the soccer. But I don't want only to the look and sanded electric standard it's. Wide as cynical let's seeded Tommy standard as well it is cynical to see if I get it looks just like I guess that's what Shannon is I don't wanna see Chinese and I don't wanna see the Puerto Ricans then and he also says the schedule like at some surely you obviously can't do it year round so it's like a part time thing. It kind of flexible schedule Ryan deal and that's where it goes bad. If that's when you start get this Aniston don't like Santa. I talk that. I am there to be patient and kind it has a good kid did you have to have the ability to deal with kids torture OK yeah there's act so all. At least factors like six guys that qualify for a time if there's also that's why you Italy's other SanDisk cause it's sad. You know it's okay it's sad that the closer mr. remember what's at it was that you were pro Iowa there was a big fat white guy is set honour yes for hot wheels in the slot cars that and guess which showed up with things okay. Can you had money your butt. Now but I mean that was the way it was all around the world. You don't have. Worry consent with half his relatives in the slight you know taken Puerto Rico they agree global they patiently allowing those white. Everybody wants that standard yes that's true. Does just informed that there's actually a Santa school in the Western New York oh incidentally doesn't make as you get it checked he's got to get another boon rules. Yet I'm Alec and are now we see it is yet to people Collins said that there is a Santa school you can go to gaelic trained to be you probably have to because you can't give me gotta make sure the guy knows the Gregory gonna have a bunch of screaming kids and align on a senator ticket you sit and all you ask what I'm Santa thanks coming up Wednesday. Not to discount the the great word to Desantis do you babysit to listen to this. Do you see as the show you fall into this to game this catch you click it. I don't think anybody at the personable. No guy doing nag gig wants to do. Indeed there are guys that naturally bring happiness to children and now there's some possible lowering happiness to children now lose in the breaker Lindsay about lowly Ole buddy. Let them guys I work with the guys that he is here over the and I and live like if you Rutgers old reason why we got to build. The bodybuilder he's rip. And he. Our good start every year at 10 o'clock he owned his own cotton. That's creepy man I asked him to calm. The present to a restaurant and whatnot and you'll come placed into the third and he's not bad at all the leaderboard absolutely. It says creepy and I know are now in the same wherever I heard jingle bells and background says it was okay is this. Crazy. First of all he distant history creepy things he just said doctor with Lou Lou's breaking down this guy's body. Christie. They guy does the creepy is sport in the world body until look. Deeper you get you. Bodybuilding like guys to stand mineral ice underwear oil up on stage using creepy that what that felt that it wasn't until you just look. What bodybuilding Israeli and then he was to dress up like Santa Claus and hang out of fans booed the biggest U I you can't be matters or look at his private parties home on my god this somebody flags in the storing. American apply are going to duplicity the body blow to the point that that they're looking. That hard in that regard is surely one of the night with diapers at. Can I tell you get the kids on the lap. Do anything you can do you could become help you look outs. They're not hurt. He's great here at home but look at who they publish it loses oil buddy. There's any kind of dissect. We did this here he's tied eight yen on saying is when you meet people that are over the top nice on the cover up something yeah it's natural to. It's natural for Islam people design it's natural for you to be a terrible he can sometimes I have my moments of unpleasant. Merit this moment but it at a moment really a good seventy years of waiting for that moment. You could tell might be health purely what the table. As I have been an O in commercials. For the stereo Russia. Possible. Yeah throughput goto. At one of the best years that resistor sharpened but on an alpha. Dogs. Don't trust my daughter oh he's really good mood or something and you aren't judging a guide for dressing up like Santa body builders previous pregnancy yeah you know you're so Mo. You don't think three do you think I was not stand a guy who's L yet she's right elders kind of. I was I had a cure for commercial for this barrier aren't. And working and it's getting paid just like Stanton much interest in working at ground with the Aggies offense uterus centrists say at a ULs you look at one of these and. I.