Tommy's Not Invited, But He's Going to Go Anyways

Tuesday, August 14th

Duffy is begging him not to show up, but Tommy is convinced that he NEEDS to be at an upcoming retirement party

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Invitation is a word that is hard to confuse her. You're invited to Sunday they won shoot or you're not been in this case Tommy you were not how so you were not invited. I would think at the break room should be represented. A weak die I will be either beats her tomorrow. Your family yet despite the fact. Pitcher not invited you're insisting on making an appearance at an event tomorrow night an a confusing it's very nervous for you don't belong here or turn happened you normally wouldn't want to be there and most of the people displaced do not play Q so I asked do you as a friend as your friend. Please do not go to and always your hard you know I'm telling you I don't need a little guidance in the breaker match is classic rock many 65 WC MM my dad. And former police officer hero he he's retired parties tomorrow than any 35 years the police officer amazing run its and it all comes out of this party with friends and well wishers to congratulate mild man can't make it through one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs you can ignorant and embracing it. You yes I'm really proud of my dad and we've been through a lot and he made it out and everything's good and I'm happy that he's devoted laughter made it out now. Does he also admitted it to curb it waved a I'd be happy that he's getting using now actual balloon they and it will be all types of people at his party to mound and his family. Coworkers past and present politicians and folks in the community. And apparently. Love about radio person entities that don't know when they're not welcome that would be you. I was invited. Well you serial kinda crap that don't meet. But don't reason I didn't even know these stories because you all right digital what about how what I know you're right Europe and back history to publish. It. Why do you wanna go to his party have a picnic you don't want ago seriously weird he's here again I'm interpreter saying this guy I mean. Take take police officer at a but I've never been around a Major League ball players also. Think you've hit the NFL I was at the Super Bowl. But the bears yeah Gabby that you pick up. Altering those things about Chicago Bears yeah world champion yeah he was on deck. For the game winning home run for a Toronto and a World Series and then he goes and plays. That he can be gets a police officer for 35 years which is so hard to do is he would have also had. There when he was what the prayers and the DOJ so that's something you don't see it first triple threat ever. It's like coming last week and you always wore his cop uniform. Comment last week I mentioned my dad's party was on Wednesday you for some reason took that is you were up by detecting now you don't even like social sits situations period in an outward say a major show and you don't know my dad. Besides do you met twice a glance great nobody ever called the big Lance is all right ladies are good kids. Asking you not to go I ask you please don't don't go what he's also a somewhat. We're carry ago won there's no reason for you to be there. They are going to be a bunch of people glued to likely Q politicians. Like Charlize politicians she'll politicians she did a company can. You don't you're doing a Jamaican everybody focused on you yet when it's mostly focused on past debt like now all of those guys and at all bets that scumbag coming in late talks on crap about me I believe they called atlas is your Roebuck stores had some detail with you. All of these guys funky crap all the time we're gonna beat this thing. Right. You know he's got to take that to pay up and going to grab a metal detector test in Illinois he's hiding under resort error has this talking about. You don't my dad used huge huge why why why let's say hi. Did you say. They why you got to be like nothing you're dead to us like his. It's. Oh. Here's an absentee father go for a book part of the time when it was plain for Toronto. I noticed after the 85 bears. And he's currently in eight coma. At cost Alec is old marriage. Were located dove right on the board of the city's side. Back. But you know I mean he got to go to NS so more road and you guys can need to send him a lot with your dad's you know. Kind of jarred the ball there was some would pick it up and guides you a little bit yes ill so I know I've always the father figure to. You. That's got. You know which are being. A jerk your eyes your shirt a we have federal law Bulger case breeze also say you're lovable you get so you're lovable Ramada right you know how to shoot your Mata at the mets' night. You are being. This guy. I wanna be part of the moment Terrell. Woods every man's life or have a child and the parent or spouse needs a promotion retirement and for some reason. These better light moments pulls everybody out of the would torture people you are. Hardly milk people you don't really like British it was a very junior Tracy Genesee and oil but you don't wanna see those faces these people want to wish you well and give you digs to celebrate with you even know we want nothing to do with these people. I don't know how to tell them I do I want nothing to do with. Only the larger play nice one night. With one on the play nice just fine the goods might say only the thing. Every man has gone to this moment you have a kid sort of give a child. Your job and also some guy you hardly talk to what's taking out for a drink to celebrate her or some woman you don't even know I was gonna throw you a party work it she also she needs quilt you can't say no because it you'd look like Dick but you spend time with these people. And you don't want to accept our offer and because you know you beat debt you'd be rude but also what nobody if you indebted knee I take this is that me they feel that something just like you would feel like my dad would you something if you went to his retirement party. I did by his kid. Added drinks underage. That. I think you would probably prefer you didn't do that means stop and dealt. Which I mean these guys know. You get stuck and I feel from oil man right now because the exact same thing is happening in Europe at least 35 years you mile people are sure. For some reason all the menus popular news on TV. Very dvds Johnny guitar. Way more than his suppose it comedic entertainment set this pretty bad when your dad is better TV credits or do you do it to Britain to please stand up that you were fifty. The only time you show was about stupid sport showed nobody watches it Sunday morning to you either motivated via. And I ask is that I'm not a lower my standards two thirds of the breakthroughs but I. Another joke writes shows such a bruise or a television television steinem and W. Radios or it's at Brady's future. I feel bad for my dad because for some reason all these people that knew him along the way it cannot be obligated. Did you do something to shake hands and play and put it gets overwhelming rightly there's there's a reason why men don't like birthdays and Christmas like it's too much obligation. This is. Which averages per fake Christmas on steroids. It's it's all about you. Read literature he's OK with that was. It like you know how many times can you say thank you win yet this is Grady yes I'd love to get a deal with you anything. You just get stock. But if you muzzle ride the wave because after this retired eight meaning goes away busily elegant at Delhi to if it is arrogant retirement party. There's got to be like sugar hang over at the end of it you know 'cause. Okay that's it now what you write this take a big bang and then the fireworks over it and it's you know it's Thursday morning. Yes it is good point did you do this to be a little bit a depression the day after the now it's officially over so like my dad deal worked his whole life and businessmen and he retired at six security was done. And him had a year afterwards my mother goes you know one. I'm very disappointed and all your children took an alternate universe through her retirement party elder at the time. So torn unknown social should you do or you don't really shouldn't throw to retire barn. About the woman they got. Married him and get the lead this great rich lady like like she'd ever until her retirement that one person that benefited the most. Was that sick to grow put a farm that was now live and on the air coastal West Palm Beach. She did or stolen from a retired part of relations like crushing me Chucky new pushing responsibility off on some base that truth baby institute that if it hurts tough. 2226000. My dad's retirement party tomorrow night Tommy is insisting on going despite the fact that he wasn't invited her. And it's. Could I suggest you get a force your way in to make a point what is your point. The point that I am here. I'm here to show you with a role as Al. My only 35 years in law enforcement have a seat yeah like it. Is Donner the hood adopted him. I mean I think because of the way you have DO kicked a friendly around all OK that I think it which only. We shouldn't hide and that that you know listen. I've been a member of the had a 3 goofy morning show team for a while and let's registry description UN can report from and so if you wanna say go over to make fun of pets that are are critical to slow digitize does that residents have been in the entertainment business and ignited span television he gets it. Thomas that CMF a lights out. Hey guys so beat you later resolved by the term. Just. A celebration at ma am just your own operation like you do every night when pets. Jessica is right that she's invited either so there's two now and invite. And you just don't do it yourself. So Lou pretty good times so that's mom. Is it difficult on us today and thanks appreciate that. I know you actually for your mother's retirement. Are you wanna go in because you Tommy. See yourself. As someone who deserves what my dad is getting to mount or you think. What I had to deal microphone yeah. Or get fired you take. It you got enough that you deserve a party where politicians. And business voters and coworkers com and shake your hand it tell you what a great job you've done I would think aha. Would be great if everybody I've ever insult or called fat yet or discussing. Was read yes becomes you know at least you'll thank me you're making a joke when I know you. Affected you believe them. That my father getting all the evacuees would actually doing actual job for 35 years is the same as you sitting short shorts and leather chair it created huge. It's it's more with you those words. Let's take. I just understanding sometime. It is this would you have a yourself look I would look to crawl inside the giant head by the way that Ford's big afford probably could sit at. I'd see how you see yourself sometimes I don't understand. Too. Joke around with these people are this is the gimmick is that these few parole. Heather Aspen attache in the what I see as his jokes man. So. And people should be nice of them recognize. The situation of a party like everybody I everybody gets a party but made. Does that work in the czar is a party except for a few people. It. I just seem ready to go and have all these. Confrontations with people. There's what. I don't NIC I don't but I avoid these situations you're walking or riding no I don't get these confrontation people eat so we'll place that would ban above all. I think all of the politician always let Rochester stuff about he's picked up politicians can't take a little gentle ribbing a tough Tommy Kidd could run away in the world would you see that. Oh really you don't do that good yeah. Could you. That's it you're going to this party in the what do you plan on bringing Pat's dad gives you have to give again after eight there was it was an award you tell me he does but again. Nobody does ordered. Fifty and the regular abuse if Steve is at CNN we get the last word brother house ago. Credo today. How he definitely is a social event so boy dole probably should've bought an immune decrying. All of us right like what did you would've said no. Go riddler must eat your children learn. Steve thanks to culminate breaches. A week ago. Mean I think I'm wearing a helmet. So it's time at wells to stump to be cool please be cool sure answer. This UB. It's the schools magnet.