Tommy's Holiday Booze Rules! (PART TWO)

Wednesday, November 22nd

The king of booze is here to tell you why you should rethink that mixed drink.


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Way to the flag of America is the reason why you only drink whiskey that's yet. It's coming to state that you wanna live in foresee many. To keep drinking and I got out crede fruity drinks are popular I'll drink your batch drinks all you want but you're gonna be judged as they say you're admittedly bailout don't before I always take his. That's a one time of the year people like to make a platter this crap what you say impasse around and then if you say no you look like a huge jerk. But it's not my pace yeah the breaker let's discuss a crack in 65 to BC let's just join us stable sort Thanksgiving Tommy says you cannot add any kind of read or fruit disc two we alcoholics kick don't get all went up insists a fine drink even though that is a staple of the holiday everyone's gonna go to argument about all the calling it. They have a glass of eggnog or something dailies and Bailey's coffee now the pitch or put pales in recovery but I. Let injuries because due to drink so much daily Steven get a lot of zone and doing for like the taste right it's not just the buzz. All about the blood is men. Too strict chocolate bill W who we gets basically it's his culminated something that involves tonight and as it is the big stricken and the Oreo B Barnett is battle for twenty minutes to wrap her brother. Your Hillary would you rather flawed I'm here aren't what. I tended bar for several years in my younger days and I didn't matter at great that are all star. Bill that created. You know the flip in their fault that the crater called in after the call quote. Video you ought to know what barred under it would about the guy at the Auburn Alabama wherever. Yeah they're slamming right. I had a total current each other. It was an. A little bit and I'll bet though there but ultimately they're. I Bellwether autumn. Like a god commute rink. A couple of mayonnaise. I'm glad they let him. They're always they're they're they're the closest I ever got to have them experience of that little law I do or the black part sugar no great football. OK I just to be I agree with the you bit of these so we're talking holiday during a subset of bellies up to a bar ordered an Alabama slammer or buttery dip or a separate whatever yes judge that app but when it comes to beat a relative's house for everybody to exit premium fund. Well thank you won't get. Well. I read it can have a heavy yeah. You do it good for the record also are circling the food. Well get a fair. All and my greatest ever you. You look at the end. I don't know I don't know that all of her boot. What little pitcher ever ever get everything. You brits take a deep dictator makes it says the company has always get us at the BC about or. The great replacement page this looks like he's in his forties he says tonight's big stricken dad of the year it is and I'm going out tonight I will be having a bunch of drinks and cream and it because I wanted to know how these beards embargo to every night before Thanksgiving has specials on the everybody does it quickly in such a coral Tom. How odd just do your own thing you could sit there and drink. All the cream dubbed. Shouldered of crap you want but I'd like this and get the don't think passing your crap but I feel like a fight he called my house armed forces straight whiskey on a don't do that the US source should it's. Six Jewish. Creamy sweet. And I think George Allen you were always and always bothers me. When I see somebody taken earlier relieve fine alcohol they should be drank straight and they put crap and it does bottom I just like. I used to get pissed off of people drink Jack and Coke. It's one of the finest sour mash whiskey river and it is the best sour mash whiskey ever invented. Then you'd dump a Coke all over it to ruin it. You've. Just a student in pet dog but. Some people aren't you. Coffee right lying when they eat and you should just drink coffee black because just post it like the taste of it and you're somebody put the budget crap in your copied I am guilty that they copies differ notes due to let you know. Reggie for that might not. But today. Not we don't like copying cream and sugar it's like bacon and eggs that kind of go together yeah. Because I know a lot of red blooded American. I've hardly rocket men who say if you put any creamy your coffee you little pitch traded veteran Ed Pratt. It. For homosexual head is a guy with cream in his coffee. Oh. You guys all it is based atlas are you going tonight for the biggest part of the year. I'm taking my wife out for. Badgering early in the evening this is gonna put too much stuff to do tomorrow so now but I bet donate that's for kids. At your desk jury can guess today and tonight. I don't know he essentially. I think it was two Thanksgiving broke through Thanksgiving Thanksgiving eves ago yet Egypt is to it by tripping on the sidewalks well. He's been Lam low since I would do I'll probably do it happier when monitor on fire a guy is weird they go out tonight don't you see a lot more things creepy than any other night. Space creepy you know why he's creepy and yet he's your guy out and he's now what is life. Eighties at the bar he's a different drug little Khamese thrown to his card on his way to most of those guys are out there kids or family. That's what they say we generally see those kids around to it as like these look at all around her own at the young and dropped ballot would Celeste and you went out of these newbies. So the lesson on Thanksgiving you did these when Billy talked me into go to this bar at Pittsburgh called thirsty it's OK and I was a bit and Webster. I drive all the way down that you couldn't get in a joint and it's a little joint that the da hole bars but the size of this studio right you could get him out stand outside freezing my ass off Whitney get inside for critical. What is the point of this me it's not cold. I wanna go rival US stayed outside waiting for drink. Ultimately gonna check your mail left Cree drinks at my house. Dick it is 8000 dollars in any ticket hatred to do was extract. Treat bird strike does better it's the holidays nothing like the breaker I'd see and I think Mikey I'd rather. 83 don't I don't want electric now back a package deal. Alabama's planet but enables. Fraternity got an opportunity guy. Everybody was ordering them up quote it called actually at all. But our apartment during I don't care what they want and call me. I want to ask. A crap. It. Is okay he might. You sound like you need to drink right now. Hard work the way I wouldn't do any damage and I don't consider it to occur I consider myself a swap old guy you. I'm fifty. You dig kidneys. Days girls. Now wait wait stop it don't they don't have kids. I don't have it. Iowa Mike Dixon Colorado aboriginal interests of the day. And maybe steal because he's he's here he's going I don't I guess yeah. Just it was a very good iron up there are guys who hate. That is true it should it. Did you lawyers sit over here call on all those guys. Little bitches and he minded defendants and rivals. It is like I get young guys fraternity guys acute you're not used to drink and yet you annual experiment would drinks. What should get to my age gender appreciate it up like you you know would you like you don't like it and break it does end up liking those. Mixed drinks yet but those are guys that got off the rom start life. They went down a different path. Aren't you telling me you go on vacation literally they said you know these are two appropriate time to change every tricky patterns wonder in a holiday because of the holiday drinks and duke summertime when it's hot. You go to the beach vacation and you're sitting on the beach are gonna have a glass of Scotch and eighty degree beach weather ninety retreat yes real. Boston Beer that is we hear of a cold beer and it darted David and I Eldred was gonna lose or draw opened selfless work civilian degrees. I drink Scotch it's likely a Scotch on Iraq she's quick tips for you go on vacation somewhere you know somewhere tropical whatever for the holidays so that. Malibu pineapple. On us starts to easily convinced that I had a taste like a suntan lotions and alcoholic eatery iso led a body yet to when my best friends and like Ricky. And Rickey used to always drink Malibu rom on rocks. I soaring electric confuse Cuban and the spitz also ropes and dictate to Blake. Suntan lotion yet in a glass like it any which Rick a lot of it and that was his drink and then like I might know gorillas could be you may end. You know the problem is with those drinks so are discussing it and if you get sick off of them once you can never happen again delegate thing about getting sick on that drink is when you throw all of your presence felt great. As a kind of the roots yeah right I. Think it is vomit up for like soul. I was liquor store yesterday and liquor store and Steele right for second and not one guy never had a glass when life. I didn't ask any of the one with its original usually don't worry it won't get torrent why I didn't want to ask I noticed apology guy's shirt and tie and looking dudes on the way from work but I like. It's which op stuff like that it's going to Christmas tree. Nineties I get these guys just laying down is over okay.