Tommy's Holiday Booze Rules! (PART ONE)

Wednesday, November 22nd

The king of booze is here to tell you why you should rethink that mixed drink.


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We sit across a man considers himself a professional drinker. Got put on a clinical asthma about it which is shocking he won't. Take Q have you centric wrong entry event Sissy drink and drink and drink I drink it drink it every man makes exceptions during the holidays rightward date of what Thanksgiving if you're gonna go to your family's mountain and that will be these kind of I happy holiday during my father was. Big baby goes my dad was ridiculous crap you're wrong not a really big these concoctions and everybody gets sick everybody makes he cautions that's part of the six yeah the breaker and it sat classic rock that is expire at the BC left so we're sitting in a commercial break isn't it Tommy goes off like a car. While living through FaceBook and bad days as an and I see what for Crown Royal. But it's a black woman sitting in an easy chair tonight is a good topic holiday party he's been failing on none of the century would lead. But the black woman with the Crown Royal plays well first of all whiskey is not a normal Leo women's strength might. It turns out Kayla that everybody should wife okay. I have experience with black quit you have got your tell I've brought to life yes look at our so well in my mind. Don't add up. So she's a you know during the holidays. It gets stressful so I'd like to make mass sell them what I call a little polity drink so she's are sick of a Crown Royal. Initially put some kind of juice in there and then here comes the half and milk. And to drink in it looks disgusting. So I go to you like a look at this of likening cattle up one of the finest with skis ever made and it is city drink. And you're wrong then because I'm wrong when it it's the holidays scream whether it's Bailey's whether it's -- whether it's whatever is perfectly acceptable to drinks because holiday each year so you have a Cutley rights you know much agreement none at all mentioned Tony this loyalty definitely I got a little holly Kremer four here do yet in artificial coaxial Gladys given the men's room. Bar is open right next to where whopper stint he is built for crazy alcoholic episodes you've been injured in road about mind. I drink Scotch but that's it this everything that is the flight you know this what I drink that's not gonna put leg. We did it in and having not made an you don't routed up you don't switch up like you're drinking habits at all on the loan or when they dry and the board when every time like and holidays Earl brown called EC commercials partly Bailey's and an eggnog and things like that. It's disgusting and. YouTube era girl rights of girls that switch of the drinks but most guys pushing guys my age gotta set your ways or are you whiskey as a man. Our two times of year where is acceptable to stray from the entrance summertime what your beach on the equity eat a lot of the girly drink down now you don't want that stuff when the that we Elton John laid out there were two little umbrella and hot and illegals in. The holidays wary fun drinking cold aren't fun drink it's fun get a puzzle with my whiskey that's where authorities so she's not get a good party that he's. Everybody also is that family member that brings like their signature drink yet in your force I mean what do you like it or not you have to during the federal intern had a and so you know I'd have some busted nieces and so on my sister restore round and she had Christmas here. So I think mine and he's. She shows opera holiday party with a bunch of adults. Would jello shots. That's coming music. I was shocked because you were close minded to it struck close minded Dick and I that's another act of frat house it's the holidays. And you should be drink like that approval lord and our mile human element at least of men be whiskey and Tuesday. It's Christmas at my house when I was and he without the buttery apple which I believe is butterscotch ops and Bailey's cream was in her new room there are so. She could stadium the broader. This letter examples schedule an hour ago. Who jokes and yeah how wicked time was the arena I don't put a scout cookies which it did as rumpled man two yeah my dad makes all that stuff on. That is disgusted and sold to us right now are we in its gross. Even if you don't wanna drinking makes you. Healy gilts due in 2000 manly men are showing Tommy says college kid cream and Eddie buckle you have to keep the jury may need to re all ethnic ball screen and don't drink your back shots Dodds the breaker Muncie and have done company gonzo me. Good mark extremely Jayasuriya and just always that Dave has arteries. And you put it pretty cool. Our votes are mentally you know no question street on edge Robert all of guns disgusted and perfect you to try to. What to look at properties or answering any labor solidarity was. Now it has the as a as a cause of fruit flavor to it. And Ralph Crown Royal visit apple what are you kidding. I haven't checked out. I haven't who's given to me by what it calls on when orgasms the joke each really good done. Most here believe it's a real. What Clinton worst case of our products are Shia Herbert or. Yeah. Whiskey I tried Bieber though he brilliant guy was ski like once a year I drink it every night. Is it you know I've. Alcohol free unison to look at Buick as you drink I shot a whiskey yearly cured my club evaluate their broad daylight can't was raging alcoholic featuring it was every type but I don't look at it your pictures insurance that amounting to left handed city drink. Whether all. Or go all. It's done I love Donnie Tommy could ruin me that you learned pencil. Thick creamy structural ladies. I'd have a happy days everybody it's. Been traditionally done. You're upset with people really think guys who discovers music first like I can only like Vietnam and other people start to like it then it's a cool anymore pretty much it takes exactly as we told adorable so were about a guy who immediately wanted to listen miles Davis and Tommy keep them I treat wasting I'd drink with Kiefer says you can't bike. Yes that's a way it goes error all eyes are like that would their stuff that's holly is not judge anybody for but the drink during. Be happy good chart on your way during starring meg gonna say you know you know. I drink became really popular because of the big about. On him we need to me when I see a guy with a white drink on the rocks that's a blame mother would drink. When she was it drinking no they don't bother because I'm not drinking tonight I'm having history I keep my mother goes. I'm I'm I'm gonna fruity down a little bit and Nike your mother probably drinks X. Before she doesn't mean it's you know whole wore it to 6000 strategic holiday is completely appropriate for this job. And have Tyrone over to play it was a subject that it was just. It's a classic. Pretty good. Sake I meet the normally I agree with you. Or disliked should react here I dual. Changeup my ankle a little bit at the holiday because like you I am scotched. I wish I actually am in no nothing else matters. I would say I would like to a little bit get a nice arm what are. Cuban air and Johnny walker worked on walker double black you don't. Know what it is Markovic. Yeah Regina dumping cream all Allred and instinct around a grapefruit juice. Soda and coordinate. It and it. Are ultimately go to Pat's house. That's. Is its. Decision taken this as Alyssa decay from dairy queen and well that's. Etched. In your 08. More deals and they do it RB. Yeah but I know ethics light it up I get like women like their stuff sweet. Ethics like their stuff suite now. But there is due to fix ethnics lanky geared to. Up close so you you use your city folk they like it on the sweet scent I can't that's their business you know we ought to puts a strawberry soda able to whisking called a Jack rabbit much slope out. I drink standard. Christian. Whiskey yet wake god in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my drink. That's ordering some drinking. And I know it. And hobos that kids that it technologies which I'm sure you leg revealing that computer like a lot of the previous it's ten minutes edited in blobs to believe they still ever present regatta bottle in do you drink this tense of thousands. Yeah. Although. The immediate cameo experts about. Now like ignorant so. Why did you stay digit days expound on the lake and Zanetti at the Brooklyn statistical. What's up dear alloy body. Marcellus. Byrd stopped pat Timmy and I got out. Which you're listening. Agree with apple one was just. You did not like cream and it it you are burger. Okay like a flying glass is two fingers I make your mark two. Richard you can now look green in there. If I was indeed you don't mess of the glass was guys understand it but if somebody adage we buttery nipple or a girl scout cookie or class act out electric and I can't track is still weeks. No I am here American love I. I don't know what you're in rehab Latin country. And. Aideed basic nobody wave the flag for America during our many here. Still rooted in the of Chinese burba. A probably Chinese partners are Chinese burba is called sake there's a drink Chinese own stockholders another one other drink alcohol treatment Chinese who cares it's over in China who once it about things like what grass in the and fish in Chile at least it is called boats. And please they drink it all related to sit here as a Chinese people showed up. I would Chinese restaurant they they did series of Chinese drink. It though I've got a regular drink and we got to putt at ten over here it's a tiny drink. It's an efficient as it through these calls it quits over its call marks the break its efforts creepy alcohol Electric's. Holiday so she drinks and there's this featuring mark what's up audio. I let him I'm our leader Biden's Chevy truck driving jobs and watching man. And everything is giving my mother made eighty. You take side due to re all in Broadway and or did you move in each option and that this is in them that sure blur just. And god it's a delicious drink diet play a lot I drink it all day long and oh I I look what good career. Tommy let's kick your prestige American Chrysler and obviously he has a black Ira mechanized unseat them. I bleed red white and blue America and got mad love bad. Tequila drink. How we gonna get aids from a high stakes this. Arctic cyclical play and every excuse and I never like Cabrera Crowley the first of error hung our Crowley congress' sole. I need to let the party street along stemmed glass of red wine advertising and let us like putting French. You're so so and you will simulate a man city at a bar order a launch their reckless Hawaii and he's not on a day what is white for his girlfriend or an anniversary. You look likes kids and a guy can't drink anything but Scotch on the rock device that in here. Just how August and I have a long stemmed glass and ready might make sense you'd immediately sent. You let my dad that aero bits and your pullover sweaters. Hologic outlets letter on the job in your zip codes to look at. Its. It is deep. They'll ram or Stephen Allan wood many locals say rappers down to did you 6000 you judge him for holding during the holiday season good for you it's not Scotch you. Ramos will be don't do it and there's extra glass of why. And key. Meteor fruity drink is a difference. Then from any sex we expected to crow let's see.